How to make a bow of hair: 3 ways

At the moment, a beautiful bow of hair is considered one of the most popular jewelry for women's hairstyles. However, not all girls know how to make a bow out of hair! This article talks about how to make a hair "bow" - how to braid a bow, as well as detailed step-by-step instructions for a hair bow from hair.

What do you need a child or girl for hair "Bow"

In order to make a bow on her head, the girl uses the following items:

    2 thin elastic bands (according to hair color),

If a girl has playful curls on her head, then before braiding a bow of hair, she should straighten the hair with a curling hair.

If a woman has thin and liquid hairs, then in a similar situation she makes her hair volume - using large curlers.

Scheme №2: 2 loop technique - a bow on medium hair

At the moment, the girls use another 1 scheme of weaving a bow of hair. In this situation, a woman does her hair from 2 separate tails.

In order to make a bow of hair - from 2 tails, a woman performs the following actions:

Diffuser application

Before doing hair bow, when drying hair, the girl uses a hair dryer with a diffuser. In this situation, the woman performs the following actions:

When drying hair girl tilts her head down, and the heated air is directed against the growth of hair. In a situation like this, a woman picks up hairs at the roots

Using curlers

Often the girl makes her hair fluffy and voluminous through the use of curlers. In this case, the woman winds hair strands on large curlers.

In order to make the hair volumetric, the girl performs the following actions:

Before removing the hair curlers, the girl carefully dries the hairs with a hair dryer.

If a girl uses heated hair rollers, then she holds them on her head for 20 minutes, and then dries the strands with cool air. Then removes the thermal rollers from the head.

It is impossible to comb curls! In a situation like this, a woman with light hand movements distributes and beats curls.

As a result, she sprays her hairstyle with a lacquer fixer.

Creation nuances

Before you begin, you need to know a few nuances of the perfect bow:

  1. You should not do this hairstyle, if the strands are in poor condition: dull, lifeless and whipped. They will only attract extra attention.
  2. The bow emphasizes facial features, therefore it is not recommended for those who consider their forehead wide, nose large, and chin heavy.

What tools will be needed:

  • Invisible
  • Studs.
  • Means of fixation and styling (mousse, foam, varnish).
  • Gum (preferably different size).
  • Brush.
  • Iron or hair dryer brush.

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Classic scheme

It is necessary to work with dry clean strands. Wet curls are easier to lay, but in this case the bow will not work volumetric. If you have thin hair, then it should be slightly curled with a curling to give volume.

  • You must carefully comb and make the tail in place of the future bow.
  • Then the bundle follows: do not tighten the tail to the end and leave the loop. The beam shifts to the front of the head.
  • The loop is divided into two parts with the help of a strand: these are the halves of the bow. Then the strands are hidden under the bow with the help of invisible women. Also of them you can make a pigtail to create a woven middle.
  • If the tips stick out, they can be removed with a gel or mousse.

Hairstyle bow of hair is ready! It can even be made from short hair, since the scheme for creating it is universal.

Long hair bow

It is necessary to divide the hair into two sections: the front, from which the bow will be made, and the back, which will be left loose. From the top we make two even tails. We get two more small elastic bands and tie each tail in the middle.

Bend the tail so that the upper and lower gum in contact with each other.

It remains only to smooth the varnish sticking strands, and hair ready.

Step-by-step hair styling for long hair is shown in the video.

Low bow

So, how to make a bow of hair on the back of your head?

We make a high horse tail. It is recommended to tighten it tighter to keep the bow longer.

Divide the tail into two sections. This will be easier to do if you sprinkle it with water beforehand. Then wind it on a curling iron or hair curlers (having dried it with a hair dryer in this case), the direction is towards the face.

Each half of the tail must be thoroughly combed.

Strands are twisted to the face and fastened invisible.

All is ready! The final touch: a lacquer for fixing so that the hairstyle lasts longer and looks better.

