Lightening black: how to remove the paint without harm to the hair

Owners of black or chestnut hair are not always happy with their shade. To make it brighter, you can visit the salon or use home methods. The choice of means largely depends on the characteristics of a particular type of curls. Natural strands can be lightened with the help of sparing means, but only special formulations can cope with dyed or hard hair. Consider the process in more detail and find out what will help to change the hairstyle tone.

Clarification mechanism

Selecting methods to change the color of the hair, you need to understand how discoloration occurs. Two pigments produced by melanocytes are responsible for the natural tint of the curls. Their ratio is inherited and incorporated in the genetic code.

Eumelanin affects the manifestation of black and brown tones, and pheomelanin affects red. If the second is synthesized in a small amount, the natural shade varies from light to chestnut, with an excess of it the head of hair becomes red, and due to the complete absence it becomes black.

Each person produces pigments in a different ratio, therefore even the same clarifier can give completely different results.

When ingested in an acidic environment, only eumelanin is destroyed, but feomelanin is resistant to its effect, and it does not disappear anywhere, only the number of its molecules changes. It is for this reason that it is impossible to completely whiten curls in which there is a lot of red pigment.


Lighten dark hair at home or salon can be with the help of special chemical compounds. Bear in mind that all products are harmful to the strands, even those that consist of half of natural substances. However, with the help of dyes, you can achieve good results and discolor curls by 6-8 tones.

Paint selection

Coloring with special compositions will help to achieve an expressive effect. However, do not think that the desired result will come out the first time. It is likely that you will need several procedures to bring natural pigment.

It is possible to preserve health as much as possible if you choose the right composition. Manufacturers offer the following options:

  • With ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. The effect on the pigment and the possible damage to the strands in these compositions depends on the concentration of the active substances. The greater the percentage of peroxide, the faster the curls are lightened, but they also break down more. The most aggressive in this regard are powders.
  • Ammonia free. Sparing compounds do not contain ammonia, but they include perhydrol. It creates an acidic environment to displace the natural pigment. With it, moisture is removed from the strands.
  • Oily. The safest, but short-lived option. First of all, the compositions will not help achieve dramatic changes. Dark blond hair will become lighter by 1-2 tones, no more, and on a black base the effect may not appear at all. The result lasts for several weeks.

What paint is better to lighten dark hair? It all depends on the individual characteristics of the hair. The bleaching of tips or individual strands is most often carried out using ammonium compounds, as they allow you to quickly achieve your goals.

For technician balayazh, French melirovanie, shatush, etc. It is better to use sparing means.

Yellow Warning

Lightened strands on dark hair can become unpleasant yellow. The problem appears immediately after the discoloration or after some time. Eliminate her tonics with purple and blue pigments.

Preventing the problem will help following these rules:

  • we choose only high-quality paint from a trusted manufacturer,
  • we do not increase the exposure time of the composition on the curls, we strictly follow the instructions,
  • We do not use brighteners for hair previously painted with basma or henna, the result will be unpredictable,
  • after perm, shielding or lamination, wait at least two weeks before proceeding with bleaching,

But to lighten the red or chestnut hair appeal to a specialist, as the breeding of these colors requires certain skills and knowledge.

Lightening rules

In order not to spoil the strands and give them a new tone, you need to properly approach the procedure. What matters is whether you have a natural shade or acquired using a dye.

It is also worth considering the length of the hair, which will succumb to the effects of bleaching compositions, their structure and desired results.

The process will take place with the least loss for the hair, if you remember the following rules:

  1. Black natural hair is treated with paint mixed with 9% oxidant. At one time, the color will change to 1-2 tones. You can repeat the procedure every two weeks until the desired result is achieved.
  2. Dark-colored strands can be lightened with professional washes. It is best to do it in the cabin, so as not to spoil the hair.
  3. Changes in the natural color for a couple of tones can be achieved with the help of safe paints, which do not include ammonia. However, do not use them often, as the peroxide dries hair.
  4. To tint the roots of the composition should be applied exclusively to the regrown areas. Spread the rest of the mixture 5-10 minutes before washing off over the entire length in order to achieve uniform tint.
  5. Brightening the tips in fashionable techniques is best done with the help of special formulations. Included with the paint you will find all the other accessories and tools that will facilitate your work.

Individual strands can be whitened using ammonia dyes, they will give a contrast result. If you want to achieve a natural effect, give preference to harmless compositions that will lighten the curls by 1-2 tones.

Folk recipes

You can use as a bleach and conventional tools that are at home at every hostess. Some of them help not only to change the shade, but also to improve the state of the curls. However, there are more aggressive methods, after which you need to carefully care for the hair.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t do brightening at home if you want to get a pronounced effect. Reviews of girls who have already managed to try out the recipes themselves confirm that the color changes only by 1-2 tones, and only after several procedures. Be prepared to have patience and time.

Consider what methods will help you whiten your hair.

