How to keep hair fresh on the second (third and even fourth) day

Clean hair depends on the condition of the scalp, so peeling is just as necessary as shampooing. With the help of exfoliating agents, you can get rid of dead epidermal cells, excess sebum and cosmetic residues. After the procedure, the nutrition of the hair follicles is improved - the effectiveness of various medical and cosmetic means increases significantly.

In many salons, comprehensive hair care begins with peeling. Of course, professional tools work much faster and deeper, but for a sample you can buy a scrub or peeling for hair from a reliable brand or you can make it at home. For this you will need:

  • nonfat kefir - 2 tbsp. spoons
  • finely ground sea salt - 2 tbsp. spoons
  • Cognac - 1 tbsp. spoon

All the ingredients are mixed, applied to clean, damp hair, stand for seven or ten minutes and rinse with running warm water.

It is worth remembering that salt peeling is contraindicated if you have sensitive or dry skin, as well as wounds and scratches. Peeling is recommended to do once every two weeks. But consultation of the cosmetician or the hairdresser in any case will not prevent.

We select care products

The reason for the rapid contamination of hair can be improperly selected shampoo. Everything is individual here, so you have to act by trial and error. Someone suitable shampoos from the mass market, someone only means with natural ingredients, and someone recognizes the best option only professional line. We cannot say which shampoos are better than the rest for you, because we recommend to buy small bottles (100 ml) of shampoos from each group and test them on your hair (not all together, but alternately, within a month). So you can definitely find your shampoo.

Once a month (but not often) you can use shampoos for deep cleaning. This option is suitable for those who for some reason refused from a more benign method - peeling.

Extend the freshness of hair prone to greasiness can be done with special masks, which are applied to the roots before (this is the key point), and not after washing the head.

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Wash and rinse properly

Recall that you need to wash your head twice: first - to remove most of the dust and dirt, the second - to rid the scalp and hair from sebum. In this case, the second washing procedure should last at least two minutes. Rinse with shampoo, balm or mask also costs two to three minutes, as excess cosmetic products contribute to the rapid contamination of the hair.

Water should not be hot. Rinse your hair with water at room temperature (or cooler). Then they will be brilliant and healthy. Clean hair will keep another secret: water should be soft (that is, it is better to use boiled or filtered).

Prolong the feeling of purity decoction of herbs. We offer two recipes: for light and for dark hair. If you have blond hair, you will need strong green tea (1 l) and lemon juice (1 tbsp. Spoon). For the conditioner for dark and red hair, you need a strong decoction of oak bark (1 l) and an infusion of flax seed: pour 1 tbsp. spoon of flax seed with two cups of boiling water and boil for ten minutes over low heat, cool and strain. The result should be a jelly-like mixture, which is then easily dissolved in the broth of oak bark. Important: do not need to rinse the broth with running water, blot hair with a towel.

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Choosing a comb

Many carefully care for the scalp and hair, but do not even suspect that the reason for the rapid contamination of hair can be covered in a comb. The fact is that a massage, round or semi-circular comb should be used as little as possible (only in the morning and in the evening), as it stimulates the production of sebum. During the day it is generally not recommended to touch the hairstyle once again. We understand that this is fiction advice, so we suggest replacing your favorite massage combs with a comb. He is not worse straightens hair, but less traumatic to the scalp. In addition, it is easier for them to comb only the tips.

As a reminder: combs should be washed with the same frequency as the head. For this fit a separate toothbrush and soap solution. With a dirty comb, your hair will never be clean.

Remove the cap

Both in cold and hot weather, hair requires protection - a hat. But in the transport or the store you need to take off the cap, even if you went there just for a minute. The head overheats, the sebum is produced more actively, therefore, the hair becomes dirty more quickly.

To the note: the pillowcase should be changed at least once a week, and with very oily hair - twice a week. The fact is that cells of the epidermis, residues of cosmetics and much more accumulate on it, creating a favorable environment for the reproduction of bacteria. All this is not the best effect on the health of the hair and scalp.

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Dry shampoo

This means, of course, cannot completely cleanse the roots of hair from sebum, but it will create the effect of freshly washed hair, which will provide a neat look for the whole day. Dry shampoo also returns the volume characteristic of clean hair.

It is better for owners of oily scalp to always have this remedy at hand - you never know when the “same” moment will come.

To use dry shampoo is very simple. Split the hair into partings and spray the root zone with an aerosol. Wait 5-7 minutes (unless otherwise indicated on the package) and carefully comb your hair with a wooden comb with sparse teeth, removing excess product. After the procedure, ruffle the hair with your hands over the sink and put it in the usual way (only without a hair dryer!)

