Step-by-step instructions for highlighting brown hair at home: how to do it using paint and foil?

There are many types of highlighting, so each girl will be able to choose for themselves the desired option. You can experiment with the methods of application, shades, area of ​​coloring and the width of the strands. Among all existing techniques, a special place is occupied by shallow highlights on brown hair, since there is an opportunity to create a unique effect, making the hair well-groomed and luxurious.

As in the case of other techniques, this technique has its own specific features regarding the choice of shade and its distribution in curls.

What is highlighting

Highlighting is the process of dyeing individual strands that can be thin or thick. Shades for dyeing hair, you can choose any. Unpainted hair remains natural.

The most popular is the small highlights on light brown hair, a photo of which allows you to evaluate the full attractiveness of this type of coloring. By this method is meant a gradual clarification of several tones. This method has a lot of advantages, since you can lighten only the required strands, and the rest remain intact.

Fine highlights on light brown hair are ideal for women suffering from dermatitis or allergies. Means used for dyeing, do not come into contact with the skin, and affect only the hair. This procedure is completely safe.

What type of highlighting is better

Any type of highlighting allows you to quickly and sparingly change their appearance, despite the fact that you need to highlight the order. Coloring is carried out only on individual strands, in some cases not even along the entire length.

The main shade of hair does not change, but well-painted strands help to emphasize it and make it more expressive. In this case, it is rather interesting to look shallow highlights on light brown hair, a photo of which allows you to evaluate the full attractiveness of such coloring. At the same time very thin curls are clarified. The hairstyle looks very attractive, the curls shimmer beautifully and become visually thicker. The result depends on several factors, in particular, such as:

  • original color of natural hair,
  • palette of selected shades
  • experience and skill barber.

Initially, frequent highlighting was used only for blondes, but now dark hair can be dyed this way. There is no unequivocal answer to the question of which highlighting is better - small and frequent or rare. Coloring small strands is more suitable for thin and lifeless hair that lacks volume.

Rare coloring is suitable for girls with thick hair who want to make their color more deep and expressive. This technology is considered more simple and gentle.

Choosing dye to highlight brown hair

The first thing to start with is the choice of dye for highlighting, its hue and strength of the oxidizer. Do it better with a professional or consultant in the store. Because several factors are taken into account:

  1. The naturalness of their hair.
  2. Shade depth.
  3. The desired result.
  4. The need for toning.

Often, after bleaching hair, they are immediately painted with light shades of paint. Then the effect after highlighting will be long, and the colors - saturated and without yellowness.

Paint composition

The clarifier consists of two components: an oxidizing agent and a lightening powder. But it is the addition of an oxidizing agent that activates the properties of the powder for clarification. But the degree of clarification will depend on the rate of oxidizerwhich there are several:

But even then they will have to be tinted with paint. Regarding the latter, it is recommended to choose bezammiachnye paints that do not overdry, do not spoil the hair, especially after lightening.

How to choose the right color for yourself?

After carrying out highlighting on light brown hair, most women get beautiful bright, natural shades. Often strands have to re-paint already paint. For this it is better to choose: wheat, sand, powder, silver shades.

Experts advise you to choose colors that are lighter in tone from the one you want to get after all the procedures. It is recommended to only highlight the dye if your hair shade is light blond, the hair structure is thin, and the dye with a large ashy oxidant.

It is best to focus on your color type.:

  • Spring is a warm color type, shades of copper and honey will do.
  • Summer - cold, which will suit ashy blond, nutty shades.
  • Autumn is a warm color type that suits gold and copper.
  • Winter fit ashy and natural light colors.

The best manufacturers

The stores offer a large variety of colors from foreign and domestic manufacturers, among which are common and professional.

Here are the top 5 best ones:

  1. Wella Professionals has three color palettes.
  2. Estel Professional includes a lot of shades, it is possible to choose the right oxidant, most of the colors look after hair and moisturize it.
  3. Matrix has a large indicator of resistance, in the palette there are even such shades as metallic and topaz.
  4. L'Oreal Professionnel has a low content of hydrogen peroxide, which spoils hair less.
  5. Londa Professional paint over even gray hair, has a high resistance.

3 step by step instructions at home

The main thing you need to adhere to when doing the highlighting of blond curls at home is to follow the step by step instructions. And consider three options:

  1. Coloring on the foil.
  2. On the hat.
  3. On the comb.

Techniques are almost the same, but there are nuances in time of exposure, paint application and type of drying.

In most cases, highlighting is used on the foil, when dyed hair is laid on it, and then closed in the form of an envelope.
In this state, the oxidizer acts faster and more deeply penetrates the hair structure. The exposure time in such cases is not less than 45 minutes with any oxidizing agent. Stained in this way:

  1. Divide the hair into several zones, pinned them.
  2. Pre-comb your hair.
  3. Mix in a glass or plastic container all the components, you can add shampoo so that the paint does not dry so quickly.
  4. Coloring is carried out by zones, from before to the center.
  5. Need to take strands on the hairline.
  6. At the end of the brush, choose strands up to 1 cm wide, alternating between natural and those that will be painted.
  7. Strand for clarification lay on sheets of foil, paint them from top to bottom, then wrap them in foil, as in an envelope.
  8. Unpainted hair should be stabbed and no longer used.
  9. Move from top to bottom, from zone to zone.
  10. After dyeing, leave the hair in this condition for 45-50 minutes.

Watch a video about hair coloring at home on the foil:

On the hat

When performing highlighting of light brown strands on the cap, you need to follow the same rules as when painting on foil, but without the last element.

Exposure time for easy clarification will be about fifteen minutes, and for strong - at least forty-five minutes.