Lightening and nutrition

In a water bath, melt 200 ml of honey, add 5 tablespoons of ground cinnamon and 30 ml of olive oil. Stir the compound thoroughly, spread it on clean, dry strands. Cover the head with plastic wrap or shower cap, additionally warm with a towel. After 4 hours, wash off the remnants of a homemade balm with water.

The proportions are calculated for medium hair, if necessary, you can prepare less or more mixture.

The mask not only changes the shade of the hair, but also nourishes them with beneficial substances. You can get noticeable results after 6-8 procedures. You can repeat them up to two times a week. If your strands are prone to fat, use the composition every 7 days or remove the oil from it.

Whitening and shine

Three tablespoons of pharmaceutical chamomile pour three glasses of boiling water and simmer on minimum heat for five minutes. Cool the broth a little, filter through cheesecloth, add two tablespoons of honey into it. We distribute the composition in locks and keep it warm for 8-12 hours. Wash off with plenty of water.

Both chamomile and honey have brightening properties. In addition, both components strengthen and heal the strands. Only 5-7 sessions, held 2 times a week, will give a stunning effect.. Curls will get a light honey shade, they will become soft and strong.

Lightening and regulating fat production

Squeeze the juice from one medium lemon, add it to 0.5 liters of purified water. The resulting composition can rinse hair after washing. To enhance the effect, pour the liquid into the spray bottle, spray it on the strands and go out in the sun for 10 minutes.

Lemon fresh dries strands, and when exposed to ultraviolet light, this property is enhanced several times. It is better to lighten only greasy hair with the help of an agent; it will not harm them. The result can be seen in 5-8 sessions, they are carried out no more than once a week.


Make dark curls lighter help different methods. Some of them are distinguished by aggressive impact, but they give quick results. Others give extra care, but are not suitable for drastic changes. What to choose for your strands, you need to decide together with the master, so as not to damage the hair.

Remember that any discoloration makes the hair brittle and dry, so you have to take care of them with masks.

From brunette to blonde

It would seem that I wanted to change the image - sign up to the salon, where in a couple of hours the master will make you a blond beauty. In fact, avoiding the black color sometimes drags on for several months, in some cases for a year. Brighten brown hair or natural unpainted is much easier. Consider, not every master is able to take the responsibility to turn you from a brunette into a blonde for a day with minimal losses. The difficulties of such transformation are the following.

Long staining in black

If you painted in black, dark brown, chestnut shades for a long period - it will be rather difficult to wash off the paint. The fact is that in the process of coloring the dye penetrates deep into the hair, changing its structure. With frequent staining, the paint accumulates; it becomes almost impossible to wash off the dark color from the ends. This is especially true of girls who are painted every 3−4 weeks.

In order not to damage the hair, experienced masters carefully study the source data, and then select an individual method of gradual transition from dark to light-colored hair. You need to be prepared for the fact that some time will have to walk with a nondescript, undefined hair color, because the desired shade will be achieved at least in a month.

It should be noted that if you have used natural dyes such as henna and basma for several years, it is almost impossible to get a beautiful light tone. The fact is that the chemical interaction of a natural and professional dye results, as a rule, is unpredictable. In some cases, after clarification of natural dyes, gray-green or blue hues appear, which cannot be deduced. A specialist will tell you what can be done with black hair dyed with Basma; it is extremely not recommended to experiment on your own.

Budget dyes

Many women use household dyes like Pallete or Syoss to save money. Included are, as a rule, oxidizing agents with a high percentage of peroxide (9%, 12%). With regular dyeing with similar paints, the length is severely damaged, but at the same time due to the dark shade, the hair looks quite decent. After the master performs the clarification procedure, the flaws become noticeable. Often in such cases, the hair has to be cut short, because such a radical change finally kills them.

Also, low-quality household dye eats into the hair structure much more than professional. That is why, even if you did this coloring 2−3 times, be prepared for a long process of clarification.

The right choice of shade

If you plan to perform black hair lightening at home, it is very important to choose the right shade for toning. Immediately after lightening or washing, hair may look different. Someone will turn a light red color, someone has a dirty blonde, and someone uneven and spotted yellow. Color is a very complex science and it is quite difficult to master it at home. However, if you are patient, nothing is impossible. The main thing in this business is not to rush and carefully study all the nuances and features.

The main ways of reincarnation

There are a lot of ways to go from a brunette to a blonde, lightening of brown hair. Before you choose one of them, you need to objectively assess your current hair condition. So, for example, if the hair is brittle, dry, often subjected to staining with ammonia dyes, prone to loss - it is better to choose a more gentle method. Owners of healthy, strong hair, which were painted with colors without ammonia in the composition or tonic, you can safely try the brightening. In general, the order of transformation from a brunette to a blonde is as follows:

  • Determination of the desired result.
  • Diagnosis of hair.
  • Choosing a bleaching method.
  • The choice of materials, dye.
  • Choice of care for bleached hair.