Hot water and hair dryer

To keep your hair fresh for several days, wash it not with hot, but with warm - or better even cool - water. The fact is that high temperatures stimulate the secretion of the sebaceous glands and reduce the effect of washing to "no."

Do not go with a towel on his head - it deprives the hair of freshness. Just blot them with a clean terry cloth and let them dry naturally.

Dry hair with a hot dryer is also not recommended. If you can not do without it, try to reduce the temperature - hot air acts on the sebaceous glands in the same way as water.

Dirty pillow - one of the main reasons why the hairstyle quickly loses volume and freshness. Of course, you will not be able to change the bed every day, but try to do this at least once in 1-2 weeks.

If for some reason you had to sleep on a pillow with a dirty head, be sure: the pillowcase has already absorbed excess sebum, and sleeping in such a bed can be fraught with trouble for you with hair.

Combs and brushes

If you examine the teeth of the comb under a microscope, you will be shocked by how much they all accumulate. Putting hair with such comb, we return dirt, dust, dandruff and residues of cosmetic products to hair. Sounds awful, right?

What to do? Wash it as often as possible in a soap solution with the addition of citric acid. And also to brush a brush from hair, I use a comb with frequent teeth.

To the note: wooden combs absorb secretions of the sebaceous glands, and plastic combs retain them on the surface.

Destroy smells

Stale hair not only looks messy, but also smells bad. You can get rid of this problem with the help of a special perfumed hair spray.

Help and natural remedies that are on hand in almost every home. So, if you put vodka on the roots of your hair, blot them and blow dry a hair dryer, they will look much fresher.

Of course, the smell of the tool is very sharp and it may take a lot of time before it disappears - so the procedure should be done in advance.

Another effective remedy is salt spray. It eliminates excess fat and neutralizes unpleasant odor. And sprays with a nozzle for washing the nose is also very easy to apply.

You can add a pleasant citrus scent to your hair by applying lemon juice to the roots. But keep in mind: it has a brightening effect, so this method is not suitable for brunettes.

Non-compliance with water temperature conditions

Too high a temperature of the water will adversely affect the skin of the scalp. Disruption of ph-balance can lead to improper sebum production and, as a result, seborrheic dermatitis.

Therefore, the ideal temperature for washing curls should not be too hot and too cool.

Excessive combing

If you comb a lot of hair, on the one hand, it is a useful micro-massage for the head, stimulating hair growth and getting rid of tangles from tangling, but this ambiguous process has a downside. First, for massage manipulations should choose the right comb, with which the effect will be favorable. In addition, excessively rough scratching can cause intensive work of the sebaceous glands and excessive sebum production. Secondly, combs need to be changed or cleaned frequently so that when combing curls the remnants of sebum do not extend over the entire length of the hair.

Wrong choice of hair care products

Very often, girls rush to buy a newly advertised tool on the TV screen, and give large sums of money in the hope that their hair would look like in advertising, but this is the most common mistake of the majority. For proper care of hair, you need to correctly determine the type of hair, take into account the lifestyle and diet style.

Buying shampoos that are suitable for all hair types will also be a mistake.

Wrong headdress

If in moderately cool weather wear winter hats on fur, synthetic acrylic "bundles", then you should not be surprised that your hair quickly becomes salty. The scalp must breathe, and in poor quality headgear it will be wound. Too warm fur hats should be left for strong frosts. Therefore, before you go out, you should dress for the weather and choose high-quality things.

Method number 1. Wash hair with warm water

If the violation of washing norms became the cause of excessive pollution of the curls, then the problem should be solved in this direction. Changing the temperature of the water required. Assuming that the hotter the water, the better and cleaner the hair will be after washing, you can still be mistaken for a long time. Water should be used at a temperature that is optimal for hygienic hair washing: it is moderately warm.

Wash your hair with warm water.

To keep your hair fresh and clean, you can rinse with cool water or a decoction of herbs. Chamomile, sage lemon water will help to cope with the problem of excessive greasiness of hair faster.

Method number 2. Do not wash your hair too often

Those who suffer from oily hair despite their frequent washing, it is important to stop and stop abusing this procedure as soon as possible. Procedures for washing hair should be gradually reduced. If, even in the first days, the hair will still be quickly salified, just pause and “endure” this external defect. At normal intervals of washing, the fat balance will gradually return to normal, and the sebum will be excreted in the right amount.

Method number 3. Hair rinsing

To keep your hair clean longer, it is worth washing the strands well after applying all detergents. The remains of detergent concentrate on the curls or rush during washing will not allow your hair to look clean. Moreover, they will be difficult to comb. You can and should rinse your hair with special products about which you can find out by clicking on this link here.

