How to choose false hair: their varieties, methods of attachment and secrets of care

False hair is divided into several types:
1. Wig
2. Chignon.
3. Covers.
4. Strands.

The wig covers the entire hairy area of ​​the head. Wigs are made from synthetic (artificial) hair and wigs from natural (human) hair.
Also, there are different types of wig foundations.
Wigs can be easily removed and dressed, but have significant drawbacks. Lack of a parting, excessive density of hair, tendency to tangling.
However, the wig is one of the most durable types of laundry products. The term of operation can reach 5 years.

Chignon. These false hair can be attributed to the added hair, because its main task is to increase the volume of your own hair or to add a styling element to the created hairstyle. The chignon is attached mainly to the top of the head or the back of the head and combed with its hair. Fixation takes place by means of studs or barrettes. There are types of chignons with a previously prepared perm or color. As a rule, a hairpin is sewn from the inside of them. This look can be used as a finished decoration of your own hair.

Lining is an imitation of your own hair, but, unlike a wig, does not completely cover your head. False hair pick up the most similar to the hair carrier. It is generally used by men for baldness. False hairs are fixed by means of special barrettes - clips sewn to the wrong side of the product. This design can not be worn with the hair "hair back" because the base of the false hair is quite thick and the frontal zone shows the unnatural origin of the hair. Such linings are made individually.

Overhead strands. Mainly used to give greater length to your hair. This type of false hair is divided into several types. Building (keratin, resin, tubing, silicone). Hair on hairpins, hair on tressa and hair on silicone tape. All these false hairs are created and used to give extra length to the existing ones and do not solve, and sometimes contribute to the problem of hair loss.

What kind of hair are used.

Natural hair
"Chinese hair"
(Chinese hair)
The most durable, shiny with a smooth structure. Almost straight. It has certain disadvantages: it is rather thick (in comparison with its own hair), it doesn’t hold the curl when it is put in by the hairdryer, it turns red with time.
Indian Hair (Indian Human hair)
Thinner than Chinese, but denser than European. Well suited for almost any type of “system”. But with a large length and ever confusing hair, the term of the “life” of the system can be safely divided into two.
"European (Slavic) hair "(European hair)
Thin, airy, easy to pack, any color, shape. This hair is good for everyone, but that's just not “living” for a long time. Too thin, easy to tear when combing.

Synthetic hair
Kanekalon (Kanekalon, japan synthetic hair)

Some companies proudly call it “monofiber”, “monofiber” (monofiber), etc.
Kanekalon is of different types. External differences are in gloss, thickness and temperature of processing. Unlike natural hair, Kanekalon does not fade, but it also does not stain. It does not “love” styling with a hairdryer, and, depending on the type, either does not brush or melts, curling with a “petty demon”. It is possible to work with them by means of cheating on curlers or by working with tongs (curling iron). Kanekalon, after heat treatment, keeps its styling form for a very long time, than it gained great popularity among women who prefer a tight curl in their hair. It is used, both in pure form, and in mix with natural hair.
Yak hair
In most cases, yak hair is used in pasty decorations, where certain haircuts and precise forms are not required, because, with its structure (similar to human), it curls very strongly. It often happens when buying a wig or a hairpiece made of natural hair; when washing, the smell of manure clearly appears. You can “congratulate yourself” - this is yak hair.
This material is more durable than human hair, it is well painted, listens to the hair dryer and does not cut along the ends. The disadvantages, in addition to smell, include a curl and the habit of falling into a "felt boot."
Pony (Korea)
This synthetic fiber is often used for doll hairstyles and theatrical wigs, because it resembles a fishing line. Differs mirror shine, the lack of laying and the thickness of the fiber.
Tupeloon (Toupelon)
A variety of kanekalon with a lower processing temperature and an oval-shaped fiber, giving a peculiar brilliance and play of light on the hair.

Only 2% of women use false hair, 9% are going in the near future, and 21% want to try sometime.

2 main types of false hair on hairpins

It is possible to give the hairstyle the desired length and volume without resorting to the expensive procedure of building up the hair and not waiting for the curls to grow themselves. In the creation of a chic image of good assistants fashionistas will be false hair with barrettes.

False hair can create a stunned effect.