Need to follow such recommendations:

  1. It is necessary to throw a towel on the shoulders in order to avoid getting the paint on the clothes or on the skin.
  2. Pre-comb your hair.
  3. Put a hat on your head and start pulling the strands up to 1 cm wide from the holes with the tip of a comb.
  4. Mix in a glass or plastic container all the components, you can add shampoo so that the paint does not dry so quickly.
  5. Apply paint to the hair with the end of the brush.
  6. The exposure time will be from 15 to 45 minutes depending on the desired effect.
  7. Next, wash the paint with painted strands, you can not remove the cap.
  8. Dry your hair with a towel a little, then remove the cap and wash all hair with shampoo and nourishing balm.

Watch a video about hair coloring at home on a hat:

On the comb

When highlighting the curls on the comb, the foil and the cap are not used at all, because the hair dries in the open air. This technique differs from others in that it is fresh air that is needed to achieve a smooth transition and the effect of burnt hair.

To do this highlighting you need:

  • Comb with wide and rare teeth.
  • Gloves.
  • Glass or plastic container for the preparation of the mixture.
  • Towel.
  • Compound for coloring.
  • Paint brush.

How is staining:

  1. Throw a towel over your shoulders so that the ink mixture does not fall on exposed skin and clothing.
  2. Comb curls and select strands with a width of 1-1.5 cm. The separation of strands must be done in a checkerboard pattern and in accordance with the horizontal partitions.
  3. Prepare the coloring mixture according to the instructions.
  4. Next, apply it on the strands with a brush. When applying, make sure that the paint does not fall on other strands that are not intended for dyeing.
  5. The exposure time of the paint will be up to forty minutes.
  6. Next, wash your hair with shampoo and, if desired, you can make a nourishing mask.

Length and techniques to create a beautiful shade

Depending on the length of the hairstyle, you can choose the appropriate highlighting technique that will look most natural:

  • For short hairstyles, Brazilian, French or European dyeing is suitable, in which several shades of light colors are mixed, strands are taken random and thin.
  • For medium lengths, you can use European, vocal or Hollywood coloring, in which the hair dries in the open air, the strands have a natural shade and are randomly located on the head.
  • For long hairstyles, Hollywood or European coloring with the effect of sun-bleached hair is preferable.

What can go wrong and how to avoid it?

There are several error options.that occur when self-staining the house:

  • wrong holding time
  • wrong choice of paint and shades,
  • wrong distribution of strands on the head,
  • lack of toning
  • too thick strands
  • hair burn, scalp burn.

To avoid such problems, you need to follow all the recommendations and instructions, go through a preliminary consultation with the master, visit the salon several times and carefully choose the paint. If you immediately contact the hairdresser for the procedure, then there will be no such problems at all.

How to fix errors?

To correct errors you need to go to the master in the salonwhich will offer several options:

  • Re-highlighting.
  • Dora strands.
  • Toning.
  • Full coloring with a natural shade of paint.

It will be possible to do this within three to five days after the first procedure, but you should not do it yourself.

Duration of the result and hair care

You can repeat the procedure every month and a half, but coloring only the roots and toning the remaining curls. If the hair was unnatural, you will have to paint more often.every three weeks. More often it is not recommended to do this, because the curls will dry out and break.

To prevent this from happening, follow the rules for the care of hair:

  1. Less use hair dryer and curlers.
  2. Discard biowave.
  3. Make masks every two to three days.
  4. Use conditioner or moisturizing shampoo.
  5. Allow hair to dry outdoors.
  6. Do not constantly make too tight hairstyles.

The master who takes into account the structure, rigidity and frequency of staining will tell you about all the rules for the care of the straightened strands.


If you decide to highlight itself at home, you will have to thoroughly prepare, go through a consultation, choose a shade, a dyeing technique and a paint manufacturer. It is better if you pass the first couple of procedures in the salon or watch the training videos.

If you have doubts in your abilities - you do not need to take risks, otherwise you will spoil not only the natural shade, but also the structure. Only compliance with the rules of care, and the time of exposure of the paint will get the desired result, saving money and time to visit the salons.

The main types of highlights blond hair

Highlighting is a special procedure for removing melanin from the order, due to which they become much lighter than the natural shade. Such technology of coloring is widely used to create the effect of density and masking the first manifestations of gray hair.

Depending on the technique of the sequential bleaching session, there are different types of highlighting:

  • California. His second name is Hollywood. This is one of the most popular types of curls painting. It is considered relatively safe and is often used by stylists of foreign stars.
  • Venetian. This technique fascinates the result of painting: it creates the effect of natural fading.
  • Reverse. A special kind of highlighting, where the curls are not lightened, but, on the contrary, are darkened. This method is used during the treatment of fragile and repeatedly colored hair. It reduces the harmful effects of paint.
  • Classic. Coloring option, in which the upper strands are mainly worked out. The effect of such a session largely depends on the selected curl thickness: the wider it is, the more bright the painting will look.

In addition, this type of painting is classified by the number of processed spinning. Depending on this factor happens rare highlighting on brown hair and frequent. The first option is to discolor only some strands, they can be located all over the head or in one particular area.

Frequent highlighting - a fine procedure for painting light blond hair, which requires great care of the master. Depending on the technique used by a specialist, a special cap with cuts or foil is used.

Consider each option in more detail.

California highlighting

This painting is carried out exclusively "in the fresh air." Painted areas are not covered with foil or polyethylene. Instead, the master lets them dry out in natural conditions. In the process of painting, the active substances lighten the pigment melanin, but do not penetrate deeply into the structure of the rod, thereby causing severe damage to the curls.

