Variants of popular bob haircut classic with bangs and without

Haircut bob for a short length of hair appeared 100 years ago. Invented her Parisian barber at the beginning of XX century. In modern life, hairstyle is very popular with women, this is due to its simplicity and practicality. With a professional approach from the curls trimmed in this way, you can create interesting images and a variety of styling. When there is not enough time at all, it’s enough just to dry the strands and go about your business. Haircut short bob with bangs fit into an attractive hairstyle. It is no coincidence that most of the stars of Hollywood choose it. If you are still in search of a suitable option for yourself, then the information below will be timely in the selection of hairstyles.

To face

There are no specific strict forms and rules for bob cutting. This hairstyle has a large number of species, so each woman will be able to choose her own version. It is great for both young ladies and women of solid age. She is loved by famous actresses, models and ordinary people. Haircut short bob with bangs and without it will be suitable for everyone, regardless of the structure of the hair, clothing style and lifestyle.

Distinctive features of the hairstyle are the volume in the area of ​​the crown, a short length at the back of the head and lateral elongated locks. If you wish, you can add fashionable haircut with various hairdressing techniques, such as thinning, asymmetry, graduation and others. We analyze the most popular options separately.

A classic or straight short bob cut with or without a bang provides for a sliding smooth transition from the length shortened at the nape to the length of the front strands. The result is a voluminous hairstyle that looks good even on thin curls. In the classic version, the length is made to the bottom edge of the face. But with this parameter you can play depending on preferences, as well as features of the face and shape.


This option assumes the presence of several rows of different lengths. A torn or cascading haircut looks like this: on a temke a short “cap”, in front — strands are a little longer, and on the sides and back, instead of a smooth cut, torn ends are made.

Cascading short bob cut with or without a bang is perfect for women with thin and weak strands. Due to the multi-layered volume is formed, the hard features of the face soften, the cheekbones are visually less.

For lovers of extremely short length, there is another type of graduation performance - pixie-bob hairstyle. In this case, the ears are opened, the temples are cut off, and elongated crown and bangs are made on the back of the head. In this case, only a smooth transition of length remains from the classical bean.

A-shaped haircut

This is a variation of a short bob haircut with oblique bangs. The presence of beveled strands is key. Its end should reach the length of the hair near the face. The rest of the haircut is similar to the classics with the only difference that the cut remains perfectly smooth, without a smooth transition. This option is recommended for chubby girls with high cheekbones.


The type of haircut, made with asymmetry, looks good with bangs and without it. This hairstyle refreshes the image and distracts attention from the flaws. A distinctive feature is a significant difference in the lengths of the right and left sides, the presence of torn ends and oblique bangs. The hairstyle looks quite attractive both on curly and straight hair.

Asymmetrical bob cut for short hair without bangs is perfect for girls seeking to attract interest. It looks especially original with straightened or colored strands. Women of solid age can afford such a hairstyle, but only in a shortened variation and with a calm hair color.

This species has one significant drawback. It requires frequent correction. The strands have different lengths; therefore, when the regrowth grows, the lower cut quickly deforms and requires urgent cutting.

A short bob cut on the leg is a clipped back of the head in combination with the smooth styling of the rest of the strands. The result is a kind of mushroom cap on the leg. The image can be supplemented with a thick bang, gently rolling to the sides. Choose this hairstyle should be women with a slender figure and elongated, narrow face.

Extra long bob

Bob with lengthening on short hair is similar to the classic variation of a haircut. The difference is in the size of the front strand. They are left long. Due to this approach, the cut angle is more striking.

In the occipital part of the neck can be completely open, and in front the length of the strand is done at the level of the clavicles. This technique is used to focus on the elegant neckline and visual stretching of the face. Hair looks unusual and attracts the attention of others. In addition, the elongated bean is suitable for short curly curls.

Short bob haircut without bangs

This version of hairstyles has recently enjoyed wide popularity. It is an ideal option for those who always do not have enough time for laying. To tidy up your hair, it will take no more than 10 minutes. For thick strands it is recommended to choose a very short length. This will bring to the image of a certain romance and a touch of mystery.

Important! This type of haircut is contraindicated for women with an extended forehead.

If the hair is straight and has an average thickness, then you can also choose a bob-caret. This hairstyle will switch attention to the glossy sheen of straight strands and visually add volume. In this case, you can trim a bob with a very short bang and stricking curls at a slight angle.

