Why do eyebrows and eyelashes turn gray at an early age and is it possible to fight it

Gray hair is caused by the cessation of the pigment in the hair follicle. If you experience such troubles as gray hair in the eyebrows at a young age, it is necessary to identify the causes, adjust the diet and lifestyle. This element of the face gives the age. Paint for gray eyebrows will mask a silver pigment, but it is also possible to remove the cause and maintain a beautiful bend.

Causes of early gray hair

Sedin can appear at any age, but do not panic. Hair can be pulled out or dyed, it will help in the first stage to determine the causes of. A gray hair that appeared before the age of 45-50 is an abnormal phenomenon, the factors for its appearance can be:

  • hormonal imbalance
  • violation of metabolic processes in the body,
  • lack of certain vitamins, minerals,
  • smoking, alcohol abuse,
  • low-calorie diet with low protein, plant foods,
  • low-quality cosmetics, expired,
  • cancer,
  • skin diseases (eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis),
  • genetic predisposition to early graying,
  • prolonged, systematic stress,

Passion for cigarettes and alcohol did not benefit anyone. When silver hairs appear, it is better to abandon the harmful habits that violate the natural production of melanin. With other reasons, the doctor will understand. In pathological processes, medical or surgical treatment will be needed. Genetic tendency to early gray hair is difficult to correct, if previous generations of women acquired silver hair at a young age, this probability is high in subsequent ones.

Hereditary gray hair appears due to the imbalance of the natural pigment of melanin, which determines the color of skin, hair, eyes. Reduction of pigment leads to discoloration of hair, skin, loss of brightness of eye color.

Another reason for gray eyebrows - stress. A good habit will be the ability to abstract from problems, sleep 8 hours a day, long walks, sports. Light sedatives will improve well-being and have a positive effect on metabolic processes, which will affect the face and body.

How to paint

Emergency assistance with the appearance of the first gray hairs may consist in coloring. You can paint them with a pencil, shadows, ink, parallel to adjusting the shape. Eye shadow will give extra volume. For women, this procedure is familiar because it is part of the daily makeup. When flushing cosmetics problem reappears. For men, women, not accustomed to the daily makeup of the eyebrows due to the presence of tattoo, this method will be inconvenient.

It is necessary to dye gray hairs with dyed paint. The procedure can be performed at home or in the cabin. It takes several hours, the color will last a month or more depending on the selected pigment. If you have skills on an independent procedure, you can tint the hairs at home, if there are no such skills, it is better to contact a professional.

What color to pick to gray eyebrows

The rules of color selection are universal and depend on the shade of hair: blondes choose dye 2-3 tones darker than hair color, brunettes 2-3 tones lighter, it will make the image younger, softer. Hair, untouched by gray hair during dyeing will look darker and richer due to the presence of natural pigment in them. Gray hair after dyeing will not shine treacherously, but their tone will be lighter. In dark color it is worth painting the edge only to burning brunettes, the rest should prefer natural shades. To add volume to eyebrows, it is worth using shadows or mascara selected according to the same principle. If you have doubts about the choice, a specialist beautician will select eyebrows for gray hair. He will give advice on the care of dyed hairs. There are many programs in the network to determine the color type and paint selection by the loaded photo.

Can I pull out gray hairs

If a pair of gray hairs is found in the eyebrows, plucking tweezers will be the correct and quick way to combat them. If they do not differ in density, additional hair loss will aggravate the situation, but it is thick broad curves that speak of the youth of their owner. Trichologists do not recommend pulling out hairs. Over time, the number of bulbs will significantly decrease, which will not add beauty and harmony to the face, the best way to get rid of gray hair will be its coloring. You can pluck only single naughty hairs, the rest should be painted with durable paint.

If it happened that the eyebrows became threads or in them appeared pleshlinki due to the removal of gray hair, you should contact the beauticians for tattooing or daily adjust the shape of the eyebrows with the help of cosmetics. Special oils will help to stimulate hair growth and restore their density.

What paint is better to use

Eyebrows - one of the mechanisms invented by nature to protect the human eye. The skin in this area has a special structure, contains a large number of sebaceous glands. The sebum produced by the body has a destructive effect on the pigment, a special eyebrow dye contains an increased amount of pigment, and the period of its application is limited to 10 to 15 minutes. It does not tint the skin under the hairs, due to the short exposure, the risk of allergic reactions is minimal. It occupies a leading place among all the methods of masking.

Many paint gray hairs with natural substances such as henna or basma. The tool is safe and effective, but you need to have a certain skill for independent use.

For dyeing gray eyebrows often use regular hair dye. Experts do not recommend this method of staining. Agents are aggressive, contain ammonia, but gray hairs are painted well.