Method number 4. Proper hair drying

Drying hair should take place in a natural mode. If you have time, do not be lazy and try to dry your hair without using a hair dryer. To begin with all the moisture should be collected in a towel. Periodically “gut” curls, “beat” them with your hands, letting air flow between them. If you want to dry your hair faster without using a hair dryer, you can take another dry towel.

Method number 6. Hair protection

How to keep your hair clean if you visit fitness clubs, swimming pools, saunas for you - the usual occupation. Your hair needs special attention, as they are more prone to the appearance of fat. Increased body thermoregulation during physical training, blocking the "breathing" of hair while bathing, which are hidden in a silicone cap or just active daily work that causes excessive body sweating, certainly does not affect the appearance of hair.

To keep your hair clean longer, you need a comprehensive selection of care products, which includes nutrition, moisturizing, and protection at the same time.

The appearance of hair as a mirror of lifestyle

Many people mistakenly believe that beautiful flowing curls are only the result of external care and the merit of super effective cosmetic products. Still, it is worthwhile to disappoint those who believe in it. Proper nutrition is an extremely important criterion, reflecting the condition of the hair. Since the hair is a living tissue, it must receive sufficient nourishment from the inside to spread it around the entire hair shaft.

Clean hair is easy!

The use of useful "good" fats necessary for an organism promotes elasticity and softness of hair. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, vegetable fiber, supplied in the body in sufficient quantities, will resist the loss and strengthen the hair follicles. Foods rich in minerals will become a shield against brittleness and stinginess of the hair, and proteins will act as the main building block of the hair shaft. Of course, it must be admitted that the health of the hair is generally attentive to the whole body, including personal hygiene.

Clean hair is not just a business card of a neat person, it is also an undoubted sign of close attention to yourself and your health. Stay beautiful!

5 simple rules of hair care

  • Not my head too often

It is widely believed that the more often you wash your hair, the faster they get used to it and become greasy. Trichologists are convinced that oily hair (just like the others) should be washed as it gets dirty. The water should certainly be warm, even slightly cool. Do not wash in hot water - it stimulates the sebaceous glands.

  • Choose the right shampoo

You should use a special shampoo for oily hair. It should contain mint, seaweed, jojoba, horsetail, or herbs such as rosemary, nettle, chamomile, sage. Their extracts reduce sebum production. As a rule, the consistency of these shampoos resemble a gel, not a cream. But the means with proteins or lipid complexes (for example, with silicone) only aggravate the situation.

  • Avoid hot styling

Do not too often dry and style hair with the help of technology: hot air stimulates the sebaceous glands. The ideal option is to allow them to dry at room temperature. If you can’t do without a hair dryer, if your hair is not sushi, let them dry out a little. And use a hair dryer with the function of cold drying, which does not have such a destructive effect on the hair.

Buy therapeutic clay in a pharmacy - it can be used to remove excess sebum. Once a week, make masks of clay: they dry well, but do not damage the scalp. Will help and yolk mask with alcohol.

Use a brush made of natural materials, with teeth, the ends of which are gently rounded. And do not forget to wash it (you can after you take the shower itself), otherwise the fat removed from the hair will be on your head again.

Why does hair become dirty so quickly?

This is a very common problem. As a rule, hair loses shine and silkiness and quickly becomes dirty due to the following reasons:

  • Excessive secretion of sebum, which is why hair becomes greasy and look untidy.
  • Our hormones can also provoke excessive sebum secretions. Hormonal changes during menstruation often cause this problem.
  • Improper diet: excessive consumption of fat, sugar, refined flour and purchased sweets violates the metabolism and provokes an excessive release of sebum.
  • It may surprise you, but the shampoos that we usually use contain more aggressive than non-beneficial substances. If you constantly wash your hair with them, surely you noticed that they never give the promised effect. In fact, they usually make hair even fatter. It is best to use them two or three times a week, and after that use home remedies, which we will now tell you about.

What to do to keep your hair clean longer?

Remedy # 1: Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda

  • 100 ml apple cider vinegar
  • 100 ml of water
  • 20 g of baking soda

  1. Use this simple and effective remedy twice a week. Thanks to him, your hair will remain clean, shiny and silky the next day. This effect is associated with the alkaline properties of soda, which restores the body's acid-base balance and regulates excess sebum.
  2. Apple cider vinegar is one of the best hair care products. It makes hair soft, shiny and regulates sebum. How to prepare this tool: dilute a tablespoon of soda in water and add 100 ml of vinegar there.
  3. Apply the product on the scalp and hair and leave it to effect for 20 minutes. After this time, wash the mixture with warm water. You see, the hair will remain soft and radiant for three days.

