Cocochoco keratin hair straightening

Keratin hair straightening today - one of the most popular salon procedures. But, as you know, demand always creates supply. So, as if confirming this axiom, several brands offer products for keratin straightening.

Why are CocoChoco logo products so popular? And finally, a global question: “How is the keratin straightening procedure from this company going?”

Let's start in the age-old tradition, from the beginning.

About company. Homeland and range

The funds, called "CocoChoko", are produced by G.R. Global Cosmetics. Homeland products - Israel. The real inspirers and masters with more than 20 years of experience - Guy Vingrowski and Ronnie Bonnay became the ideological inspirers and creators of CocoChoco. As a result of their cooperation with the largest research laboratory in Israel, products were born with a slightly funny name - CocoChoko.

The line includes products designed, in fact, for keratin straightening, as well as products that need to be used at home to prolong the effect of the procedure. In other words, under the CocoChoco logo, shampoo of deep cleaning and a working composition intended for use in the cabin, and home care products are produced, which should be replaced with previous conditioners, masks and other cosmetics. In this case, the effect of keratin straightening will last the maximum time. The head after the procedure, by the way, should be washed only with a special sulfate-free shampoo, which is also included in the "home" series.

CocoChoco process technology

In short, the procedure is as follows: the keratin remedy is applied to the previously prepared hair, absorbed, and then the final stage is drawn out. On average, for everything about everything you need to spend 1.5-2 hours. As we have already written, under the recommended rules of care, the effect will last up to 5 months.

Before the procedure, the master will need inventory:

- iron with 22-25 mm. plate widths that can heat up to 230 ° C, for example BABYLISS BAB2072E,

- Comb with frequent teeth and "tail". The material must be heat-resistant, ideally carbon;

- a wide brush (with its help the master applies the composition),

Now we’ll break the life thesis once formulated by A.P. Chekhov. “Brevity is the sister of talent,” the great Russian writer absolutely rightly believed. Let it be so, but now we will tell you in detail how the procedure of CocoChoco keratin straightening and hair restoration is going on.

1. Initially, the hair should be washed 2-3 times using shampoo deep cleaning, entered the salon series KokoChoko. One bottle, by the way, is designed for 18-22 procedures. This shampoo completely cleans the hair and opens their cuticle so that keratin and other useful components of the composition can penetrate into the hair structure as much as possible.

2. Blow-dry and combed hair should be divided into 3-4 sections.

3. Now you can proceed to the most crucial moment of the procedure - put a special mask on your hair - working composition for keratin straightening. By the way, the contents of one bottle are also usually enough for 18-22 procedures. Apply the product should be in a row, starting with the root zone. Then the comb mask is distributed over the entire length of the strand, right up to the tips.

4. CocoChoco working composition should be left on the hair for half an hour. After this period, the hair should be dried with a hairdryer.

5. Then repeat the previous steps - comb your hair again and divide them into 3-4 sections. Now a new member comes into play - the iron. Rectifier each strand should be processed several times. Landmark - the type and condition of hair. So, for owners of thin, dyed or extremely porous hair, 2-3 passes with an iron are enough. Working with the owner of thick or strongly curly hair, the master can already increase this figure up to 5-7 times. The temperature of the power tool - 230 ° C.

The procedure is over. The effect is amazing. What next? Enjoy the attention of others and follow a couple of simple rules. Within three days after keratin straightening, it is recommended to give the hair a maximum of freedom and permissiveness. That is, in order not to interfere with keratin consolidation, during this period one should refrain from stabbing hair, weaving braids, tails - in short, the hair should be straight and without “accompanying” ones. If it is winter in the yard, the hat should be replaced by a hood.

In addition, it is recommended to wash your hair only three days after the procedure.

And finally, as we mentioned above, in order to maximize the effect of the procedure, you should care for your hair with the help of cosmetics developed just for this purpose. Fortunately, the CocoChoco product line, designed for use at home, boasts a considerable assortment. This and sulfate-free shampoo, and conditioner, and nourishing mask, and serum for shine.

Learn more about Cocochoco keratin straightening.

Cocochoco hair straightening is a budget option for giving the locks a mirror shine and smoothness that is gaining popularity among hairdressers and users. Because of the reduced cost and effectiveness of the composition of the master happy to use it in their work, and the girls buy mini-kits for private use at home.