For thin and curly hair, the option of no bangs is recommended, but with asymmetry. The volumetric hairstyle is achieved by using a special cutting technique. Only an experienced master can cope with it.

Bob hairstyle with bangs

Short female haircut, made in this style, can be very diverse depending on the shape and size of bangs. And also on the type and preferences of women. Curls after cutting get a clear and even cut, at the crown is parted, and bangs in the central part.

This element of hair, as bangs, should be chosen to owners of straight and thick hair. If we talk about the shape of the face, then most of all it resembles an oval and elongated type. This allows you to emphasize its natural beauty and focus on the eyes. There is no age limit for bangs.

A stylish alternative to an even cut is short textured haircuts. They are suitable for girls with any type of hair, regardless of stiffness and thickness. With the help of filing and graduation techniques, the master can create a beautiful transition and the required volume. Thus, you can select the correct oval face.

Choice of bang type

When choosing a bob-cut hairstyle with a bang on short curls, you need to choose the right type. In the classic version provides a short or elongated strand of the front hair. This image will suit young women with thin and regular lines.

If necessary, to simulate the oval of the face are multi-layered and oblique bangs. A professional can competently "fit" the beveled bangs in the side strands to get an elegant silhouette. This type of haircut element will be harmoniously combined with a straight and asymmetrical haircut.

Stylish girls who love to be in the center of attention, will like the option of a short back bob haircut with bangs, made in an arched shape with feathers. In addition, this variation is great for owners of thin curls. Bangs will add extra volume to the hairstyle and mask angular cheekbones.

Choosing the type of haircut

The main recommendations for choosing a haircut have been described above. In addition, you should be guided by the following tips stylists:

  1. Owners of curly curls fit graduated haircuts. But asymmetry in this case is better to refuse.
  2. With a dense and straight hair structure, a short bob cut will be ideal.
  3. If the curls are not large enough, it is recommended to choose a short length or graduation.
  4. Young ladies with a small face should avoid voluminous bob-type hairstyles.
  5. For plump, low-rise women with a round face, an option with a lengthening of the facial straps is suitable.

If you intend to change the hair color, then having done a bob cut for short hair with bangs or without it, you can safely carry out experiments. This hairstyle goes well with rich colors, such as carmine shades. The dark tone of the curls can be complemented by highlighting. The strands painted in the balayazh and ombre style look very stylish. Very young and daring girls can afford more extreme types of staining using pink, mint, lilac and blue elements to separate the strands.

The method of styling a short bob haircut with no bangs or with it directly depends on the technique in which it was made. The classic version of the hairstyle involves the use of a hair dryer or ironing the hair and a round brush. If the hair is cut straight, the process should be as follows:

  1. After washing the hair, dry the curls with a towel.
  2. On the strands, especially on the ends, apply thermal protection. Process roots with foam or spray for volume.
  3. Laying should start at the bottom of the head. Take a strand of hair, start a round comb or a nozzle from a hair dryer under it and dry it with warm air.
  4. Turn the comb down, continue to blow-dry in the direction of travel.
  5. Continue the third and fourth steps until all the curls have been laid.

Haircut short bob with asymmetrical bangs should look perfect from behind. Since it is inconvenient to wind the strands with the comb from the back side, you can use the iron.

If the haircut is very short, then you can create a volume at the roots using a light fleece. To curls had a brilliance and perfect smoothness, they need to stretch the iron. This is especially true for women who prefer a strict and official style.

Laying other types of haircuts bob

The owners of the graduated haircut bob on short hair styling a hair dryer will not work. Trim will otopypyrivatsya in different directions and look sloppy. Even worse will have those with thin hair. For a beautiful image will require:

  1. Wash your hair and dry your hair slightly with a hair dryer.
  2. Take a small amount of your favorite styling product and apply on the ends. This will highlight them and make thinner.
  3. Change the nozzle of the hair dryer on the diffuser and dry the curls until the end.

Asymmetrical haircut goes well with grunge styling. To do this, apply a moderate amount of gel or mousse on the hair roots and dry the hair with a hair dryer. This requires the head to be lowered. After drying, the strands should be separated with the help of fingers or a comb with rare teeth. The result is a negligent effect.

In addition, in the process of laying should not forget about bangs. It can be combined with different types of parting (straight, oblique, zigzag). It all depends on the type of this bang. To make it bulky, you must use a brushing brush.

