Features tattoo eyebrow for blondes

All blondes are different. How to choose the correct shape and color in the tattoo of fair-haired girls? The question is ambiguous and quite complicated.

Fair-haired women of fashion more often turn to eyebrow tattoo services, wanting to facilitate morning morning procedures in this area of ​​the face.

Today, the color palette of the tattoo has a wide range - from gray-black-brown tones for the eyelids and eyebrows to a variety of shades of red and flesh for dermopigmentation of the lips contour.

The palette of colors for tattoo contains about 80 colors. Mixing pigments in different variations, you can get about 500 shades.

Choose a tattoo color

Choosing the color you need to adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. The color of the pigment for blondes is chosen one or two tones darker than the hair, given that after healing it will brighten.
  2. Brown and light brown shades should choose blondes with natural shades, given the type of appearance and eye color.
  3. Gray range of colors will suit owners of ashy hair.
  4. Terracotta or chestnut eyebrow colors are fair-haired.
  5. Natural blondes should choose eyebrows painted in wheat brown and light gray tones.
  6. Wheaten blonde hair is advised to pay attention to auburn, light brown tones.

Decide on the type of tattoo

Hair tattoo - when every hair is drawn. There are two types: Eastern - more laborious drawing (suitable for brunettes), and the European version suitable for blondes.

Shooting (shading) - the effect of eyebrows tinted with shadows or a pencil. Perfect for blonde girls.

Hair tattooing in the European technique and tattooing with the method of feathering, more than other types will suit blonde eyebrows of blondes.

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Features color selection

Since blondes may have different shades of hair, this factor must be taken into account when creating an image.. Makeup artists distinguish the following tones of curls:

  1. Ashy - these girls are best to choose gray tones.
  2. Blonde - the ideal option would be chestnut or terracotta solutions.
  3. Natural - in this case, the tattoo can be made in light gray or wheat-brown tones.
  4. Wheat - warm hair color perfectly harmonizes with honey, golden brown or light brown solutions.

Tattoo techniques

Blondes perfect shading or hair technique of introducing pigment. The specific method directly depends on the type of skin, the presence or absence of permanent, thick hair, scars. To get the perfect result, you need to follow all the recommendations of the wizard.

Microblading will be an excellent option for fair-haired beauties. Unlike traditional tattoo, which is performed using the device, microblading is done without the use of a machine. For this purpose, use a special manipulator, which is the needle holder.

The master performs the introduction of the pigment, accurately controlling every movement. Due to this, it is possible to get a surprisingly natural and attractive result.

Doing microblading makes eyebrows much darker and more expressive.

Another excellent option for blondes is to perform biotatuazha. During this procedure, perform henna salon dyeing. The main feature of this method is the use of natural pigment, which has a mild effect on the skin. In this case, the color palette may be different - from light brown to fairly dark tones.

Useful tips

To make tattoo look perfect, you need to follow these recommendations:

  1. The color scheme should be a couple of tones lighter than the shade of the hair.
  2. Blonde beauties are absolutely forbidden to use black or too dark colors in make-up.
  3. Owners of dark eyebrows from nature should not lighten them.
  4. If dark shades look unnatural, you should choose a variant of hair coloring, in which the root zone retains its natural shade. In this case, it will look great brondirovanie, highlighting or partial staining. The presence of dark roots will harmonize perfectly with the dark shades of the eyebrows, which will make the image more natural and attractive.
  5. It must be remembered that white eyebrows are a good solution for fashion shows, but absolutely not suitable for creating everyday compositions. Therefore, it is recommended to give preference to more traditional solutions.

Performing a tattoo for blondes is a rather complicated procedure, because creating a natural and harmonious image is not so simple. To solve this problem, it is recommended to contact a professional master, who will select the correct shade and technique of the procedure.

Features care tattoo

Now you have a little idea what color to choose for tattoo eyebrows for blondes. But it is equally important not only to choose the right shade, but also to take care of the permanent makeup so that it remains as long as possible.

Among the most important recommendations are the following:

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and ultraviolet,
  • do not remove the protective crust ahead of time - it should fall off independently,
  • after visiting the master it is forbidden to steam the face.

After the procedure is to hide eyebrows from direct sunlight.

In order to keep the eyebrow paint for blondes as long as possible, also carefully choose the healing ones:

It is best to focus on the specific recommendations of the master, you should not experiment and select them yourself.

If after applying creams or masks there is a feeling of discomfort, other negative manifestations:

  • Be sure to report them to the master with whom you underwent the procedure,
  • if you do not do this, then there is a high probability of serious complications, from which the master can no longer save you.

Carefully read the contraindications, you can avoid problems

It should be understood that this procedure, in fact, is medical, and therefore it is important not only to understand what color should be the eyebrows of blondes, but also to realize that there are certain contraindications after its implementation.

  • a ban on visiting a solarium or tan on the beach in direct sunlight,
  • the ban on visits to the beautician for the mechanical cleaning of the face - first you need to wait until the wounds from the tattoo will heal,
  • prohibition of eyebrow tinting with a pencil or gel,
  • ban on the use of any cosmetics that are made on the basis of alcohol,
  • ban on plucking hairs.

In addition, it is recommended to minimize contact with water - it is better not to wet your eyebrows at all.

All rules should be followed for a certain period. What exactly - depends on the characteristics of the skin. Of course, it is best to ask your master in detail about this.