How is Californian highlighting performed with toning paint on light brown hair:

  1. The scheme of applying paint depends on the thickness of the hair and the desired effect. This work requires a great deal of experience and delicacy. The main component of a successful dyeing is the elaboration of very thin strands.
  2. Most often, experts prefer to work in blocks. According to the partitions, there are separate “blocks” of hair that are superimposed on the foil. After that, the curls are selected from them.
  3. Each strand is stained with a safe compound, after which it is left to dry. After 40 minutes (sometimes temporarily the interval reaches 50), the barber flushes the makeup and does the toning.
  4. The expected effect - lightening hair up to 5 tones. Please note that it is almost impossible to carry out a high-quality Californian highlighting on blond brown hair at home.The main feature of the technique is the absence of unpleasant yellow highlights.

The result will be the effect of natural burnt hair.

French or Venetian highlights

There are legends that in medieval Venice, the girls sat in the sun for up to 8 hours to get beautiful red hair. If cold Californian highlighting is performed purely on light curls, then the Venetian technique is carried out exclusively on dark locks.

How to make a beautiful highlights on the dark blond hair of medium length in the Venetian style:

  1. Initially, the master needs to zone the strands zoned. To do this, use the same scheme as for the ombre. The occipital, crown, two temporal zones and the central rhombus stand out (traditionally, it remains untouched).
  2. The dye is applied in a chaotic manner on the locks from a certain zone. This is extremely important for getting a spectacular transition from dark to light.
  3. Dye is applied from the tips of the hair to their middle. This technology of painting does not imply the elaboration of the roots.
  4. Colored locks leave to dry without foil, resulting in an interesting two or more color highlights.

With the help of Venetian technology, natural chocolate, caramel and honey shades are obtained. After the procedure is not recommended to re-toning.

Classic way

Most often at home they make just ordinary or classic highlighting. This technique involves tape-type surface staining. It will suit girls who do not want sharp transitions on strands or tend to slightly refresh their hair, while not changing the image.

How is the usual highlights for short hair brown color:

  1. Curls are divided into sections, individual zones are fixed clips. With the help of a special comb with rare teeth of different lengths, the barber chooses some curls from the total mass. After that they are combed with small scallops.
  2. A foil is placed under them, in which the dyed hair will then be wrapped. The paint is applied from the roots with a stretch to the tips.
  3. When the lock is colored, it is wrapped in foil and the action is repeated again with the next “block”. When one zone is finished, the hairdresser proceeds to the next.
  4. To give the quafure an elegant platinum, at the end of the session, powder toning is carried out. With it, the wizard removes yellow highlights. At home, you can use tinted or tinted shampoo.

At home, the procedure can be carried out with a conventional shower cap. To do this, cut the polyethylene with scissors to get a uniform mesh. After putting the device on the head, and gently pull the locks with a hook or tip of the comb. The main thing is not to take thick curls, otherwise you will get ugly transitions between painted and “your” areas.

Reverse highlighting

This is a complex staining of repeatedly bleached hair. In contrast to the classical method, with reverse technology, the curls do not discolour, but, on the contrary, are stained with dark paint. On light and light-brown hair, such highlighting looks very impressive, emphasizing the contrast of the hairstyle.

How is Ice Tint stained:

  1. First, the master paints the curls in a dark shade, as close as possible to the natural color. It can be natural caramel or even chestnut shading.
  2. After the hair is washed with water to get rid of paint and dried. Now from the stacks are selected certain strands that are carefully combed with a fine comb.
  3. On the pile and light paint is applied. The lightening compound is left to dry without foil, then it is washed off. If necessary, in addition carry out platinum tinting.

This type implies a very thin highlighting, almost natural. Contrast coloring will suit owners of dark hair - growing roots will not be strongly evident.

Highlight dark blond hair

The most beautiful and bright looks discoloration strand on dark brown hair. Often, the procedure simply means light highlighting with the use of harmless dyes.

Depending on the technique used, there are such types of painting:

  • Multicolor. Very fashionable coloring in the style of the 90s. then at the peak of popularity was the combination of several shades of hair. This may be blue ebb or strands with a pronounced pink hue, combined with a platinum primary color, etc.
  • Classic. Here coloring is carried out in two colors. In most cases, honey and platinum. The result is an elegant transition between "their" color and dyed hair.

Partial highlighting

The second name of this technology - Brazilian coloring. This type of highlighting is ideal for long hair of light brown color, which will later be tinted in ashen color. The technique is very similar to the unusual Californian discoloration, but it does not imply painting the top of the head area.

Here, the whole mist is zoned into side, two central sections, the back of the head and a crown lozenge. From each section, except for a rhombus, strands are selected, which are covered with a dense layer of paint. The hair is left to dry in air, after which it is additionally tinted.

Dual zonal highlighting is widely known for its interesting appearance. When all areas are dissolved, the rhombus partially covers the dyed hair, emphasizing the naturalness.

Balayazh and shatush

Very effective highlighting of blond hair at the ends, can also combine toning and coloring. Best suited for curly girls or lovers of complex hairstyles. It looks original and intriguing, because with the interweaving of dark strands and blond curls, an impressive drop is created.

How to make highlight ombre on short hair brown color:

  1. If you have a bob or cascade - do not despair. Even on these hairstyles clarified look organic. To begin with, collect the hair high tail at the crown and mix it. It should be like a palm tree.
  2. Hair with pile up carefully stained from tip to gum. Ideally, you need to stop at a distance of 1 centimeter to the tie. If you go down below, the paint will “slip” and as a result, the ombra will look inaccurate.
  3. For dark hair after washing it is necessary to additionally carry out platinum or silver toning. No need to run and buy expensive specialized powders. To this end, many well-known "Tonic" will do an excellent job.

If desired, after 2 weeks after painting, you can make a creative color ombre on your hair - purple, red or multi-colored.

Shatush - thick partial highlighting of light brown or dark hair, as a result of which a stretched color is obtained. In fact, it is practically the same as an ombre, only after it you get not straight and clear lines of transition of shades, but soft flowing waves. Shatush or stretch goes to all girls, regardless of their haircuts. The most important thing is to choose the right shade.