Among the methods of bleaching the most popular are several.

Powder Lightening

The method is quite traumatic for hair, but it gives an excellent result in a short time. For the procedure, you will also need an oxidizing agent, preferably no more than 6%. Black hair can be lightened gradually, first by 1.5%, then by 3%, and the last stage by 6% oxide.

In many low-cost hairdressing salons, beauty salons, masters perform dark hair brightening on 12% oxide. Hair after such a procedure is really well lightened, but literally immediately begin to actively fall out and break off at the ends. In addition, there is an ugly dirty-yellow shade, which is very difficult to toned.

For home lighting, it is best to purchase materials in a professional store, keep in mind that in many of these stores you can get free professional advice.

Highlighting and ombre

If you are not in a hurry and want to preserve the length and health of your hair, the perfect way to gradually brighten the highlights. The process is not easy, but it does not harm the hair. Please note that it will take about six months to get the desired shade. Every month it will be necessary to lighten the fine strands with powder or cream. After a large part of the head is colored, the brightening compound is applied to the entire length, and then the result is tinted into the selected blond shade.

Coloring with an ombra or balayazh is also a great way to clean up the bored black color and refresh the image as a whole. This technique implies a smooth stretching from dark roots to bright ends. The method allows you to try on a new image and will suit those of the fair sex who are still unsure of what they want to lighten up.

Acid remover

The problem of how to bring black hair color without harm is solved. It is enough to use an acid remover, for example, from the domestic manufacturer Estel Professional. Due to its composition, the product penetrates deep into the hair structure and breaks down the dye molecules. Thanks to the wash you can turn from a burning brunette into a blonde in a relatively short time, and she is not as harmful as a brightener.

Estel comes with 3 bottles: a reducing agent, a catalyst, and a neutralizer, each containing 120 ml. This amount of funds will be enough for 4−5 washes on average length.If the result is insufficient after the procedure, you can additionally perform the powder brightening on a low oxide, and then tint the hair with the paint of the desired shade 1–2 tones lighter.

The disadvantages of this method include the fact that, if used improperly, dark color can return literally the next day. Also do acid remover better in a well-ventilated area, because the tool has a pungent unpleasant odor.


Remove the black color or an undesirable shade after the acid remover will help the procedure of dumping. For her, shampoo, lightening powder, oxidizer and water are mixed in equal amounts. The composition is applied to the hair, aged 15−20 minutes and tied up with a towel, and then, if necessary, applied a few more times to achieve the desired result. Decoupling can also be attributed to gentle methods of lightening, it almost does not damage the hair and at the same time gives a guaranteed result.

Home Lightening

In order to get rid of black or dark brown color at home, you will need to first purchase:

  • wash (Estel Professional Color Off),
  • deep cleaning shampoo,
  • 2 packs of bleaching powder,
  • 2 oxidants 1.5%,
  • dye for tinting (preferably without ammonia),
  • oxidant 3%,
  • brush, paint mixing container, gloves.

Dye remover

This set will be quite enough for clarification. If you have long hair, you will need to purchase 2 packs of wash immediately. Before starting the procedure, carefully read the manufacturer's instructions. Features of the application of the following:

  • The liquid in the vials for the first stage should be divided into an equal amount, for example, 4 washes. In order to maintain proportions, you can also use kitchen scales.
  • The composition is mixed exactly for one application, it is necessary to apply immediately, as the action weakens with time.
  • Experts recommend applying a remover starting from the ends, as they accumulate the darkest pigment the most.
  • Even if after the first time you feel that the result has been achieved, do not rush, repeat the procedure at least once more. Then apply the product from 3 bottles on a small strand, if it darkens - it means that the process is not completed yet and you need to do a few more washes.
  • In some forums, girls recommend not to apply the product of 3 bottles, in order to curls again did not become dark in color. It is categorically not recommended to violate the instructions, because it is exactly 3 bottles - the neutralizer completes the chemical reaction.
  • After the procedure, it is recommended to wash the hair with a deeply cleansing shampoo in order to completely wash off the paint.

Tone alignment and painting

At the end of the wash, and best of all the next day, you should perform decapsing or lighting, of your choice. For decapitating, mix 4 tablespoons of your favorite shampoo or balm, 4 tablespoons of warm water, 2 packs of bleaching powder, 2 oxidants 1.5%. Optionally, you can add a vial or a couple of drops of hair oil.

You can lighten hair using foilso the process will go much faster. As a result, you should get a yellow or light yellow uniform hair color. The next stage is toning.

The dream of many girls - platinum cold blond. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that after black one can come to such color only in a few months. At this stage it is important to get a beautiful and uniform light shade, as well as keep the curls in good condition. For toning it is better to choose soft paints without ammonia in the composition.

