Hair "Malvinka"

Hairstyle "malvinka" always remains out of competition and fashion. This simple, but very beautiful styling is suitable for everyday life and for holidays. It looks equally good if you have short or long hair, it’s very easy to do it yourself. At the same time, versatility lies in the fact that Malvinka will suit both young girls, and romantic girls, and mature women. There are many types of hairstyles, it is worth getting to know them all, so that even a regular bun turned into a festive masterpiece.

General hairstyle description

The front locks are gathered at the crown and secured with rubber bands or stealth - this is how the Malvinka hairstyle looks. How to make it more original? Very simple:

  • add curls,
  • add a bow of hair
  • add original shiny hairpins,
  • use artificial flowers or natural flowers for decoration.

And that's all - you can go with Malvinka even to a festive event! Not for nothing, there are even wedding options, where curls and curls are beautifully hardened under the veil. This type of hairstyle looks so original that few people realize that the usual Malvinka has become the basis. Image is obtained gentle and memorable. But there should be a decent length for the best effect.

Hairstyle should not be done too smooth. The volume, the arranged rings of strands, a couple of curls at the temples - due to this, simple styling becomes more original and beautiful.

Advantages of styling

Of course, the hairstyle is popular not only because of its simplicity. She has many advantages and other:

  • suitable for curled and straight strands,
  • Looks good on medium and long hair
  • done very quickly
  • even suitable for thin hair,
  • she is romantic, feminine, able to emphasize the beauty of the eyes, soften facial features,
  • different options for everyday life and holidays - you can choose any,
  • a wide range of accessories with which you can perfectly revive the resulting image,
  • no need to go to the salon - you can do it yourself,
  • for classic variations, you only need a rubber band, stealth and a comb,
  • such a hairstyle is easy to do even for little girls.

It should be noted that the matched strands in front and loose at the back are suitable for oval face shapes. And with sharp cheekbones and a rather narrow face, it is better to do a “malvinka” with hair and curled curls. For owners of an oval or triangular face can be advised smooth options.

Variety hairstyles

So you decided to explore the variations of the famous styling. Then you just have to practice so that in a matter of minutes you can create both a casual look and a festive one. There is nothing complicated here.

Not everyone knows that the classics are done using stealth. Of course, you can often find hair tied up with a rubber band. This is a daily option, just not to call it correct. The classic is done with straight strands, the hair is fixed invisible. This will require a comb with blunt frequent teeth, so that with its help we managed to create a weak pile.

How to make "Malvinka" with a pile step by step:

  1. Wash hair, dry (preferably natural), comb.
  2. Choose rather narrow strands from the top of the head, comb your hair a little and sprinkle with a small amount of varnish - you will get a magnificent “pillow”.
  3. Take a wide strand that goes from the forehead, lift it up, get on the foundation that you just combed.
  4. Secure the order with stealth. In this case, the "pillow" should not be visible.
  5. Strand behind the back stealth stealth. It can be decorated with a large flower or a shiny hairpin.
  6. Fix the resulting result with a strong fixing varnish, applying it from a distance of 20 cm.

The classic look easily turns into hairstyle from the 60s, if in the area of ​​the crown to comb the hair, create a voluminous upper part. It looks quite bright and stylish. You can even slightly curl the strands to look luxurious and seductive.

Hairstyle with curls

On clean hair, create elastic or soft curls - styling will be voluminous. If, however, curl strands only on the hair below the crown, then the option will be smooth. Thin strands better wind all. But with thick and dense hair, you can select only individual strands.

This option can often be seen in brides. Feminine and seductive styling is great emphasizes the beauty and beauty brides. Everything is done very simply:

  1. Prepare your hair in the usual way. Brush well. Curl your hair to achieve maximum volume.
  2. Divide into two parts: pick up the upper mass of a small crab, and lower the lower.
  3. Lock each curl with lacquer. Thus it is necessary to curl all the strands on the bottom of the hair.
  4. Then collect curls kerchief, so that they do not interfere with you. Unleash hair stripes from crab, creating and curls of them. Fasten invisible on the top of the head, then with a barrette, so that their place of connection is hidden.
  5. Lower curls expand. You can raise a couple of curls from the middle or from the sides with the help of invisible women for additional volume, but you can also do without these actions.

Do not forget to fix the result you like with fixing means! If you still do not hold the locks for a long time, then before curling them you can put styling mousse or light foam on the locks. But never apply a lot of these tools - it will make the image heavier, making your hair unkempt.

For curly hair

If you are the owner of natural curls, then you will be able to make popular styling even faster. Before this, just wet the hair with a gentle gel to get the effect of wet hair. Or you can do without it - as you wish.

Everything is done very simply:

  1. Stir the locks in the forehead area and close to the crown. If the curls are elastic, then you can skip this step.
  2. Collect the top strands using stealth, cover fixing place with some kind of decorative element.
  3. If your locks are short from the sides, then release a few on each side - the image will be gentle and soft, rather romantic.

The result again, fix the varnish. It is better to take the means for elastic fixation.

"Malvinka with weaving"

Pigtail perfectly with this type of installation. Make it very easy, it turns out a good option for smooth and curly hair.