Reddish highlighting and dyeing in ashy color

In 2017, fashion podiums blew the newest trend - tiger eye coloring. This is a copper reddish highlighting, which is a cross between shatush and discoloration. There are two types: sequential and classical. His technique does not differ from the Venetian bleaching, with the exception of selectable shades.

Hair, painted on such a system, look the most natural. After working out redheads, beautiful chocolate, bright golden-red and fiery curls are obtained. To learn more about the technique we recommend viewing the video tutorial.

Photo staining options

To accurately select the necessary highlighting technique for light brown hair with bangs, without it, or shoulder-length, you need to view more than one dozen photos. We tried to facilitate the task and collected photos of all existing staining options. With such an assortment, you will be able to independently select the desired type of bleaching.

Highlights on short hair and square

In the past, large highlights and short haircuts were considered to be incompatible. Now it is one of the most iconic trends of our time. For greater showiness, the partings of short haircuts are decorated with contrasting sequins or given off with colored wax.

Highlighting medium length

Naturally, the most common are different ways of highlighting the curls to the shoulders. Plus of such length that it is simpler to paint and stack it. Consequently, ombra, balayazh and "California" most effectively look at the cascade and "straight line" hairstyles.

Long hair

On the locks of the 3rd and 4th length, you can do any of these types of staining. In particular, wide band highlighting or deep gray ombre.

Images with bangs

The hardest thing to work with the hair in the face. If the length of the bangs allows - then it is painted as well as the main shock. If not, then just do not touch. What is the result - can be seen on the photo.

Reviews claim that on average, highlights on light brown hair lasts up to 3 months in its original form. After it begins to fade or turn yellow. To return to his original beauty will need to attend a session of correction.

What shades are better for choosing

For small highlights on light brown hair, various lighter or darker shades of the same range are well suited. In particular, a good option would be such as:

For girls with light eyes, a light brown tone is well suited. Even on a natural dark blond color, a more delicate and sophisticated light-brown modulation will look good. Ash color looks good in combination with peach skin and light eyes. It should be borne in mind that the ash tones require more frequent visits to the stylist for constant updates.

When performing fine highlights on dark brown hair, a golden hue would be a very good option. It is perfect for girls with brown eyes. If the skin is light, then this shade does not fit, as it will just merge with the face.

If you want something unusual, you can make bright orange, red, blue and pink strands.

The main trends of highlighting

Natural light brown hair color has always been relevant in women. It looks particularly interesting with one of the most popular types of highlighting. Among the most relevant types of small highlights to light brown hair are such as:

  • classic,
  • Californian
  • Venetian,
  • french
  • the opposite,
  • open
  • toning.

Classic highlighting of small strands of light brown hair (photo in the article) is considered the most simple and common. This technique has been used for several years and implies the coloring of thin strands from root to tip. The thickness of the strands can be very different, from very thin to fairly wide, depending on the desired result.

California highlights are perfect for light brown hair. As a result, you can get the effect of a few strands sun-faded. From the outside it looks very attractive, feminine, gentle. In addition, this coloring is considered the most gentle and is ideal for all types of hair.

Highlighting on short hair looks very interesting, and then toning. This implies the fact that several shades are applied to the base shade of hair, which can be lighter or darker.

Venetian highlighting resembles the technique of California dyeing, but other shades are selected for this. The wets are painted simply with a brush and do not require the use of any aids. At the same time 4-6 shades can be used, in particular, such as chocolate, cognac, coffee, caramel. Dye is applied with a special brush, and then dried with a hairdryer. As a result, the transition of half tones is gradual and softer. The sun creates the appearance of overflows.

Highlighting only the roots still remains relevant. This trend mainly extends to light and dark hair colors. Such coloring helps to give a special style and sophistication.

French frequent fine highlighting of light brown hair belongs to a gentle type and is carried out using a special wax without the use of ammonia. Curls are lightened by several semitones. Looks very interesting on blond hair. Mainly obtained dairy, wheat, golden color. Curls remain soft and do not overdry. However, it is worth noting that the French highlights on dark blond hair will not be noticeable.

Reverse highlighting on light brown hair with fine strands is used when you need to regain your natural shade. When applying this technique, several strands are painted in a natural color. Girls with light-colored hair very successfully use this technique to give greater brightness and additional expressiveness to the image.

The reverse shallow highlighting on dark blond hair implies the fact that the use of additional materials (foil, cap, film) is not required when carrying out such dyeing. The dye is applied to strands that are not separated from the main mass. The dye does not touch the scalp, so this method of highlighting does not cause allergies. Grown roots are not visible, as the painting is not carried out along the entire length of the hair.

Advantages and disadvantages of highlighting

Small highlights have certain pros and cons of a similar procedure. The main advantages of this procedure are the following:

  • looks natural and beautiful
  • does not require frequent correction,
  • hides gray hair,
  • makes the hair more voluminous
  • less damage to hair
  • looks good on long hair.

However, it is worth noting that small highlights have certain disadvantages, among which it is necessary to highlight such as:

  • takes a lot of time
  • characterized by the complexity of execution,
  • does not suit girls with brittle and dry hair,
  • is expensive compared to classic technology,
  • at non-observance of technology it looks not too beautiful.

If a perm or dyeing has recently been applied, then highlighting is preferably postponed for about 1-1.5 months, as the result will not please.

What are the technology

There are several different techniques for performing strand coloring, in particular, such as:

When dyeing on the foil, the hair is divided into several strands, some of them are covered with a special coloring agent and covered with foil. This method is ideal for toning and highlighting long hair.

Coloring on the cap implies that a special cap intended for coloring is put on the head beforehand. Through the hole pull the desired strands, which are then painted with special means. This technique is just perfect for short haircuts. When coloring on a comb, you can perform frequent highlighting, when you do not need to create a contrast effect.