Remember that yellowing overrides purple and blue subton. Therefore, choose a paint with the appropriate number (you can find the values ​​on the manufacturer's website). Looks very nice golden, wheat, light brown tones. But ashy shades are best avoided at first, they can make your bleached curls green.

Major mistakes

Carefully observing the technology and manufacturers instructions, you can achieve an excellent result and get the desired hair color. Do not make the following mistakes:

  • Use of household paints for clarification - such funds are not able to wash away the dark color, you waste time and money.
  • Two or three clarifications in a row - hair will begin to break off and fall out.
  • Tinted on high% oxide - after clarification it is necessary to tint by no more than 3%.
  • Neglect of care - Lightened hair requires careful and careful care, it is possible that you will have to pay much more attention to your curls than before.

As you can already understand, the choice of the road on the way to the beautiful blonde hair depends on the structure, the strength of the hair, as well as on the hostess herself, who wants to change the image. Remember, nothing is impossible, and out of a burning brunette you can become a platinum blonde. It takes only time and a little patience!


Brunettes, brown-haired women and fair-haired beauties should remember that anyone can become a blonde today. But, This hair color doesn’t suit everybody. According to experts, this item is the main feature, which is worth paying attention to the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity before the procedure. First you need to think not about what means to paint, but about whether white curls are suitable for you or not.

It often happens that dark-haired girls experiment on their appearance, completely without thinking about the consequences. But, after unsuccessful staining, they try to regain their original shade, shine and healthy appearance.

We recommend to read: Methods for correcting unsuccessful hair lightening.

Light curls should be combined not only with skin color, but also with the shape of the face. Try on a wig and see how your appearance will change after dyeing. Today there are special computer programs that allow you to create new images.

Attention! If after lightening your face has acquired an earthy, dull shade, then it is better to forget about this method of reincarnation forever. Try to pay attention to the dark blond shade.

There is another feature that must always be remembered. The procedure of clarification with the use of aggressive chemical agents is unsafe, as it may seem at first glance, to inexperienced beauties. Get ready for the fact that it will be held in several stages. The time interval between these stages must be at least a week. At this time you will not look the best way. But, after the completion of the complex, the appearance will change completely, and the curls will get the desired shade.

Wanting to radically change the appearance, consider the recommendations:

  1. Dark hair will get the desired shade only after pre-clarification. The brightener is not paint, it does not give the curls a beautiful shade. It is used to destroy the pigment responsible for color.
  2. Any lightening changes the hair structure. Curls can become brittle and dry. The selection of products for the care of blond hair - is a mandatory step on the way to a beautiful and luxurious hair.
  3. Act gradually. Paint in several stages.
  4. Before work, check the absence of an allergic reaction to the drugs used.

Given the above features, you can choose the better to lighten dark hair and achieve amazing results with minimal negative consequences.

Folk remedies

Brightening masks created with natural ingredients will not only give a beautiful shade, but also strengthen the structure. Curls will become more obedient, strong and stop falling out.

The advantages of folk remedies:

  • low cost,
  • harmlessness
  • availability.

Popular methods of lightening can make lightening dark hair at home at any time convenient for you. But, remember that such means will not help you to become a blonde blonde. They will lighten the curls with a maximum of several shades. The result depends on the frequency of staining. It should be done from three to five procedures, so that the color has changed markedly.

The most common folk clarifiers are: chamomile, lemon, kefir, honey and even cinnamon. With repeated use, the curls will become light, as well as get a more healthy appearance. Choose the appropriate method in the section: lightening hair with folk remedies.

The properties of lemon known to girls from ancient times. The juice of this fruit under the action of the sun opens the follicles, cleaning out the dark pigment. But, this way can thin the structure. After the procedure, use regenerating masks. To achieve the desired result you need to do at least three procedures.

Honey is also a natural clarifier.. This product perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the nutrients. Honey contains an enzyme that produces a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. After 2-3 treatments, the hair will be noticeably lighter. There are many recipes for such masks. But honey can simply be diluted with water and applied to the hair. After 40 minutes, the mask can be washed off and enjoy the new shade.


If you are not satisfied with the duration of the procedures, If you want to get results quickly, you can resort to chemical means.. A prominent representative of this category is hydroponic or hydrogen peroxide. This is a cheap and equally affordable way. You can buy hydroperit in any pharmacy.

It is important to adhere to a strict sequence of actions. Otherwise, the hair could be permanently damaged. Concentration should not exceed 30 percent. It depends on the structure of the hair. For thin curls, you can use a 7 percent solution. For dark hair of medium hardness suitable 12 percent solution. But for thick curls, use a 30 percent solution of hydrogen peroxide.

After preparing the solution, add a little flour to it. Get the necessary consistency.

Useful video from black to blond:

Paint use

The most common method of dyeing today is the use of special paints. Manufacturers offer a huge variety of products. Choose the best option should be given the type and structure of curls.