Everything is done simply, you just need to follow the instructions:

  1. Separate the strands 5 cm wide a little higher or lower than the ears, braid the usual braids.
  2. Get the braids back, fastening them invisible on the top of the head, as is the case with the classic Malvinki mount.
  3. A cap of hair is formed above the braids - it should be slightly raised, sprinkled with a strong hold of varnish.

Everything, now it is possible to decorate a hair style hairpins with ornaments on the end or artificial flowers. Just do not cover them with braids - this is the whole highlight of this hairstyle.

With harnesses for everyday life

Ideal for wearing for every day - even to school, even to work in the office! But this style, if desired, turns into a solemn one - it is enough to give hairstyles more negligence and volume, and to create in front soft finish.

  1. Separate several strands of approximately 5 cm above or below the ears. Divide each band into two equal parts, twist the strands.
  2. Get them back, as with the weave version described above.
  3. Secure the flagella so that they do not unwind. Decor - at your discretion.

It should be noted that the larger make the harnesses, the more effective the finished result will look. But with thick and fluffy bundles you need to create an appropriate volume.

With a bow of hair

The decor in the form of a bow will accentuate the beauty of shiny and healthy hair, adding variety to the everyday styling. Malvinka can be decorated with a bow of beads, leather, fabric material, or you can create a bow straight from your hair.

You only need thin rezinochka, a pair of Invisibles and a comb. You can use a spray to fix the bow, if it is made from natural hair. You will not need any complicated devices and special hairdressing skills.

  1. Hair should be perfectly clean. The stale curls in uncool look look ugly. Comb the strands, curl them a little. The bow of small and elastic curls will turn out uneven, so they should be soft.
  2. Take two wide strips of hair, start the usual movement back. Secure the rubber band, but do not straighten the resulting tail to the end - you need to leave a small loop.
  3. Divide the convex bundle into two equal parts - you get the wings of a bow. Its size directly depends on the density of the hair, its length and your immediate desire. The bow can be made both very small and large enough - up to 15 cm.
  4. Attach each loop with stealth so that the wings retain their shape. Separate the strand from the remaining tail, wrap around the middle, creating a jumper, fix this constriction with a couple of pins.
  5. If you are preparing for a solemn event, then the resulting bow can be decorated with studs that have beads or rhinestones at the ends. Curls curl already on request. With straight lines also looks very beautiful.

If you find it difficult to create a bow the first time, then you can watch the training video tutorials, which are very much on the Internet. Practice, and you will start to get a neat bow in a matter of minutes!

What to stop

If you're still thinking, which option to choose, then we can advise to focus on the condition of your hair. Also consider whether such a romantic setting would be appropriate in a formal setting.

If you are far beyond twenty, you should not assume that this cute and slightly childish hairstyle will not suit you. Just choose more stringent options, where there is a weave, harnesses, simple fixings and straight strands. With such a feminine styling, you can easily emphasize a well-groomed face, quality hair and expressive look.

Appearance history

It would seem that "Malvinka" - the easiest hairstyle. The classic version of the decoration of hair involves the collection of strands from the temples and the institution back, where they pin up a hairpin or fixed with an elastic band.

how does the "malvina"

Modern women of fashion have decided to slightly change the boring hairstyle for a more interesting option, using bouffant, original braid weaving and beautiful accessories - ribbons, flowers, bows and unusual jokes. Very elegant "Malvinka" looks on clean wavy curls, giving the image of femininity and romance.

Laying gained popularity in the early 90s, although it came from the distant past. For example, the “Babette” hairstyle is nothing like “Malvinka” with a fleece. The name "Malvinka" is associated with the name of the heroine of the movie "Golden Key" Malvina, who wore a gorgeous bow at the back of her head, although if you look at the hairstyle of a blue-haired girl, you will not find an obvious similarity.

Important point: Stylists do not recommend leveling the curls with an iron or smoothing them with styling means. Light styling waves will make your hairstyle more feminine and interesting. So, dear women, in the absence of curls curled up by nature, use a curling iron to give your hair a slight negligence.

To suit

Laying goes to many women and girls. It is suitable for any type of face - round, triangular, oval. But in terms of contour correction, it is recommended to use various variations. For example, if you have a triangular or square shape with elongated cheekbones, give preference to straight curls. Girls with the right proportions fit curls. Too long face requires bangs.

Hairstyle has no age restrictions. It fits little girls, teenagers, girls and women. Even aged women who suffer from the highs of the crown and temporal area with the help of such styling can mask the age defect.

Execution technology

Hairstyle is performed on well-combed curls. If you have naughty hair, straighten it with a flat iron before creating a new image.

Execution technology:

  1. Take a few strands from the crown, comb them with fine teeth and sprinkle with varnish.
  2. Now take the strands from the temples and lead them to the back of the head, attaching them to the central curls.
  3. Pin with barrettes or tie a tail.
  4. Cover with lacquer.

As you can see, in the technique of performing hairstyle is nothing complicated. The use of braids, harnesses, bows and other elements, as well as perm strands will act as an additional decor.

Video of evening hair styling for long hair.

Video of performing hair in the style of Brigitte Bardot.