Independent highlighting

Highlighting on short hair at home can be done quite quickly and easily; the most important thing is to strictly follow the basic rules. Before painting it is not recommended to wash your hair. It is necessary to carry out the procedure no earlier than 2-3 days after washing the head, since the resulting fat layer will prevent damage to the strands.

The paint can not be overdone, as this will not only interfere with achieving the required color depth, but can also damage the hair.There should be no wounds, abrasions and scratches on the scalp. Before performing the staining procedure, you must perform a skin test to ensure that you are not allergic. Be sure to first cut the split ends. It is recommended to select the shade, based on the color of the face, so that the oval can be emphasized.

Highlighting on short hair at home with a hat itself implies that a special cap with small holes all over its surface is put on the head beforehand. Then the thin end of the comb or hook through the holes pull out strands, which cause the dye.

If you want to conduct surface staining, you need to use curls in every third hole. If you want to tint the average frequency, then you need to pull the curls through one hole.

If intense colouration is required, then all holes must be activated. After applying the dye to the hair, you must wait for the time specified in the instructions, since for each dye it may be different, and then wash it off. As a result of this, expressive contrasting curls are obtained, which stand out against the general background.

Dyeing with foil is the most convenient method for medium length and long hair. On the head initially you need to make a parting, then select 4 zones. Cut the foil into small strips. The length of the foil should be taken taking into account the length of the curl and leave even a small indent for bending. It is best to start coloring from the nape.

The paint was initially applied to the foil, then a strand of hair was placed on it, onto which the coloring composition was applied, retreating about 5 mm from the scalp. Then you need to bend the foil strip and seal it. After the end of the exposure time you need to remove the foil. Then you need to wash your head well. The effect is similar with the use of a cap.

Highlights short hair

Small highlights on light brown short hair, a photo of which allows you to appreciate all the beauty, can be done on a bob haircut, a bob, or other short haircuts. It is able to favorably emphasize the oval of the face, as well as mask the flaws. This procedure is quite simple, it can be performed independently. In addition, highlighting allows you to give the hair originality and vitality.

At the same time, any methods of coloring can be applied, since these can be natural shades or more bold, using bright accents. The more variations of shades will be applied in the process of dyeing, the more volume will look haircut. On short hairstyles looks very nice coloring tips.

Highlighting long hair

Fine highlights on light brown long hair can be made in any version. Long hair can be dyed using a variety of techniques. Highlighting along the entire length looks very nice, and it will also be interesting to look at staining in several colors. In addition, you can select only a few strands near the face, which will be beneficial to emphasize its oval. You can lighten only the tips.

It should be borne in mind that when conducting the dyeing procedure, the melication using foil is considered to be of the highest quality.

Hair care

Any staining - exposure to chemicals, and often it is carried out with lightening, which is bad for the health of the hair and scalp. After such a procedure, hair care is absolutely necessary. In addition, it is advisable to cut a bit of tips, since the dye acts on them especially strongly, as a result of which they split.

For drying, it is undesirable to use a hair dryer or to turn on drying with cold air. Shampoos and balms must be purchased specifically for colored hair. Approximately 1-2 times a week apply a regenerating mask so that the curls are much softer, and the result is preserved for a long time.

If you need a long stay in the sun, then you need to wear a hat or use hair care products with UV protection. It is important to eat right, food should be balanced, it is worth eating a lot of fruits, vegetables and taking special vitamin complexes.

Benefits of highlighting technique

The highlighting technique is a hair dyeing procedure in which only individual curls change color.

Like other techniques (balayazh, shatush), it has advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of hairdressers and stylists include such factors:

  • You can change hair colors without damaging the main part of the curls,
  • The composition of paint for highlighting does not contain aggressive components. The basis are oils, vitamins and light dyes. Therefore, highlighting leads to both a careful transformation of hair, and their health and shine,
  • The technique of highlighting on light brown hair allows you to make them visually more voluminous,
  • Regrown roots will be virtually invisible. They will need to be updated only in 1-2 months,
  • Highlighting medium-length blond hair is a budget option for a new look. This length allows you to use a minimum of dyes,
  • Ideal for gray hair.

Disadvantages of hair coloring when highlighting

Despite the advantages, this procedure has its drawbacks.

The disadvantages include:

  • Such staining is prohibited to carry on damaged and weak hair. Also not conducted earlier than a month on dyed hair and hair that has been subjected to chemical perm,
  • For those who used henna or basma before, highlighting causes significant damage to the hair,
  • More time is spent on highlighting than on full hair dyeing,
  • Hair care after the procedure implies the use of medical masks and products
  • At home it is very problematic to get a result close to professional.

Despite the deficiencies of the technique of highlighting, you should not abandon the transformation of hair.

Types of highlighting on medium-length blond hair (photo)

Interesting fact! The first who offered to dye hair in the technique of highlighting, was Jacques Dessanzh. Bridget Bordeaux became his muse. Or rather her hair.

Bang on blond hair Bridget slightly burned out. Then Jacques decided to highlight her hair of medium length. He lit up some strands. As a result, Bridget Bordeaux's hairstyle has become more airy and more tender.

Women around the world began to imitate her hairstyle and hair. For many years after that, stylists and professionals in the hairdressing world have been inventing and creating new types of coloring.

Classic highlighting

This view is one of the easiest to perform staining. Classic highlighting is the coloring of the strands over the entire length in one color.

The thickness of the curls can be any: and thick and thin strands. The girl chooses the thickness herself, depending on what color and the result she wants to get. Such highlighting is suitable for women of all ages.

The classic look of highlighting paints gray hair and gives them shine and healthy look.

French highlighting

This type of staining is one of the safest. This is achieved by using dyes without ammonia.

With this highlighting, the length of the curls becomes evenly discolored. It turns out the effect of hair that burned out in the sun.

