Beautiful eyebrows: are there any reasons to make them so?

If a girl is carefully made up and groomed, but her eyebrows are thick, shapeless and unkempt, then it looks pretty repulsive. Varying their length, width and height, you can drastically change the appearance of any person and give him a particular expression. Sad look, flirty, stern, arrogant, bitchy - it all depends on the shape of the eyebrows.

How did fashion change ...

In the past years, beauty standards constantly changed. Women adjusted to the fashion of a particular time, so sometimes they reworked their appearance beyond recognition.

  1. Middle Ages. Women of the end of the XV - beginning of the XVI centuries looked quite strange for our time. In the medieval years, beauty was considered unforgivable, so it should be hidden in every possible way. Women completely shaved their eyebrows and hair on their foreheads. It was believed that this would make the forehead open and humble.
  2. From the 1600s to the 1800s, women returned to their natural beauty and made their eyebrows wider. To do this, they put pigments on them and even pasted animal skins.
  3. Revolutionary 20s. In the 1920s, women drew thin curved threads instead of eyebrows. They either shaved them off completely and drew new ones with a pencil, or with the help of cosmetics, raised the inner corner and lowered the outer one. This action gave the effect of a sad, wistful and dramatic look.
  4. Feminine 30s. During these times, the eyebrows became softer and more feminine. They were also finely plucked out, but instead of a falling line they drew eyebrows in the form of an arch.
  5. In the 40s, ladies also favored the eyebrows in the form of an arch, but painted them wider and heavier.
  6. In the 50s, eyebrows were given almost the most importance. They were diligently groomed and left natural density.
  7. In the 1960s, girls began to shave their eyebrows again, but instead of them they drew a very natural shape with a pencil, drawing small vertical strokes. Example - Sophia Loren in her youth.
  8. In the 70s, the eyebrows were almost “forgotten” and left as they were by nature.
  9. Wide and very thick eyebrows - a vivid example of the style of the 80s. It is worth looking at Brooke Shields and notice that in those years some kind of masculinity was attached to the eyebrows.
  10. In the 90s it was necessary to pull out eyebrows very thin.
  11. In the 2000s, natural, fairly straight and low-set eyebrows are valued to this day. Example - Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson.

Forward - for the beautiful shape of the eyebrows!

On your own, you can create any shape you want. For this you need a small amount of tools, and the skill will come with experience. Suppose you have natural eyebrows that you have never plucked with tweezers. In this case, creating a harmonious form is very easy.

Try to set aside a day so as not to hurry anywhere. If you make eyebrows in a hurry, you can do something wrong and then you have to adjust and grow them for a long time. You can turn to a beautician or make-up artist, but not all the masters have a flair and can make you completely different from the shape you want.

Another reason why you should style your eyebrows yourself is to save on correction. The hairs grow pretty quickly and if you can remove them without help, it will not hit your budget.

Preparation for correction

You will need any light eyeliner (preferably with mother of pearl), a dark eyeliner, a face tonic, tweezers, an eyebrow brush, a table mirror, alcohol, and cotton pads.

Wash your hands with soap and warm water and wipe them with alcohol (can be replaced with salicylic acid). Now also wipe the tweezers and the surface near the eyebrow, which you will pull out. Put the prepared tools on a clean napkin. Put a mirror on the table so that your hands are free, and you are looking directly at yourself.

Eyebrow shape

Decide what you want to have eyebrows - thin and elegant or natural, but well-groomed. The second option is preferable, moreover, it is relevant in our time. Any correction injures the hair follicles and, preferring curved thin eyebrows, you will notice that they grow worse and worse each year.

Take a light-colored pencil and attach it to the wing of the nose. From this point your new eyebrow will begin. Put a small stroke on the skin with the same pencil in the right place. Repeat with the second eyebrow. All the hairs that are between the two strokes, you can pull out without regret.

Now mark where the bend will go. From the wing of the nose, direct your pencil to the edge of the pupil (outside) and place the next stroke above the eyebrow. Here will be the highest point.