Means number 2: egg, yogurt and lemon

  • 1 egg (yolk and white)
  • 1 natural yoghurt without additives
  • lemon juice

  1. This mask is ideal for using it twice a week. Often such cheap home remedies give better results than expensive procedures in beauty salons. Try to make such a mask within a month. This is a simple and cheap way to keep your hair clean for up to three days.
  2. Lemon is a classic hair beauty product. It allows you to balance the acid-base balance of the scalp and reduce the secretion of sebum, making the hair more beautiful. Egg and yogurt nourish and strengthen hair, saturate them with vitamins and regulate the production of sebum, which makes hair dirty and tangled.
  3. How to make this mask? Very simple. Mix one egg (yolk and white) with yogurt to make a homogeneous mass. After that, add to the mixture the juice of half a lemon and mix again. The mask is ready!
  4. Apply the mask to wet hair from root to tip, leave it for 20 minutes and wash it off with warm water. Now it remains only to enjoy the result: we are sure that your hair will stay clean and beautiful for a long time.

How to keep your hair clean for a long time?

Do not wash your head too often

Hair should be washed as they are contaminated. But the more often water procedures are performed, the faster the strands will be contaminated. This is how the sebaceous glands in the scalp react to constant exposure from the outside - they begin to actively secrete sebum, which leads to the rapid contamination of the curls.

Well, if you wash your hair no more than 3 times a week. Do it every day? Conduct an experiment - at least for a couple of weeks, increase the interval between shampooing for at least a day. At first, the hair will be dirty just as quickly, but then the result will become noticeable - they stay clean for at least 2-3 days. And even if the strands in this period on the second day after washing hang untidy icicles, you can use dry shampoo - it gives the visual effect of clean curls.

Wash your head with warm water.

Love the water hotter? Give up this habit if you want your hair to stay clean for a long time. Elevated temperatures only stimulate the sebaceous glands in the scalp, which means that the curls will become dirty more quickly.

The best option is warm water. Rinse locks can be a little cooler with water.

Thoroughly wash hair conditioner

Hair conditioners - beauty care products that can add extra volume and shine to curls, make them more docile. The effect will be noticeable if you choose the right tool.

But whichever conditioner you use, carefully wash it off from hair after use, otherwise the composition will only make the curls heavier and they will quickly become dirty under a layer of non-washed makeup.

If you have oily hair, after using the conditioner, you can once again rinse them with lemon juice diluted in warm water.

Choose the right care cosmetics for curls

High-quality care cosmetics - the key to beautiful hair. If the curls are very quickly contaminated, choose shampoos and rinses designed specifically for the fat type of strands. They are well removed excess fat from the scalp.

Pay attention to the composition of funds. The list of components should include substances that contribute to the normalization of the sebaceous glands - essential oils, plant extracts, seaweed. But shampoos with silicones is better to postpone away. Yes, they give hair shine, make them smooth and docile, but this is not the right option for curls that are prone to fat.

Use hair dryer less often

Hairdryer helps to dry curls faster. Real salvation for long-haired girls. But do not forget that high temperatures only stimulate the active production of sebum. The best option is to let the strands dry in natural conditions!

If you can not do without the use of a hair dryer, then at least put the device on the mode of cold drying - the hair does not cause such harm. Freshly washed strands do not dry, let them dry a little.

Choose the right comb

Do not brush your hair too often, especially with a massage comb. Thus, you distribute sebum, which has already managed to accumulate in the root area, along the entire length of the hair. It will be enough to comb the curls in the morning, and then during the day just straighten hair.

Choose a hair brush that is made from natural materials. Pay attention to the teeth - it is desirable that their ends are gently rounded. And do not forget to periodically wash the comb, because it accumulates dirt, which when combing goes to clean hair.

Remove the cap indoors

Even owners of normal and dry hair, they get dirty much faster in the winter. Blame hats that fit snugly to the head, not allowing the cover to "breathe."

But this is no reason to walk in the cold without a hat. Choose the correct model of headgear - it should not fit snugly to the head. And be sure to remove the cap, going into public transport or into the room. Here it is warm, and a “sauna” is formed under the headdress - and higher temperatures only increase the production of sebum.

Do the right styling

Hair, even in the simplest hairstyle, is kept clean longer than if you walked with loose curls. Take advantage of this recommendation - beautifully braid the strands so that they are not dirty so quickly. Please note that it is better to do exactly the bulk styling. And when the hair fits snugly to the head (take as an example at least a horse's tail), the sebum from the root area goes faster to the strands themselves.