Hairstyle variations

There are many interesting options for laying Malvinka. The speed of creating a hairstyle and the possibility of correcting the image with the help of accessories, braids, unusual weaves, build laying in one of the most popular.

There is nothing easier than the traditional "Malvinki." The upper strands at the temples and on the crown are collected in a bundle, which is fixed with jokes or elastic at the back of the head. It should be noted that the casual and even disheveled appearance of the head of hair will bring a stylish touch to your look. Try to twist the lower tresses slightly to form a refined onion.

In symbiosis with harnesses

Selected at the temples strands are twisted into a bundle, and then connected at the back of the head. From the rest of the tail can be formed "fish" braid.

Do you want the wiring to be voluminous? Then initially separate the top of the head of hair and collect it in the tail on the back of the head. Make a hole just above the junction and stretch the tail into it, as if turning it inside out. Get the original appearance, the creation of which does not take more than a minute.

Crossed strands

Another extraordinary way to decorate a classic hairstyle. The design of strands stacked crosswise is recommended for going to the office, and if you curl a little curls, you can safely use it for dinner in a restaurant.


  1. All curls that require selection (head area) are combed back. Lightweight bouffant allowed.
  2. The tip is twisted with a cord and fixed with invisible at the base.
  3. Now, to the right of the temple, a strand is picked up and placed on top of the tow, not forgetting to fasten it with a joke.
  4. Similarly, do the strand located on the left.
  5. Do the above manipulations on each side once.
  6. Fix hair with lacquer.

An interesting variation for stylish fashionistas. You will need to thoroughly comb the strands, collect them in the tail in the classical way, and then form a bundle. Be guided by your personal preferences: you can fix the bundle with jokes high on the crown to impart daring chic, or pripit it a little lower - to the back of the head, make the bun more voluminous (for example, due to a special lining) or collect the minimum amount of hair.

Want to create a stylish hippie hairstyle? Then form a bundle on the back of your head, and somewhere on the side weave a careless braid. Boho-chic style is suitable for young beauties and women under 40 years old.

"Malvinka" on medium hair

In the form of a braid

It features a variety of options. Can:

  • weave braid in the form of a spikelet at the top, without affecting the lower strands,
  • select strands from the temples and lead them to the crown, intertwining with other curls,
  • in the form of a French braid
  • braid tight braids, called whelps, on the front of the head, and connect the remaining curls into a tail or a bun.

It should be noted: the “Malvinka” hairstyle can be complemented with braids from below, which will be an interesting addition to the casual look. Braid one or more braids on pristine strands, giving the styling an authentic European appearance.

We all remember the image of the girl Malvina, who had a bow on her head. Optional for adult girls to use a flower or a ribbon. The optimal solution in this case would be an elegant bow, formed from the hair itself.

To create a bow when tying curls at the back of your head, leave the protruding shell. Divide it into 2 parts, putting it in the form of a bow, and turn the tail up and pull it through the hole made in the center. Chic elegant hairstyle is ready.

Elegant hairstyle with a pile

To create a fluffy bouffant in the occipital region, use a comb with a sharp separator strands, lacquer for fixation and jokes.


  1. Separate the hair strand in the center, and at the temples leave the locks hanging down.
  2. Comb the curls under the root, layer by layer, and sprinkle with varnish.
  3. Fix a temporary jokes.
  4. Pick up the hanging strands at the temples (you can comb a little) and gently turn them to the bulk of the hair, removing the joke.
  5. Pop them together.
  6. Sprinkle hair with lacquer to permanently fix the hair.

A pile can be formed in a slightly different way. Owners of thin rare curls are recommended to put chignon or special synthetic lining under malvinka. Due to such a simple manipulation, the hairstyle will be held for a very long time and will receive the desired volume. In the middle of the 20th century, this variant of styling was called “Babette”.

With two rubber bands

To perform this hairstyle you will need thin elastic bands that match the color of your curls. First, the locks at the temples and on the crown are selected in the standard way in Malvinka and fixed with one elastic band. Then the negligent braid is braided, which at the end is tied with a rubber clip.

Enough original styling option. It is necessary to pick up strands at the temple, divide them into two parts. Having formed a loop on one side, the rest of the strands are inserted into it. In conclusion, the hairstyle is fixed with a barrette. Do not be upset if nothing happens the first time. Such a bow of hair requires special skill. Have to practice a bit!

Another variation of this hairstyle will be the usual braiding of hair in a knot. Simply separate the two strands of the temples, bring them to the back of the head and tie a knot. If you curl the curls slightly, you get a bright hairstyle for every day.

Hair flower

The flower on the back of the head, made of hair, looks unusual and original. To create it you will need:

  1. Tie Malvinka.
  2. Divide the tail into 2 parts.
  3. Twist each strand with a cord and twist it together. Twist do to the end, and fix the tip with a rubber band.
  4. Lay the harness along the base contour to form a flower. Gently pull the individual strands with your nails, making curly petals on the flower.
  5. Secure the rose with a hairpin.

Everyday fast hairstyle, which is suitable for going to the office, walking in the park and even at a special event. It looks very beautiful on pre-curled hair of medium length.


  1. Grab the lock at the temple and lead it to the back of the head. Tie a silicone band.
  2. Bring another large curl at the temple by the tail and fasten it with a pin or stealth.
  3. Spray polish for better fixation hairstyle.