If you have black hair, then you will first need to perform bleaching. Remember that the colors do not discolor the curls, but rather give them the desired shade. For pre-clarification apply special powders for clarification.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that compliance with all the rules and patience are guaranteed to lead to the desired result.

Useful video: coloring of ombre and blond of black:

Dark Hair Brightening Shampoo

The modern beauty industry offers brunettes to lighten their strands with a special shampoo or balm. A radical transformation cannot be guaranteed, but it is realistic to lighten the curls into several tones, and most importantly, with minimal risks to harm them. In addition, all lightening shampoos include nutritional supplements, therefore, will be very useful for hair.

What do leading cosmetic companies offer girls with dark shades of hair?

  • L’OREAL Professional Gloss Color Series - creators of a cosmetic product promise even coloring of curls. The richness of the palette, the extensive caring complex of vitamins promise a soft and comfortable transformation,
  • Estel Solo Ton Series - Estelle, a brand popular in the hairdressing business, prepared a whole series of 18 shades of shampoos for her favorite clients. Estel Solo Ton is easy and convenient to apply, and the thick formula does not allow the product to spread. Lightening strands with this product will delight the result and comfort of the procedure, but it is not so easy to purchase balm,
  • Tonic ROCOLOR - very demanded product for house coloring. A wide palette of shades will help every woman to achieve perfection in the color of the hair,
  • Shampoo for hair IRIDA M classic from the brand of the same name Irida - a well-known and time-tested brand of tint hair products offers girls a wide range of shades and a minimum of harm to curls. The product has a firming and healing effect for colored hairs,
  • Joanna Multi Effect Color Tint Shampoo - ideal for any color curls. The proposed product is easy to apply, does not spoil the hair and guarantees a great result. Hair looks natural and strong, smooth and silky, as after lamination.

We have offered you the most famous series of shampoos with color, but in fact they are much more. Do not be afraid to experiment with color to look perfect.

Useful tips from experts for dark-haired beauties and future blondes:

  • Features of the choice of lightening paint for brunettes
  • Estelle's review of effective clarifiers
  • Syoss - guaranteed hair lightening up to 9 tones
  • Supra - easy and effective clarification on 3-7 levels for one coloring
  • Choose a hair tonic after lightening
  • The whole truth about the yellowing of hair after lightening: causes, ways to eliminate the defect

Useful video about personal experience of using John Frieda brightening shampoo:

What you need to know before clarification

The main heroine of the film "Twilight" Kristen Stewart and her changing look

Of course, bleaching black or brown hair is a rather complicated process, but still possible. But the primary question here is nothing to lighten up dark hair, but is it suitable for you to be blondie or not?

Often brunettes start experimenting with hair, not thinking about the consequences, and then looking for a way to return her old color and healthy look. Therefore, before cardinal changes, we strongly recommend that you seek help from a hairdresser, who will determine how your appearance will change after bleaching.

But, perhaps, a good example of discoloration. In the photo - the actress Scarlett Johansson. Agree, blondie is more to her.

The fact is that bleached hair must be combined with the shape of the face and skin color. And in order not to make a mistake, ask the master to try on a blondy wig or best to create a future image on a computer in a special program.

Attention! If with white curls your face becomes a dull sallow hue, then you have to forget about the dream of becoming a blonde. Maybe then consider a dark blond or just blond hair?

And one more important point - the procedure for bleaching with the help of chemicals is not the most innocent, as it may seem at first. Therefore, it is carried out in 2-3 stages, with a weekly interval between them. And it is advisable to entrust this business to a professional hairdresser.

And if you want to do everything with your own hands, then be careful and follow the rules (you will find them below). Or, best of all, try harmless brightening recipes, which we will also discuss later.

In this case, the white hair “refreshed” the face, corrected its shape and made some features more expressive. Visually, the girl immediately looked younger.

Two methods for bleaching dark hair

Next will be considered chemical, gentle-chemical and completely harmless ways to lighten hair. Which of them you choose is not for us to decide. However, we once again warn that at home, it is preferable to safe recipes with minimal negative consequences or even without them.

Special paint bleaching - method 1

First of all, you need to say, do not try to become a blonde with the help of chemicals, if:

  • You are an "artificial" brunette! Sometimes when bleaching previously dyed hair, even specialists cannot achieve a good result. Especially when dyeing was done with henna. Otherwise, the final color of the strands will disappoint you - it can turn out far from blond, but, for example, dirty yellow, faded orange or completely green.
  • Not so long ago you did a chemical or biowave.
  • Your hair is badly damaged due to regular blow-drying, curling curling, straightening with forceps, etc. In this case, it is better to refuse from staining altogether and to start treating the hair.

From brunette to blonde - you can, but only carefully! Bleaching paints have a strong, non-sparing effect.

Now, as for the choice of paint.

To date, all chemical clarifying agents are available in three types:

  1. Powder paint - most often used for highlighting strands and is considered the most aggressive in its impact on the hair structure.
  2. Cream - the most convenient in the process of application, as it does not spread.
  3. Oil paint to lighten dark hair - it is already clear that it is the most gentle compared to the above.