From the wing of the nose put the third point, which ends diagonally to the outer edge of the eye. In our time, fashionable, upturned, and not lowered edges of the eyebrows become fashionable. Therefore, put a point on your discretion - lower or higher. Repeat the same procedure with the next eyebrow and check the symmetry of the points (strokes).

From the first point to the middle, draw with a light pencil a perfectly flat line under the eyebrow, which gradually rises. Do the same on top. Next, connect the midpoint to the extreme top and bottom of the eyebrow. Ideally, the eyebrow should be thinned to the middle.

Now take a dark pencil and boldly fill it with an eyebrow, which is outlined with light lines. Get away from the mirror and look from afar. If you like it, start removing all excess hair.

Pull out without pain

Apply ice or massage the skin where you are going to remove the hairs. Grab the excess hair with tweezers as close to the base as possible and pull out sharply in the direction of growth. If it was unbearably painful, use a little trick - a hair caught by tweezers, gently pull to relax the skin.

After that, you can pull out - the pain you almost do not feel. It is also a great way to reduce discomfort a little - grab a skin area with your thumb and forefinger and slightly stretch it. With stretched skin, a hair will come out much easier.

Plucked hairs should be wiped on a cotton pad or a clean cloth moistened with alcohol or salicylic acid (solution). After you have plucked your eyebrows, brush them with a brush towards your forehead. So you notice new hairs that should be pulled out. Try not to overdo it and not to seize the hairs with whole bunches. Otherwise, it will turn out logs, which will have to be disguised.

All unwanted hairs are plucked and eyebrows look harmonious. Now wipe them again with alcohol or tonic and erase all the lines from the pencil. That turned out the natural and well-groomed shape of the eyebrows. If the hairs are too long, they can be cut with nail scissors (and only the tips). To do this, comb your eyebrows so that they were directed upwards, and then cut the longest hairs by 0.5 mm.

Neat eyebrows always attract attention and adorn the face. To give clarity to light and dark eyebrows, use a sharply sharpened pencil. Draw them the missing hairs and gaps. Try not to draw the beginning of the eyebrow and the tip. It is enough to pay attention to the lowest hairs, so that the line is clear, and bend. After drawing, gently soften the lines by combing the hairs with a brush. Naughty, hard and thick eyebrows can be put a special gel.

Beauty is in health

Before you think about the shape and color of eyebrows and try to change them in favor of fashion trends, you need to take care of their health. No matter how hard you try, you will not create a natural beauty with any tattoo, paint or gel, and it is precisely naturalness that is in high esteem today.

If you have naturally healthy and beautiful eyebrows, it is enough to maintain them in this state using simple preventive measures:

  • From time to time pamper the skin and hairs with nourishing cosmetic oils,

Castor oil is considered the best oil for this purpose.

  • Follow hygiene practices when plucking,
  • Do not get involved in radical methods of eyebrow shape and color correction.

If they are rare, with dry, damaged and often falling hairs, then you need to look for the cause of this condition, eliminate it and deal with treatment and recovery. Without this, you will not help any tattoo or staining. In any case, the natural look of the eyebrows will not work.

Methods of restoring and treating eyebrows and eyelashes are described in great detail in other materials of the site, we will not do this here. But let us tell you how with your own hands to achieve their ideal form, which is most suitable for you.

What are the forms of eyebrows?

According to the stylists, the shape of the edge directly depends on the shape of the female face. At the moment, make-up artists make these forms of eyebrows:

According to the recommendations of professional beauticians, when adjusting the shape of eyebrows, the girl should carefully remove the hair along the lower brow line. In such a situation, it is forbidden to pluck the upper browline: large roots of the upper hair have many colors - as a result, when pulling out the brow hair, points from the roots are visible.

How to choose the correct shape eyebrows on the type of person: on the oval face and other options

With proper selection of the shape of eyebrows in the face, the girl performs the following actions:

When checking the correctness of determining the points of the 2 ends of the eyebrow, the girl leans the pencil to the middle of the edge - the beginning and end of the eyebrow should be at an equidistant distance from the pencil.