With perfect curls

Many men would agree that curly female strands are sexy and riveted on themselves. Why do not you turn the classic version of the hair in a more solemn, conjuring over the creation of curls.


  1. First, you will need to create a standard Malvinka in any variation - with a bow, with harnesses, a “Greek” wreath or braids.
  2. The lower curls are wound on the curling iron, forming flowing curls.
  3. At the very end of the laying fix varnish.

For babies

All mothers will agree that “Malvinka” was the first hairstyle of their tiny children. Until the age of three, growing curls, each mother collected the front strands on the crown or the back of the head in the tail. When the baby's hair has grown, you can slightly modify the hairstyle, for example, make a "dragon", form Malvinka in the form of braids or plaits or make streaming tails in the form of a cascade.

"Malvinka-cascade" of the tails is as follows:

  1. Carefully comb the curls to the child.
  2. Select strands at the crown and tie the tail with a bright rubber band.
  3. From the side of the temples pick another strand and add them to the sticking tail. Tie the gum again.
  4. Repeat the manipulation and fix the next tail.
  5. Comb the curls that are located at the bottom of the head of hair.

Types and types of styling 2017 for girls

The main advantage of this method of laying is that it is easy to perform, but at the same time looks elegant, and if you use additional accessories, then this hairstyle can look elegant. In addition, the network is always able to bring something new into it, modify it, get a completely new image.

Malvinka hairstyle with curls for short, medium and long hair

The standard (for each day) variant assumes that a part of the side strands is collected in a small bundle, and then fixed on the back of the head. The remaining curls remain loose, you can curl them.

How to make a fashionable and beautiful hairstyle malvina step by step: with a pile, with bangs and weaving

Today there are many variants of malvina, consider the most popular ones.

  • The hairstyle of Malvinka with a fleece in the style of the sixties. To do this, lightweight bouffant at the roots. Then the strands are collected in a bun, fixed at the top of the crown, which gives the hair pomp. For better fixation, you can apply the gel onto the strands before they are fixed.
  • The hairstyle of Malvinka with curls looks wonderful, on the one hand it is a classic version, and on the other - the perfect hairstyle for a festive occasion. The side strands are collected at the back of the head, fastened with a crab type barrette.

Malvina hair with a bow

Malvina can have a lot of options, from the simplest to the unique. One of these styling elegant and original is considered to be a bow.

  1. In the temporal part (on each side) separate by a small strand.
  2. Connect both strands on the back of your head or on the crown, fasten with an elastic band. But do not let the end of the hair pass through the elastic, but make a knot out of the strands.
  3. Now divide the resulting node into two equal parts so that you get loops.
  4. Fluff the loops a little, move them to the sides and in such a way fasten with stealth so that the resulting bow does not disintegrate.
  5. With the rest of the strands close the middle of the bow and fasten well, it is better to use the studs. The excess part of the remaining tail hid under the bow.

Evening hairstyles with heels for a wedding

This fashionable version of hair will look gorgeous even in the most solemn occasions.

It is imperative to pay attention to the fact that it is necessary to fix the laying so that it does not fall apart, especially if it is performed for the gala evening. To create a malvina does not require special devices, enough comb, invisible or studs, rubber bands. For the final design, you can use any accessories (bright hairpins or combs, various headbands, headbands, flowers). The main thing that they were relevant in this situation.

Malvink's hairstyle for medium and long hair

Many wonder how to make Malvink's hairstyle to herself and what are the options for her creation. In fact, it is not difficult at all and takes a little time, in case you cannot create such an image, you can always refer to the instructions and do everything step by step.

A hairstyle like Malvinka is perfect for both long and medium hair, and even for short hair you can do it, because only the uppermost hair is involved and, moreover, similar styling options are varied.

The advantages of laying Malvink include:

- well suited for hair of almost any length (except very short),
- it looks great and is created on both straight and curly curls,
- gives the image expressiveness and tenderness,
- it is convenient for both adults and children, because the hair does not crawl into the eyes,
- can be suitable for everyday use, and for a solemn event,
- it does not require a lot of additional elements and time costs.

Malvink's hairstyle with fleece, classic version

Initially, the hair near the forehead is removed so as not to interfere. After that, one strand is taken at the top and a pile is created. Then, according to the same principle, the pile is done on several more strands on the top of the head, they are fixed with varnish and gently smoothed. Next, take the strands that go from the forehead and lie on top of the pile, so as to hide it a little.

All side curls are fixed behind the invisible. Also, be sure to fix them with varnish.

It is also possible to make a comb in Malvink's hair in another way.

Malvink's hairstyle with curls

Curls - it is always very beautiful and feminine. Malvink's hairstyle also looks beautiful with curls, and with both artificially created curls, and with natural curls.

Such styling will be an excellent choice for owners of curly hair. You can add curls weaving.

For a casual look, you can create a small amount at the top of the head and simply collect the curls in the back and fix them, while you can not create a pile for naturally curly hair.

Evening or wedding styling Malvinka

Evening or wedding hairstyle Malvinka with curls is a little more complicated.

This hairstyle is often chosen by the bride for a wedding celebration.