In some cases, allergies may occur:

  • do not panic and fear her,
  • the allergic reaction itself is not that strong,
  • To combat allergies, it is enough to take one pill of either tavegil or suprastin.

Tattoo allows you to forget about coloring eyebrows for 5-6 years!

Are you uncomfortable after the procedure? Take a painkiller. If this is not done, then the hands will involuntarily reach to the eyebrows in order to rub them, which cannot be done!

In conclusion

What should be eyebrows at blondes and how to choose the right shade, if you decide to do a tattoo, now you know! Guided by our advice, you can make your image more attractive (see also the article "Henna allergy for eyebrows and its treatment").

A video in this article will open some more additional secrets. If you still have questions, ask them in the comments below the article.

What brows for blondes are considered ideal from the point of view of stylists and makeup artists? The question is quite complicated and ambiguous. After all, all blondes are different. Someone gives the hair warm yellowish, someone - cold ash. Some are green-eyed, playful beauties, others are strict ladies with brown eyes. And all these points must be considered when dyeing the eyebrows so that they do not look too vulgar on a pretty face. How to choose the best blonde color eyebrows?

Stylists and makeup artists, answering the question, what color of eyebrows in blondes looks natural and beautiful, focus primarily on the color type of appearance, which depends on three components. These are hair color, eye color and skin color.

By hair color

  • 1. Ash Blondes

Ideal eyebrows for ashy blondes - gray shade.

It is not difficult to choose the color of eyebrows with blonde blond hair: it can be terracotta or chestnut shades.

  • 3. Natural Blondes

Natural blondes are recommended to dye eyebrows in wheat brown and light gray tones.

  • 4. Wheaten Blondes

For brows of warm, wheaten blondes we need light brown, honey and golden chestnut colors.

Eye color

  • 1. Brown Eyes

To pick up eyebrows for blondes with brown eyes is also easy. However, their peculiarity is that such a color type with blond hair and dark eyes is quite rare. They always look extravagant and attract attention to themselves, like a magnet. They need to choose a color to match their natural hair color or something darker. If the eyebrows are too light, it is better to paint them with a brown pencil.

Another rather rare color type is blondes with black eyes: it is quite difficult for them to guess with eyebrows. But they definitely fit soft, delicate chocolate.

  • 3. Blue-eyed

Dark golden eyebrows for blondes with blue eyes look good: they give the face sophistication and mystery.

  • 4. Green-eyed

Makeup artists and stylists advise you to make eyebrows for blondes with green eyes in pastel and light brown tones.

What should be the eyebrows of blondes gray eyes? The best option is light brown, but not exactly gray tones.

If you look for the color of eyebrows for blondes in accordance with these tips, you will be able to create a harmonious image. After all, the dark palette here will be simply inappropriate. Having decided on the right shade, it remains to clarify the question of how exactly you will achieve it. It can be a daily make-up, and maybe a persistent coloration in the salon. The choice is yours.

Curious fact. Blondes should keep in mind one fact. Gray eyebrows are almost universal for them. It is only important to choose the right shade, which will not be faded.

Tips from stylists and make-up artists how to make eyebrows thicker and darker >> Decorative and care cosmetics, folk recipes.

What do you know about eyebrow gel? We will tell why it is needed and advise the best and how to make it at home.

Eyebrow cosmetics for blondes

Knowing which brows are suitable for blondes in a palette of colors, it is easy to choose color cosmetics for every day or for persistent staining at home. Market assortment is striking in its diversity.

To choose the right eyebrow pencil for blondes, you must be guided first of all by the advice given above: in accordance with the color of the eyes and the natural shade of the hair. In addition, the experiment will turn out the first time successful, if you use a cosmetic pencil designed specifically for blondes. Yes, modern brands do everything for the convenience of their clients and help to choose a brow pencil for blondes. Our mini-review will allow you to navigate the firms and price value.

  1. Crayon Sourcils from Clarins (France) - soft terracotta pencil for blondes eyebrows. 1 800 rubles.
  2. Blond BW1 from Posh (Germany) - powdery eyebrow pencil for blondes. 1,050 rubles.
  3. Manly pro (Germany) - eyebrow pencil for girls with color type spring and natural summer, color 01. 480 rubles.
  4. Brow artist from L’Oreal Paris (France) - eyebrow pencil for blondes, shade 301. 330 rubles.
  5. Sand Color Cosmetic Pencil from Relouis (Belarus). 180 rubles.

Which one is the best eyebrow pencil for blondes is up to you. Choose the right color scheme - and enjoy the naturalness and naturalness of your image.

If the daily makeup with detailed and painstaking coloring of eyebrows is not on you, you can get a lasting result of the week for 2-3. Will help in this eyebrow paint for blondes: once painted - and you can forget about this problem for a few days! But again, focus primarily on the color of your hair and eyes.

  1. Igora Bonachrome from Schwarzkopf (Germany) - the only brown eyebrow paint that does not give a red tint. 1 300 rubles.
  2. Kodi Professional (USA) - Blondes can use brown and light beige paint. 500 rubles.
  3. Enigma from Estel (Russia) - copper brown eyebrow paint. 360 rubles.
  4. Enigma from Estel (Russia) - light brown eyebrow paint. 360 rubles.
  5. Ollin vision (Russia) - brown paint. 250 rubles.