In order to achieve a beautiful shape of the eyebrow, the distance between the edges should be no longer 2 fingers.

Common mistakes eyebrow shape selection at home

Few of the girls corrects breaks without errors. In this situation, women pluck as many hairs as possible and often only spoil the appearance of the face.

If a girl removes a lot of hairs while correcting eyebrows, then for one week she shouldn’t use hair removal tweezers at all. In this situation, for 7 days the hairs grow unevenly.

In order not to make such a mistake in the future, the girl should know the following: one should not make narrow ones from wide and long edges - this is prohibited by cosmetologists.

With the correct maximum adjustment, the girl narrows her brow a little. As a result, a woman easily selects the desired shape of the eyebrows.

According to cosmetologists, a girl should in no case be removed hairs above the edge.

How to make a beautiful design brovok in the barbershop: draw with pencil and other means

Before starting the adjustment, the make-up artist selects the desired shape of eyebrows. In such a situation, the master studies the cut of the eyes and the structure of the upper eyelids.

In addition, the beautiful shape of the eyebrows is chosen according to the shape of the face - and as a result, the makeup artist draws a suitable eyebrow to the girl.

Correction brovok in the barber is done by several methods.

Tweezers with tweezers

When adjusting eyebrow tweezers salon master performs the following actions:

The duration of the adjustment with tweezers is 20-30 minutes. - depending on the condition of the eyebrows. A girl can adjust her eyebrows in a similar way 1 time in 2 weeks.

Eyebrow wax adjustment

When making adjustments to female eyebrows, the master removes thin and invisible hairs with wax, the skin after depilation becomes smooth and new hairs do not grow for 30-40 days.

When adjusting waxes with wax, the master performs the following actions:

Adjustment of the eyebrows by Asian thread to give a gorgeous shape

When adjusting the eyebrows Asian thread master uses cotton thread (Asian thread).

When removing excess brows with an Asian thread, the makeup artist performs the following actions:

Thread adjustment is a very popular procedure among beauties.

All of the above methods for adjusting eyebrows are inexpensive cosmetic procedures. However, girls have to repeat them periodically.

At the same time, when performing a laser depilation of the master eyebrows, female hairs are removed for a longer period, but this procedure is very expensive - the girl will have to fork out for a considerable amount.


It should be said that eyebrows still continue to play a crucial role in creating the image. The shape of the eyebrows and their density are constantly changing, therefore, following the influence of fashion, girls either pluck them out, making them thin, like strings, then grow them, giving them the most natural shape.

Currently, natural eyebrows are considered more fashionable. But this does not mean that they do not need to be adjusted and thinned. Pull them out at the bottom and on top. Especially carefully do it in the upper part - here they remove interfering hairs, trying not to change the shape of the eyebrows.

To have beautiful eyebrows, you need to properly care for them - they must be regularly plucked with special tweezers, if necessary, tinted with a cosmetic pencil or shadows, put a special eyebrow paint or make permanent makeup.

If you do not care for them, eyebrows may look sloppy, which immediately catches the eye, as well as dirty shoes or unwashed hair. Even if the hairs do not require correction, they need to be combed and smoothed.

Before adjusting or applying makeup, you need to find out what types of eyebrows exist. A beautiful eyebrow should have the correct shape. It can be divided into three parts:

  • the head that starts at the nose,
  • the body which is located in the middle part
  • tail, which is the narrowest part and is located at the temple.

To determine the shape of the eyebrows, they take a regular ruler or a pencil and apply it to the eyebrow, connecting the head with the tail with a flat line. In this case, the connection line can be straight, raised up or lowered.

With a straight form, the head with the tail is on a uniform level. This type is more suitable for owners of an elongated face, since such a shape can visually make a narrow forehead wider and balance it with the size of the chin.

When the head is raised, the head will be slightly higher than the tail. This type of eyebrows may not suit everyone, because if you raise it too high, it can look quite theatrical.

When the form is lowered, its base will be located lower than the tip. This form is considered quite specific, because many are beginning to look with this type of eyebrows slightly sad. In addition, they can often add a few extra years.