The hair is distributed by direct parting and wound on a curling iron or hair curlers. On the top hair strands are selected, lined and fixed with varnish. Further, all these spinners are collected from behind and fixed with a beautiful hairpin or other decoration.

For a wedding celebration, the decoration from flowers, especially live ones, will be an excellent addition; then the image will be very gentle and romantic.

On short hair hairstyle will look just as good.

Even for work Malvinka may be fine, for example, if you leave your hair straight and not cheat. Such a high styling will well emphasize the office style.

Relevance hairstyle

The hairstyle of “Malvinka” does not lose its position, because it makes the image romantic and pretty. In addition, unlike loose hair, strands of the temples, selected in a special way, do not interfere with you during sports, reading books or working in the office. Properly done styling will hold on all day. Suitable for special occasions or ordinary life.

Advantages and disadvantages

Pluses of installation:

  • done quickly and simply
  • perfect for long curls and squares
  • emphasizes the beauty of the eyes and forms the correct shape of the face,
  • can be used a huge amount of accessories
  • since the curls are turned back, they absolutely do not climb into the eyes,
  • performed on the hair with hair extensions,
  • there are many variations of hairstyles (for a holiday, going to a cafe and for every day).


  • not performed on short hair,
  • An elongated face will not go, unless you cut off the bangs,
  • It assumes the formation only on clean recently washed hair (if fat appears on the head of hair, then the hair in combination with the combing back will look untidy).

Which celebrity prefers hair

At least once in their lives, famous women have been doing Malvinka hair. With it, they appeared on the carpet, starred in films and videos, attended social events or simply went to the grocery store.

Among the supporters of Malvinka hairstyle:

  • Eva Longoria, who prefers the classic version with a fleece,

  • Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez repeatedly used her hair to create a solemn and casual look,

  • Reese Witherspoon prefers to make "Malvinka" on both straight and wavy strands,
  • Olsen sisters are committed to "sloppy Malvynok." The girls try different styling variations, but most prefer the bundle,

  • Kate Middleton - on the hair of the English princess often appear similar concise and restrained hair. Even at the wedding ceremony, Kate made Malvinka, covering it with an exquisite tiara,
  • Blake Lively, who prefers to please her fans with extraordinary hairstyles. At a high society party, she appeared with a careless Malvinka, decorated with a rose hairpin and several braids,

  • At her wedding, Ksenia Borodina chose to use Malvinka styling, curling her curls and decorating them with an original decoration.

The hairstyle of “Malvinka” is a universal variant of styling. It can be created for visiting ceremonial events, going to work or business meetings, as well as making daily walks. It has gained its popularity due to the many original decorating options that allow you to create a strict classical look with a fleece, extravagant hipster hairstyle and a pretty romantic bow with curled locks.

A little information

This option is suitable for almost all women. Hair color and density do not matter. Hair "Malvina" - a great option for a wedding celebration, birthday, anniversary.

The main advantages of laying

  • she looks good on long hair and curls of medium length,
  • strands can be curled, and can be left straight,
  • There are many accessories with which the Malvinka hairstyle is combined,
  • perfectly emphasizes the eyes, oval and facial features,
  • there are options for every day, and for a solemn occasion,
  • it is simple to do the styling: it is enough to prepare a couple of rubber bands and hairpins, and a stylish image is ready,
  • "Malvina" easy to do a little girl. In this case, strands do not interfere.

To “Malvinka” turned out really spectacular, you do not need to strongly smooth the strands. The whole thing in a casual volume or even pile. It is he who draws attention to the eyes, the beautiful forehead. Ease and simplicity - the main components of this installation. Therefore, do not try too hard with the styling products.

The hairstyle looks great on clean, freshly washed hair. But on the dirty head "Malvina" is better not to do: the image will turn out sloppy.

Now make “Malvina” even easier. A variety of unusual options simplified the scheme for creating an unusual image. You can use a bow, do styling with bangs, curls, and fleece. Below are the most popular and stylish hairstyle options.

Many girls are accustomed to collect part of the hair with a thin elastic band. This is not entirely correct, because the classic styling uses inconspicuous studs. They fix strands, do not allow them to disintegrate. Gum too confuses hair. From this styling becomes ugly, and curls fall out.

To make a classic "Malvinu", you must:

  • wash your hair, dry. Comb hair with a fine comb. If the strands are very thick, apply a little smoothing agent on them,
  • take turns taking small patches of hair, lightly combing. Fix varnish. Such frauds hold with hair on top,
  • as soon as the necessary strands become fluffy, separate another section of the hair, cover it with a fluffy mass,
  • fasten the entire structure with studs. In this case, the bouffant should not be visible. The strand that covers the hair, smooth out. If necessary, fix the varnish,
  • back curls can be decorated. For example, pin decorative bow. You can make styling with curls. In this case, the hair is wound on a curling iron or hair curlers of medium diameter.

With this arrangement, you can go to the wedding. She is solemn and at the same time charming. Go in this way can be at any celebration. If you leave the strands straight, and do not pin the bow, you get the perfect option for the office.