In addition to the rich assortment of these accessories for all occasions, overhead strands have several additional advantages:

  • In situations where a spectacular hairstyle is not necessary, and long strands will only interfere, artificial curls can be simply removed,
  • High-quality lining on the hairpins can be subjected to dyeing, thermal methods of curling and straightening,
  • The service life of hair on hairpins with proper care can reach 3 years.

There are overhead strands and minuses, which should be remembered before using them:

  1. Weight the hair, the scalp can quickly tire of their weight,
  2. There may be awkward situations in the event of accidental breakage or slipping of pins,
  3. For a more natural look, you have to comb your own hair at the roots, which causes damage to their structure,
  4. With frequent chemical and thermal effects, patch curls lose their outer gloss.

Hair on hairpins can have different shades, methods of fastening, length and degree of curling. The main difference is the material used. More expensive are made from natural hair and look quite natural. Cheap analogues consist of artificial components, therefore the list of possible manipulations with such tresses is minimized.

Hairpins from natural hair

Hair accessories with natural curls are made from natural hair and sold in sets or individual locks. They differ in the type of material on which the price of the product depends. On sale you can find natural hair with hairpins of Asian, Slavic, South Slavic and European type. Therefore, when buying, you should pay attention to this criterion, so that the overhead curls are not too different in structure from their own.

In comparison with synthetic strands, natural less confused and more resistant to external influences. Pick up the desired shade is not difficult, but if necessary, the tress can be repainted at any time.

Latest news

Fashion changes for everything - and the female figure, and makeup, and hair. But luxurious thick and healthy hair is a parameter that is timeless, trendless, and always valued and will be appreciated. Therefore, women all over the world are making maximum efforts so that their hair looks luxurious and impresses with its volume. It is good if Nature rewarded with thick curls, in this case, it is enough to choose high-quality caring cosmetics and enjoy the results. And what to do if neither serum nor balms of density is added? In this case, false hair will come to the rescue. And today it can be both familiar wigs and hairpieces, and false hair on the hairpins.

What is new?

Tressing or false hair on hairpins is one of the latest trends in the world of hairstyles, which is also liked by hairdressers and beauty salon visitors. This is not surprising, since tressy can solve the problem of hair density and volume as simply and quickly as possible. And you can even use them at home. The main thing is to choose the tresses and acquire certain skills and skills for their "fixation" on natural strands.

By the way, with the help of tresses, you can not only give your hair bulkiness, but also increase the length of the curls. It all depends on the selected false hair, which today is represented on the domestic market in different versions (dark, light, melirovannye, long, medium length, etc.).

All false hair is primarily different in composition, that is, the degree of naturalness. And false hair on hairpins is no exception. If you want to create really stylish styling that will look natural and beautiful, then you need to purchase tresses made from natural materials. Well, in order not to make a mistake with the choice, it is advisable to follow the uncomplicated advice of professional hairdressers.

Expert Tips

In order to buy quality tresses, you must first pay attention to the manufacturer's brand. As well as false hair on hairpins and traditional hairpieces should be made by a well-known brand, even if their price is slightly higher. By the way, if the selected strands are made of natural raw materials, then they can be “tinted”, twisted with curlers and even use thermal tools to give them the desired shape.

Overhead strands can be purchased both separately and as a whole set. But before you buy one or two strands of hairpins or a whole set you need to decide on the length of the hair. The ready set includes strands for both occipital and temporal areas of the head. Therefore, you can be sure that all the curls will look the same (in color), fit in length and “integrate” into your natural hair.

Given that the market presents tress in a large color palette, the choice of color should be approached very carefully. Fortunately, the false hairs on the hairpins really differ in a large number of colors, so it is not difficult to choose their tone-on-tone to natural strands.

Well, after the "additional" strands are selected (in color and length), you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of their attachment and methods of fixation. After all, some of them are fastened with velcro, some with special tools. But as practice shows, the strands on hairpins that are easily attached are also considered the most convenient, and also, if desired, are easily removed.

Advantages and disadvantages

It would seem that such a small trick as a tress, there is only a solid pros. Especially all these advantages are felt in comparison with the extension, which does not always have a beneficial effect on the state of natural hair.

As for the minuses, there are not many of them, but they are there and the average man should know about them. So hair on hairpins can (but not always) create a feeling of heaviness on the head. The second drawback is the possibility of losing the appearance of additional strands. But this is possible only if you often paint them, twist them on curlers, comb and “break” the structure with thermo tools.