To determine the bend of the eyebrows, you can choose another option.

  • Cosmetic pencil is applied to the nostril and the inner corner of the eye. This line will point to the place where the eyebrow should begin. If further pencil will be growing hair, then they are removed.
  • To determine the end point, the lower part of the pencil is left at the bridge of the nose, and the upper one is moved, moving towards the outer corner of the eye. Their intersection will be the place where the eyebrow is pumped. Sometimes it can end without reaching the desired point, then it is drawn with a pencil.
  • To find out where the bend should be, the pencil should be moved - it should be on the line from the nostril to the center of the pupil. The intersection of the pencil and eyebrow is a place of bending.

The shape of the eyebrows strongly influences the appearance of a woman: their different shape can transform a face and show it in the most favorable light or, on the contrary, make it puppet, sad, or visually add to a person for several years.

Beautiful eyebrows - the card of any woman

Corrective pencils, shadows, special brushes and tweezers - all these and many other tools are in the arsenal of self-respecting ladies. However, not everyone knows how to use them correctly. Due to the irregular shape of the eyebrows, an imbalance in the proportions of the face occurs, due to which the appearance does not look as harmonious as its nature has created.

Of course, you can resort to such a radical method as tattooing eyebrows in the center of beauty. But in this case there is no guarantee that the master will perform his work qualitatively and professionally. A poor client will have to go for a long time with tattoo errors. That is why the ideal option is to learn how to correct the shape of your eyebrows and give them a well-groomed beautiful look.

How to choose a shape by type of person?

The first thing you should pay attention to is the shape of your face. The future shape of the perfect eyebrows will depend on it:

  • Oval long face. In this case, fit straight eyebrows. This will allow you to visually balance the balance and make the shape of the face more harmonious.
  • The round and square face will well decorate the pointed shape of the eyebrows with a break. It should not leave too thick contour. It only makes the image heavier.
  • A triangular face will look more feminine with rounded, smooth-shaped eyebrows.

To determine the desired length of eyebrows need to mark its beginning, end and the highest point. For this purpose, you can use an ordinary cosmetic pencil. The beginning of the eyebrow should pass along the line of the wing of the nose and the inner corner of the eye. Its end is determined similarly, but by the outer corner of the eye. The highest point passes in the middle of the pupil.

Give perfect shape with tweezers at home

So many women are concerned about how to pluck beautiful eyebrows. This is very easy to do if you have a quality tool in your arsenal. It should be immediately noted that this procedure does not save you from the correction forever. Moreover, eyebrows should be plucked every 4-5 days.

It is best to perform the procedure in the morning. According to experts, at this time the pain is much lower than in the evening. Before you start creating beautiful eyebrows, you need to wipe the tweezers and the skin with an alcohol solution to prevent the ingress of germs.

To pull out hairs should be gradually, from the inner to the outer corner. At the same time, it is worth monitoring the thickness and length of the eyebrow and not departing from the given shape. In order for the procedure not to be painful, you can cool the skin with an ice cube and lightly tighten it. This method is used by the master, conducting epilation on the most delicate areas.

Beautiful eyebrows, photos of which are presented in the article, are the result of the work of professional makeup artists. Therefore, do not despair if you did not manage to give the desired shape the first time. New hairs grow quickly enough, so literally in 1-2 weeks it will be possible to correct the situation.

Thick or thin?

It is known that eyebrows, thin as strings, were relevant among young ladies at the beginning of the 20th century. Over time, the ideals began to change, and today you will not surprise anyone with thick black eyebrows against the background of light brown hair. However, in all you need to know when to stop. We recommend to build on the individual features of the face.

If you have never plucked your eyebrows before, then begin to do it gradually, bringing the form to the ideal. The main thing is to stop in time and not to pull out too much. Just for such purposes, there are special stencils that can be purchased at any cosmetics store. They allow you to choose not only the desired shape, but also the thickness of the contour.

If you still do not know how to pluck beautiful eyebrows, then the first correction can be trusted to a professional. In the subsequent it will be necessary only to maintain the original form in the proper form, which can be done independently.

