How to grease a hair clipper?

Today, a hair clipper has ceased to be a tool only for hairdressers and stylists. Many men and women purchase this tool for use at home. She can correct her hairstyle, perform the edging, make interesting patterns on short-haired hair and simply use it for cutting your loved ones. It’s easy to choose a machine according to consumer reviews, according to the preference of any manufacturer or upon the recommendation of the seller.

Choosing hair clippers

On the shelves of electrical household appliances stores you can find products for every taste and wallet. The same applies to shopping in online stores. Cars come with autonomous power, mains and with a combined. Choose a better machine of the average price category, so you can be confident in the quality of sharpening knives and guarantees that the manufacturer gives.

Oil for clippers

Regardless of the cost and the manufacturer of the clipper, after some time you may notice a decline in the quality of its work. It is very easy to solve, you only need oil for hair clippers. This is necessary to extend the life of such a tool and its quality work.

Lubricate the legs of the machine must be regularly, so it will last a long time and will be cut with high quality. Also it is necessary to adhere to certain rules: use it only for cutting hair and never apply to animals. This is because the wool is much tougher and requires more power than that designed for a human hair clipper. For pets, it is better to purchase the tool in a pet store or in the online stores of pet products.

To clean the machine will need: a brush with a hard pile, a damp cloth or cloth, preferably with an antibacterial effect, a liquid for washing the blades, oil for lubricating knives and a towel.

How to properly grease the hair clipper

  • After each use of the machine, the knives should be cleaned with a hard lint brush. The open parts of the device, where small hair can clog, can also be cleaned. The brushes come with the machine, as well as small scallops.
  • Parts must be wiped with an antibacterial cloth after each haircut.
  • And after complete cleaning you need to apply 1-2 drops of oil. It should not flow out of the body of the machine or drain on the knives.
  • Turn on the machine for a short time, so the oil is evenly distributed across all nodes.
  • Wipe the instrument dry.

The clipper, as well as the hair trimmer, must be cleaned thoroughly, otherwise the oiled hairs on the knives will quickly destroy them. In no case can the oil be poured onto the comb. This will eventually lead to breakage of the clippers.

The location of the lubricant remains the same, regardless of the brand of instrument and its manufacturer. This is where the knives touch - dynamic and static. Lubricate the need in the middle and along the edges of the serrated knife. And add a little oil to the place of tight fit of the knives.

You can use a syringe as an oiler, but you need to break the needle in the middle. So the droplets will be small and you can not be afraid to fill the machine with oil.

When lubricating a rechargeable machine, you need to remove the unit and put it back only on the included tool. If this is not done, the pin can be damaged.

There are also non-separable models of clippers, but the instructions to those will necessarily indicate the holes through which the working units of such a tool can be lubricated.

What is the need to lubricate the tool?

Oil for clippers helps:

  • clean the work unit from contamination,
  • reduce friction between knives when the tool is in operation, since it destroys them,
  • significantly reduce the bluntness of the cutting part,
  • reduce heating the body of the machine,
  • increase tool life

After using the oil, the haircut begins to run more smoothly, without jerking.

As an option for maximum lubrication and cleaning, you can consider the fluid for the connecting nodes WD-40. It is sold in any store for motorists or even in business outlets. The spectrum of the means is very wide, and it is not difficult to find it. WD-40 is better to use when heavily polluted cars. When working your hands, you must protect them with gloves, because the liquid is aggressive. After greasing the cleared tool needs to be wiped with rags.

Consider further than you can lubricate the clipper.


The best option for lubrication is considered a special oil. It can be purchased in specialized stores. And with some devices it comes in the kit. Oil for clippers is odorless and is a fatty liquid. It is made from refined oil. The principle of operation of this oil is designed not only to lubricate the working parts of the machine, but also to clean it from dirt and dust.

The most popular oil MOSER. The same company is also a manufacturer of machines. Manufacturers Oster and Dewal are popular.

