How to achieve smooth legs with an epilator?

Smooth skin has become a constant attribute of a well-groomed woman. Therefore, modern industry is developing more and more new methods of hair removal, making it as painless, comfortable and efficient as possible. Let's talk about one of the most popular devices for hair removal - the electric epilator. For example, consider the Philips epilators.

Principle of operation

Philips Epilator is a small, beautifully designed device with built-in tweezers - 21 pcs located on metal discs. When an electric current is applied, the disks begin to rotate, the tweezers grab the hairs and tear them away, most often with a hair bulb. The rotation speed is adjustable - you can set medium or high.

Initially electroepilators were designed to remove hair only on the legs. But in modern models there are special nozzles that help to remove hair in more delicate areas.

Philips Epilator is equipped with a special massager that helps to make the skin more supple for hair removal and less sensitive. Some models are equipped with special cooling gel bags to enhance the effect of anesthesia. All new models allow you to make hair removal zones bikini and underarms.

Pros and cons

The advantages include the long-lasting effect of smooth skin, the availability of the procedure at home without any special skills and the low price of this device.

And as minuses you can name the following facts: some women after using the epilator face the effect of ingrown hairs. However, such a risk can be avoided if several times a week to carry out peeling procedures.

And one more minus is the painfulness of the procedure. However, according to reviews, the skin sensitivity decreases sharply after two or three sessions of using the epilator.

How to use the Philips epilator at home?

The device itself must be kept correctly - with an inclination in the direction of its movement. The direction of motion of the epilator is against the growth of hair, the speed of movement is slow.

For the smoothness of the legs, hair removal should be carried out, moving upwards.

In the area of ​​the armpits, hair grows in all directions, so you need to do a circular motion epilator.

The device should not be pressed too tightly against the skin so as not to leave minor damage. But to spend several times under the same area of ​​skin - can be no problem. This will provide better hair removal.

Epilators do not cope well with long hairs. Therefore, they must first either shortly cut or shave and wait until they grow by 2-3 millimeters.

After using the epilator, reddening may occur on sensitive skin. It should not be considered annoyance. This effect has the usual mechanical effect, because the hair is pulled out of the skin along with the bulb. In a few hours, the skin will take on its normal color. To reduce the effect, you can use special tools after shaving or hair removal.

If red dots remain and redness does not go away, then perhaps you are pressing the epilator too hard on the skin. Or a similar type of hair removal in principle does not suit you because of too sensitive skin.

Epilator Philips, reviews:

“To each his own - who shaves his legs every day, who goes to laser hair removal. And I opted for the epilator. By the time - quickly, by the availability - great, and inexpensive. Of all the manufacturers chose Philips. And I got used to the pain of epilation a couple of times. Now without problems, even in the bikini zone. ”

“Epilator Philips chose randomly - the most common and inexpensive. And never once regretted it. On the removable head of the epilator it is written that it is made in Slovenia. The design of it is very pleasant, streamlined shape, drawing liked. Another of the positive aspects of the design - a ribbed surface on the back wall, so that your fingers do not slide. Well, the skin after Phillips is more smoothly obtained - I used epilators from other manufacturers for testing. ”

Attention, contraindications for use of the epilator:

Konovalova Maria Alexandrovna

Psychologist. Specialist from the website

- October 1, 2011, 16:03

bad epilator can, short hair does not pull

- October 1, 2011, 16:06

I have the same problem. Therefore, I only shave my legs with a “machine”, and above - with a depillator cream.

- October 1, 2011, 16:17

they are smooth only when all the hair grows and then they are all epilated.
but you will not walk with half-eared legs

- October 1, 2011, 16:28

if prickly, then along the way he doesn’t pull out nekotrye hairs, but breaks. it doesn’t seem to break my mind, but it doesn’t remove everything either, so I’m still going through the top with a razor.

- October 1, 2011, 16:33

I do not use the epilator, the usual razor, just buy shaving gel and legs smooth and silky

- October 1, 2011, 17:02

I used to use the epilator, I had a few hairs every day, every day I shaved - I got tired

- October 1, 2011, 17:29

I, too, never smoothly.

- October 1, 2011, 5:53 pm

stupid problems worry you. men don't care about your hairy legs.

- October 1, 2011, 17:54

a week is smooth then rough after two weeks prickly and another week hairy but smooth

- October 1, 2011, 20:48

I also wax every week.