Beautiful eyebrows pencil - corrective technique

For the correct eyebrow makeup, you should use only high-quality cosmetic pencil or special shadows. In the latter case, you need to pick up the appropriate thin brush with a beveled edge.

First you need to outline the contour of the future eyebrows, and only then paint it. To make the bend look natural, it should be shaded only at the outer edges. At the same time, it is recommended to begin feathering from the highest point of the eyebrow. This will create a natural shape.

To fix the result, you need to emphasize the resulting bend with a concealer or a tone corrector from the outside. If you have thick eyebrows, then put them with a brush and fix the gel.

You should not save on decorative cosmetics, because the business card of any self-respecting woman is beautiful eyebrows, photos of which are found among the works of professional makeup artists. This is where ideas and inspiration for makeup can be found.

Resistant paint

If you by nature got dim bright eyebrows and dark hair, then you can fix it with a special dye. However, it has both advantages and disadvantages. For example, from poor-quality eyebrow paint, you can get a serious burn or allergy. Therefore, it is better to give preference to products of famous brands. In addition, the wrong choice of tone can cause a strong contrast in appearance. Successful eyebrow coloring will save you from daily correction with a cosmetic pencil.

Tattoo in a beauty salon

Beautiful eyebrow shape today can be provided by experts at any beauty center. Such a procedure is worth from 2 to 5 thousand rubles, depending on the technique of execution and the experience of the master. Eyebrow tattoo is an ordinary tattoo, only made on the face for cosmetic purposes. That is why it is recommended to approach this cardinal step carefully.

First, you need to agree with the master on the shape of future eyebrows, because it will not be possible to change it in the coming months.

Secondly, you need to prepare for the fact that the beautiful shape of the eyebrows is formed far from immediately. The first week after the procedure, the skin on which a layer of paint has been applied will peel off and turn red. To restore it, the master will recommend a special ointment.

In addition, the tattoo will require periodic correction. Of course, not as frequent as plucking with tweezers, but more expensive.

Daily care

Beautiful eyebrows provide not only their ideal form, but also the general healthy state. That is why daily care is so important. The use of caring cosmetics will help maintain the correct eyebrows. Beautiful curves and healthy hairs are supported by castor oil. For daily makeup, it is recommended to use special pencils with the content of beneficial minerals that restore the structure of the eyebrows.

Ideal eyebrow shapes in 2019: trends and brow tips

If we talk about viable trends that can be followed in everyday makeup, then in 2019 attention should be paid to the arched shape of eyebrows. A sharp graphic break, which gave the face a surprised, indignant expression, is a thing of the past. In an effort to look stylish, many girls isolated their eyebrows too hard - with a pencil or felt-tip pen with strong pressure, which created an unnatural effect on the tattoo. This is partly the reason why the soft rounded shape came to replace the dramatically curved eyebrows. Naturalness is in trend again.

However, this does not mean that other forms of eyebrows are not considered. Below is a photo and a description of all current forms, as well as types of eyebrow makeup and styling.

  • Straight lines

This year eyebrows became popular without any kinks and bends. But if by nature the form is different, then it is hardly worth pursuing straight lines with the help of correction. There is no special need for this: the straight shape really only goes for girls with an oval face shape.

  • Curved

These are eyebrows-arches with soft "rise" in the middle. Eyebrows of this type are distinguished by the absence of sharp corners.

Emphasizing them with makeup, do not use the stroke - eyebrows “fill” the inside with hatching, and then gently comb it with a brush with a transparent gel.

  • Eyebrows "house"

This is not about fractured eyebrows - the “house” eyebrows are distinguished by a raised base. The tips with this form, on the contrary, look down. This shape of the eyebrows looks harmonious only if it is given to a woman from nature, it does not make sense to do it on purpose.

  • Wavy

Eyebrows-waves became an unexpected trend in 2017 - Instagram experienced a boom of photo publications, in which eyebrows looked the same as hair after styling with a corrugation effect. More often than not, no one corrected the eyebrow to get such a line in a photo - they were “bent” in Photoshop for the sake of a fashionable frame. In life, only the bravest can afford such a form.