French highlighting is suitable for light brown hair, when there is a desire to slightly change the color. Because maximum clarification goes on 3 tones. Suitable for short hairstyles and hair of medium length.

On dark hair of light brown shade French highlighting will not be noticeable.

Partial (zonal) highlighting

Zonal highlighting is the clarification of individual curls. As a rule, lightening is done only on the upper curls, strands around the face, bangs and ends.

Zonalhighlightinglooks good onlight brown hair of medium length. This type of highlighting visually adds volume to the hairstyle.

Brazilian-French coloring

This highlighting looks spectacular on short and medium hair length. On medium blond hair it is better to experiment with color.therefore it is more preferable.

Brazilian-French coloring takes place in 2 stages. In the first stage a few curls are clarified. In the second stage, the remaining strands of color change with the help in various colors and shades.

Ombre (degrade)

This look is a hair coloring, where the result is a transition from dark to lighter-colored hair. As a rule, the dark shade is located at the roots of the head, and the ends of the hair are lightened.

Initially, only two colors of paint were used in the “degrad” technique. Today, professionals are experimenting and can use several colors in coloring.

Highlighting blond hair looks spectacular on long and medium length hair.

Choosing how to highlight blond hair of medium length, photos and videos of this article will give you a guideline.

California (or caramel)

Californian is one of the safest hair highlights. Since the hair roots are not affected by dyeing. The straightening of the strands is no more than two tones.

The basis for this technique is mixing several colors. For staining does not require film or foil.

For a uniform shade of hair, the dye is applied in different order, and then mixed on the hair. With such staining there is no bright color contrast. And the hair color looks natural and shiny.

Venetian (amber or milanese)

Venetian is similar to Californian highlighting. When amber highlighting requires two shades that are close to each other in the color palette. In addition, the foil is also not used.

The paint should be applied to the middle and ends of the hair. Then the paint is distributed from the middle of the hair to its ends with a special brush for hair coloring. The result is a very smooth, barely noticeable color transition.

The essence of the procedure

The procedure consists in coloring individual strands and tips, and not the entire head of hair. Russification - fertile material to create the most expressive image. Current trends in this area open wide field for improvisation. You can keep the natural color, giving it shine and depth.

You can drastically change the image using the most incredible shades. Coloring bangs or tips, lighten the general background or the area around the face - everyone decides for himself. Ideally, a good master will co-author all these changes. He will choose the most gentle and most effective way transfiguration of appearance.

Advantages of the technique

  • The ability to change colors in a gentle way without damage to the main part of the hair by chemicals. The newest compositions for highlighting consist of natural ingredients and contribute to the improvement of hair.
  • Cost savings, as with most types of highlighting, it is sufficient to tint the roots for a long time.
  • Giving visual volume.
  • Efficiency in the fight against gray hair.
  • Growing roots are not visually distinguished on the general background.


  • The difficulty of achieving a perfect result at home. Although nothing is impossible.

  • The procedure can be carried out only one month after carving, perming or full dyeing.
  • Sick and weak hair - a clear contraindication even for a sparing chemical exposure.
  • Fans of henna and basma should switch to alternative methods. staining, otherwise the use of chemicals can hopelessly spoil the hair.
  • The need for careful care, the use of therapeutic balms, shampoos and masks.
  • Duration of the procedure at least twice as much as with standard staining.
  • French (mazhimish)

    Perfect result achieved on light brown and wheat heads. Brightening a few tones guarantees the effect of sun-bleached hair with bright highlights. This technique does not imply the observance of a chess order, due to which a smooth overflow of one shade to another is achieved.


    • brightening with highlights creates additional volume, the hair becomes shiny and well-groomed,
    • the safety of the coloring matter, in which there is no ammonia, but there is beeswax,
    • the structure of the hair follicles is not destroyed,
    • regrown roots do not stand out against the general background, and therefore need the intervention of the master only after a few months,
    • accentuating shades that are half a tone different from the natural color, you can easily hide a light gray hair.


    The way that brightens the individual strands, then paints in different shades. Then all the hair is mixed, and the result is a multi-colored, but easy highlighting.

    Venetian (amber milanese)

    This method is suitable for dark blond women. Coloring is carried out by a professional hairdresser. Foil is not used. The paint is applied to the tips and the middle, then a brush along the length. After all, wheat, lemon, coffee, chestnut strands of black hair should be natural.


    • reflections, which are obtained by combining shades, give hair density, volume,
    • there is no need to carry out the procedure frequently.

    This method returns a natural shade. Often it is used by those who do not like what their bleached curls look like, with grown dark roots. It is necessary to gloss over a pair of black curls in color, which will be similar to blond, curls will again delight.

    Classic - light blond hair

    The most common variant of discoloration, in which the entire length of the strand is painted or near the face. This is a one-step painting. This option makes the strands healthy and also gives lightness.

    Classic - for dark blond hair

    One of the ways - black hair contrasted with light strands, the second option - a slight lightening, and then painting in any color. To create a natural image, with the transition from one color to another, barbers advise lighting, painting to do thin strands, which then need to be mixed, which will give the desired hairstyle.

    With a hat

    It is recommended for short strands, a cap with holes with a checkerboard pattern and a hook to pull the curls are required

    Step-by-step instruction:

    1. Comb your hair, wear a hat. Select the highlighting option, pull out the curls:
      • every hole (strong painting),
      • every 2nd (average painting),
      • each 3rd (weak highlights).
    2. Dilute paint, apply. Withstand individually, taking into account the level of clarification, as well as the structure of the hair - 14-31 minutes. For thick, black hair, the time increases - up to 41 minutes. At the beginning, the front and top strands are colored, then the side and rear ones.
    3. Wash off the mass, being in the hat.
    4. Take advantage of the balm.
    5. Rinse again.