- October 1, 2011, 20:53

Girls, change the epilator.
Epiliru once a week. Before epilating thoroughly in the shower, rub your feet with a hard washcloth (for dishes, by the way). All hairs come to the surface. There is nothing left at all, except for the hairs-gun. Then in the middle of the week I shave my legs in the shower 1 time. At the same time, thin hairs are removed and the skin is peeled off, which prevents ingrowth. By the way who grows vososki- means not exfoliate enough. There is no other reason. Just buy a very tough sponge and go. My legs are perfectly smooth.

- October 1, 2011, 21:18

Girls, change the epilator.

Epiliru once a week. Before epilating thoroughly in the shower, rub your feet with a hard washcloth (for dishes, by the way). All hairs come to the surface. There is nothing left at all, except for the hairs-gun. Then in the middle of the week I shave my legs in the shower 1 time. At the same time, thin hairs are removed and the skin is peeled off, which prevents ingrowth. By the way who grows vososki- means not exfoliate enough. There is no other reason. Just buy a very tough sponge and go. My legs are perfectly smooth.

Your text
And which epilator do you use?

- October 3, 2011, 15:01

Already it is time for a home photoepilator to switch to this already proven that it is better than an epilator 1000 times. ordinary epilators are now in the past. Here is the site where you can buy any photoepilator while I stopped at Homedicse

- October 3, 2011, 15:02

Here is found.

- March 12, 2013, 13:22

Home epilator is a complete garbage. As well as a home tanning bed. And not everyone has the opportunity and the patience to use it. There is an hour per 5 cm square. I have not enough patience and the result was not.
Thank God, I found through my friends a master of professional elos hair removal.
I made 4 sessions and made bikini, legs and armpits smooth forever)
Master works in Moscow. Highly recommend. If you need someone, I share your contacts.

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Epilation is not always a pleasant and even uncomfortable process, but it is precisely this that allows to achieve the effect of smooth skin without excessive vegetation. Depilation of the intimate area (shaving or using hair removal cream) eliminates hairs for a couple of days, and they continue to grow at a fast pace. The essence of epilation is to remove the hair follicles and the violation of the structure of the follicles, which is why the hairs grow more slowly after the procedure. An additional plus is that they are much thinner.

Epilator for the intimate area allows you to get rid of unwanted vegetation for a period of 2 to 4 weeks (depending on the rate of natural hair growth and their structure). It has a number of features. It is worth talking about the advantages of home hair removal using a special machine:

  1. The convenience of use. It is more pleasant to do hair removal yourself than to trust your body to a master (if she is not the best friend).
  2. Qualitative result is maintained for 2-4 weeks.
  3. The growth of hairs slows down, their quality “deteriorates” noticeably - for women it is “at hand”.
  4. Allows you to remove hair in the intimate area using a deep bikini or a classic technique. The essence of the first is complete smoothness, the second is the removal of hair along the panty line.
  5. Saves money and time - you do not have to visit an expensive salon, it is enough to buy a car and use it at home - for a couple of years (and even more).

Which epilator is best for depilating legs

The most popular and positively proven in the market are epilators from Braun, Philips and Rowenta. It is advisable to take a machine with a number of tweezers not less than 25, with two modes of speed. Nozzles on the quality of depilation do not affect, but simply make the procedure for some areas more comfortable.

Rules for high-quality depilation at home

When preparing for hair removal, it is recommended to take into account some nuances in order to achieve the perfect result.

Depilation with a mechanical device is a serious matter: the hairs are pulled out from the root, which can lead to inflammation and severe irritation. It is especially important to know the rules for those who plan to use the method for the first time.

  1. The length of the hairs must be at least 5-6 mm, otherwise the tweezers will hardly capture them, and the procedure will take a long time.
  2. At the time of epilation, there should be no inflammatory processes in the body, otherwise the risk of irritation of the epidermis is greatly increased.
  3. Today, there are models of machines that allow you to remove hair right in the water. Both types of devices have both positive and negative sides.
  4. The device should be held perpendicular to the skin or at a slight angle of inclination.
  5. The head of the epilator is always found against the growth of hair.
  6. At minimum speed, tweezers capture hair better.

Epilator - a personal care device. It should not be given to relatives, girlfriends, and to anyone.