Natural dyes, cooked at home according to popular recipes. Broth onions or thickly brewed black tea, just do not harm a person, but this pigment is short-lived.

Many manufacturers of hair dyes have developed a whole line of eyebrow dye products. Among having numerous positive reviews:

  • Schwarzkopf Igora Bonacrom,
  • Estel Professional Only Looks,
  • Rocolor

Trichologists say it is impossible to paint over gray eyebrows forever, this will eventually lead to loss of hair density. It is better to find the root cause of the appearance of gray hair and eliminate it. Appeal to the doctor should not be shelved. The refusal of bad habits, good nutrition, sports and rest will help prevent the affected problem, will warn many others.

When eyebrows and eyelashes are silver

Eyelashes and eyebrows belong to the strong hairs of the human body, so they tend to turn gray after all. The color of eyelashes and eyebrows depends on the pigment and air contained in the hairs. If the pigment is not enough, and on the contrary there is a lot of air, the person has silvery-white hairs and eyelashes.

There is no specific graying norm, because such changes depend on the habitat, race, genetic predisposition and other features of the organism. In our latitudes, eyelashes and eyebrows begin to turn white at the age of 55-60 years.

But it is possible the appearance of gray hair and at an earlier age. Some of the cilia and hairs of the eyebrow arc acquire a light color along with the gray hair. This may be due not only to genetic predisposition, but also to occur due to a lack of vitamins and microelements, an imbalance of hormones, and due to many other circumstances.

Why do they turn white

Many of us know that bleaching of curls is associated with the production of melanin, which is produced by special cells. If it is too much, then the hair becomes a darker color. In the case of the release of a small amount, a complete bleaching of hair occurs, that is, they are depigmented.

An interesting point: gray hairs on the eyebrows and ashy cilia most often overtake men in age, in women they are much less common.

Doctors call among the main causes of graying:

  • genetic predisposition (if one of your parents turned gray early, you may also suffer the same fate),
  • constant stresses and depressions, in the course of which neuropeptides are produced, which destroy the links between keratin and melanin, which subsequently leads to discoloration,
  • problems with the endocrine system (sometimes the appearance of gray hair on the eyebrows and eyelashes may be due to an imbalance of hormones, which is most often observed during pregnancy and puberty),
  • express diets that lead to a lack of protein, vitamins and microelements,
  • violations in the liver and digestive tract,
  • the use of poor-quality cosmetics (mascara and eyebrow dyes may contain aggressive chemical components that can lead to the death of pigment-secreting cells).

Genetic predisposition to early depigmentation of eyebrows and eyelashes may be associated with the nationality and natural conditions of a person’s residence. Europeans turn gray before everyone else - by age 45, Asians - after age 50, and Indians turn gray only by age 70. This is due to the production of pigment at the initial level. For example, Europeans have lighter hair and skin, which indicates a low amount of melanin. Consequently, they will turn gray before dark-haired people.

It should be noted that it is the stresses most often lead to early blooming. The discoloration of eyebrows and eyelashes is a protective reaction of your body to an external irritant. The body itself disables individual functions, throwing all its strength against a nervous shock or disorder. A kind of replacement takes place: it is better for the body that the heart, liver, brain and stomach work normally, than your hair pigmented.

Thus, if you began to notice graying eyebrows and lightening of the eyelashes, analyze the situation: it is possible that your shattered nerves were to blame for everything.

Another important factor that can lead to disruption of melanin production is the malfunction of the endocrine system. Due to the fact that the body loses the ability to properly carry out the processing of vitamins and trace elements entering through water and food, hair and skin lose their color. Most nutrients are simply removed from the body, preventing its normal functioning.

Features of treatment

If your eyebrows and eyelashes have turned gray too early, contact a specialized trichologist for help.

He will conduct a survey, assign the delivery of a comprehensive blood test and PCR for hormones, and, if necessary, give directions for an examination of the thyroid gland and the gastrointestinal tract.

After the root cause of depigmentation has been identified, you will be prescribed a special course of treatment.

Council of cosmetologists. For proper shampooing, shampoos with no lauryl sulfate should be used. The fact is that this substance, synthesized by the chemical industry, can penetrate through the dermis into the blood, accumulate in the body and cause its intoxication.

Drug treatment

You will need:

  • purchase the drug Antisedin, which contributes to the release of pigment at the cellular level,
  • start a balanced diet and drink a vitamin complex (these can be vitamins for pregnant women and breastfeeding Elevit or any other pharmaceutical preparations prescribed by a specialist),
  • feed hair and eyelashes with special serums,
  • to massage in the area of ​​the eyebrowsin order to improve the microcirculation of blood in these areas, which contributes to a better supply of hair with nutritive components.