Haircut bob allows you to conduct many experiments with styling. By choosing it, you can change the images every day and always look fashionable, you just need to choose the right hairstyle.

Before you go to the salon, you should look at the photos in a magazine or on the Internet and save for example a couple of people you like. When you visit the hairdresser, show him the pictures. So the master will understand what you want to get as a result, and the probability of disappointment will be minimal.

Why the hairstyle has become so relevant?

  • a large set of variations. Bob can serve as a certain base from which one can make a start, inventing all new images. For example, you can leave short strands on the face, or you can lengthen them slightly,
  • versatility. Perfect for owners of any hair. There are variations for curly, straight, thick or thin strands,

  • minimal care The hairstyle is simple and does not require much time. Practicality is another advantage of the bean,
  • the ability to highlight the merits and hide the flaws of the face,
  • you can experiment not only with length, but also with color,
  • Finally, the hairstyle will look good on a woman of any age.

On short hair

Due to the images of the stars, a bob haircut for short hair causes an association with this well-known car. This option is chosen by those women who like to experiment with appearance. Thin strands will give volume and density.

Understand the differences between a simple bean and its kind of square:

  • Kare implies the presence of bangs, due to which the whole image looks more feminine. By itself, the bean on short strands looks a little boyish. However, he has his own fans. Young active girls are crazy about such styling,
  • caret does not require graduation
  • bob caret - flatter hairstyle.

Sometimes a haircut can be performed in a cascade.

There is another option: a separate strand at the front can be longer than those behind. You can experiment with bangs. It can be left long and thick, and can be made oblique. In any case, it will emphasize the eyes well.

For a haircut to look elegant and well-groomed, you need to cut the strands with a corner. Hair in front can be chin-length. As a result, a smooth cut will emphasize the line of the cheekbones.

You can comb the bob back, get a business and stylish short version. It is perfect for busy women who do not have much time to pack.

Another unusual option - bob on the leg for short hair. An open back gives a touch of playfulness. The woman immediately looks more young.

Long bean

If the previous version is chosen by older women, then the long bob is perfect for younger girls. Many variations of styling: strands can be twisted, pick up from behind, or even make a tail. If you need to visually stretch the face, it is better to choose a short version with strands up to the chin. Here you can show imagination: paint long curls in a contrasting color.

Curls can be twisted: get an elegant feminine image. The hairstyle will please the owners of straight hair: the image looks stylish and at the same time strict.

If the hair is thin and weak, will help graduation. Haircut will look more thick and lush.

Option with bangs

Bob square with bangs - a classic, not out of fashion. Despite the variety of hairstyles, it is this option is the most win-win. In this case, the hair can be a different color. Blondes and brunettes will be delighted.

Straight smooth bangs with bangs are more suited to smooth obedient strands. The bangs should be trimmed perfectly evenly. If you want to fool around, you can choose a more naughty and disheveled short version of hair with oblique bangs. This haircut is suitable for active people.

How to make bangs? Much depends on the shape of the face. Ideal features emphasize the same straight bangs. Any deviations can be masked oblique ragged bangs.The latter option emphasizes the graceful line of eyebrows and beautiful eyes.

How to lay?

You will not have to spend a lot of time, the hairstyle will require only a couple of minutes.

  1. First you need to wash and dry hair. Then the whole mass should be divided into three zones. They can be the back and two side.
  2. Parting is done right.
  3. Take hair dryer, round brush clips. Drying is better to start from the head. To do this, the top layer is separated, which may interfere.
  4. After the neck you can proceed to other areas. New short strands should be distributed over the already dried ones. Then the whole mass needs to be dried again with a hairdryer.

If you need to put a square with a bang, the work must begin with the last. Here are useful hairdryer and round brush. The hairstyle as a whole depends on correctly laid bangs.

How to make waves?

Slightly elongated curls can be twisted. Get a playful, feminine image. First, the hair is washed, dried and applied styling. It should start with the areas behind: this is the most inaccessible zone. If possible, it is better to take help.

The top of the head and chin-length hair can be tweaked with a curling iron. You can not immediately deploy the wound strand: it is better to wait for it to cool and only then unwind. Then the finished styling is fixed with varnish. The bangs can be twisted not only inwards, but also outwards.