Machine preparation

Before each procedure, the head with tweezers must be treated with an antiseptic (ordinary alcohol can be used). If the depilation is done for the first time, it is advisable to “play” with the device, move it around the body where there is no hair in order to feel the device and learn how to hold it correctly. It hurts some people to shave their legs with a typewriter, but often the process with anesthetic methods is less susceptible.

Skin preparation

The level of sensitivity is different for everyone. Much depends on the structure of the hair: the tougher and thicker they are, the more painful the depilation promises to be. But you can significantly reduce the discomfort of epilation of the legs with the epilator, knowing the simple rules.

  • Well scrub the skin, shortly before the procedure. Scrub perfectly removes dead skin particles, making it easier for hairs to exit.
  • Immediately before the epilation, the legs should be steamed to maximize the pores. It will be useful to make the massage a rough washcloth, it will reduce the pain.
  • Before you shave your legs with a machine, dry your skin with a towel and powder lightly with talcum powder.


The volume of the epilated zone on the legs is large enough. Not every woman is willing to endure the pain of hair breaking out at the root for 15-25 minutes. With a high pain threshold, you can take a pill of any suitable analgesic 20 minutes before the process.

To reduce the sensitivity of the skin will help pieces of ice, a solution of Menovazin or Lidocaine in the form of a spray.

How to make hair removal legs, step by step actions:

  1. The epilator is taken into the working hand, the skin is slightly stretched with the second hand.
  2. The procedure begins by driving the head of the device against the growth of hair with a light touch of the skin (no need to press on it). It is recommended to gradually move upwards.
  3. Movement should be light, fast, jerky. Often, to remove all hair, you need to hold the tweezers in the same place several times.

These are basic tips for proper shaving epilator, for beginners. Already after a couple of depilations, everything will happen on the machine. Hair gradually becomes thin and weak, and pain sensations are significantly reduced. Most women who constantly practice mechanical hair removal do not use any painkillers.

Skin care after the procedure

To prevent irritation and infection in the injured opened follicles, it is recommended to treat the skin with an antiseptic immediately after the session. After one hour, it is desirable to lubricate the legs with cosmetic oil or softening cream.

If irritation does occur, and the skin turns red, ointments / creams will help: Panthenol, Bepanten, Panthenstine, Radevit.

For leg inflammation, it is necessary to treat 2-3 times a day with the following drugs: Levomekol, Sinaflan, Sintomycin ointment, Miramistin.

Within 2-3 days after depilation, one should not take hot baths, go to saunas, swimming pools, sunbathe.

For girls with skin that does not tend to inflammation, special care for their feet is not needed - it is enough to treat the skin with an antiseptic, and the next day you can already lead a normal life.

So as not to grow hairs

Growing hair under the skin - the main problem for those who are constantly doing hair removal. To prevent trouble, you should use a hard scrub or a rough washcloth. It is allowed to start peeling epithelium no earlier than 5–7 days after the procedure, then you can scrub your legs every 3–4 days.

Those who intend to shave their legs with a machine all the time will have to get used to such care, as it is unlikely to succeed in completely preventing hair ingrowth.

Pros and cons of using the epilator for the legs

Any procedure for removing unwanted vegetation on the body has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • available (cars are not so expensive),
  • economically (no need to pay for the service in the salon every time),
  • hair does not grow 2–4 weeks,
  • no special skills are required, just follow simple instructions.

  • painfully
  • hair grows in
  • inflammation, irritation of the skin may occur.


Mechanical epilation of legs is unacceptable for girls suffering from skin diseases. You can not do the procedure with a large number of moles, papillomas, warts in the depilated area. It is necessary to postpone the session if there are inflammatory processes in the body and with infectious diseases.

Pregnant women, those who previously resorted to this method, can use the machine, but with great caution and in the most convenient position.

If you shave your legs during menstruation or before it starts, the pain will be higher.

Does hair grow after hair removal?

Yes, more often the hair after the machine begins to grow into the layer of the epidermis, but you can cope with this by regularly scrubbing the legs.

How to epilate a bikini area with an epilator. . Depilation and epilation of the legs. The hair on the legs of women is absolutely not painted. To maintain the perfect image of the fair sex.

How to do epilation epilator without pain. . Before you can armpit armpits or bikinis, try a typewriter on a less sensitive area - on your feet.