Several video tutorials to create the perfect hairstyle:

For official occasions, you can make light waves, and styling will look more elegant.

  • To focus on the bow, you can wear a beautiful bezel. It is better not to choose too bright colors, otherwise all attention will be focused not on styling.
  • Invisibles is better to use the same hair color. Wide stealthers hold the bow and fix better.
  • It is better not to lower the bow low, but to make it high. Especially in the first times creating hair.
  • All tips of the hair should be hidden and tucked up, otherwise the styling will look untidy.
  • Work needed near the mirror.
  • It is better not to save on varnish and mousse.

Girls began to stumble more often in this way when Lady Gaga came to be popular. The pop singer often experiments with her curls, coming up with new hairstyle options.

Bow of hair will be the highlight of the image of any girl. You need to gain patience and attention, and the result will not take long.

Decoration hair "Bantik" - the main fixtures: hairpins and other tools

Today, girls decorate the hair "bow" with various accessories for hairs.

Studs are considered an indispensable device when creating styling. With the help of various design studs, the girl fastens and decorates her hair.

Artificial and fresh flowers

Neat and fresh flowers make the feminine look delicate, light and feminine. For a long time, girls decorated their hair with beautiful floral wreaths, which make the fashionable woman's appearance elegant, young and luxurious.

As you know, the diadem personifies the crown. Such an accessory turns a girl into a princess and makes the female hairstyle elegant and original.

As a result, a hairstyle in the form of a bow is considered to be a unique option for women who often change their image and emphasize their individuality.

Hair "bow" you can easily make yourself

In this situation, the girl can independently make a beautiful bow on her head and turn into Malvina, the majestic empress or a graceful aristocratic girl.

Haircut bow for girls

This hairstyle is so cute that many will like it. At first glance it seems difficult, but if you look at all the steps, you can do it for everyone. This hairstyle can be done on a children's matinee or other holiday.

Beautiful hairstyle bow allows you to create a puppet image on the hair of any length. A great option for a festive occasion, such as hair on a children's matinee.

STEP 1. Collect the hair in a ponytail.

STEP 2. From the very center of the tail, separate the small strand and put it to the side, securing it with a clip so as not to interfere.

STEP 3. The remaining hair in the tail is divided into 2 parts and make gently bouffant on each.

STEP 4. Using forceps from the base of the tail (near the gum), curl each strand into a curl. If the hair is long, curl the strand in a few tricks - it is important that you get a beautiful spiral curl.

STEP 5. Making a bow. The strand should be rolled up in the form of a bow half, securing it with invisible beings near the base of the tail. Do the same on the other side.

STEP 6. Now we take the strand left at the beginning, it can be fastened with an invisible or transparent rubber band to the tail, and weave a pigtail out of it. The main thing that this braid was in the center of our bow.

STEP 7. The end of the spit roll and fill in the bow.

Cute hairstyle bow of hair step by step instructions

How to make a bow of hair below the shoulders: photo lesson

You will also need stealth, two hair ties, a comb and styling products. Spray for styling in the event that you do not have obedient hair and varnish to fix hair. Next, see the photo instructions.

What do we need: a comb for hair (with sparse teeth), several invisible hairpins or hairpins, two thin bands for hair, hairspray. In order to better fit the hair into the hair and not to crumble, you need to wash it and apply a balm on it before styling.

Gather the hair in a high tail and tie it well with a rubber band. Then using the second gum roll the tail in two, so that the ends of the tail were in front - fell on his forehead, and fasten.

The resulting bundle is divided into 2 parts, using the ends of the tail. Secure the ends of the back stealth. Spray your hair with lacquer.

Other hairstyles

Hair can be collected and made a bow of them in another way. For this option, you need one elastic and several studs or stealth.

A bow on long, flowing hair is very romantic and feminine.

Watch the video: Cute Hair Bow Hairstyle - Easy Hair Tutorial. Priya Malik (April 2020).