If you are not sure about the choice of color, professional eyebrow tinting for blondes in the cabin will solve this problem. And you can first go to the master, consult, see what color he chooses. All other procedures you can, by analogy, carry out independently at home.

Very often used henna for eyebrows for blondes for biotatuazha both at home and in salons.

  1. Lush (UK) - brown and chestnut henna. 600 rubles.
  2. Herbal based on henna and basma from ArtColor Gold (Russia) - there is bronze, brandy, chocolate and chestnut for blondes. 275 rubles (5 packs).
  3. Iranian henna from Phytocosmetics (Russia) beautiful chocolate color. 100 rubles.
  4. Brow henna (India). Juicy, gray-brown is recommended to all light-blond, blondes. Neutral brown will be to face brown-eyed blondes. Cold coffee - for ash blondes. 70 rubles.
  5. Venita natura (Poland): henna of such shades as amber, copper, hazelnut and chestnut will suit blondes. 50 rubles.

So the coloring of eyebrows with henna to blondes is quite an acceptable option for creating a harmonious, natural look. The advantages of this cosmetics - in its durability (it will stay on the eyebrows for much longer) and naturalness (after all, it is vegetable raw materials). But do not forget that some manufacturers add synthetic substances to henna.

You can pick up and special eyebrow shades for blondeswhich will be their soft, delicate shades emphasize the sophistication of these girls.

  1. BrowPow Blonde by theBalm (USA). 1 350 rubles.
  2. Era Minerals - Mineral Brow Eyebrow Eye Shadow for Blondes (USA). 690 rubles.
  3. Brow Defining Powder by Ardell (USA) - light brown shadows. 490 rubles.
  4. Nyx (USA) - beautiful chestnut eyebrows. 490 rubles.
  5. Eyebrow shadows from Lux Visage (Belarus) are presented in different brown shades: pistachio, pearl, light. 340 rubles.

If it is from such cosmetics will be makeup brows blondes, they will always look natural and harmonious. Another option is to sign up for one of the salon procedures for persistent staining. The result will last much longer. And the master with his pointed eye will unmistakably determine the shade of eyebrows you need.

Brand travel. In 1898, chemist Hans Schwarzkopf from the Polish city of Gdansk opened in Berlin a small pharmacy with a perfume department, which soon grew into a huge cosmetic brand Schwarzkopf, known worldwide.

Salon procedures for blondes

If, after all, it is difficult to decide for yourself what color to paint the eyebrows of blondes, you can take appropriate advice from a stylist (make-up artist) and surrender to a professional. Modern salons offer a large number of procedures for the persistent staining of eyebrows.

The master can make a special eyebrow makeup for blondes in the cabin. This is a procedure involving the introduction of a permanent dye under the skin. There are no specific differences in the technique of tattoo for blondes. But it can be identified individual characteristics that require the use of certain professional techniques. It should be noted that the effect after tattooing lasts a very long time - from six months to 2 years. And repaint eyebrows will be very difficult. Therefore, it is important to immediately determine the color. For ashen - gray gamma. For natural blondes - brown.

Shade selection

General recommendations for girls with blond hair:

  • eyebrows should differ from hair no more than by 2-3 tones,
  • black, deep dark shades are best not to use,
  • It is necessary to take into account the color type of appearance (warm or cold).

For blondes to choose the color for tattooing eyebrows is especially difficult. The shade of hair, eyes, skin is important. Too bright or dim brows look unnatural.

Cold tones (gray or taupe) will suit ashy or ash-blond blondes. Girls with wheat or golden hair have light brown or even reddish tones.

Eyes - one of the factors of the color type of appearance, which is taken into account when choosing a tone for tattoo. Blue-eyed blondes fit golden shades. Contrast will make your eyes brighter. Light brown is the best solution for fair-haired girls with green eyes. Gray and ashy shades - for gray-eyed. Brown blondes fit chocolate.

For the procedure, use a tone darker than expected, after healing, it will brighten.

If a girl changes her hair color to dark, the eyebrow tone is also recommended to be corrected. Blond hair will be lost on the background of the hair of a brunette or brown-haired woman.

Shape selection

There are the following general rules:

  1. Eyebrow begins at the level of the inner corner of the eye.
  2. The place of the bend (highest point) is found by drawing a line from the wing of the nose through the middle of the pupil to the intersection with the eyebrow.
  3. The tip is slightly behind the outer corner of the eye and directed to the temple.

Consider the features of the face:

  • wide eyebrows are suitable for girls with large features,
  • thin - well combined with small ones.

Master selection

Tattoo - a procedure that is carried out in the conditions of the cabin. The result and its durability depend on the level of professionalism of the master. When choosing a specialist:

  1. Make sure you have a certificate confirming qualifications. Beginner master receives a diploma of the sixth qualification level. The highest level is first.
  2. Look at the portfolio. Rate previous work. Pay special attention to the “before and after” photo, intermediate photos of pencil sketches.
  3. Be sure to go for a consultation. Discuss with the master the future shape, color, technique. Before the procedure, you must understand exactly what kind of result you will get.

A good master should immediately tell about the regularity of repeated procedures and assign a correction time, which is carried out a month after the main session. The specialist should describe in detail the rules of care after the procedure.