Wax strips: how to use. . You can buy strips for the face, bikini, underarms and legs. . insufficient hair length in the epilated area

How to prepare and carry out the procedure. . You should not remove a light down on the face with an epilator for the legs. . Separately, it is necessary to say about the nozzle for the intimate zone, sometimes with its help armpits are epilated.

If, however, for the first time to epilate the legs, not to comply with the technique of execution, the hair can break off, grow in, for several days. Epilator is a practical choice for those who want to get rid of unwanted hair on their own for a long time.


My favorite and reliable device for epilation Philips Satinel has long been helping me out. I will tell you about it and about my experience in using the epilator now.

I may have become one of the first to buy a home epilator. Bought without hesitation for a minute. Before that, my experience in dealing with vegetation on my legs was quite rich - and I did shugaring at home myself (even before it appeared in salons, and modern salons too), and used depilation creams, pulled wax strips, and even pulled out tweezers about the use of peel green walnut and sleepy grass to slow hair growth was thought)
Most of all, of course, the effect liked shugaring - the hair after it grew much slower and the skin became very smooth, but the procedure is rather long and laborious, and you can’t even call it “dust-free”. Therefore, I reacted instantly to the appearance of a device operating on the principle of tweezers - after all, I could not even dream about it)
Therefore, the choice was very deliberate.

Nowadays, in my pets, among the most demanded equipment for beauty is the Philips Beuty "Satinelle Super Sensitive" epilator with a massager.

Naturally, the box and the instructions were not preserved - there was a “silk” bag in the kit, which takes up much less space than the packaging, and the device itself is so simple to use that it is quite possible to do without instructions.

When I bought it, I had the opportunity to purchase a device with a skin cooling system (Ice), but I thought about it and decided that it’s not a fact that such a “frill” would improve the plucking process, because the hairs are removed from the “steamed” skin and how it will be there if skin is chilled? It is clear that after the procedure the cold will calm the irritated skin, but this can be done as a separate stage. Now, looking back, I don’t regret my decision at all - my technique of using an epilator, in my opinion, is not compatible with the simultaneous use of a cooler.

But I chose all the same not a simple device, not the most primitive, but with a massager. I thought this: there will be something similar, like if you slap before the injection and then inject, then there is no pain. And, as it seems to me, this method works here. Indeed, the sensations are not very clear exactly where the hair pulled, because the quick tapping with small silicone fingers prevents the pain from concentrating in one place. Yes, and massage as a plus)

On the massage nozzle, special bumps are provided to make it convenient to remove.

Indeed, between it and the head with pincers, hairs can accumulate, and they must somehow be cleaned. And when you take off - there are no problems with cleaning at all.

And pay attention to the pincers - 6 rows, and between them are soft inserts that stretch the skin during the procedure and facilitate the capture of hairs. In general, compared to Brown epilators, Phillips Satinel Super Sensitive is somehow more impressive and seriously looks at the working mechanism - more steel, and as if even more often tweezers on discs that rotate during operation.

The head of my Satinel is also removed. I rarely do this because I don’t see the need for it. But there is a device exactly the same, but with a shaving head - a slightly different model. And in this case, the manufacturer has developed a universal such device with a removable nozzle.

For those who are interested in technical details, I can show the insides, all of a sudden someone will need a device structure:

This is the nozzle, and here is the device itself:

Nothing broke, no cracks. Strong quality plastic, absolutely odorless.
Here is a sign on certification and information that my epilator is made in Austria. Then they were still Austrian, China is not so occupied by everything and everyone.

Even the plastic lid that protects the device from damage and dust, remained almost unchanged. Only, it seems to me, slightly yellowed. And maybe she was such, I do not remember.

In general, I liked my epilator Philips Satinelle Super Sensitive immediately - a gentle, pleasant color in pastel pink, rounded shapes, it is a pleasure to hold in your hand. Stylish and feminine, not coarse - nothing superfluous, and at the same time minimalism is far from “ugliness”)

The control button sits perfectly, moves easily - gearshift. There are two of them here, and position 0 is off.

On the reverse side - just a smooth flat, without too much relief, collecting dirt and dust.

Bottom entrance to connect to the network.

Works from a network, without accumulator. For me, this is more of a plus than a minus - no need to charge and no unnecessary fuss with batteries or batteries that tend to "wear out" (stop holding the charge).