Hairdressers also use synthetic and mineral oils to lubricate hair clippers with low viscosity. This material has a more affordable cost and well penetrates the lubrication channels. For example, Silicon-electric OIL is a silicone grease that is effectively used for such electrical appliances.

It is not necessary to use professional tools at all, you can use Johnson’s Baby body oil or plain Vaseline. They will even better penetrate deep into the details. Only in no case for hair clippers and hair trimmers can not use vegetable oil. Under his influence, the tool will jam. After such lubrication of parts, you can immediately carry the machine to the workshop, since its further work can only harm the parts.


Reliable and durable operation of the clipper can only be ensured by proper tool care. If you often use the tool, the lubrication period of its parts can be from one to two haircuts. If for any reason the machine will not be used for a long time, then it should be cleaned according to all the rules, oil it and be sure to wipe it dry.

What is necessary to lubricate the machine?

All hair clippers have an executive body in the form of two cutting surfaces or knives, which in different models have a different device and can look different. Also in any device uses an electric vibration motor, which provides the movement of the cutting elements. It should be noted that the clippers are different in use; it is not recommended to cut the hair with a hair clipper due to the different structure.

It is necessary to lubricate the knives so that they have the least friction among themselves, do not heat up and at the same time gently, without jerks, cut the hairline. Recommended grease clipper after each use, after cleaning the executive body.

Cleaning and greasing cars

In order to lubricate your typewriter, you first need to go through a few simple steps. To begin with, it is recommended to use engine oil or special oil for clippers. Usually on most machines, the lubricating oil comes in the kit, and in this case, you should have no problems with lubricating the device. Next, you should clean the machine from the hair and lubricate. There are a few general rules on how to lubricate a clipper:

  • first of all, after finishing the haircut, it is necessary to clean the blades of the machine from the hair remaining after the haircut. It is advisable to do it with a brush, which almost always comes with a machine,
  • after the knife block has been cleaned, it is necessary to wipe it with a soft damp cloth or napkin,
  • then you should put a couple of drops of oil, but it is advisable not to overdo it so that it does not leak,
  • then turn on the machine so that the oil is evenly distributed over the cutting surface,
  • Wipe the oiled device dry.

We recommend to thoroughly clean the machine from the hair, so that they do not mix with oil, which can lead to an early failure of the machine. If the machine has not been cleaned for a long time, then you can use a special liquid VD-40. But you should be careful with her, keep your eyes and avoid contact with exposed skin.

How often should a machine be lubricated?

As mentioned above, it is desirable to lubricate the machine after each use, as recommended by professionals. It also depends on the quality and cost of your typewriter. Since, in more expensive typewriters, the functional device is a bit more complicated and requires more careful maintenance if you want the equipment to serve you for a long time and regularly. In case you have not exploited the machine for a long time, it should also be lubricated before use.

We hope that this article has helped you in the question, how to grease a hair clipper. If you follow all the points described in the article, your hair clipper will serve you for a long time and regularly.

The rules are simple - lubricate regularly.

First of all, let's take as a rule: hair clippers can and should be cut only hair - no animal hair. The structure of animal wool and human hair is different. Wool (even the softest) is much tougher than a human hair, and a household clipper does not have the necessary power reserve, capable of withstanding a double load of man and dog haircuts.

First, clean the machine from all the garbage.

How to lubricate the machine: step by step instructions

So, when and how to lubricate a hair clipper? General rule:

  1. After finishing the haircut, we clean the knife block, all open knots adjacent to it from hair residues (it is better to do this with a hard bristle brush. It is usually always attached to the standard kit.).
  2. Wipe all the details with a damp (preferably anti-bactericidal) cloth.
  3. We put a drop (maximum two) of oil (it should not flow at all!).
  4. Turn on the machine for a few seconds so that the drops of grease are distributed evenly.
  5. Wipe the tool dry.