Haircut bob - one of the easiest and most popular. It revives the face, gives the image of youth. It does not require careful maintenance. Once a month and a half you will have to visit a hairdresser: he will correct the length and the whole hairstyle as a whole. If this is not done, the image will not look well-groomed, and the bob will not be able to help here.

Styling options bob bob with lengthening

Haircut with elongated strands offers a lot of extravagant and extraordinary solutions. The main thing is that it impresses not only your inner perception, but also fits your lifestyle.
Imperishable classic.
In the trend, perfectly smooth bangs are slightly higher or even up to the eyebrows. This bang looks gorgeous, while respecting the graphic quality of the haircut with the perfect geometry of the lines.

Straight styling, done with irons, will give a special chic to elegant ladies with soft features.
Seductive looks multi-layered bob with a short crown. If you wrap up large strands and comb the curls with a bombazh brush, you can not only achieve great volume, but also get a completely new look.
Easy option.
For active girls, styling with the effect of deliberate negligence is especially relevant. If you add elements of the fashion of the late 60s - high woven on the top, braided braids, seashells, baskets, then the everyday hairstyle instantly transforms into a captivating evening version.

Experiment - change the parting, pin up or focus on the side strands, use the options with graduation or thinning.

For example, an elongated shag-bob with framed ragged strands will help throw off a few years, adding to the female image of a young charm.
Add charm.
Stylish accessories help to create a complex hairstyle for a celebration or can become a bright element of a daily image.

In the trend there are massive hairpins, cuff rings, long studs of various configurations, flat barretta clips, overlaid metallic tresses, resembling a waterfall of tiny chains.

All sorts of variations of styling elongated bean, made in a different manner, all the fashion trends hairstyle shown in the photo 2018-2019 year.

Haircut lengthened bob with oblique bangs

The variety of hairstyles sometimes depends on a seemingly ordinary element - bangs. It can be straight, arcuate, triangular, or complexly trimmed.

However, all these variations must be selected for a certain type of person. And only oblique bangs fit absolutely everything.

Oblique bangs with elongated strands to the face perfectly adjust the oval in the shape of a rectangle.

Will hide the shortcomings of angular proportions asymmetry with oblique bangs and sharp tips laid diagonally down.

Creative look will look with a bang, cut off obliquely and tips curled up.

Bob with elongated front strands

A bob with lengthening is guaranteed to emphasize female irresistibility, if you correctly choose the interpretation of the haircut.

  1. Straight bangs with a smooth styling of the side straps look most advantageous on brown-haired women.
  2. Blonde women with thin curls are advised to choose an elongated bob with a multi-layered graduation.
  3. The soft transition of the short nape to the front locks and thick bangs almost to the eyes - the best option for a triangular or elongated face.
  4. The maximum high neck with pronounced lateral lengthening will perfectly balance the wide forehead, pointed chin and oval in the shape of a heart.
  5. To emphasize the expressive area of ​​the eye will help the parting.
  6. An elongated bob will perfectly hide a very long neck, and for owners of wide shoulders, it is better to choose a shorter version of the haircut.
  7. Gentle girls with soft features and an oval face are perfectly suited for a sharp lengthening, torn tips and bangs.

Any elongated bean options are ideal for a round face.

Obvious advantages:

  • visually lengthens the shaft,
  • creates volume on thin hair,
  • will hide excessive cheeks or pronounced massive cheekbones,
  • will create a stylish haircut on the example of timeless classics.

Long bob haircut

Long bob - a hairstyle of representatives of a fashionable beau monde, celebrities and social lionesses.

Characteristic features - natural, soft layers, textured strands, effectively framing the face.

Women of fashion who want to wear only trendy haircuts, but at the same time keep the length, choose a long-bob or shortly lob - an overgrown square.

Many variations make the model extremely versatile, but at the same time extremely personalized.

A good master can vary the techniques of execution, changing the volume, number of cascades and other elements, transforming the image with the latest trends, your style or preferences.

Lob fits any type of appearance. Haircut is incredibly convenient, as it allows you to quickly create the effect of lightness and dynamics without losing femininity.

A similar new trend - wavy-bob or wob for short, wavy elongated bean. This is the hottest hit on the red carpet.

Large, small or beach waves create the most captivating images in the spirit of Gatsby or Retro times.

If you are the owner of curls curly from nature, then your hour has struck to be always in trend. Do a long-bob and don't even think about it.

Long bob haircut

Long bangs can bring the shape of the face to the ideal, visually balancing the proportions exactly where it is required.