The power cord is VERY long. I have enough of him to get comfortable in any place and in any posture.

But the network adapter case is quite large and heavy, weighs probably even more than the epilator itself. That worsens his "road" somewhat, you will not take it with you once again.


1. Get out, collect, connect to the network. I prefer to do hair removal in the bathroom, putting the treated leg on the bath against the wall so that the plucked hairs fall down the bath and it is easy to wash them off. If there is no such possibility, I sit down where I can get it, and under my foot I put a smooth fabric with which they can be easily shaken off.

2. I turn on the first speed and start driving on a surface where there is excess vegetation. I drive back and forth, quickly enough to reduce the painful sensations with a massage. The most difficult places are at the ankles, the most sensitive there. Therefore, I start at the top, where it is easier) In general, the more often you use it, the easier it is transferred - and the hair is smaller, and the skin is used to. I also read that in some phase of the cycle it was more painful, in some it was not, but I didn’t “dwell on it,” I did, as it were. The hairs are most often pulled out with "onion", break rarely. The skin does not zazhchipyvat never.

3. I turn off the device, clean it with a flat brush, which was included in the kit. To better clean it sometimes you need to turn it on for a couple of seconds - the hairs themselves fly out, and so on several times. Again, the brush is scrubbed fine.

After epilation, the skin at first looks almost as usual:

And then it begins to blush to the point (most of all the redness is at the ankles, see the photo below).

Therefore, I try not to do before the “exit” to allow the skin to recover. As a rule, after an hour or two, the redness is not so pronounced.

A good effect is the use of any soothing gels, lotions or creams. For example, aloe-gel Organia Aloe Vera Soothing Gel.

Hair after a hair removal procedure at home grows much slower than if it is easy to shave, and more unevenly - without any bristle expressed on the touch.
But grow a little more than when shaving.

In order to grow into less, it is advisable to use "vigorous" washcloths (loofah) (a bundle of two-sided "puff" was included in the kit, which I have not survived - on one side the loofah, on the other mahr). It is necessary in order to remove the top dead layer of the epidermis, which just retains germinating hairs. Therefore, it is also useful to make scrubs and peels.


I tried to remove extra hairs with tweezers a long time ago, but either my blood vessels are close to the bulbs (the hairs are hard and thick enough), or for some other reason it was not only very painful for me to do it, but even the bloodsheds . Therefore, since then, I somehow still can’t decide on the use of an epilator for a bikini area, only a razor or laser hair removal. I bought a typewriter for a bikini design somehow - it turned out to be garbage: /

* * * * *
For those who are thinking whether to buy or not to buy, it is needed or not needed: TAKE IT! Get used, evaluate. No need to go somewhere in the salon, do not need consumables. Very useful purchase.

By the way, this is the only device from Philips, which I got accustomed and does not cause disgust,)

Before you begin to hair removal, you must prepare the skin and do the following:

  • Take a bath or a warm shower and thoroughly steam the skin,
  • Use a body scrub for deep cleaning. A dead skin layer can make hair removal difficult
  • After the bath it is necessary to thoroughly wipe the skin, the body should be dry.

After your legs are ready for hair removal, you can take an epilator. There are also recommendations for working with him:

- keep the device perpendicular to the skin, even at a slight angle,
- movements must be against hair growth. Thus, the epilator will need to be driven from the bottom up,
- do not press hard on the device, so you risk getting hurt,
- spend the epilator slowly. It is enough to go through small areas
- if the process is too painful for you, try to slowly work on your legs for a start, or on the contrary, try to finish everything faster. For some, this is the only solution. But if the pain threshold is too high, you can use an anesthetic. It may be a spray or ointment. But you can continue the procedure only after it dries,
- after epilation, the skin of the legs can be smeared with a special oil or cream that will slow down hair growth.

As a rule, the epilator only removes hair on the legs, on the thigh the skin is more sensitive. But if the procedure is quite tolerable for you, and the hair in this area is quite a lot, then you can remove it on the entire surface of the legs.

For the convenience of girls and women, epilators are now equipped with additional nozzles that can massage the skin before the procedure or cool to make the skin less sensitive.

If the skin of your legs is prone to irritation and redness, then immediately after the epilator hair removal procedure, the treated areas should be wiped with hydrogen peroxide.

Watch the video: 4 Mistakes You Make Shaving Your Legs (April 2020).