Tip: Try to thoroughly clean the surface, the grease applied to the dirty knives will quickly disable them.

If the machine is heavily clogged, it is best to use VD-40 liquid, which is sold in any car shop, to clean it. When using liquid, you must protect your hands with gloves - it is aggressive. After using VD, wipe the cleaned surface with a disposable towel or cloth.

VD-40 liquid is perfect for a typewriter

How often should I smear the blades and models of Moser and Philips haircuts?

A huge mistake will be to pour oil on the comb. Professionals emphasize that this method of lubrication turns even the microscopic remnants of hair into an abrasive, quickly grinding off knives

Regardless of what brand the device, the lubrication area is one - the places of contact between two knives:

But this does not mean at all that it is enough to drop oil on the rubbing surface, which is located in the side opposite to the cutting edge, and other working surfaces of the machine are attached to it.

It is best to lubricate the details of the machine at the three points of contact between the surfaces - at the edges and in the middle of the serrated side of the knife.

Grease the knives carefully

In addition, half a slice of oil should be added under the so-called heel of the knives - to the places of their tight fit.

Advice: if you do not have the necessary microscope nipple, use a syringe with a needle that is half broken off - the droplets will be even, small and neat.

If you grease a rechargeable clipper, after removing the knife block, you only need to insert it on a working machine. Otherwise, you risk breaking the trunnion - the support of the rotating part of the mechanism.

If the machine is not collapsible, see the instructions - it will definitely indicate the special holes for lubrication. In any case, you need to lubricate the machine after each haircut. Maximum - after two. Butter:

  • cleans the dirt
  • reduces the force of destructive friction in the knives,
  • protects knives from blunting,
  • minimizes the heating of the knife body,
  • prolongs the life of the device.

How to properly care for a clipper?

The more often you clean the clipper, the longer it will last. You can clean the clipper after each use or four or even five haircuts. Before cleaning the blades of your clipper, you must be sure that they have cooled before removing them.

What we need for this:

• Clipper
• Blade cleaning brush
• Blade washing fluid
• Blade Lubrication Oil
• Towel

1. Remove the knife from the clipper.
2. Brush for cleaning remove hair from the teeth of the blade. We must do it in the same direction as the teeth on the blade.
3. Shift the lower blade to the side and continue to remove the hair. Then slide the lower blade to the other side to remove the remaining hair. The upper blade will be positioned vertically during this process.
4. Next, use the liquid for washing the blades. With it, we remove cosmetic products used during the haircut. The blade washing fluid also cleans the dirt and oil from your knife and lubricates it to improve performance.
5. When we cleaned the knife, go to its lubrication. Shift the lower blade to the side and begin to lubricate the blade in places for lubrication. Then slide the lower blade to the other side to continue lubricating the blades in the lubrication points.
6. Turn the knife over and grease it on the lower ledge, opposite the teeth.
7. Apply oil to teeth to prevent corrosion during storage of the clipper.
8. Then use a towel to remove excess oil from the knife.
9. Put on the knife on the clipper.

What you need to lubricate the machine

The working part of the machine consists of 2 knives (cutting surfaces): static and dynamic. In different tool models, they can be arranged and look different. A mandatory element of any device of this type is a vibration motor.

Technique for cutting animals and people is different, which is associated with different stiffness of hair and wool, as well as an abundance of cover.

A hair clipper should be lubricated regularly. This should be done to achieve the following positive effects:

  • reduce friction between knives during tool operation, which will reduce their heating,
  • clean the work unit from contamination,
  • reduce the blunting speed of the cutting parts,
  • prolong the operation of the device.

As a result, after lubrication haircut will take place without jerks, more gently.

Ideal, according to the recommendations of professionals, when the lubricant is applied to the working area of ​​the device cleaned of hair after each haircut, a maximum of two. The frequency also depends on the price (and, accordingly, the quality) of the typewriter used.The device of expensive models is more complicated than the cheap varieties, they have to be lubricated less often, but they need to be carefully looked after.