"Malvina" and curls

Long hair is a great base for curling. For "Malvina" option with curls fits perfectly. Many brides choose this particular hairstyle. She looks cute, but at the same time elegant. An additional advantage is the opportunity to experiment. For example, you can make small curls, and you can get fluffy large curls. An excellent touch will be a beautiful bow of bright fabric.

So, detailed instructions:

  • wash your hair, comb your hair,
  • it is not necessary to curl the whole head: just wind the hair from the middle of the length. You can just twist the ends. But then the styling will not be effective enough
  • can be used as curling and curlers. But the first option is not suitable for weak, thin, split ends. It is better to use ordinary curlers. They do not harm the hair. With soft designs, you can even sleep,
  • the resulting curls can not be combed, otherwise the head will look like a dandelion. It is better to just make out with your fingers, gently straightening curls and pulling them in the right direction,
  • gently take sections of hair from the top, secure with hairpins. Here you need to act carefully, because the curls can be confused. It is better to cover the back of the head with a kerchief. Then the long curls will not interfere with the creation of "Malvinki."

To do the laying with a pile, it is enough to take a comb and carefully work each strand. If the hair is of medium length, you can make bouffant all over the head, use long strands. The result is an unusual and very bold styling. Then you can attach a bow.

How to work with a fleece? It can not be combed, you can only smooth.

So that the strands do not get tangled quickly, and the construction does not fall apart, it is enough to apply more varnish on the hair.

For girls with weakened hair after curling or coloring it is better to wait with a fleece. It will damage brittle and fragile strands even more. Then the hair will look pathetic.

Universal for short hair

Malvinka, performed on short hair, requires the intervention of additional accessories, of which, most often, artificial chignon is used. You can buy it in any salon. However, the absence of any additional devices other than a rubber band is sometimes allowed.

Classical "Malvinka" is performed on short and medium straight hair as follows:

  1. The hair is thoroughly washed and dried. The most important thing is not to allow bruising of the tips. To do this, the hair must be carefully combed during drying.
  2. Dividing the hair into small locks, each of them is thoroughly combed and sprayed with varnish. At the end should get a volume pillow of hair.
  3. The wide strand stands out from the forehead, rises up and covers the already created pillow. In the photo - classic malvinka:
  4. The spinning is fixed by invisible men in such a way as to completely disguise the combed strands.
  5. Super strong fixing varnish is applied.
  6. Behind the hairstyle is fastened invisible and decorated, if desired, with various accessories.

There are several more options for creating Malvinki for short hair:

  1. With the effect of wet hair. It is the application of a mousse or gel with pin fastening beautiful accessories.
  2. Creating a small tail. Hair combed over, and a small tail is made on top.
  3. Small braids. Pigtails are created around the entire circumference of the head and fastened at the back with hairpins or bows.

Braid hairstyle

Hairstyles based on Malvinki can be created in various ways, one of the interesting options is styling using braids.

A small pile is made on the top and the strands are neatly laid and fixed with varnish. On the left, a small strand is taken and a bundle is formed from it, which should be shifted to the right side and fastened. On the right, the same strand is taken, a harness is created and transferred to the left side. The harnesses are fixed together. Still sprayed with varnish.

Malvinka with a bunch

A bundle is one of the favorite and simple everyday styles of girls. If, however, to combine a bun and styling type Malvink, you get the original youth version of Malvink's hairstyle.

To do this, first a part of the hair is taken on the top of the head and it rises up, a bundle is formed from them, it can be a little not neat, so the styling will be more interesting.

On short hair hairstyle is as follows.

The beam can be positioned and somewhat lower, the photo clearly demonstrates this hairstyle.

Laying with oblique fishtail

Perfect for long curls.

For a more beautiful result, initially all the hair can be screwed. Then, to the left and right of the temples, small bundles are wound and come together at the back of the head. From the tails formed from the harnesses braid spit fish tail.

The technique of weaving such a scythe is quite simple; two strands are used, which are alternately shifted to the opposite side. After the pigtail is ready, you need to tie it with a rubber band and straighten it a little to make it more voluminous.

If this weaving technique is difficult for someone, you can weave an ordinary braid.

Such hairstyles are popular with girls, especially in summer.

Malvinka for short hair

If the length of the hair is about shoulders, then there is also the option of laying. To begin with, the hair is combed and divided into a parting. Then, on the one hand, three strands are separated and a braid is woven from them in the opposite direction; during weaving, it is necessary to pick up strands from two sides. After, on the other hand, the same thing is done, and the two braids are connected together. Spit can be slightly straightened.

Similar Malvinka can be made a little differently.

With weaving around the head

You can make a simple image of Malvinka with a pigtail. For this hair is wound. On the one hand, a small curl is taken and an ordinary braid is woven from it. On the other hand, the same thing is done. Then the pigtails are thrown in opposite directions and fixed invisible under the hair.

Malvink's hairstyle for a girl

The hairstyle in the style of Malvinka is perfect for girls as well, it can be done just as a school, for example, and for some kind of event.

For example, the version of Malvinki with a bow will look great.

The whole hair is combed, after that a part of the hair is selected on the top of the head, this can be done with a fine comb, separating the strands to approximately the level of the ears. All curls tied not tight elastic. Next you need to pull out a loop from this tail, by not completely passing it through the gum.
After the loop must be divided into half, for convenience, the two halves can be secured with a pin on the sides. Between them, the tail is skipped, it turns under the rubber band and comes back down - this will be the middle of the bow. Then the studs are removed and the loops are straightened.