A round face just asks to keep the bangs long, preferably with an element of asymmetry and a side zigzag parting.

Remove excess attention from the outstanding cheekbones or plump cheeks is easy if you make a bang below the level of the chin.

Similarly, for curly hair - the best option is considered to be a long bang, since short curls on the forehead line will look just shapeless.

Long bob layouts

Recent fashion trends call for sex to experiment and creativity. Bob with lengthening offers a lot of styling options. Try it and you do something unusual for yourself and others.
Perfect smoothness.
Trendy styling - straight hair with a complete lack of basal volume.


  • clean hair with a heat-resistant spray, dry it in the usual way or with a hairdryer in a cold mode,
  • pull each strand with irons, apply on the bottom third as much as droplets of liquid keratin or polish with shine, it elegantly disciplines the hair and creates the effect of luxurious well-groomed hair.

Surfer curls.
This styling looks stunning as on curly natural curls, as well as on straight hair or after chemical waving.

Actions are surprisingly simple and clear:

  • slightly dry clean curls,
  • treat with a salt-based agent (pre-apply a balm, so as not to overdry the locks with salt),
  • squeeze all strands properly, let them dry naturally or dry using a hair dryer with a diffuser,
  • fixing varnish is only necessary for heavy curls.

Clear structure.
Fans of textural hairstyle will need curling tongs or curling iron:

  • choose small strands, twist on a rod of average diameter,
  • wind from the middle of the strand to the tips
  • break the finished curls with your fingers,
  • fix varnish.

How much does it cost the haircut to an elongated bob with styling can be found on sites with relevant topics.

Haircut bob: the story of the origin and the secret of success

Haircut bob is not just a brand for all times, but also a symbol of sexuality and style. Many people know this type of haircut called "under the boy" or square. When, after the First World War, the world, tired of bloodshed and need, suddenly gained a second wind, it began to manifest itself in literally everything. Of course, innovations are not avoided and hairstyles, especially women. It is at this time and begins to gain popularity caret. Feminism also played a role in this issue.

Women who became declare themselves publicly, wanted to be on equal footing with men in everything, including in appearance, which left its mark on appearance. Career was usually preferred by active women who wore trouser suits, that is, as we would say today: “business-woman”.

The purpose of a short square is to open a beautiful female neck. The purpose of the elongated one is to lengthen the oval of the face or to hide some defects. Later, following the example of the first fashionistas of the leading capitals of the world, the bob began to change, new, sometimes outrageous options began to emerge, many of which became firmly in vogue and continue to make us beautiful and unusual today.

What is the staggering success of such a haircut? Why so many years she does not leave the fashion magazines and does not cease to appear on the beautiful heads of women?

Everything is simple, like all brilliant. Unlike many, the bean is absolutely simple in leaving, is completely nekaprizen, beautiful and simple to madness. And what does a modern woman appreciate? Time, which is known to be money. And secondly, perhaps the most important condition for success is universality.

Bob to face women of any age, build, hair color and face type. It should only take into account some of the nuances.

  • A narrow, oblong face needs volume. This will help multi-layered bob, slightly increasing the head width, reducing too much difference in height and width.
  • Chubby ladies should choose a straight bean, so the face will visually stretch.
  • Wide cheekbones can cover the front elongated strands.
  • And from the bangs will help to hide the asymmetry or irregular shape of the chin.

In general, if we talk about the history of the development and change of the bean, it is worth noting that the hairstyle has changed from one decade to another, in it the new trends in society were peculiarly refracted. Thus, if initially the bob had the appearance of short-cropped hair, then in the 50s that famous step appeared to a wonderful future, that is, the bob became stepped, respectively, lengthened, additional volume appeared.

In the 70s, a slight twisting of the ends of the strands came into fashion, and 90 were marked by modern layering, due to which the hairstyle acquired a unique charm. But the reckless 21st century has done its job, and today we have what we have, namely: asymmetry, different types of bangs, hundreds of styling options, etc.

Classic bean: features and who is suitable (photo)

Who prefers this look today? Yes, almost any woman who wants to emphasize their femininity and youth, grace and maturity. Haircut options are completely different. Both with bangs and without them, shoulder-length or chin-length, symmetrical and asymmetrical.

The classic look of a haircut will be good for any type of person; you just need to correct it with the help of strands. High forehead need a little hide under the bangs (straight or oblique). A beautiful female neck will be delightful under a short bean, giving its mistress grace. Care for such a haircut is a snap, as it is easy to dry and styling.