Before operating any machine should be lubricated. Proper care, as well as the use of the device with the requirements of the instructions from the manufacturers - is the key to long tool life.

Suitable lubricants

If you choose which oil to lubricate the machine, then priority should be given specialized products. Often, manufacturers provide it with the device. This oil is made from refined oil. It is an odorless, fatty liquid that is different from the machine equivalent. In fact, such products are both a lubricant and a means for cleaning and caring for knives.

Popular oil from the company "MOSER", which produces and cars. Do not lag behind him "Oster", "Dewal".

In practice, hairdressers also use mineral or synthetic oils that have a low viscosity index. Such materials are affordable and well penetrate the lubrication channels. Silicone Grease (for example, Silicon-electric OIL) intended for electrical products can also be used quite effectively.

Lubrication with vegetable oil is strictly prohibited.. At best, the machine will jam, and at worst - you need to buy a new one. It’s safer to work dry. At home, when there are no lubricants at hand, it is permissible to use petroleum jelly or childish, for example, "Johnson Baby."

Tool Lubrication Algorithm

To make the lubrication of the device yourself, you will need to go through a series of simple steps. To apply the oil will need grease gun or needle syringe. The algorithm of actions when working is the following:

  • using a brush, clean the blades of the working tool from the hair left on them after cutting,
  • wipe the knives using soft wet wipes or a rag,
  • according to the instructions for the device, put a little bit of oil in the corresponding points (a couple of drops will be enough),

  • so that the lubricant is distributed evenly over the surface of the knives, include a typewriter,
  • Wipe the surface of the tool to remove excess oil.

It is necessary to clean the machine of hair thoroughly, because, mixed with grease, they will speed up the device failure. It is recommended to apply oil in three places: at the edges and in the center.

According to this scheme, model Scarlett, Vitek, Philips and others are lubricated. It differs only way to remove the blades. Also some products have special holes for lubrication, while disassembling them is not required.

Applying oil directly to the comb is a mistake, because the remaining tiny hair particles will quickly dull the cutting edge of the tool.

The whole process of lubrication of the clipper is shown on the example of the Moser 1400 model in the video:

Oiling knives for a hair clipper does not take much time. In this case, you should carefully handle the blades to avoid injury. Regular carrying out of the procedure is one of the factors ensuring the device’s capacity for a long time. Despite the wide range of products of this kind, the blurring algorithm for different models is the same.

Signs that the machine is clogged

It is desirable to clean this device after each haircut. Otherwise, it will be more and more clogged each time, which means:

  • bad cut
  • “Chew” hair
  • unusually humming
  • just disconnect.

How to grease the clipper

When choosing which lubricant will be most suitable, it is better to give preference to specialized lubricants and oils.

Important! Do not categorically lubricate the device with vegetable oils, especially sunflower or olive. It can completely damage the machine, you have to buy a new one.

Special machine oil

The best option is a special oil designed for hair clippers. It is often supplied by manufacturers with the device. Make this oil from refined oil. Unlike machine oil, it has almost no odor. They can not only lubricate the knives of the device, but also to clean them. Treat special oils, for example, oils of such companies as:

Low viscosity synthetic and mineral oils

If it is not possible to purchase specialized oils, then solving the question of how to lubricate the homemade clipper, it is better to use:

  • mineral and synthetic oils with low viscosity,
  • vaseline grease,
  • silicone grease.

Masters often use synthetic or mineral oils for lubrication, which have a fairly low level of viscosity. These lubricants are inexpensive, easy to get into the mechanism through the lubrication channels.

Mineral oils are practically extracted from the ground, they are crude refined oil. These oils, for example, are Yuko Classic lubricants.

Synthetic oils are produced in the laboratory by distilling oil in a special way. Such a base oil as XADO Atomic Oil is considered to be this type of oil.