Cosmetic procedures

If you are overtaken with gray eyebrows and eyelashes, you can safely paint them. When using natural dyes (henna and basma) due to the good penetration of the pigment into the hollow structure of hairs, you can get the desired color through several dyeing procedures, and for a long time.

It happened that natural dyeing even contributed to improved melanin production and restoration of natural pigment.

You can also pull out gray hairs. But there is no guarantee that they will not grow back.

To improve the condition of the eyelashes or eyebrows, they can be applied castor oil. This product will allow to nourish the hairs with useful substances, providing them with elasticity and filling the hollow space.

You can use wax warming - gently apply heated wax to eyebrows through a napkin. Be extremely careful, because this procedure can lead to a burn.

What else can you do

Use the following options:

  • buy a pencil or mascara that is the best color for your hair,
  • regularly at bedtime, apply serum to make up eyebrows and eyelashes (you can buy them at a pharmacy or a cosmetics store),
  • Sign up for a tattoo of eyebrows or make eyelash extensions (be sure to choose a natural material),
  • in the office of a cosmetologist order the procedure of mesotherapy (acupuncture of useful substances) or massage.


If you notice the first bells of gray hair on the eyebrows, to prevent this very unpleasant and little aesthetic process, immediately begin to follow a few simple tips developed by cosmetologists and trichologists.

For the purpose of prevention, it is recommended that first of all adjust the nutrition. Forget about diets, because in pursuit of harmony you can harm your body. Each serving of food must include:

  • meat or fish (30 g per reception),
  • cereal garnish (buckwheat, lentils, oatmeal and other cereals),
  • vegetable salad (best on the basis of beets, which is an extensive storehouse of iron needed to produce melanin),
  • natural juices, milkshakes or decoctions,
  • dried fruits (dried apricots, figs, dogwood, peach, etc.),
  • fruits.

Food must be seasoned with iodized salt, so that there is no shortage of this trace element in the body.

An interesting point: Biotin, which is found in peanuts, soybeans, walnuts, liver, and cauliflower, will help extend the life of your cilia.

Other tips:

  • give up bad habits, because it has been proven that smoking leads to intoxication of the body, as a result of which melanocytes die - the cells that form the dye pigment,
  • if you notice that you are playing up your nerves, you need to visit a psychoanalyst or sign up for yoga courses that help to restore emotional balance,
  • try not to stay long in the sun, protect your eyes with sunglasses,
  • an oil compress should be applied regularly to the brow line, covered with parchment paper on top and ironed for 3-4 minutes,
  • choose the right mascara for eyelashes (cosmetics should not have an intense smell, its composition is better to make it look like a cream, not bad when lanolin, keratin, proteins, microelements and vitamins of group B, A and E act as components of the mascara),
  • always take off your face when you go to bed, and also minimize the procedure of curling eyelashes with special forceps, which significantly damages them,
  • from time to time apply castor oil on eyelashes and eyebrows (it is possible for the night or several times a day),
  • If you are not involved in sports, it's time to start (thanks to regular physical exertion, you will strengthen the general condition of the body, improve metabolism, which will contribute to the normal release of melanin).

Thus, if your eyebrows and eyelashes have prematurely ashen color, try to see a trichologist. Be sure to start a balanced diet and eliminate stress. Regular cosmetic procedures that nourish the hairs on the eyebrows and eyelashes with useful trace elements and improve the blood microcirculation will not interfere. Observe the mode of sleep and rest, give up bad habits and start to play sports.

Causes of gray hair on the eyebrows

Not always gray hair on the eyebrows appears at a respectable age, sometimes it can happen in adolescence. There are several reasons for the appearance of gray hair on the eyebrows:

  • Pigmentation imbalance. Melanin is the pigment that gives color to our hair and skin. When the body fails in the production of melanin, the eyebrows begin to lose their color and become gray.
  • Aging. Aging is a natural process, it applies to all human organs, including the hair. Aging can be delayed, but cannot be completely stopped. And naturally, sooner or later all the signs of aging appear. During the aging process, nutrients do not reach the hair roots, which ultimately leads to a change in all their properties, such as gloss, thickness, color, etc.
  • Hormonal factors. Any hormonal imbalance can lead to graying of the eyebrows. In men, the hormonal imbalance factor is the main cause of graying brows.
  • Bad diet. Adherence to unhealthy eating habits can lead to brow tingling. The most common cause is skipping the main food intake, which deprives the body of nutrients and leads to a decrease in melanin production.
  • Heredity. If the family has several generations of women suffered from early browning, then this determines the high risk of this condition for subsequent generations.
  • Smoking. This is another trigger. Moreover, it is equally dangerous to both active and passive smoking. Excessive consumption of nicotine damages the pigments in the hair and skin, leading to graying.
  • Invalid makeup. This reason is often underestimated. However, it is important. Application of low-quality cosmetics for eyebrows, expired products and products with an excessively high content of chemicals leads to damage to the hair, and as a result - to gray hair.