If you regularly do a hot styling using a curling iron, ironing or hair dryer, in the care include thermal protection products for hair. They will help protect the strands from damage. Many of them, in addition to the protective effect, also provide a reliable fixation of styling.

Include clay masks in hair care

Include hair masks in hair care. Depending on the composition, they will help restore strands, make them larger. But to abuse the makeup of cosmetics is not worth it. The result can be the same as in the case of a non-washed conditioner - the hair becomes dirty more quickly, the hair “falls off”. Do not mask more often 2 times a week.

Try also homemade compositions that clean the curls well and keep them clean for a long time. The most accessible product for this is cosmetic clay. Suitable blue clay. Dissolve it with water to the desired consistency, apply to the root area and spread over the entire length of the hair, hold for 20-40 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly.

Touch your hair less often

It's time to give up the habit of constantly pulling their curls. Dirt from the hands is transferred to the hair, and they quickly pollute. And you can literally fix your hair with a couple of easy movements with a comb.

Basic rules for how to keep hair clean

  1. No need to wash your hair with too hot water. It is a mistake to assume that this way the hair will be washed out better; on the contrary, hot water stimulates the production of sebum, which makes the hair dirty.
  2. Clean hair will please you for a long time if you choose the right shampoo for them, as well as styling products. Select them based on your hair type and skin features, a dermatologist or cosmetologist will help you. Oily hair is recommended to wash with soap (tar, children's).
  3. Do not use the massage brush for too long; its effect on the sebaceous glands is also great. Do not brush your hair too often, as this will distribute the “fat” over all the hair. Try to touch the hairstyle less during the day.
  4. To keep your hair clean longer - do not wash them often. The fact is that the more and more often you wash your hair, the faster it becomes dirty. The best option would be to wash your hair twice a week. At first they will get dirty as much, endure this time, soon you will see the effect.
  5. After applying the rinse, conditioner, thoroughly wash them off with hair. It is possible at the end of washing to rinse hair with water, the temperature of which is lower than that used for washing, this will reduce the activity of sebaceous glands. Instead of buying rinsing products for hair, it is better to use water acidified with lemon juice (literally a couple of drops on a jug of water).
  6. Preserve clean hair without washing will help modern means. Dry shampoo will be the perfect assistant when you can not wash your hair.
  7. Use masks and other products that can be prepared at home. Rinsing hair with herbs, such as chamomile, nettle, oak bark, gives a good effect.
  8. To keep your hair clean longer, dry it properly after washing. It is best to use the natural way of drying, try to rarely use a hair dryer, as hot air contributes to the secretion of sebum.
  9. How to keep your hair clean in winter is a matter of concern to many women. Hats contribute to faster hair contamination. Of course, we do not recommend walking along the street without a hat, but you must take it indoors. When we are in the hat in the room, the hair is in a kind of “bath”, the release of fat is activated.
  10. Stacking is important. If you have thin hair and they fit snugly to your head, they will become dirty more quickly. It is best to try to do a volume styling, raise the hair at the roots, it will give its effect.
  11. You probably noticed that the hair "in the hair" stay clean much longer. Loose hair is more covered with dust. Try to braid your hair, for example, in braids, then you will have to wash them less often.
  12. To keep your hair clean longer - try to eat right. The diet should contain vitamins, trace elements, fiber. Less sweet!
  13. A significant role is played by lifestyle. Stress, lack of sleep, nervousness are reflected in the hair. Clean hair without washing will please you for a long time, if you are calm, energetic and cheerful.
  14. Use these tips, and then your precious hair will longer remain shiny and clean, and you - attractive and confident.

Hair should always be clean - this is an axiom that does not require proof. Expensive and stylish clothes, beautiful make-up, pleasant aroma of fashionable perfume will remain unnoticed by others when hair hangs stuck together with icicles, and the head is far from fresh.

Clean hair is the main attribute of grooming. But what if you do not have the time and opportunity to wash your hair every day? In order to keep your curls in perfect condition for a long time, remember a few secrets of the proper dressing and ways to help prolong the freshness of your hair.

When washing your head, try to keep the water from being too hot. Due to the high temperature, dirt and grease is not only washed away from the skin and hair, but the lipid (protective) layer is also disturbed. Overdried skin begins to actively sebum to quickly restore the protective film, so the hair begins to get fat faster. Pick a comfortable water temperature for yourself, and at the end rinse your head with cool water.