Silicone Grease

Such lubricants are ideal lubrication machines. Make them on the basis of polydimethylsiloxane. These include, for example, such silicone lubricants:

It is only necessary to take into account the larger its number, the thicker it is. The advantage of silicone lubricants is their ability not to thicken, not to cause allergic reactions when in contact with the skin.

Tip! Very good, for example, Silicone grease Silicon-electric oil, which is usually quite effectively used for electrical appliances.

Vaseline Lubricant

Pharmacies sell highly refined liquid petrolatum. It can be diluted with gasoline for lighters. If there is no oiler, it can be dripped with a syringe. Before you grease your hair clipper with a grease, you must thoroughly clean all parts of the device.

Tip! If the usual vaseline oil is not available, you can apply baby oil "Johnson Baby".

How to clean and grease the hair clipper

Before you clean and lubricate the hair clipper itself, you need to perform a few simple steps. For the application of a lubricant, an oil can is required, if not, then a syringe with a needle will be suitable. The whole process of cleansing the device from the hair must be done very carefully so that the remaining hair, mixed with a lubricant, does not disable it.

The sequence of actions when lubricating cars

This sequence represents a certain algorithm of necessary actions:

  • With a special stiff brush, usually attached when buying a typewriter, brush the hair left over from all blades of the device,
  • wipe the knives with a soft, damp cloth, preferably with an antibacterial effect,
  • put on the appropriate point on a drop of oil,
  • turn on the machine for a few seconds for a better distribution of oil on the cutting surfaces,
  • turn off the device, wipe all surfaces with a dry cloth, removing excess oil.

What parts of the machine are applied oil

Lubricating parts of the machine, you can not pour or drip oil on any place. Lubricate need to handle only certain places of contact knives. Usually, the oil intended for hair clippers is applied 1 drop to the following five points:

  • 3 points from the serrated side, in the place of the most dense contact of the knives, (2 at the edges and 1 in the middle),
  • 2 points, from the side of the heel of the knives, also in the place of their most dense pressing to each other.

How to apply oil and how much it needs

It is best to lubricate the device with a special oiler. If she is not at home, you can use an ordinary medical syringe. Droplets should be small. If you use a syringe, it is desirable to cut the needle to half. Then the droplets will be just the right size.

Tip! Before you begin to lubricate and clean the hair clipper, you must prepare in advance:

  • brush with stiff bristles,
  • wet wipes, preferably with antibacterial action,
  • special liquid for washing blades,
  • oil or special grease
  • dry cloth or soft towel.

What is the purpose of lubricating the blade unit

The hair clipper requires regular lubrication with special oil. There are several positive points to note here:

  • the friction between knives during the operation of the tool is reduced, which reduces the heating of these and other moving elements,
  • the working unit is cleaned of impurities,
  • decreases the rate of blunting of the cutting edges,
  • In general, the time of operation of the machine increases.

Applying a lubricant makes the cutting process easier, the mechanisms of the machine work gently, without jerks, the knives do not burn the skin and do not catch the hair.

How often it is necessary to lubricate the knives

Some hairdressers grease their hair clippers every day, others once a week, others as needed. Professionals, in turn, advise to carry out this procedure every time after the next haircut (although you can meet different opinions). The frequency of lubrication may also depend on the model of the device and its quality. Expensive branded hair clippers usually have a more sophisticated performance of a functional device, and this implies a more thorough maintenance.

In any case, in order for the equipment to work and not to break for a long time, technical procedures should be carried out on a regular basis. If the hair clipper has been out of work for a long time, lubrication of the knives before use is also necessary.

How to lubricate the hair machine

As already noted, a hair clipper requires regular care. This allows you to extend its service life and is necessary for hygienic purposes. Lubricating the knife block does not imply any special technical skills, but requires careful attention. Simple steps that are useful to beginner hairdressers are described below:

    Before you lubricate the working parts of the device, the latter must be de-energized. Disconnect the machine from the network.