This still popular eyebrow contour has a recognizable feature - the rise in the middle with a sharp transition to the tail downward. It is on the fracture in the makeup of these eyebrows that the emphasis is made - it is distinguished with a pencil or shadows typed on the beveled brush.

  • Round arcs

Round eyebrows are the best choice for girls with a graphic face shape (“triangle”, “rhombus” or “square”). In this case, eyebrows-arches will have the necessary softening effect.

  • Wide eyebrows

Thin eyebrows-strings are a thing of the past. Both straight, and curved, and eyebrows with a break should now be wide. In order to be in trend, brovisty advise to make a minimal correction, removing only those hairs that strongly violate the path you have chosen.

  • Original eyebrow shapes

This is the result of bold experiments of makeup artists and beauty bloggers with correction and eyebrow makeup. Thus, eyebrows-feathers with a split in the middle were recently declared fashionable. Attention also attracted eyebrows form "fishtail".

How to choose the shape of eyebrows by type of person?

  • Round face

With this type of face is the best option - eyebrows with a kink and a sharp tail. Chubby girls are often concerned that their features do not have enough sharpness, the graphic shape of the eyebrows will help solve this problem.

  • Oval face

Girls with an elongated oval face are not recommended to choose a shape with a kink - such eyebrows can make the image more serious or even strict. There are two most suitable options: either straight eyebrows or a softly curved arch in the spirit of 2019 trends.

  • Triangular face, "heart"

This type is characterized by a narrowing down and a rather wide forehead. Lest he appear "heavy", his eyebrows should not be too wide and fluffy - this is time. Two - you need to avoid the direct shape and graphic contour lines. The correct is to slightly soften the bend of the eyebrows.

  • Square face

Smoothly curved eyebrows-arches are what girls with square and rectangular face types need. Choose an average width, and the tail of the eyebrows "lower" down, this will allow a slight narrowing of the oval face.

Perfect eyebrow shape

Thin eyebrows are long gone. Today, their owners are perceived with a grin. But too dense vegetation is not popular, even if it was generously awarded by nature. It makes the look heavy and always visually adds a few years to the real age.

In the trend - eyebrows of moderate width, but the shape should be selected individually.

Choosing the right shape

Much depends on the shape of the eyebrows. For example, facial expression. It can also visually level the disproportion of the features, make the face more harmonious, and even hide the age.

From the first time, only an experienced stylist can correctly find the correct form for a particular woman, but there are also general rules:

  • Thin eyebrow line often goes to women over 30, but young girls do older
  • It is absolutely contraindicated for women with a "heavy" upper eyelid., as visually aggravates the problem. He also does not go eyebrows, curved in the central part. It is better to stay on a straight line with tips going up,

The photo shows a good example of such a correction.

  • Fractured eyebrows able to visually balance too wide face, divert attention from a heavy chin,

It is important. The location of the break point also plays a role: the closer it is to the center, the face seems narrower.
But if you need to make the forehead narrower than the face, it should be “moved” closer to the outer edge.

  • You can also adjust the distance between the eyes.: if the line of the beginning of the eyebrow is made with an inclination to the nose, it will narrow, and if it moves away from the nose (see the picture below),
  • Straight line visually align the nose.

The base of the oval shape is a classic that goes for everyone.

In general, makeup artists do not use such a thing as ugly eyebrows. Correct to say: wrong (sorry for the pun). By themselves, they can be very attractive, just not fit your appearance or character.

For example, a serious woman of Balsakov age may look ridiculous with highly rounded “surprised” eyebrows, but they will also go very well for a young girl.

How to give the eyebrows the desired shape

There is a standard instruction for determining the starting point of the eyebrow, its bend and end. By connecting them, you can get a beautiful shape. But, unfortunately, this method is not suitable for everyone, but only for girls with regular features and an oval face. However, we describe it.

You will need a mirror, a long thin stick and a pencil.

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