Permanent makeup is performed under sterile conditions. Use only disposable needles, which open immediately before the procedure.

Choose a salon and a master with a good reputation.

Features of the procedure

When tattooing eyebrows for girls with blond hair, the tone is applied gradually so that the color is not too catchy and saturated. Dark eyebrows can make facial features of blondes coarse. Properly selected color - 90% of successful permanent makeup.

The course of the procedure is no different from the tattoo for girls with a different hair color.

Thanks to a professionally carried out procedure, your eyebrows will look perfect without the use of decorative cosmetics.

Methods of tattoo

Beauticians offer several techniques of applying tattoo. A girl with fair skin and blond hair should be careful when choosing, because on such a spectacular “background” every wrong hair is visible.

  • The hair method is the most complex in execution, since it involves drawing literally every hair. Strokes can be the same length or different, which provides an accurate imitation of natural eyebrows, but the ideal shape and thickness. Thus, it is possible to correct both the shape and height of the eyebrow arc, and the color. Permanent make-up of a hair type lasts from 6 to 12 months, with time the contour and color can be corrected.

The hair method makes the brow arc as expressive as possible, but this effect can be achieved only by using dark shades. This solution is possible for bright blondes who prefer the appropriate makeup and fashionable clothes.

  • Shooting - in this case, part of the strokes retains a clear outline - they form a brow arc, and part of them is shaded to form a brighter background. Shooting is performed by different methods. For example, all the strokes can be shaded, if you intend to preserve the natural hairs, but to improve the color and expressiveness of the brow arch. Strokes and shadow application can be performed only on certain areas, if you need to make the eyebrow longer, or if there are bald spots in the hairline. The technique of shaking guarantees a longer result - up to 2–3 years.

Shooting is preferable when using lighter shades. Dark background looks too unnatural, especially compared to the delicate color of the curls. But soft brown, reddish, gray as well as possible combined with this technique.

As a kind of procedure, beauty salons offer bio-shocking - henna tattoo. This is a very good solution for blondes, as the natural color of the dye is much better in harmony with fair skin and hair. The persistence of the henna pattern is small - up to 6 weeks. On the other hand, the procedure itself takes a minimum of time, does not bring any painful sensations and allows changing the shape and color of the eyebrows after a couple of months.

  • Spraying technique also implies the preservation of the natural hairline. The paint is applied in such a way that only a sufficiently bright background is obtained. In general, the impression is made of an eyebrow, underlined by a pencil or shadows. Thus, you can adjust the thickness and color, but the shape can not be radically corrected.

The spraying method is also more suitable for a relatively light palette. Makeup of this kind looks harmonious, if sustained in a natural range. For solemn occasions, the expressiveness of the eyebrow arc will really have to be emphasized with a pencil.

In the following video you can get acquainted with the hair method of eyebrow tattoo:

Color selection

It is considered that the color palette of tattoo is small. In fact, manufacturers offer more than 80 shades of eyebrow paint. With a combination of compositions, the number of shades may simply be infinite. But in order to choose the “right” color, you need to follow some recommendations.

Permanent eyebrows for blondes should be darker than a natural shade by no more than 2-3 tones, and the color of the hair is implied. This recommendation is not always implemented, which is quite natural:

  • a difference of 2–3 tones is considered harmonious, if the overall make-up is natural and if the tint of the curls is bright enough — wheat, bright golden, honey-brown,

  • if the hair is very light and the shade is almost imperceptible, the color is darker by 3 tones, the task will not solve. In this case, the maximum possible dark tint corresponding to the color range is more suitable.
  • with dyed hair bright white, golden, the color of the eyebrow arc can be arbitrarily dark, and with white hair, even black. In this case, the tattoo of the eyebrows allows you to complement the bright image, so that “modesty” is not welcome here,
  • platinum tint imply only dark gray or black eyebrows. The choice also depends on the brightness of the image: the richer the palette of curls, the more expressive the eyebrows should be,
  • in complex staining or highlighting, the hue of the eyebrow arc coincides or is a shade darker than the darkest color of the curls.

Of great importance is the gamma - cold or warm:

  • owners of ashy, platinum, snow-white curls should choose cold shades and for eyebrows gray or even black regardless of eye color,

  • What color is suitable for blondes with light brown braids, hair of wheat or golden color? Of course, brown and even reddish shades. It is also important to take into account the eye color: green and blue eyes allow for more intense ginger shades, gray eyes require you to choose a brown and even a gray-brown shade. On the proposed photo - a good choice of color for a golden blonde.

Skin tone is less important, but also taken into account: the darker the skin or the brighter its whiteness, the darker and more expressive shade can be chosen for tattooing. Pale skin requires softer tones.

Eyebrow shape

It is assumed that the contour of the eyebrow arc is determined by the type of face - oval, round, triangular. This, of course, is true, but the color of the hair also affects the choice and how. Dark hair, regardless of the hairstyle, visually reduces the face, while light hair increases it. Therefore, tattoo eyebrow for brunettes and blondes suggests a slightly different form, and, most importantly, intensity.

  • The owner of blond hair, it is desirable to choose a shading or a technique of applying shadows in order to enhance the expressiveness. If the brow shade is dark, the hair method is allowed.
  • It is very important to determine the correct length of the eyebrow. With blond hair, it is desirable that the eyebrow be as long as possible.
  • Bending is determined by taking into account the cut eyes and features of the oval face.