But the girls in the forums share their experiences using ready-made bleaching paints:

For information! Garnier offers the following palette: natural blond, sand blond, platinum blond.

Pretty tempting packaging, "talking" about the maximum possible harmlessness of cream-paint Garnier

This brief instruction will tell you briefly how to perform the bleaching procedure for chemical dyes at home:

  1. 2-3 days before the procedure, do not wash your hair with soap or shampoo in order to preserve the natural protection of the skin and hair.
  2. Reserve in advance everything you need - old clothes, a towel, a comb with sparse teeth, a hat, a non-metal bowl, a brush, etc.
  3. Prepare the mixture strictly according to the recipe on the paint package.
  4. Put on old clothes, cover your shoulders with a towel.
  5. Comb the strands thoroughly and apply a full-length brightener for dark hair.

Important! Leave the roots unpainted for now, otherwise under the influence of the heat of the head the chemical reaction will intensify and the hair at the roots will turn lighter.

  1. Apply paint to the roots at the very least.
  2. Wait for the indicated time on the package.
  3. Rinse the strands well and rinse them with balm.. In the future, you will need to use shampoo, balm and conditioner for bleached hair.

Why brighten dark hair shampoo and other similar products? The fact is that in some cases, when the native hair is too deep in color, the chemicals do not cope well with the removal of “black” pigments.

And if these pigments are not completely removed, then yellowing on the hair can not be avoided. In the salons in order to eliminate its appearance used color stabilizers.

But in ordinary stores such tools are not found. Therefore, to give the bleached curls the desired tone you need after dyeing to use tinted shampoos, hair balms, etc.

Lightening agents are presented on the market in a wide range - it is easy to choose for your hair type.

For information! Somewhere in a month the hair will have to fade again, since regrown natural roots will look very ugly. And do not forget that this procedure is not the best way affects the scalp and hair structure. Therefore, even with the observance of all the rules, it is often not necessary to resort to chemical clarification.

Natural Color Brightening - Method 2

Lemon Juice Discoloration

Next will be mainly folk recipes, including natural, effective and proven over the years products. They not only provide clarification for 2-3 (and sometimes 4!) Tones, but also saturate the hair with useful components, making them lively, shiny, thick!

Is it possible to lighten hair without harm?

Before starting the procedure of lightening hair at home, pay attention to the following facts:

  • Painted curls when brightening can give an unexpected shade.
  • Lightening hair with chemicals requires long-term recovery.
  • Folk methods of lightening hair using natural ingredients do not harm curls.
  • You should not expect quick results, clarification without harm occurs slowly. As a rule, changes are noticeable only after 10–12 procedures.
  • Red and too dark hair is very slow to lighten.
  • Brighten the strands of more than 2 tones is unlikely to folk remedies.

If the decision to change the hair color has already been made finally, remember that the degree of clarification depends on:

  • the current color of the curls,
  • exposure time of the selected agent
  • quantities applied
  • and its temperature.

And finally, we will give a few recommendations:

  • use only quality ingredients,
  • follow the recipe exactly
  • Remember that chlorinated water affects the final shade of the strands,
  • for growing hair roots the same brightener should be used, otherwise you can get a different shade,
  • Avoid dyeing your hair with paint two weeks before home brightening.

Natural Brightening Products

You have already seen that lightening hair at home is best done using natural products. Let us once again emphasize the merits of this method of clarification:

  • Security. Homemade hair lightening suggests the absence of harmful ammonia in the media, which destroys the hair structure.
  • The ability to carry out the procedure repeatedly, controlling the resulting color after each session.
  • Availability of ingredients for the preparation of funds. Products for them are inexpensive, which allows you to save finances, and any girl will be able to cook them.
  • Lighten your hair at home, you can not just without harm to the hair, but also with benefit to it. Natural ingredients will have a healing effect on your curls.

So, we turn to the tools that will help you lighten the curls.

Lemon juice (250 ml) should be mixed with hair conditioner (60 ml) and mixed. (If the hair is oily, the conditioner can be replaced with plain water). Wait 15 minutes and apply the mixture with a brush. Leave the composition for 2 hours. In the summer, you can enhance the effect by exposing the curls and exposure to sunlight. Wash your hair with shampoo. The procedure can be performed daily, but the strands will noticeably lighten only after 2 weeks, and on dark-blond hair the effect of lightening will be noticeable only after a month.

pharmaceutical camomile

Pharmacy chamomile - a popular and proven means for lightening by 1-2 tones. How does it work?