    With foil (thermal paper)

    For different lengths. Means: foil (food grade), the strips of which are 2 times longer than the strands (flat) tassel, capacity and cape.

    Step-by-step instruction:

    1. Choose painting technique: darning (according to the standard - finely for creating the background, large for contrast), veil (painting the strands 3-4 millimeters thick in a zigzag shape), triangles (obtaining triangular components for creating relief), triangular plates (for cascading haircuts).
    2. Plots are divided: parietal, occipital and lateral, fixed with rubber bands (clips).
    3. Start painting from the back of the head, then the parietal, temporal parts, while strands are placed on the pale side of the foil with a mixture applied with a distance of not less than 0.5 cm from the root.
    4. Weight applied to the strand, closes on all sides, rises to the root, is fixed with clips (if necessary).
    5. About 2 centimeters receding, the procedure is done with the next strand.
    6. You need to withstand individuallyusing instruction.
    7. Rinse off sequentially with pryadokwhich were painted first.
    8. Apply balm and rinse again.

    1. "Glazing" - used for short haircuts. The procedure is performed on the ends, after a certain time for different colors.
    2. "Frost" - for wavy strands, to increase the volume. Wet, dried strands are colored with their heads bowed down.
    3. Radical - only regrown strands are stained, the foil is placed not along, but across, to cover the roots, which require correction.
    4. Without foil - The use of popular coloring techniques: Californian, French, Venetian.

    Step-by-step instruction:

    1. Prepare paint (a couple of colors).
    2. Comb and divide 2-3 centimeters in yarn.
    3. To paint the outer edge vertically or staggered. Paper napkins can be used instead of thermal paper.
    4. Hold 30-41 minutes.
    5. Wash off, take advantage of the balm

    For streaked hair, special care is recommended. It is necessary to use special masks and balms, blow-dry with thermal protection, do not use the iron often.

    Perform highlighting at home step by step

    Having decided to make highlighting at home, you need to decide on the final hair color and know a few rules.

    Professionals recommend to make highlights not on clean hair. So the hair will be protected by sebaceous glands. The scalp should be free from scratches, wounds and abrasions.

    Hair should be healthy. You should not use hair highlighting immediately after curling or solid dyeing.

    Before staining, it is imperative to check the body for the presence of allergic reactions.

    Choose the shade of paint you need, focusing on the color type of skin and natural hair color.

    With foil (with thermal paper).

    The method of dyeing with foil is suitable for both short and long hair. The procedure will require a foil, brush and a bowl of paint. The width of the foil should be calculated from the width of the hair strand + 4 cm.

    Before dyeing the hair must be very well combed and divided into three halves for convenience. A sheet of foil is taken and enclosed under a curl. Then paint is applied and the hair is wrapped in foil.

    The remaining strands are painted in the same way. The exposure time is from 10 to 40 minutes. Then the paint is washed off with warm water and a balm is applied. Then the balm is washed off.

    Manual mode (using a comb)

    The easiest way to highlight is the manual method. This will require paint and a comb with sparse teeth.

    First, the paint is applied to the comb, and then the comb to the hair. Due to the rare teeth of the comb, the paint is applied evenly to all the hair. After a set time, it is washed off with warm water.

    French style and charm

    Photo of French dye for medium blond hair

    This method is suitable for those who are not ready to radically change the hair color. All you can count on is a light shade that will more resemble strands that have faded in the sun.

    French highlighting will suit light-blond curls, but on dark hair it will be almost imperceptible. The composition for the procedure may differ in shade, often the preference is given to the range from light coffee to dairy.

    Californication or girl in the taste of Hank Moody

    California highlighting is often confused with ombra, but the procedure for its implementation is significantly different

    The legendary Hank Moody, represented by the no less legendary David Duchovny, was preferred by the ladies who seemed to have gone from the advertising covers of the resorts. And what a resort without the scorching sun and burnt hair ends.

    Californian highlighting helps to achieve such an effect on light brown hair. The composition includes natural ingredients, coloring pigment and wax, which means that the hair can find any shade - “nut”, “honey”, “coffee”, “brandy”.

    Note! This method belongs to the category of gentle, is carried out without foil and thermofilm, therefore it is suitable even for thin hair.

    The important point is that after the procedure you do not have to tint the roots monthly, the hairstyle will look attractive due to the peculiarities of the technology.

    Brazilian rhythms

    Brazilian highlighting is the most difficult method of dyeing, so its implementation should be left to masters

    Highlighting highlights come from Brazil. It is carried out by dyeing individual strands into colors that are similar in tone, which, when combined, form a single mass.

    Like the Californian type, it can preserve its original beauty for a long time, since the instruction allows you to start it not from the top of your head.

    Timeless classics

    Classic highlighting of hair on light brown hair can be done in several ways that can be realized even at home.

    The classic method can be carried out both along the entire length and on separate strands of the face. Highlighting on dark brown hair is realized in two directions. The first is contrasting white strands on a dark background, the second is a light clarification with further coloring in any shade.

    For extraordinary personalities, bright red, yellow or even rainbow-like coloring will suit

    Choosing a composition

    Of course, if you trust the master, he will select the appropriate tool on his own.

    It is a completely different matter if you plan to do the painting yourself, here all the responsibility for the choice and the result lies solely with you.

    Is it worth it to risk the beauty of hair, trusting their coloring to relatives or girlfriend

    • Lightening powder "Blond" - the most aggressive tool that in the hands of an amateur can completely spoil the quality of hair. But it is with his help that highlighting is carried out on dark blond curls.

    Lightening powder should not be used on thin and dry curls, the price of ignoring this recommendation is health and hair length

    • Paint "Mazhimesh" - the sparing structure with a consistence of cream. Careful attitude to the hair is provided by the presence of wax in the composition. As a result of its use, a light golden hue is obtained, so the Mazhimish paint is not recommended for dark curls.