Ladies with straight and slightly wavy hair can make a bob haircut and not worry about the result. So if you want to emphasize your youth and beauty, feel free to sit under the scissors.

The undoubted plus of this hairstyle is that its styling in two variations, evening and regular, allows you to achieve an incredible effect in any situation and without much effort. Due to the fact that the square (the second name of the bob hairstyle) allows you to create a unique image and each time surprise the surrounding barely perceptible highlights, it has so many adherents all over the world.

Many females prefer a soft-bodied bob, a feature of which is the smooth framing of facial lines with strands. This option is preferable for women with a square face type, since the strands smooth out the right angles, making the face softer and more feminine.

There is a category of women who, without recognizing any chemistry, or for other reasons, prefer natural hair color. This also applies to gray hair. Until now, there is a false opinion that gray hair should either be cut short or hidden under a headscarf. Bob, especially the classic, looks great on gray hair. Without giving a drop of vulgarity, he at the same time visually rejuvenates the image of a woman.

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Haircut lengthened bob: features and who is suitable (photo)

This hairstyle is a more fashionable, modern look of a classic bean. And if only recently extravagant personalities chose such a haircut, today there are more and more female fans among girls and women of different ages and social status.

The main highlight of the elongated bean is a clear transition length of the haircut from the back of the head to the front. It turns out: the back looks like the classical scheme, the neck opens, but in front the long strands reach the chin and below.

This type of bean creates additional volume, besides it allows you to hide the defects of the face. Absolutely a win-win for chubby ladies (front strands visually lengthen the shape of the face).

But straight bob amateurs mistaken for a simple haircut. Perhaps this is exactly where the celebrity of the direct bean lies, which, at first glance, seems like a lot of time was not spent on it. As if a woman always looks elegant, although she doesn’t really care about it. Men like it. In fact, this haircut requires a monthly adjustment, otherwise it loses its appearance. Always be on top. Charm men with your uniqueness.

Asymmetrical bob: features and who is this haircut (photo)

It is no secret that we, women, are often dissatisfied with our appearance, in particular, with our face. That cheekbones are too pronounced, cheeks, etc. The asymmetrical bob will help to hide one of these shortcomings, namely, the asymmetry of the face shape. Plus, the hairstyle gives the woman a young and slightly naughty look. You always want to look fashionable and fresh! Then an asymmetrical bob is your option.

As for the undercatch, lovers of the exotic can be completely calm. Shaving of the temples and occiput can be combined with a bean.

Graduated Bean (photo)

With the help of this hairstyle you can hide hair imperfections such as fragility, truncation, subtlety. Hair will gain volume, elasticity and a healthy look. The essence of graduation lies in the transition from long to short strands and vice versa.Choose this type of hairstyle should be special with an oval or rectangular face. The important role played by the execution of bangs. For example, a slanting graduated fringe will allow you to hide the fullness of the face. A straight line will emphasize the beautiful cheekbones.

Bob on the leg (photo)

For a long time, this type of bean among the other variations is preferred by representatives of the so-called bohemia, golden youth and all kinds of subcultures.

So if you want to be different from others, you want attention and bright colors - the legged bean is for you!

All the advantages of a bean on the leg does not count. But still worth a stop at the most important.

  • Hairstyle goes to women of any body type.
  • Laying is quite capable of.
  • Absolutely any type of hair and their condition.
  • Allows you to open the neck and hide the plump cheeks with the help of the front strands.
  • Allows you to create new options every time.

Haircut bob with bangs: fashion trends and what kind of bangs to choose (photo)

Behind a simple short word “bangs” there are great opportunities and beauty secrets. From straight to short to scaled and oblique, bangs can change the image dramatically, turning a simple one into a business woman, a housewife into a romantic person.

The most important thing to consider is the shape of the face, the haircut and the type of hair.

  • Asymmetrical bangs looks extravagant, looks good on thin and thick hair.
  • Stepped bangs usually done with a legume.
  • Layered Graduated Bangs - the choice of youth. Ideal for a square face.
  • Chubby girls with thin hair should try torn bangs.

The most important thing: to keep proportions and not lose common sense.

Become the owner of the most fashionable hairstyle of the century, and let men throw admiring glances at you, while everyone else envy your youth, freshness and style.

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