  • Chamomile flowers (30 g) mixed with the juice of half a lemon and a glass of boiling water. Cool and strain. You can use this infusion as a conditioner after shampooing. Flush it does not require.
  • For dry hair, chamomile infusion is suitable with the addition of glycerin. It is simple to prepare it: insist two teaspoons of flowers in a glass of boiling water and add 60 g of glycerin. Apply to the head, cover the head with a film and leave for 45 minutes. Then you need to rinse the strands with water without shampoo.
  • Another option means for lightening hair with chamomile - infusion with saffron and lavender ester. Two tablespoons of chamomile mix with a pinch of saffron, pour a glass of boiling water, leave for 30 minutes, drain and add 3 drops of essential oil. The exposure time of the composition is 20 minutes. It is washed off with ordinary water.
  • You can lighten the hair with chamomile turmeric. To do this, mix the herbs (a teaspoon of turmeric and 3 tablespoons of chamomile), add the finely chopped peel of one lemon, pour boiling water (1 liter) and infuse for 2 hours, drain the infusion and apply daily, applying on clean curls. Store the infusion can be in the refrigerator.

Fragrant brightening product - cinnamon. With prolonged use, it can, without harm, make it lighter even in locks of dark shades.

  • Mask of cinnamon and olive oil. Mix 3 tablespoons of cinnamon powder, 2 tablespoons of honey and one - pure water. Add 3 tablespoons of conditioner and the same amount of olive oil. Mask apply for 3 hours. Wash off using shampoo.
  • According to the classic recipe, this mask is easier to prepare: honey, cinnamon and water are mixed in equal parts, the mass is heated to 37º and applied for 2 hours.

Rhubarb has become known as a hair-bleaching product relatively recently. Infusion of rhubarb (1 tablespoon per 50 ml of boiling water) should be applied to the hair and wait for it to dry completely. Rinse with shampoo.

To lighten hair without dye will allow colorless henna, which is prepared from plant stalks. You can buy such henna today in almost all stores. Carefully read the instructions for the preparation of the composition and the time of its impact. As a rule, these data are always printed on the package.

Our great-grandmothers knew how to make hair lighter with kefir. This dairy product is good both in single use and in combination with other ingredients. The mask of it is not easy to wash off, but the effect of it is very good!

  • Mask with kefir, olive oil and yolk. Mix a tablespoon of olive oil with kefir in a ratio of 1: 5, add the yolk. Apply to dry unwashed curls. Keep the mask for an hour, rinse with warm water and shampoo. It is enough to use it every 7 days.
  • Fruit and kefir mask with vitamin E and wheat. Grind the banana and half of the avocado using a blender, add kefir (2 tbsp. L.), Wheat germinated grains (1.5 tbsp.) And 1 ml of vitamin E. Mix everything and apply on dry curls for 20 minutes.

At home, you can lighten the strands using baking soda. The effect will have to wait about two months. Significant lightening of dark hair with soda is unlikely to work, but the preparation and use of funds will not bring trouble. To prepare 8 tablespoons of soda to dissolve in a glass of water and add 100 g of shampoo. The resulting tool is used to wash your hair like a regular shampoo.

Apple vinegar

Rinsing with apple cider vinegar will lighten your hair and give it shine and healthy look. To a liter of cool water you need to add 2 tbsp. l vinegar. The water should be cool, not cold, otherwise the skin as a defensive reaction will begin to strengthen the production of sebum, and the hair on the head will look dirty and untidy.

We remove the yellowness

Since it is very problematic to lighten the hair without the effect of yellowness, many beauties are looking for a means with which you can bleach without damaging either the root or the tip of the hair.

  • Cope with yellow without paint help lime honey. It should be applied and kept on the strands for 10 hours, after which you can wash your hair with shampoo.
  • Give curls a golden shade can decoction of onion peel, if you regularly use it as a conditioner. Particularly advantageous to stand out in the crowd after using such a tool will be the owners of blond hair, in the sun, their curls will play in a new way.

We lighten colored hair

Slightly discolored painted curls will help the composition of olive oil, soda and lemon juice. You can do without oil, then the effect will be achieved faster, but it does not benefit the hair, as you can simply overdry them. For the preparation of all the ingredients should be mixed (in the same amount) and apply to damp hair for 30 minutes. The procedure must be repeated several times.

Of course, today there are a variety of ways to clarify. You can turn to professionals when you want to drastically change the image. And if suddenly you wanted to play a little with shades, for example, to turn a dark blond color into a bright light brown with a golden sheen, then natural remedies will come to the rescue. Be unique and remember that natural beauty is valued at all times.

What you need to know before the procedure?

Despite the fact that today, there is always the opportunity to turn from a brunette into a blonde, you should individually decide whether white strands of hair are suitable or not. It is this fact that should first be considered before starting the procedure.

The process of clarification through the use of aggressive chemicals is not so safe, as it seems at first to inexperienced ladies. Therefore, it is worth preparing for the fact that the process will take place in several stages. The time interval between periods of clarification should be at least seven days.

How and what can lighten the hair at home without harm?