Tattoo care

Eyebrow tattoo needs care no less than real eyebrows, and even more. This is especially true for blondes: and because the tone of the hairs, as a rule, is rather light, and because the fair skin is almost always softer, more injured, and, therefore, does not allow for frequent repetition of the procedure.

  • you can not sunbathe for a long time or turn your face to the sun - the pigment burns out like any other paint,
  • you need to carefully choose a scrub - too effective to significantly reduce the "life" of the tattoo,
  • in the next 2 months it is better to abandon the procedures associated with steaming,
  • Crusts that form after drawing can not be soaked and removed ahead of time,
  • It is advisable to avoid swimming in seawater or in a public pool. Both bleach and salt serve as an effective clarifier.

Eyebrow tattoo - equally effective solution for blondes and brunettes. Moreover, the number of options for fair-haired beauties is even greater, since it is not limited to dark shades.

See also: How to choose the color of eyebrows for blondes (video)

Step 1: Form selection

There is a universal way to give your eyebrows the desired shape. It is necessary to find three support points on the eyebrows - they are determined individually, in proportion to the shape of the face:

  1. Take a pencil, one end to attach to the wing of the nose, the other to the inner corner of the eye. Visually draw a line and mark a point where it intersects with the superciliary arch. This determines the inner border of the eyebrow.
  2. The second line runs from the wing of the nose through the pupil to the point of the bend of the eyebrow. Focusing on the direction of the pencil, you need to mark the second point.
  3. The third point will be located where the line ends, which runs from the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye.
  4. Having marked all the points, they need to be connected and the eyebrow line will be the most suitable for this type of face.

Universal method for determining the shape of the eyebrows - by three points

Coloring with special paints or henna

Eyebrows blondes may have a yellowish tint to kill him, use paint for eyebrows. The shade of the hairs can be easily changed if desired. For cold color types, it is better to choose graphite or cinnamon shades. If the hair has a reddish tint, a dye of chestnut or brown shade is suitable.

Before applying the composition to the eyebrows, you need to pre-treat the skin on top and bottom with petroleum jelly so as to avoid over-coloring it. You can paint the hairs with an ordinary thin brush, start at the tips and walk along the entire length of the eyebrows several times to color not only the hairs, but also the skin between them. It is recommended to withstand the composition of 5-10 minutes, depending on the desired shade intensity. You can choose the color for light hair from manufacturers who have proven themselves in the market:

  • Kapous Professional (Italy)
  • Constant Delight (Italy)
  • ESTEL Professiona "(Russia),
  • Fito Cosmetic (Russia),
  • Ollin Vision (Russia).

It is important! Coloring can be done at home, you should first test for allergies. To do this, apply a little paint on the elbow bend and wait. If there is no reaction, you can start coloring.

How to draw eyebrows cosmetic pencil

It is easy to use, allows you to select eyebrows for makeup and hair. A wide range allows you to choose a shade that is ideal for the color of the eyes and hair. Typically, fair-haired girls with a warm skin tone use a tinge of “cinnamon” and a light brown pencil, with a cool tone - a smoky gray color or a tint of “graphite”.

Eyebrow pencil should be with a solid pen, the quality is determined by how long it will not be erased. Make-up is done with short strokes from the base of the eyebrow to the point of bending, the lines will be clear, the contour is well-dyed. On the tails, the pencil is brought to a horizontal position and stroked with very light movements in order to make the line slightly blurred. Colored hair combed with a special brush and covered with gel. High-quality models of eyebrow pencils are produced by several companies:

  • Crayon Sourcils (Clarins, France),
  • Blond BW1 (Posh, Germany),
  • Manly Pro Tint 01 (Germany)
  • L'Oreal Brow Artist tone 301 (France).

Eyebrow Shadow or Powder

Both shadows and powder will help create the desired shade of eyebrows and add volume to them. Eyebrows tint from the base to the tips, then blend. For applying powder or eye shadow, a brush with slightly sloping hairs is suitable. Blondes face gray or brown shade, it depends on the natural shade of eyebrows.

Step 3: color selection

Eyebrows that are colored according to the color type or better for a couple of tones are lighter or darker than the natural hair color will fit every day. It is better to select a shade, looking at the roots of regrown curls and using shadows or a pencil. For several days of experiments, you can change several options for the shape and color of eyebrows and empirically understand which one is the best. Successfully "painted" eyebrows make the face open, and look - expressive.

Remember, black color is not recommended for blondes.

The combination of eyebrow and eye color

Of course, the deciding factors when choosing a shade for eyebrows are hair color and skin type, but you should not forget about the eyes. Blondes with wheat hair and warm skin tone will suit light brown and chocolate shades. Girls of cold color types with ash curls should choose gray, light brown or graphite shades.

For the blue eyes fit eyebrows golden or honey color, especially if the skin is pinkish or peach.

Gray-brown eyebrow shades are suitable for blond hair and warm skin.

The green color of the eyes, like blue, looks fresh, it only needs to be slightly emphasized, giving the eyebrows a neat shape and a uniform tone. For these girls suitable pastel gamma.

To the green of the eye go eyebrows of pastel shades, gray or brownish

Brown-eyed girls are more likely to dye their hair in lighter shades than they have by nature. Eyebrows are best done under the tone of natural hair - brown or chocolate - it will look original with a well-made make-up. The same applies to black-eyed blondes - women of very rare appearance, who definitely will not go unnoticed.