You can perform this option and hairstyles with bangs, it will turn out also beautiful and very cute, while the child will be comfortable, since the curls will not interfere. If you practice a little, then the girl herself will be able to create such an image for herself.

The original will be laying Malvinka with a flower from the braid. The girl will definitely appreciate her.

If you don’t do over headdress, then any version of Malvink’s hairstyle discussed above is also suitable for a girl.

Ideal ideas on medium hair

If you are the owner of medium hair - curly or even - then you will definitely like hairstyles made with various bows.

You can apply the following types of hairstyles:

  • In the style of the sixties. It is created as follows:
    1. A comb with fine teeth is taken and freshly dried and combed hair is combed to give volume.
    2. With the help of the gel, the obtained “pillow” is fixed.

When creating such a hairstyle, hair located on the back of the head should be arbitrarily lowered downwards. In this case, it does not matter whether they are straight or straight.

  • Malvinka-bow. Despite its complicated name, such a haircut is made quite quickly and simply:
    1. Two strands are removed from the temples, fixed on the back of the head or the top with the help of an elastic band. It is important not to miss the tip of the tail, leaving a small node.
    2. The resulting nodule is divided into two halves, forming a loop of small size.
    3. Each of them is discharged to the sides and attached invisible to the hair.
    4. The remaining tip of the tail rises to the top and, covering half of a peculiar bow, is fastened with pins.

With the correct implementation of such a hairstyle, you should have a beautiful bow with twisted inward strands.

  • One more original variant is Malvinka with embracing strands of hair around the head:
    1. Wash your hair Apply a small amount of the foam to the hair and dry them thoroughly.
    2. Choose a piece of hair on the top of the head, lightly combed and put in a “wave” or semicircle. Stabbed horizontally with two invisibles.
    3. The small strand of hair to the left of the face is shifted to the right side so that it overlaps the top strand of your choice. Secure vertically invisible.
    4. Exactly the same actions are performed with a strand on the right side. It should cover the left side and close the free area of ​​the hair. Secure stealth upright.
    5. Repeat the weave another 2-3 times, depending on what type of hair you have and how wide you choose the strands.

Which wedding hairstyle curls are the most popular among young girls, is indicated in this article.

How does step wrap volumetric curls on long hair, can be seen on the video in this article.

How good volumetric curls look on medium hair and how difficult it is to perform such curls at home is indicated here:

But how to perform and how to make careless curls on medium hair, as well as how well they look on models. can be seen in the content of this article.

Long hair

The originality of such hair is that they do not require additional hairpieces. Enough to curl them - and the beautiful hairstyle "Malvinka" is half ready.

If you want to create yourself a truly feminine image, apply the following types of hairstyles:

  • Bind a small tail.

Performed the same way as for medium hair. However, there is no need to create an extra pile. It is enough to grab two strands and unite them on the back of the head with the help of pins or bows. The main plus in this hairstyle is the absence of the need to create one hundred percent evenness. On the contrary, negligence is allowed, giving an additional charm to the owner. But how to make Hollywood curls at home, helps to understand the information from the article.

It is carried out also, as on other types of hair, but it absolutely does not require additional combing. Look at curly hair, it will be much more impressive.

It creates a classic hairstyle with the addition of curling. If you have curly hair, it is not required. The wave is created both before the beginning of the hairstyle, and at the end. It is performed as follows:

  1. All hairs are divided into two parts: one is collected at the top of the head, and the second remains at the bottom.
  2. In the absence of curly hair, a perm is performed with lacquer fixing each curl.
  3. Regardless of the fulfillment or absence of the second item, the lower part is covered with a kerchief.
  4. Then the upper part curls. It does not require careful processing, since it is necessary to have curls, and not curls.
  5. When everything is ready, the upper part is fixed on the top of the head, and the lower part is arbitrarily distributed or lifted and fixed.

You may also be interested to learn how to make curls curling on medium hair.

This hairstyle is perfect for any occasion - festive, everyday or working. Instead of direct styling, you can use others: side, for example.

  • Weaving.
  1. It is Malvinka with the use of braids. It is performed as follows:
  2. From each of the sides, two strands are collected and plaited into braids.
  3. They are fixed on the back of the head with a gum or invisible, creating a kind of hat.
  4. It is lifted and fixed with varnish.
  5. For a long retention in one place from the bottom, the pigtails are held together by invisible ones.

Allowed to create a similar hairstyle in conjunction with the classic Malvina. In this case, instead of the usual tail, pigtails are made - bulk or standard. The first are obtained by stretching the strand after braiding. But how to make large curls on medium hair and how to do it correctly is described in detail in the video in this article.

It is carried out in full accordance with the classics, however, instead of tails or braids, flagella are created. A similar hairstyle is performed as follows:

  1. Strands are separated near the ears.
  2. Each of them is divided in half.
  3. Two-part flagella curl.
  4. The resulting harnesses are turned back and fixed on the back of the head.

If necessary, these hairstyles can be decorated with bows and other additional attributes.