Masks and balms do not apply close to the skin and try to wash them as carefully as possible. To prolong the purity of the hair will help rinsing with a low pH, for example, cosmetic vinegar for hair, chamomile decoction with a spoonful of lemon juice or plain water with the addition of apple cider vinegar. Oak bark, sage and nettle possess balancing properties, therefore, either independently before each head wash, prepare decoctions, or look for these plants as part of industrial rinses. While using the hair dryer, dry your hair at a low speed and at a minimum temperature, and at the very end pour cold air on your scalp. If you want to wash your hair less often, give preference to volume styling and avoid sleek hairstyles.

To keep your hair from dirty too quickly, try to touch it with your hands as little as possible. To keep your locks fresh, minimize the use of heavy styling products. The use of dry shampoos also helps to keep your hair clean, as the ingredients in these products absorb sebum, neutralize odor and remove greasy shine.

How to wash your hair less often: understand the question

Clean hair depends primarily on the condition of the scalp, the lack of conditions for the reproduction of fungal microorganisms that cause dandruff. In turn, these factors, as well as the even functioning of the sebaceous glands, depend on the general state of human health. Dull, brittle, thinning hair, which by the evening lose their volume, can be the first sign of thyroid problems, beriberi, liver disease, neurological disorders.

Attention! If the dense well-groomed head of hair in a short period of time has become a problem - do not delay the visit to the doctor, and go through a full medical examination.

The correct way to wash curls

It is important not only to wash your hair regularly, but also to do it properly.

To keep your hair clean longer, you need to wash it properly. This simple procedure has its own nuances.

  • The best water for washing your head - melted or boiled.
  • The ideal water temperature is 37o. Cold - does not wash away the dirt, hot - dries.
  • Apply shampoo to the roots, massage well. The hair itself is successfully cleaned by the resulting foam.
  • You do not need to take a lot of shampoo - it will not all be washed off, and your hair quickly become dirty again.
  • Also, slowly evenly distribute the air conditioner or balsam.
  • No need to intensively wipe your head, just wrap in a warm towel and hold it for 10 minutes.

How to make strands healthier and more beautiful

Everyone knows that excessive hair dry hair dryer use is not to bring. Such a discrepancy - the more you dry, the faster they grow fat, not to mention that they become brittle.

If it is possible to dry the hair in a natural way and lay without hot tongs - try to use it. But what if the morning time is calculated by the minute? To do without drying will not work, but at least do not start to dry and comb very wet strands.

Need to get used to several rules of care

Let them dry out a little while you drink coffee.

  1. Combing start from the ends, especially long hair.
  2. If you have a long length, your hair will help to keep hair clean for a long time - braided hair or knotted hair will be less covered with dust.
  3. Bulky haircuts with torn ends, “ladders”, “cascades” are able to keep the effect of a clean head for a long time.

Tip: to protect the effects of hot temperatures will help special means with thermal protection.

It is not the frequency that matters, but the right shampoo.

Longer keep the hair clean can only properly selected shampoo. Means for oily, dry, colored, brittle or normal hair have different compositions. Their components help to improve the structure of damaged hair follicles, but can also damage if used improperly.

Even the most perfectly selected shampoo, after a while you need to change, as there is an addiction to the constituent components and their action weakens.

There are difficulties in determining the type of hair? Ask a question to your master - hairdresser. In beauty salons will help with the choice of the right care products.

Folk recipes based on feedback from regular readers

Nature helps keep the hair clean for a long time.

Herbal decoctions, masks from the usual components cope with the task no worse than pharmacy tools, and are completely composed of natural ingredients.

  1. Table vinegar. Diluted in the ratio of 1 tbsp to 1 liter of water, vinegar is used for rinsing the head. If the vinegar smell is not to your liking, lemon juice or orange juice gives the same result.
  2. Slow down the work of the sebaceous glands mustard. It is enough to rinse the washed hair with a liter of water with one article dissolved in it. spoon of mustard powder.
  3. Homemade mask from rye bread. Bread crumb pour water until completely softened. Apply the slurry for 20 minutes over the entire length, under a plastic cap or bag. It is better to wash it off for the first time in the basin, while massaging the skin, and rinse it again under the shower. Shampoo can not be used!

Apply shampoo professionally

1. Water should be a comfortable temperature. Hold the shower for a minute and make sure that your hair is completely wet.

2. Squeeze a small shampoo on the palm of your hand, rub it in your hands. Apply shampoo to your hair with gentle circular motions, moving from the top of the head and hairline to the tips.

3. Flushing should take twice as long as application. Stylists recommend washing off the shampoo in the shower for 5 minutes. The remaining and dried particles of shampoo can lead to dull hair color and the appearance of scales on the scalp.

4. Finishing washing is recommended by rinsing with cold water: cuticles will harden, hair will retain more moisture and will be shiny.

Why do "icicles" appear on the head?

