Hairstyles that visually make you younger and slimmer!

We have simply amazing news for girls who are experiencing because of their round face oval: now you can make your cheeks visually sculptural and expressive not only by contouring! Properly chosen hairstyle will help to sculpture the face and give it more elegance. We offer you 3 haircuts that visually make you more slim.

The main rule for all girls with a round face is to avoid soft, straight lines in a haircut. At the same time, “sharp” accents will also not cope with the rounded shapes of the cheeks - thanks to them, the face will appear even more round than it actually is. What to do? Choose one of the following haircuts.

Haircuts for a thin face: elongated bean

The long bob is a hairstyle that has deservedly become one of the most beloved, not only among celebrities, but also among their stylists. Due to the length that ends below the chin, the hair beautifully frames the face and allows you to visually "lose weight" in the cheek area. This is a great haircut for girls with high cheekbones.

In 2015, all the coolest hairdressers advise wearing an elongated version of a bean, which is now commonly called a long bob or forehead. Ideal if the hair length is 8-10 cm below the chin line. If you want to leave the length to the clavicles, then ask your master to make several multi-level strands of the face to emphasize its lines and highlight.

Haircuts for a thin face: thinning on medium hair length

If you do not like a short haircut, then choose the length of the shoulder blades with profiled strands of different lengths on the face.

“An extended haircut with multiple layers is perfect for all girls who try to hide their round cheeks. Due to the volume and strands of different levels around the face, the face becomes visually more oval, slim, ”advises Hollywood stylist Amy Bradbury.

When you make such a haircut, do not forget that the volume is important not only in the root zone, but also in the bottom - this allows you to stretch your face. But be careful and do not overdo it - bouffant and large heavy curls will spoil the effect.

You can style this haircut not only with the help of a hair dryer, but also at the expense of the styler, creating soft beach waves, like the super model Cara Delevingne.

Haircuts for a thin face: long bangs to the side

Another way to make a face visually slimmer is to cut the long fringe and lay it to the side. In this way, stellar hairdressers are often used to quickly lengthen the round face of a model, for example, during a photo shoot. The indisputable advantage of such a haircut is that it combines not only with an elongated bean, but also with long profiled layers.

Tyler Colton, another very famous stylist in the world of show business, recommends:

“If your cheeks are too round, the bangs will hide them perfectly. But it is important to make it long, not shorter than the middle of the nose, and leave the tips torn, not of the same length. ”

Take an example from Alexa Chang - she has a very stylish haircut.

Amy Bradbury confirms Tyler’s words:

“Such bangs will not only hide the cheeks, but also draw attention to your eyes. Asymmetrical bangs, laid on the side, visually allow you to lengthen the face and make you more slender, not only for the camera of a professional photographer, but also in the eyes of others. "

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