Under brown eyes the color of the eyebrows is better to choose brown or chocolate, slightly darker than the natural hair color

Blonde woman with gray eyes is better to take the gray-brown tone of a pencil or paint, if you select the eyebrows just gray, they will be “lost” on the face.

For a blonde with gray eyes, a brownish tint of pencil or shadows will do.

Dear ladies, I can not convince everyone to visit a makeup artist once in twenty days, but I can recommend to visit a makeup artist at least once to select the shape and color of eyebrows. After that, it is much easier to adjust and care for than to create “ideal edges” from scratch.

Zhanna (makeup artist)

Buy a beveled brush and eyebrow shadows, there are specials. sets and Klaran, Givenchy and Chanel (although Chanel seems to have already been discontinued) and tint the brightest shade. I am painted in red, I found my color in mineral shades, the color of espresso. The combination is the best for me. And why the shadows, not the pencil, everything is simple - the shadows lie softer and softer emphasize the contour. without sharp lines and strokes.


Now I have a darker cold shade of hair and I bought myself a YSL eyebrow pencil - I also like (tone 04) my cold eyebrow eyebrows - so it looks good,


Made a compliment to one friend about her brows. It turned out her tattoo. She advised the salon. The master said that she would pick me the brightest shade, so as not to shock. She did everything herself, without asking anything. She looked at me for 40–50 minutes and drew a form with a pencil. Immediately after, I looked at myself in the mirror and was just in shock. Two fat, huge, bright, brown larvae on the face. After the first procedure, the correction is required. Care after the correction is the same. Well, all the consequences, like this: two weeks of Brezhnev, then eyebrows, leopards. One big BUT. They began to leave very quickly. Do not directly disappear entirely, but somehow fade. After 3 months I tinted them, especially the one with the scar. And here I was aware. The lighter the color, the faster the edges disappear. Exactly disappear! It was important for me, the most terrible was that they change color, become pink, red or something else. Six months later, she came back to the master. All the same way. Good news: with each subsequent procedure, the tattoo will be enough for a longer time, because the color is clogged with the old color.


Blonde women need to do eyebrow makeup very carefully so that they do not seem unnatural. You can decorate the hairs with a wax pencil, if the eyebrows are naturally good, or resort to coloring methods when their shape and color are not suitable for some reason.


Microblading is the same makeup, although the difference between them is obvious. In contrast to the tattoo performed by the device, microblading is performed without using a typewriter. There is a special manipulator for the microblading procedure - the needle holder. The implantation of pigment into the skin from the beginning to the end is performed by the master, who clearly controls every action. The result is qualitatively different from the effect after the tattoo. So that microblading eyebrows for blondes - the procedure is very useful and necessary. It allows you to make bright eyebrows much darker and more expressive.

Since permanent makeup is considered a very aggressive procedure that violates the integrity of the skin, an alternative has appeared - biotatu eyebrows, saving all the blondes. This salon eyebrow henna coloring. Its peculiarity is that it is a natural pigment that gently affects the eyebrows and skin. The color palette is quite rich: from light brown to dark chocolate - just what blondes need.

Believe me: in the salons they can make beautiful eyebrows for blondes of exactly that shade that is needed. And finally - some useful tips that will allow not to be disappointed in the result.

Keep in mind. Since the color of eyebrows for blondes in a tattoo in the salon is chosen by a professional, you will not have to worry about the result. Especially if you are confident in the master and have already seen his work (personally or in a photo album).

So, a few helpful tips, what eyebrows should a blonde have in order not to spoil the image?

  1. There is one unshakable rule from stylists, what color of eyebrows should a blonde choose: it should be two shades lighter than hair color.
  2. At the same time categorically is prohibited eyebrow shaping for blondes in black, very dark keys.
  3. Owners of the dark on the nature of the eyebrows after changing the hair color to light (the situation when the brunette turns into a blonde) do not need to lighten your eyebrows.
  4. Blondes should take into account another nuance: white eyebrows - a color solution for fashion shows, but not for everyday look.
  5. If the naturally black eyebrows contrasts strongly with the blond, you can consider options when the root zone of the hair remains unpainted. It can be booking (creating a smooth transition from natural color to blond), partial staining, highlighting. The presence of dark strands at the roots (sometimes on the back of the head) will be in harmony with the same dark eyebrows.

Now you know what color the blonde should have eyebrows, so that the image is natural and harmonious. Choose a palette correctly so as not to look ridiculous and vulgar. If nature has rewarded you with such a gift, like blond curls, do not spoil it with your own hands, painting your eyebrows in too dark shades.

Most women are unhappy with the shape and appearance of their eyebrows. That is why many of them decide on a correction. Currently, there are many techniques that help give the arcs a beautiful shape and rich color. One of them is eyebrow tattooing, or permanent makeup. Should I do this procedure? We will tell about its features.

Types of tattoo

So what is the eyebrow tattoo? In fact, this term means an ordinary tattoo of a certain color, which covers the skin. Thanks to this, the eyebrows appear clearer and neater.