And, of course, like any hair (natural), the strands on the hairpins also require special care, which includes washing, and applying a balm, and drying, etc.

By the way, as well as your own curls, and additional ones, you cannot comb them immediately after washing. The idea of ​​"squeezing" strands on hairpins should also be abandoned. Combing curls better after they are completely dry, and naturally (without hair dryer and other devices).

How to attach false hair

Artificial strands are held on the head by means of special clamps or small crabs. For more reliable fixation, you need to make the combing of the root area of ​​your own hair, and then gently attach the false curls as close as possible to the scalp. Begin with the longest and bulk strands. At the end of the procedure, the hair should be slightly combed and laid.

False hair should not be left in the hair while sleeping, use lacquer for fixation and other modeling compositions. Too frequent waving, blow-drying and the abuse of a straightening iron will adversely affect the appearance of the curls, since the hair in such hairpins is not capable of recovery due to the lack of live bulbs. Store hairpieces should be in a dedicated box to prevent contamination and tangle of strands.

Cheap hairpins: artificial hair on hairpins

Perhaps the only advantage of synthetic tresses is their cost. For all other parameters, artificial hair loses natural. To paint such curls can not curl-straighten too. In addition, artificial fibers have an unnatural brilliance and feel sharply different from expensive natural linings. To create a casual image of a long-haired beauty, this option is not suitable. Synthetic hair strands on hairpins can be used only as a supplement to the festive hairstyles.

They will look good in photos and are quite suitable for creating a certain stage image. In other situations, artificial hair from non-natural raw materials look ridiculous.

Types of hairpins with false hair: crabs, cheagami, tails, flowers and gum

With the help of false hair, you can quickly and easily create any hairstyle, if you use special attachments. Canvas artificial tress with metal clips are designed to increase the length of the hair and give additional volume, but to make a lush horse tail with their help will be difficult. For such a case, you can buy chignon-tail on tapes or mount in the form of a comb.

Hair on an elastic band have the form of a bunch. They can be used by girls with short and medium length haircut. The bundle looks more original, if you choose a lining formed from a braid or with perky neat curls.

Natural look much more effective than artificial

To make a smooth figured beam, it is recommended to use a hairpin such as heagami. It resembles a rigid spiral-shaped rope, on which strands are wound.

There are hair clips that perform the function of false bangs and crabs with colored strands to create interesting bright hairstyles. On sale you can find variations of natural and synthetic curls with rhinestones and thin braids.

Why do I need to use false hair

Not every woman has by nature thick, well-groomed hair of a pleasant color. And if they are given, then under the influence of external factors and ecology, the hair becomes brittle, falls out or has a dull appearance.

Permanent care is good, but what to do when you need to quickly give your hair a respectable look? In this case, false hair will come to the rescue.

Many people mistakenly think that it looks unnatural and even false. Modern hairdressing allows you to make such curls that can not be distinguished from the natural.

Another reason will be the ability to attach strands to any area of ​​the head: occipital, temporal, and even form a fringe. Curls operatively attached to the hair and are not distinguishable against the background of other hair.The hairstyle is obtained as a whole, the image is complete and aesthetic.

You can use fake hair all day long. Due to the strong fixation, they are not detached. You can also not be afraid to make strong movements of the head, the hair will remain intact.

This way to improve your hair appearance is also economical. It is worth only once to buy strands of suitable color, and they will last a long time. It is also important to care for them, so that the appearance remains attractive.

If you pick curls a little different color, you get the effect of highlighting.

Hair pins

There are several varieties of false hair. Their choice depends on the length of the girl’s hair, hairstyle and personal preferences. One of the most popular are false hairs on hairpins. Their main advantage is that they are perfectly attached and remain in this position all day.

This option has the form: each strand is attached to a barrette - a small-sized crab. Use them to give volume and increase the length of the hair. This kind of false hair is easy to attach by yourself.

To do this, follow the easy algorithm:

  • fasten each curl barrette in the root zone,
  • from above the site carefully cover natural hair.

It is important that the site is not bristling, looked aesthetically and naturally. Removing curls as easy as dressing them. The whole procedure takes only 10 minutes. Such a device is not a reason to deny yourself hairstyles. With skillful handling, the hairpins will not be visible at all, and the new volume and length will allow you to experiment with the look.