    L’Oreal Professionnel Majimeches - Italian Brightening Highlighting Cream

    • Platifiz Precision Powder used for partial or full hair lightening. In rare cases, the master agrees to apply it on gray hair, because she will not be able to show all its effectiveness.

    Platifiz Precision is not used on gray hair due to its softness and gentle composition.

    • Platine Precision Bleaching Powder it is preferable to apply on short hair. Its advantage is the ability to get a platinum shade and lighten previously painted curls on seven tones.

    Light ash highlights are suitable only for representatives of the cold color type. In addition, to maintain a cool shade, systematic use of a violet-toning shampoo will be required.

    Special attention requires the process of highlighting blond hair, which for the most part is quite soft and thin. The most suitable methods practiced among hairdressers is mazhimash and baliyazh. The second option is more suitable for imparting structure and visual volume to short hair.

    If you want to darken multiple highlights a little, perform the procedure “vice versa”

    If you do not intend to switch to the “light” side, choose a fine backlash. In this case, the hairstyle becomes saturated colors.

    Photos before and after the procedure of re-highlighting

    Home hairdresser

    If you fired up to make a beautiful highlight at home, the most appropriate methods would be through a cap, using foil or rubber bands.

    1. The method with elastic bands is suitable for those who first took up the hair salon brush and has no experience in dyeing. Divide the entire mass of hair into three parts and tie into tails with the help of elastic bands. Apply the brightening compound to the desired length.

    The method of coloring with the help of gum is suitable for those who want to get Californian highlighting

    After the exposure time specified in the instructions, the hair is washed without removing the gum.

    The result of staining with gum at home

    1. The cap method involves the use of a special hairdressing device or dense polyethylene.

    A cap with holes is put on the head and with the help of a hook individual strands are pulled into the holes. After all the strands are stretched, they are covered with a brightening composition. Removal of residues is carried out after removing the cap.

    The sequence of the procedure of clarification through a special hairdresser's hat

    Note! This method is suitable only in the case of short haircuts, not having enough experience when trying to stretch long strands, you can confuse them.

    On short haircuts, you can easily create several accent strands with a cap.

    1. If you have long hair, stop at the method, implemented using foil. At home, suit the usual culinary foil of maximum density.

    The layout of the strands when performing staining through foil

    Strands of desired thickness begin to separate from the occipital region. A reliable assistant for the procedure will be a comb-needle with a thin tip. Strands laid on the foil and treated with the composition. The top strand is covered with foil.

    Gentle highlights on light brown hair and contrasting strands have now been at the peak of their popularity for several seasons. Now and then stylists of fashion houses remind us that we can try on different images without a cardinal change of color.

    If you are ready to become new this spring, the video in this article will help you choose the appropriate type of staining and spend it at home.

    Partial French

    If the classical technique is more suitable for medium and long blond hair, partial looks good on dark hair, applicable for short haircuts.

    The essence of the method - zone straightening: upper, around the face, bangs, tips. Looks like this highlights on light brown hair, look at this photo:

    General rules

    • Head should not be clean. At least 2 days after the last wash. In this case, secretions secreted by the sebaceous glands are preserved, protecting the hair follicles from damage.
    • On the scalp can not be irritated or scratched. The condition of the hair must be satisfactory.
    • Similar the procedure is not allowed immediately after general dyeing, perm or carving. It is necessary that at least a month has passed.
    • Regular use of henna or basma is incompatible with highlighting.
    • The choice of shade should be in the range of color palette, which fits skin tone perfectly.
    • Be sure to conduct an allergy test.

    For the hair is very useful bread mask: find out from our article how to do it!

    Learn all about the rules of selection of hairstyles by type of person from this useful publication.

    Another interesting hair coloring method is ombre. All about gradient painting read here.

    Features of hair care after the procedure

    Competent and regular care is the key to keeping your hair healthyimpeding the destruction of hair follicles. Ignoring this step negates the effect of the procedure. What does hair need?

    • The use of medical balm directly after dyeing and after washing.
    • Using quality products for the care of melirovanny and dyed hair: masks, shampoos, balms, conditioners.
    • Once a week - a special mask.
    • Protection against excessive insolation with the help of specialized tools: masks with argan oil, sports sun shampoos, thermoactive oil, sunscreen sprays, thermal cooling foams.
    • Refusal of frequent use of irons and hair dryers. Natural drying is preferred.
    • Daily head massage with a special brush.
    • To increase shine - the use of serums and fluid gels.

    Highlighting - a gentle and effective way to change the appearance, an opportunity for interesting experiments. Such coloring keeps healthy bulk of hair, easier to correct.

    Larisa, 35 years old, Moscow:

    “I have a bright mane. I did not know before that it could also be dimmed. Master offered the French technique. I liked it because it shone and the skin tone came up very well. ”

    Marina, Saratov:

    “California is very cool. Dear for me, of course. But not sorry. I look like a star in the picture. It turned out that I really go caramel and golden hues. In six months I will try to do it again, because I am tired of walking with a pale mouse. ”

    Zoya, Tula:

    “I made the house brightening through the cap. I fumbled with the selection of the composition, overdid it, the color was not very. Still, better next time I will do with a familiar master. I think it will be better. ”

    Kristina, 27, Moscow:

    “I thought that with my curls of a decent look you won’t get and the paint would not fall down like that. The cabin offered "Frost." So cool turned out. The color is excellent, the highlights are beautiful. Now I know that you can do something cool with me. ”

    Katya, Ekaterinburg:

    “So many years worn with her natural mop, she was afraid to paint, and then suddenly she would ruin. Nonsense all this. After highlighting, she was ten years younger, and her face looks completely different. So much time wasted. Compliments from all sides.

    In this video, you can see how we highlight blond hair:

    Watch the video: HOW TO COLOR 101 USING FOIL Hair Color Technique (April 2020).