Currently, the following tattoo techniques are used:

  1. Feathering In this case, the contour is painted over by applying a gradient, which avoids the appearance of clear boundaries. This creates the effect of a neat pencil or ink drawing. Feathering can be done quite tightly or, conversely, softly. The second option is more popular because it allows you to get the most natural results.
  2. Hair technique. When performing this type of make-up specialist specialist carefully draws all the hairs. To make eyebrows more volume, it is recommended to use various shades. This method allows you to make the arc longer, adjust the bend, hide the scars.
  3. 3D makeup. This method is a peculiar combination of the listed techniques. Thanks to its implementation it is possible to achieve a clearly defined contour. However, this technology is gradually losing popularity, because it gives a not too natural result.

The positive points include the following:

  1. The possibility of a radical correction of the eyebrows. Thanks to this, you can make them more vivid, thick and neat. The procedure allows you to hide a disproportionate shape or small scars.
  2. Save time. Permanent makeup is the ideal solution for those girls who do not want to spend a lot of time on the morning make-up.
  3. Lasting result. Tattooing is well suited for girls who are used to playing sports or going to the swimming pool. Thanks to this technique you can always look attractive.

Eyebrow tattoo has certain disadvantages:

  1. The need for correction. Usually, this procedure is required if the boundaries of the tattoo are strongly beyond the limits of natural eyebrows.
  2. Pigment change. If dark color paint was used for tattooing, a color correction will be required in a couple of years.
  3. The probability of infection of the skin. Of course, it is very small, but the risk of inflammation and infection is still present.
  4. The risk of unnatural results. In some cases, the selected shape or color does not look very attractive.


This procedure can damage the skin and hair follicles. Because the tattoo has a number of contraindications. These include the following:

It should also be borne in mind that the day before this procedure is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol. On the day of the tattoo you should not drink coffee and other drinks with a tonic effect. A professional will not perform the procedure if there are acne, severe scars or purulent rashes at the site.

How to choose the color of eyebrows

To get the most attractive and natural result, before the procedure should pay attention to the choice of colors. It is affected by the shade of skin and hair:

  1. Brown-haired and light-skinned brunettes can use any chocolate tones. If hair has a cold shade, dark gray gamma will do.
  2. Blondes should pay attention to light brown solutions. They should be a couple of tones darker hair.
  3. Owners of dark hair and dark skin will suit very dark shades. In this case, black is still better to give up.
  4. Fair-haired beauties and owners of ashy hair shade can afford gray color solutions.
  5. Redhead girls can pay attention to the terracotta or chestnut scale with a golden sheen. In this case, the eyebrows should have a less saturated color than the hair.
  6. Gray hair goes well with gray and brown gamma.

Equally important when choosing a brow color is eye tone. Remember that as a result you should have a contrast, but at the same time quite a natural result.

Features of the choice of the thickness and shape of the eyebrows

The expression of the face directly depends on the shape of the eyebrows. To make the right choice, you need to consider the features of the exterior and natural contours. Of key importance in this case is the shape of the face:

  • Chubby girls fit eyebrows with slightly raised ends. If by nature they seem too gentle, it is recommended to extend the bend. Thanks to this, you can make your face more elongated.
  • It is the best of all to owners of a square face to pick up the rounded eyebrows with a high bend. At the same time, they should not be made too thin, otherwise the facial features will seem coarse.
  • An oval face is considered ideal. In this case, arcuate eyebrows are suitable, which have a smooth bend and not too long end. If they are quite high, a straight form will do.
  • Owners of an elongated face should choose a flat form with a slight bend. Due to this, it will be possible to visually expand the face.
  • If you have a triangular face, the eyebrows of medium length with a smooth bend will look optimal.

If you use glasses, they must be taken with you for correction. The specialist should evaluate the result with regard to their wearing.

Features of the procedure

Eyebrow tattoo done for about 30 minutes. However, the duration is affected by the amount of work.

  1. First, the specialist must remove the remnants of cosmetics from the skin and degrease the face.
  2. After that, a sketch of the supposed eyebrows is performed, and the client approves the form.
  3. Then the master must put control points. They are reference points for a permanent line.
  4. After that, the skin at the treatment site again covered with a disinfectant composition.
  5. The procedure provokes quite strong discomfort, so when it is carried out it is necessary to apply anesthetic. In most cases, the wizard uses special creams and gels that have a slight cooling effect. This category includes such means as Emla, Sustain (Sustain), Anesthop (AneStop). Such drugs begin to act literally in 5-10 minutes.
  6. After that, the specialist begins the procedure. For its holding a thin needle is injected dye composition under the skin. Depth is about 0.8 mm. However, it should not be more than 1.5 mm.

As for the coloring composition, it is possible to apply both mineral and vegetable substances. If you are intolerant of any products, you must report this to the master.

Care for eyebrows after tattoo

  • After the procedure, the eyebrows will appear too bright. In this case, the skin in this area may turn red, some girls have puffiness. The treated area may get slightly wet. These symptoms should pass within 24 hours.
  • If there are moist areas on the skin, you should gently wipe your eyebrows 4-5 times a day using chlorhexidine or Miramistin. Ready-made solutions of these drugs can be purchased at any pharmacy.
  • The next day, crusts will appear on the treated surface. As a result, the tattoo will not look too bright. These places still need to be cleaned with an antiseptic solution.
  • If the skin in this area seems too dry, it should be treated with a thin layer of bepantena. This should be done 2-3 times a day.