False hair on hairpins combine ease of use and the ability to make a woman beautiful in just 10 minutes. Strands can even be kept in a purse and quickly change your image, if necessary. It is necessary to choose high-quality materials so that the hairpins do not break, and the hair looks well-groomed and "native." Also, in order to avoid an emergency it is better to always have a spare hairpin with you. If one of them suddenly fails, you can immediately replace it with a new one.

False hair on hairpins has an acceptable cost, because they are so popular and constantly in demand. The advantages of this type are:

  • ease of use, no need to use a professional assistant,
  • elementary hair care,
  • tight hairpins that hold the design tightly
  • the ability to quickly replace the barrette if it suddenly broke.

False hair on hairpins do not have any major drawbacks. If you fix them correctly, they look very organic. The only disadvantage may be personal preferences and the desire to choose a different type of false hair. About them will be discussed further.

Hair tress

Another popular way to get chic hair. Such false hair is involved in a kind of building. But unlike the classical procedure, glue, resins and high temperature are not used. As a result, the hair is not affected by negative effects and looks healthy.

Hair tresse located on the fabric strip. It is very thin, because it becomes noticeable among natural hair. This fabric strip is carefully sewn with a special needle to the hair. This should be done carefully and slowly. If everything is done correctly, then you can not be afraid of sudden movements of the head and external influence on the head.

The advantage of this type over the hairs on barrettes is that their base is much thinner and less noticeable. Therefore, to recognize that the hair is not your own, it is simply impossible.

Algorithm of the procedure:

  • strands of appropriate length, structure and shade are selected,
  • using a hairdressing salon, needles are pressed onto natural hair,
  • strands neatly distribute, masking them as natural.

The advantages of this method are:

  • affordable price,
  • visual appeal
  • high degree of naturalness.

The disadvantages include the fact that it is practically impossible to sew oneself on such a construction. It is not necessary to go to the salon for this, it can be done by one of the relatives. But the procedure must be carried out carefully, otherwise the strands will not keep quality. If the newly-made master is not able to do this, then it is better not to spare money and contact a specialist - a hairdresser.

The hair extension method using tress is considered safer and less traumatic than traditional hair extensions. This allows you to use it more often even for weak hair.

Hair on tresses look thick, and you can choose any length.

Strands on tape: what is it

A distinctive feature of such hair is that they can be used for long-term extension. The width of the tape is approximately 4 cm, which allows the use of long strands (up to 55 cm).

The secret to long-term use and attractive appearance is that you need to put the tape as close as possible to the hair roots. With the help of silicone strips strands are attached to the base. It is hypoallergenic and does not cause discomfort. To go with such long hair can be 2 - 3 months. Then a correction is needed because the natural hair will grow back and the base will shift.

The big advantage of the procedure is that it can be done very quickly. Just a few hours and you can admire long, well-groomed hair. They also look organic and natural. Care for them should be exactly the same as for natural hair. They bravely withstand the effects of external factors.

Algorithm of the procedure:

  • after the color and length are selected, the silicone tape is glued to the very base of the hair growth,
  • so you need to do with all the strands evenly.

Advantages of false hair on tape:

  • long-term use (2 - 3 months),
  • safe and respectful hair
  • maximum naturalness
  • the ability to secure very long strands,
  • You can build it yourself.

This way to get beautiful hair has no serious disadvantages. The main requirement is to make a correction in a timely manner, otherwise the regrown hair roots will give asymmetry to the hairstyle.

The cost of such strands can be more expensive, but the price is justified by a long period of use and the ability to fix them on their own. Also, do not need to spend money on expensive care and constant monitoring of the condition of the hair.

Tails - hairpieces

Such false hair has an impressive history of development. This is a real classic, proven over the years. Chignons in the form of tails actively used in the Middle Ages. At that time, not everybody could boast a high-quality chignon, but now the choice of such options is very extensive. You can choose any color, hair structure, length. Chignons of natural hair are difficult to distinguish among the "relatives", because it is often used to give the tail thickness and make the length optimal.

Ponytail has become unusually popular lately. Supermodels, famous actresses and TV presenters go with him. Beautiful hair, collected in a ponytail, will become a real pride for any girl. The tail is fastened - chignon with the help of a comb or hairpin fixed at the base of the tail.