Why eyelashes turn white

Light eyelashes do not appear independently - this is a symptom that speaks of a violation of the trophic, metabolic processes at the growth site caused by concomitant diseases. Graying is not related to the production of melanin pigment - the main one in the human body responsible for skin color.

The causes of malnutrition can be internal and external. Internal factors are associated with viruses, infections, abnormalities, causing a change in structure. External - affect the color, not being in the body. It is easier to eliminate them - it is enough to avoid harmful effects in order for the problem to be solved.

External factors

External factors affect either the whole body or the skin. An example is ultraviolet rays, non-hazardous, but burning skin in large quantities. The melanin of the bulbs is formed deep in the epidermis.

External causes of whitening:

  1. Makeup. On the metabolic processes in the root affects poor-quality cosmetics. Less oxygen enters the skin, which worsens the trophism of eyebrows and eyelashes.
  2. Building up Danger - glue that irritates the dermis, has the same effects as makeup.
  3. Sun rays cause burns. Due to whiten dark eyelashes, eyebrows, early yellowness appears, gray hair.

External factors cause a process locally. The roots are damaged in those places where the harmful effect was concentrated.

Internal factors

It happens that people with white hair and eyelashes were born with a defect. This is called leukotrichia or congenital albinism - when body hair on the body is local or ubiquitous.

Internal factors often cause whiteness of hairiness on the body. Some - everywhere, others only in the eye area (eyelid disease, eyeballs).

  1. Inflammatory diseases of the eye. Ophthalmia is the common name for a group of diseases that promote gray hair. Chronic blepharitis affects the secretion of the sebaceous glands of the eyelid skin.
  2. Disruptions in the endocrine system. The hormones androgens, melatonin determine the growth, the state of hairs throughout the body.
  3. Acute Nervous Shock. A sign of fright and the graying of the head associated with it is justified. In acute stress, oxygen starvation of the hair follicles occurs, and pure oxygen is instantly produced, which penetrates the core with bubbles, changing color. Melanin does not disappear, but the cilia looks discolored.
  4. With chronic mental stress, neuropeptides are produced that trigger the release of free radicals in the hair follicles, which results in the entry of air bubbles into the core.
  5. Lack of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins A and groups B help to grow. Calcium, zinc, iron and magnesium are important among minerals.
  6. Vitiligo. Depigmented spots on the body associated with impaired melanin synthesis.
  7. Viruses, infections. They do not affect the color, but cause associated diseases (mainly the eye), which leads to oxygen starvation of the hair follicles, thereby affecting the appearance of whiteness.
  8. The defeat of the innervation of the eyelids with neuritis of the trigeminal nerve, neuron death during infection with syphilis.

Additionally, you need to control the consumption of omega 3, 6, 9 fats and proteins, the lack of which predisposes to polio.

Internal factors include the age of a person. Over time, the trophicity of the bulbs deteriorates, with the result that the oxygen molecules gradually, in small portions, penetrate into the core. The process is genetically determined - the emergence of age gray hair. The average age of appearance of the first signs of natural whiteness is 30-40 years, but for eyebrows and eyelashes - older than 50 years.

Is it possible to stop the process

Whitening of the eyelashes can be stopped when it is caused by external, temporary reasons. Natural aging or genetic predisposition (albinism) cannot be prevented. The processes can be hidden by cosmetic procedures, but they are temporary.

How to stop whitening:

  1. Understand the nature of the process. For internal reasons - it is necessary for the doctor to see the trichologist, the dermatovenerologist, the ophthalmologist, to recover from the source of the problem - the virus, the infection. When external - wear hats, glasses, limit the use of cosmetics to restore.
  2. Improve nutrition. Growth is affected by the consumption of fish, meat, avocados, walnuts, and vegetables. It is necessary to increase the amount of saturated fat, protein from meat, fish, eggs.

Additionally, you need to avoid stress, maintain an active lifestyle. The goal - to raise the immune system.

What to do if eyelashes are white

There are 2 options: to treat the disease that caused whitening or use cosmetics. The second option is short-term, the paint will have to be constantly updated. Treatment, especially for teenagers and young people, is an effective way to restore bright black eyelashes.

The principles of treatment are to increase immunity, restore trophism of the roots.

For the treatment of running polyosis will have to resort to pharmaceutical drugs or folk remedies.

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