Create a unique image on September 1

Each girl, going to the line, wants to be really beautiful and unique. That is why each mother has a difficult task: to create a hairstyle that does not take much time, effort, and will not bring discomfort to its little owner.

Malvink's hairstyle is the most ideal option for such an event. You can perform a variant with the use of corrugated braids.

What kind of light curls on medium hair are the most popular among young girls and how simple such curls to perform at home is indicated in this article.

It is executed like this:

  1. The zigzag parting is done.
  2. Two identical strands are created in the front and braids are woven.
  3. Pigtails are warmed by an iron corrugation. You can perform such an action both before and after.
  4. Corrugated pigtails are collected in a bundle, tied with an elastic and wrapped around a randomly made strand.

This hairstyle can emphasize the unique charm of the girl, as well as make her fashionable and more beautiful.

Among other things, Malvinka with a bang will also look quite original. At the same time, it is allowed to create both straight and short, and oblique. Performed a similar hairstyle in the same way as the classic. The only difference: the creation of the bang itself. If you want to create a direct bangs, you should use the gel.

On the video- Malvink hairstyle with their own hands:

It will also be interesting to see how short female model haircuts on a young girl's hair will look on the photo. To do this, follow the link to the content of this article.

It runs like this:

  1. At first, every strand of bangs is combed.
  2. Carefully filled with varnish with an average fixation.

If you want to use oblique bangs, this issue should be addressed in advance - about a week before the upcoming holiday. And on the Day of Knowledge applied varnish and proper styling.

Malvina hairstyle is perfect for women of absolutely any age. She assumes constant modernization and gives a rich ground for the fulfillment of the most courageous fantasies of her mistresses.

Classic option

This style will perfectly fit into a business, casual or festive look. In addition, it can be formed as on the straightso on wavy hair. So, what does Malvinka look like in the classic version?

  1. Divide the hair parting.
  2. Take a few strands on top, create a comb and fix it with varnish.
  3. Select one side strand on both sides.
  4. Connect the selected parts on the back of your head with a beautiful hairpin.
  5. Loose hair can be left straight, or make beautiful curls with a cone curling.

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Retro style

In the 60s of the last century, the high hairstyle of malvina was especially popular. Today, this arrangement can be seen on fashion catwalks and on star paths. So, how to create a beautiful image in the style of the 60s?

  1. Malvina in the retro version is done straight hair. In order to obtain the desired volume, select a few curls at the crown, peg them at the roots, and then fix with a special gel or varnish.
  2. Take strands from the top and sides and gather them from the back, securing a beautiful hairpin.

Original version with harnesses

Today in the fashion industry is an unusual unusual funky style. Adherents of the new extravagant direction were not only famous designers, but also stylists, hairdressers. The embodiment of this style in the hairdresser's art is the hairstyle of Malvinka with plaits.

  1. Separate the hair side parting. It can be made straight or diagonal.
  2. Take one front curl and divide it into two parts.
  3. Twist the two halves of a small harness. Secure it with a rubber band.
  4. Form a similar harness on the other side.
  5. Connect and secure the two received flagellum in the neck with invisible hair or a beautiful hairpin.

Stylish knot version

This styling will be a great addition to the stylish business or solemn image.

  1. Hang strands on the crown and fix them with lacquer or gel.
  2. Take one front strand one at a time and join them to the tail at the back of the head with a small elastic band.
  3. Select one large curl from the tail and wrap the gum. The resulting node secure stealth.
  4. Take one side strand on each side and fix them with stealth at the back of the head under the tail.

With pigtails

Malvina hairstyle with pigtails - universal styling that fits for any occasion. In addition, it is quite stable and, if properly executed, can last a whole day. So, how to create an interesting image with pigtails?

  1. Take a side strand over your ear, divide it into three parts and braid it in a pigtail. Repeat the same on the other side. Pigtails can be made small or wide (with stretching).
  2. Connect the two braids on the back of the head with a small elastic band or stealth.
  3. To create additional volume of hair at the crown, lift up and fix with varnish.

Elegant Malvinka with a bow

Malvina with a bow looks very impressive and feminine. However, to create such styling you will need a lot of time and patience.

  1. Take two mirrors and place them opposite each other so that you can see the back of the head.
  2. Select two wide side strands above the ears and connect them on the back of the head with an elastic band so that a small loop remains.
  3. Divide the bundle into two halves and fix them with hairpins.
  4. Attach the halves to the rest of the hair using stealth so that a beautiful bow forms.
  5. Select one narrow curl from the tail, wrap it in the middle of the bow and secure it with invisibility.
  6. Please fix the style with hair spray. For create glossy effect on the bow can be applied special gel.

Malvina with interlacing

This option is quite simply created at home, and the result exceeds all expectations!

  1. Apply a special gel or foam to clean hair and dry it with a hairdryer. This will help create additional volume.
  2. Make a pile at the back of the head.
  3. Highlight two side curls on both sides. Divide them into pieces.
  4. Overlap the strands in the back of the head (alternating different curls) and fix them with invisible ones.
  5. Fix the result with varnish.

Malvink's original hairstyle is ready!

Watch the video: Little Mix - Hair Official Video ft. Sean Paul (April 2020).