Folk ways to lighten the curls are always at hand and can bring the desired result at any convenient time. But it is worth remembering that these methods are not able to turn you into a platinum blonde. They can lighten hair a maximum of two or three shades. The end result directly depends on how often the process of dyeing is repeated. To make the transformation noticeable, you should do three to five procedures.

The most tangible result can be achieved by preparing a solution consisting of 1: 3 lemon juice and water, chamomile decoction and two spoons of vegetable oil. This mask should be kept for two hours. It not only does not hurt the hair, but also brightens them. To enrich the color with lemon juice, you can lighten individual strands.

But lemon can dry thin hair excessivelytherefore, their discoloration is best done with kefir. To do this, you can use the following recipe:

  1. Take two spoons of brandy and kefir, 1 yolk, juice of one lemon and half a tablespoon of shampoo.
  2. Beat all the ingredients and apply the resulting mass on clean, dry strands, covering your hair with a towel for half an hour.

Kefir accelerates hair growth, improves their structure, contributes to the normalization of their fat content.

Honey is a good natural brightening agent. It perfectly nourishes the hair, saturating them with useful elements. Honey contains an enzyme that produces small amounts of hydrogen peroxide. After two or three procedures, the result will be more noticeable. There are a large number of recipes masks from honey. You can simply dilute it with water and apply on the hair. In this recipe:

  1. 4 parts of honey and 1 part of water are taken.
  2. Then you need to wait 40 minutes and wash the mask from the hair.

Most women are familiar only with natural henna, which has a caring effect on the curls. But this substance is absolutely not suitable for clarification. It will require special white henna. It can be purchased at many pharmacies.

If white henna is prepared incorrectly, then this tool can cause significant harm to hair. According to experts, its improper use can lead to burns and hair loss.

The henna bleaching procedure includes the following steps:

  1. Mixing henna with water in the proportion indicated on the package. Henna should be mixed with warm water.
  2. Putting henna on hair. The prepared mixture is applied to the entire surface of the hair.
  3. Flushing henna. It will take from 20 to 30 minutes to get the desired result. After washing it is necessary to apply a balm to the hair.

When complying with all safety measures and compliance with the formulation It is possible to obtain the result as a shade without yellowness. Another advantage of this tool is the uniformity of hair coloring. Thus it turns out a beautiful natural color.

This video presents several kefir masks for lightening.

Best colors: which one to choose?

  • Dye Wellaton Blonding from Vella able to lighten the strands on four or five tones. The drug contains provitamin B5, which provides additional care for curls and prevents their fragility.
  • Application paints L’Oreal Excellence Creme garaner guarantees triple hair care during dyeing. Pro-keratin, collagen and ceramides have a beneficial effect on the hair, protecting and restoring them. The paint has a persistent effect, affordable cost, ease of use and the absence of an unpleasant smell.
  • Intense decolorizing paint Garnier Color Naturals superclonde has a pronounced nutritional effect. It consists of natural oils of olive, shea and avocado. The paint is suitable for lightening black hair and is able to lighten them by 6 tones. After the staining procedure, the natural shine is preserved, the hair remains docile and silky.
  • Creators Loreal Professional Gloss Color Brightening Shampoo guarantee the achievement of even hair coloring. A feature of the product is a rich palette of shades, a high content of vitamins.
  • Well-known among hairdressers, the company Estelle represents Estel Solo Ton shampoo series. It is characterized by the presence of 18 shades, ease of application. The result will please the consumer. But to buy this product is not so easy.
  • IRIDA M classic from Irida is a shampoo from a time-tested manufacturer. It strengthens the hair and also has a healing effect.

Powder Matrix Light Master has a powerful instant effect. Due to the content of panthenol, it gives care to hair during application. He is able to discolor 8 shades and promises shine without yellowness. It is bred in a ratio of 1: 1. In this case, the hair is warmed with a towel. The mixture should be kept for up to fifty minutes.

Powder to achieve effective clarification up to 7 tones without yellowness and other undesirable shades Estel Princess Essex contains special components that prevent moisture loss. The composition is easy to use, has no unpleasant smell and does not irritate the scalp. The powder is mixed with an oxidizing agent in a ratio of 1: 2.

Londa Blonding Powder is a professional brightening tool. It must be used in mixing with the oxide in the ratio of 1: 2 or 1: 1.5. The tool discolor the clarification to 7 levels.

Your attention is invited to the video how to properly lighten dark hair

Before and after pictures

Check out the photo of dark hair before and after the lightening procedure.

How to care for hair after the procedure?

When caring for bleached black hair, you will need products that do not contain sulfates. You should choose shampoos that contribute to the preservation of color. You should regularly use masks for hair, serum and cream against split ends.

Based on the above, we can conclude that we should not be afraid of radical changes associated with lightening hair. After all, there are many gentle ways to achieve results. But before the implementation of the procedure is to consult with a specialist.

Watch the video: DIY Permanent Hair Dye Removal. NO Bleach. No Damage (April 2020).