During this period, it is very important to protect the crusts that appear that promote healing of the skin. The later they go, the better. In most cases, such phenomena persist for 5–7 days. During this period, it is strictly forbidden to wet eyebrows, touch them with hands or apply decorative cosmetics.

After the descent of the crusts, the skin may not be rubbed with solutions, whereas the treatment with bepantenom should be continued. For 2 weeks after the tattoo is done, it is not recommended to wet the eyebrows with water, because it is worth refusing to visit the sauna, pool or bath.

If you have done this procedure in the summer, for 2-3 weeks it is worth treating the skin with a cream with a sunscreen filter before going outside.

After 3 weeks, the make-up will be brighter. This will help you evaluate the results. If the need for correction arises, you should contact your beautician again.

Eyebrow tattoo is a fairly effective procedure that will help make them more beautiful and neat. To get a good result, it is very important to find a good master and clearly follow his recommendations for the care of eyebrows after correction. Thanks to this, you can look stylish and attractive for a long period of time.

What color to paint eyebrows? - This is a question every girl asked herself. Today we will deal with him once and for all.

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It is no secret that eyebrows are one of the most important parts of the face. The whole image depends on how they look. Correctly made eyebrows will emphasize color of eyes and will help to correct a face form. The most important thing when choosing colors and shapes is naturalness.

There is a common misconception that girls with a light shade of hair should have a darker brow tone, brunettes - lighter. Not many people think that this advice applies only to those girls who have natural hair color.

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The owners of blonde hair, eyebrows, most often barely visible. And they really need to paint their eyebrows in a darker shade. If the natural color of the hair is dark and the girl is blonde-colored, then the eyebrows should be made lighter so that they look harmonious. This girl will only help staining, but it must be done with great care so as not to become an albino. Ideally turn to professionals.

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If a girl dyes her hair a darker shade, then she needs to find the right darker color for her eyebrows. You can paint eyebrows with a pencil, shadows, tinted gel. The most durable and radical method is the permanent, I will tell you more about it at the end of this article.

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Everyone knows that eyebrows should be a little darker than hair color, but this rule does not always work. If you have thin and rare eyebrows, then dark color will only emphasize it. Remember the young ladies with thin eyebrows, you see, it looks bad. Too dark eyebrows are not suitable for women aged, because they emphasize the wrinkles and irregularities of the oval face.

What color brow choose?

Eyebrow tint to choose on the basis of hair tones. If you have a warm hair color, then eyebrows should match, choose colors with a brown tone. If the hair color is cold, then eyebrows should be painted with gray shades. There is nothing to choose only for those who have a cold black hair. Eyebrows of such girls should also be cool black. Owners of bright red hair need to dye their brows with brown and terracotta tones.

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If you dye your hair in extremely bright or pastel unnatural colors, for example pink, turquoise, lilac and tp, then choose a tone for your eyebrows that will harmonize or contrast. Rule: cold with cold, warm with warm - do not break!

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How to choose cosmetics for eyebrows?

The most important rule when choosing any cosmetics is to try! Ideally, check the color with different lighting, indoors and outdoors, in bright sunshine and in cloudy weather. Only in this way you can be completely confident in color.

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Before you decide on a tattoo or staining you need to choose the right tone. Experiment, use pencils, shadows and tinted gels. Do not stop until you achieve the desired result, the only way you will have an understanding of what you want to get as a result of dyeing or permanent.

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Where to turn if you decide to change the color of the eyebrows?

Many do not dare to change the color of eyebrows or try new cosmetics because of unsuccessful experience. If you are unsure of your abilities, then the best solution would be to visit a brow bar. In these institutions work make-up artists who specialize in coloring eyebrows. They have a lot of experience and a wide selection of cosmetics. There you can consult or go to the staining.

The most serious step - permanent tattoo. It lasts up to a year, so you must be confident in the professionalism of the master.

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Tight filling

Oddly enough, this method is the most popular. Most likely because it is the easiest to perform and does not require special artistic skills from the master. When tattooing using this method, the eyebrow is tinted evenly in one color. It looks completely unnatural. And suitable only for those who adhere to the style of pin-up.

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Shadow technology

The method of feathering creates the effect of eyebrows made up with shadows. He looks very nice. There is only one BUT! It is necessary to find a master who can make a beautiful shape and can accurately create a tinting effect. Some eyebrows are obtained as if their child drew a felt-tip pen.

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Hair method

This method is one of the most preferred. The master applies tattoo with separate hairs, taking into account the tone, shape of the eyebrow and the direction of growth of the client’s own hair. At will these hairs can be shaded or left contrast. It depends on the client's color type. Girls with contrasting appearance can be done without shading, on the rest, shading will look more natural.

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This technology is similar to the hair, with the only difference that the master in the work uses several similar color shades and highlights. This method is especially good for those who have rare eyebrows or no hair.

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In addition to tattooing the eyebrow itself, masters can make highlights under the eyebrow to hide age-related changes or simply give the eyebrows a more distinct form.

Whatever type of permanent tattoo you choose, take seriously the search for the master. Examine the photos before and after, especially well if the master publishes photos after the eyebrows have healed. A good example would be this master tattoo. The photos of the works clearly show how well-matched the color and shape of the eyebrows, especially the study of hairs looks beautiful. Remember that the recovery process takes from one to two weeks.

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