Algorithm of the procedure:

  • tie your hair in a tight tail,
  • attach hairpiece to the base of the tail,
  • fasten the design with tape.

The advantages of such false hair include:

  • the ability to self-fasten chignon,
  • the design is tightly mounted, which will allow to wear chignon without fear,
  • optimal cost.

The disadvantage can only be an insufficient length of hair to secure the tail.

Is it possible to attach false hair by yourself

False hair is divided into artificial and natural. Artificial version can not be painted, they are more rough to the touch and will last longer. But the cost of such hair is much cheaper than natural.

Natural hair can be dyed, washed and done all the procedures that with natural hair. They are more pleasant to the touch, and therefore are much more expensive.

Regardless of whether natural or artificial hair is selected, the procedure for their attachment can be carried out at home. Some kinds of hair are easier to fix, and with some it will have to be pretty tricky. But in any case, you can do it yourself anyway.

To attach overhead strands of different lengths you will need:

  • hairbrush,
  • strands
  • clips, ribbon, hairdressing needle or other devices that will help fasten hair.

The step-by-step instruction says that it is necessary:

  1. Carefully comb your hair.
  2. Separate one strand just below the hairline and take it to the side, secure with a clip. This is done in order to open access to the bottom strand of interest.
  3. Attach the strand to the line of parting with tape, tressa, clamp.
  4. That strand that was previously fixed, you need to dissolve and evenly lay hair.
  5. Gradually perform the operation with all strands.
  6. Slightly mix the fake fingers and your hair with your fingers to make a uniform hair.

Such simple manipulations allow you to get perfect hair, spending a bit of your time. It is not necessary to go to the salon and spend additional funds on building. Everyone can become a hairdresser himself.

Gone are the days when false hair was considered unnatural. Now they are not only convenient to fasten themselves, but also comfortable to wear even in the most extreme conditions.

The secrets of proper care

To care for natural false hair is a snap. Enough to use the same methods as in the care of their hair.

For combing, choose a straight comb. Movement should take place according to the "bottom-up" scheme. To prevent damage by accident, you can use a hair spray. Then the strands will become softer, and combing will pass without problems.

If you plan to use irons to align hair, hair dryer and other similar styling equipment, then the temperature should not exceed 170 degrees. In advance it is better to apply a special agent for thermal protection.

When it comes to the need to wash the strands, you must use a shampoo for dry and damaged hair. The algorithm is as follows:

  • comb strands
  • gently wash the hair,
  • rub the strands together
  • After the procedure, wipe them gently with a towel.

It is necessary to dry false hair approximately 9 - 10 hours in a horizontal position. You can also use the balm after washing, it will make the hair softer, add shine and silkiness. Artificial hair should be washed no less carefully. But as a shampoo, you should choose a special tool for artificial strands and conditioner for them. You can not use shampoo for dry hair, it can spoil such hair. The procedure should be carried out approximately once every three months.

The algorithm for washing artificial strands is as follows:

  • bring water to the boil (soda can be used) to soften it,
  • add shampoo to the container, stir until foam appears,
  • immerse the strands in water for 10 minutes
  • rinse your hair several times with cool water to eliminate shampoo completely.

You can dry the strands on a towel or rope, after securing them. This should be done naturally, and the hair dryer should be used in exceptional cases. Then he should work with the supply of cold air.

Comb such false hair is better than a wooden comb with wide teeth. At the same time they are not too tight. Keep strands should be away from high temperatures in a straightened form so that they are not confused.

You can only dye natural hair. This can be done at home. For this you need:

  1. Wash hair and dry it.
  2. Conduct test - test on one of the strands. If the result is satisfactory, then you can proceed to staining.
  3. Prepare the mixture - paint and apply it to the hair along the entire length.
  4. The time of staining should be approximately 2 times less than with the usual procedure. This is due to the fact that the false hair is more susceptible to chemical influences and may suffer.
  5. After the time has elapsed, the strands must be rinsed under running water and apply balm on them, which is in the package with paint.


False hair will add femininity and appeal. Even at home, they are easily attached, they are not difficult to care for. If you buy a quality natural option, it will last a long time and will look identical to your hair.

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