Sebum (sebum), which secrete special glands on the scalp, is an important component of the health of the skin and the curls themselves. This fatty secret evenly covers the surface of the hair, creating a protective film on it. As a result, the necessary amount of moisture is retained inside the hair shaft, it is resilient, strong, smooth, beautiful.

However, sometimes the sebaceous glands malfunction, and the secret is produced too much. The situation quickly becomes an emergency: the sebum clogs the pores on the head, the roots of the hair literally suffocate, the hair becomes brittle, starts to fall out, and dandruff appears on the skin. And the appearance of such curls leaves much to be desired.

There may be several reasons for the excessive activity of the external secretion glands. Often cosmetologists talk about a specific type of scalp, and hair is referred to as "fat." Oddly enough, the skin of the head and face may differ in type: with oily skin the hair may well be dry, and vice versa.

Sometimes the hair does not remain clean for more than one day is not at all the fault of the glands - with their work, everything can be in absolute order. The problem lies in the quality of the curls themselves: if they are thin, devoid of volume and lie close to the skin, they immediately absorb fat and instantly lose their fresh look.

In addition to individual characteristics, the state of hair can be influenced by genetics, nutrition, environmental factors, changes in the balance of hormones, etc. Faced with the fact that by the evening hair loses its volume and looks like fat icicles, you should not dwell only on keeping it clean. First of all, worry about your own health. Unpleasant cosmetic problems can signal incipient diseases of the thyroid gland, liver, neurological disorders, vitamin deficiency.

By hook or by crook!

To wash hair prone to fat, should be approached especially carefully. To keep your hair clean longer, choose a suitable shampoo, mask, conditioner: all cosmetics should be specially designed for oily hair, do not contain silicones and oils. Feedback on the results of the use of such cosmetics exclusively positive.

However, cosmetologists caution: too frequent washing of the head, even the correct makeup, will still provoke the activity of the sebaceous glands. The solution to the problem can only be the "training" of curls - as soon as you get used to washing your hair less often, then you will finally be able to keep them clean longer. The paradox that works!

There are various schemes of "not washing" the hair. Someone from the daily hygiene procedures goes to the bath every other day, and acts like that for a month. New month to spend money to get used to wash your hair every three days, etc.

Another one of the working techniques is the “four-step path”. On the 1st day, the hair is washed, as usual, on the 2nd one, they use dry shampoo, on the 3rd day they come up with a hairstyle using skin-styling. The fourth day-step is special, it helps not only to refresh hair, but also to improve it. All that is needed is to moisten the curls with warm water and rinse them with a solution of water (1 l) and apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp) or lemon juice (1 lemon).

After a few weeks of such procedures, you will notice that the hair gets dirty less and looks better.

Products for the "training" strands

How to keep the hair clean for a long time? Choose quality products for care and use them correctly. We recommend:

  • System 4 No. 1 shampoo from the SIM brand for normal and oily scalp, which will balance the work of the sebaceous glands, eliminate itching and flaking,
  • Actively refreshing shampoo for deep cleansing strands SOLU / shampoo, after which the hair remains clean for a long time,
  • Davines detoxifying scrub shampoo, which cleanses, restores the scalp, removes irritation,
  • Dry shampoo CHI Luxury with black cumin seed oil and components that actively bind fat,
  • Texturizing dry shampoo from "Alfaparf" Style stories text.dry shampoo, instantly removing the greasiness of curls,
  • Dry Forme quick clean shampoo, which quickly makes hair light and fresh,
  • Cleansing conditioner Bad hair habits cleansing conditioner without sulfates and parabens,
  • Renewing Conditioning treatment renewing conditioning treatment, which prolongs the phase of catagenesis (existence) of a hair,
  • Therapeutic peeling System 4 O mask for cleansing the scalp and reducing the hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands,
  • Powder for the volume of hair Your Hair Assistant Volume creator, which helps in styling prone to fat content curls.

No - surfactants, yes - herbs!

Owners of greasy hair need to use cosmetics with the most natural composition. It should not include surfactants, so-called surfactants (lauryl and laureth sulfates, etc.). It is even better to enjoy the riches of nature directly.

The easiest way to prepare decoctions of herbs and rinse them curls after washing. Sage, thyme, chamomile, onion peel, oak bark, St. John's wort, calendula help to restore the fat balance of the scalp. Well, if extracts of these plants, as well as horsetail, mint, rosemary and algae will be part of your hair cosmetics.

Significantly reduces the production of sebum. Colorless henna - a mask from it is used 1-2 times a month. Very effective mask of honey, lemon juice and grated onion, rinsing vodka. However, such procedures have a significant disadvantage - an unpleasant smell, which is not so easy to get rid of.