At the end of the procedure, the knives should be lightly wiped with a dry, clean, lint-free cloth.

It should be noted that most models of hair clippers, network and rechargeable, have quick-detachable knife blocks, which makes it easy to remove the assembly without wasting time.

Which oil is recommended to use

Professionals definitely recommend using specialized products to lubricate the knife block. Often the manufacturer provides this oil with a machine. Knife lubricant is made from refined oil and differs from machine oil in the absence of odor. It can be said that a specialized product is both a lubricant and a means of cleaning and caring for a knife block.

Well established oil manufacturers hair clippers (and other equipment):

More versatile tools are:

In practice, masters can use other mineral or synthetic oils with a low viscosity index.

Photo Gallery: means for lubricating knives hair machines

Any other formulations (even similar in characteristics to specialized oils for machines) are extremely undesirable. For example, although it is recommended as an alternative silicone grease, it is intended for electrical appliances, it can lead to a deterioration of the work of moving parts and the heating of parts with its frequent use. The same applies to petrolatum formulations not intended for technical purposes.

It is strictly forbidden to lubricate hair clippers with vegetable oil; its use can lead to jamming of knives and device breakage.

Video: how to properly lubricate the knife block

The very process of lubrication is simple. Dropping 2-4 drops of oil onto knives, rub your finger evenly and turn on the machine for 5-10 seconds, but how often to perform this procedure is a question. By the way, ceramic knives like do not need lubrication.


Knives, as a rule, must be constantly lubricated, since the dry friction between them leads to the so-called molecular or adhesive wear, this is when the metal between them simply tears off in thin layers and the knives begin to let the hair through. Coating chrome for some time reduces such wear, but chrome does not help in the end. And the oil does not allow the formation of scale between the cutting edges of the knives, which eventually accumulates and solidifies so that it is very difficult to remove. Sometimes scale encloses completely the groove between the teeth and even a delayed lubrication does not help. Only by mechanical action can scale be removed. To prevent this from happening, you should constantly lubricate the knives with oil and do not forget to clean them after cutting, clean the grooves between the teeth with a brush from the kit. It is desirable to lubricate the machine after each haircut well, or after 2-3 haircuts. The question immediately arises: why so often? Very simple - clean washed hair like a sponge absorbs butter from a knife. Well, if the knives are often lubricated, but over time they stop cutting hair, then it is time to grind or honing them on a special machine.


I can advise you to use gun oil, which is designed specifically for small mechanisms, you can buy it in the sporting goods of your city. I can also advise instead of special oil to lubricate the machine with graphite grease, which you will find in car shops.


I had a tiny bottle with a colorless liquid and the words “purified gasoline” or something like that in my kit. By fluidity similar to brake fluid. For four years, spent only half of this lubricant. I grease knives after each hairstyle.


In conclusion, I would like to note that initially unimportant hair clipper will work poorly, what oil it does not lubricate. A quality, proven brand, taking into account all the real needs of a hairdresser, with the right care, one hundred percent will reveal its capabilities and will last for a long time.

Oil, silicone - how to lubricate the clipper?

A priori, the most suitable oil for lubricating home hairdressing tools is specialized machine oil.

But even professional hairdressers have nothing against the use of synthetic or mineral oils with low viscosity parameters. They penetrate better into oil-filled tubules and do not bite for the price.

Some prefer silicone lubricants for electrical products such as Silicon-electric OIL.

If there is nothing at hand, vaseline oil or even Johnson Baby baby oil will come off.

Only vegetable will not work. None Never. Want to experiment with him - you can immediately call the wizard in the repair of electrical appliances. Typewriter wedges on time.

Take care of your equipment, lubricate it more often. And if you grow hair and decided to preserve it for a while, wipe the knives dry so that the oil does not thicken on them. And re-lubricate everything before use. The machine will thank you.

Watch the video: How To Oil Your Hair Clippers For Peak Performance & long Life (April 2020).