Popular wisdom has even invented a natural alternative to dry shampoo! They can be ordinary starch, flour or mustard powder. An important condition: strands must be completely dry! You do not want to defile through the streets with lumps of dough or mustard in your hair?

What do we have to do

To make your hair beautiful and healthy, you need to acquire some good habits:

  • Eat right. Keep your diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean meat and fish, whole grains and dairy products.
  • Take vitamins. Reception of vitamin-mineral complexes in winter and spring is especially useful. Check with your doctor to find the right medication.
  • Keep a healthy lifestyle. Get enough sleep, move a lot, take a walk in the fresh air - and your curls will be strong, healthy and clean.
  • Visit the hairdresser monthly. The wizard will tell you how long it will be when your hair is oily - it is no secret that when you have an excessive amount of sebum, it is not recommended to wear very long curls.
  • Regularly undergo a physical examination. A visit to the therapist will help not only to identify the beginning disease, but also directly help the hair: for example, the doctor may prescribe darsonvalization of the scalp.

What not to do

  • Eat rich, seasoned foods. Such a diet encourages the already active work of the glands of external and internal secretion, which means the curls will become dirty even faster.
  • Drink coffee and alcohol. For the same reason. Better to pay attention to water consumption: try to drink about 2 liters of purified or mineral water daily.
  • Often comb and pull the hair. If you like to touch the straps or wind them around your finger, they will very quickly become dirty from constant contact with the skin. Combing is also an incentive for the sebaceous glands to strengthen the work. Build your hair in a braid or bun.
  • Sleep with her hair loose. Make a loose pigtail or tail. You will reduce the mechanical impact on the curls: they will be less wrinkled, rub against the pillow - and, accordingly, salic.
  • Wash your hair in the evening. This is not the best habit: with wet hair you can not go to bed, because they are badly injured, the hairstyle loses its shape, and, moreover, the sebaceous glands work more intensively in the evening.
  • Nervous and worry. Stressful state strongly affects the health of the locks, in particular, causes excessive oily skin.
  • Use a hairdryer. Only in exceptional cases and in the "Snowflake" mode. Hot air provokes the glands of external secretion, so the curls should dry naturally.
  • Do not remove the cap indoors. So you arrange a "bath" for the hair, where they soar and sala. The general condition of the hair after such "steam rooms" is significantly deteriorating.
  • Rarely change bedding. It is better to change the pillowcase twice a week, so you will save the strands from contact with dead epidermis cells, cosmetics residues and ordinary dust.
  • Use a dirty comb. Wash the hair brushes weekly to remove grease and dirt that has accumulated on them.

So, there is no magic shampoo in the world, from which the hair remains clean for a long time. Beauty and fresh hair is an integrated approach. If you follow our advice, in a month your hair will no longer quickly get dirty and will maintain a pleasant look for a long time.

Remedy # 1: Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda

You will need:

  • 100 ml apple cider vinegar
  • 100 ml of water
  • 20 g of baking soda

Cooking method:

  • Use this simple and effective remedy twice a week. Thanks to him, the hair and the next day will remain clean, shiny and silky. This effect is associated with the alkaline properties of soda, which restores the body's acid-base balance and regulates excess sebum.
  • Apple vinegar - This is one of the best hair care products. It makes hair soft, shiny and regulates sebum. How to prepare this tool: dilute a tablespoon of soda in water and add 100 ml of vinegar there.
  • Apply the product on the scalp and hair and leave it to effect for 20 minutes. After this time, wash the mixture with warm water. You see, the hair will remain soft and radiant for three days.

Means number 2: egg, yogurt and lemon

You will need:

  • 1 egg (yolk and white)
  • 1 natural yoghurt without additives
  • lemon juice

Cooking method:

  • This mask is ideal for using it twice a week. Often such cheap home remedies give better results than expensive procedures in beauty salons. Try to make such a mask within a month. This is a simple and cheap way to keep your hair clean for up to three days.
  • Lemon is a classic hair beauty product. It allows you to balance the acid-base balance of the scalp and reduce the secretion of sebum, making the hair more beautiful. Egg and yogurt nourish and strengthen hair, saturate them with vitamins and regulate the production of sebum, which makes hair dirty and tangled.
  • How to make this mask? Very simple. Mix one egg (yolk and white) with yogurt to make a homogeneous mass. After that, add to the mixture the juice of half a lemon and mix again. Mask ready!
  • Apply the mask to wet hair from root to tip, leave it for 20 minutes and wash it off with warm water. Now you just enjoy the result: we are sure that your hair will stay clean and beautiful for a long time.

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