Cocochoco preparations (in the Russian segment they are called Coco Choco or Choco Choco) for hair straightening are made in Israel and are available in three versions:

  • Cocochoco Original - classic keratin to improve the appearance of curls,
  • Cocochoco Gold - a special series for mirror shine,
  • Cocochoco Pure - soft action for thin, weakened or bleached hair.

The manufacturer positions Coco Choco as natural products from sheep keratin, saturated with oils, minerals and fortified complexes. The change in the structure of the hair occurs under the action of plant components. Aldehydes help to penetrate the keratin, which emit a strong smell at the time of sealing the composition on the strands.

The effectiveness of drugs proven thousands of procedures. Some people have a long lasting effect, while others are disappointed. Getting 100% of the result depends on the correctness of the keratization technique, the skill of the master and the condition of the hair.

Therapeutic components and protein keratin, penetrating into microdamages, fill them. This gives the effect of recovery, increasing the strength of each curl. Thanks to keratinization, the hair shaft is reconstructed, its recovery.

As the practice of working with Coco Choco means, a certain category of curls is not affected by the drugs. Calculate what type your hair belongs and whether Cocochoco will help keratinize a trial session on one strand. This will protect you, do not allow to spoil your hair or pay for a non-performing procedure.

Manufacturers promise to maintain the effect of smooth hair up to 5 months, on curly curls time decreases to 3 months, after which a wave appears. The dates are specified regarding the correct care after the procedure. Smooth, shiny strands, as well as a democratic price make Cocochoco products in demand and popular among fans of keratin straightening.

How to make keratin hair

The procedure is carried out by a trained master in a ventilated room. This is due to the fact that the composition, which in the vial has a pleasant and delicious aroma, when interacting with hot plates of the iron, emits a pungent odor of aldehydes.

Choco Choco keratin hair straightening is performed according to the following scenario:

  1. Curls are cleaned with a special shampoo-peeling, which helps to open the scales, wash the dirt, excess sebum. This stage is important because the effectiveness of the tool is achieved by the penetration of its components, which is achieved on the cleaned strands.
  2. Next, the hair is dried hair dryer at 100%.
  3. The head is conventionally divided into 4 parts, which are divided in a row. The composition is applied on each strand with a brush and combed 3-4 times. Bottom zone is not processed, the deviation is 2 cm.
  4. The hair is soaked up to 40 minutes.
  5. With the help of a comb and a hairdryer with a temperature regime set on cold air, the curls are dried until completely dry.
  6. The hair is divided into strands, each combed and treated with an iron heated to 230 ° C. The procedure helps the folding of protein, which is “soldered” into the hair structure.

After the procedure it is forbidden to wash your hair or wet your hair for 3 days. Masters strongly recommend not to use hairpins, rubber bands, hoops for the same period, which will help avoid the appearance of creases or waves in length. In the formation of irregularities, the area strands treated with ironing.

After 72 hours, the head is washed out with a sulphate-free shampoo. Subsequently, only non-sulphate detergents are used to wash the hair.

As a result, the curls become smooth, there is a feeling of vitality and a mirror shine.

Benefits of Choco Choco Keratin Hair Straightening

The choice of the client towards the means to perform the procedure is based on the advantages of the product. The positive sides of Cocochoco keratin include:

  • the effect of smooth, shiny hair lasts up to 5 months,
  • no chemical exposure during the procedure,
  • pleasant chocolate-coconut flavor solution,
  • Dead Sea minerals, proteins, vitamins and natural keratin are added to the composition,
  • the procedure heals and restores damaged curls,
  • the drug has a thermoprotective function when using a hair dryer or ironing
  • keratization is allowed to be performed one week after dyeing or unsuccessful curling,
  • suitable for every hair type
  • reduces the time spent on the morning styling ritual,
  • allowed repeated use of the drug without the risk of harm to curls,
  • acts as a protective barrier for hair in a polluted environment or weather.

Contraindications and disadvantages

When deciding on a choice, do not forget to study the second side of the coin - negative characteristics and minuses. Coco Choco has the following disadvantages:

  • sharp, pungent smell when treating the strands with an iron when keratinizing,
  • ban on shampooing up to 3 days,
  • risk of no effect,
  • other cosmetic hair care products are used to preserve the result in addition to the procedure,
  • The procedure takes up to 5 hours.

Contraindications for which the client should be denied the procedure, include:

  • frequent allergic reactions to cosmetics,
  • diseases or inflammation of the respiratory system,
  • damage to the integrity or damage of the skin,
  • personal intolerance to the components of the current composition,
  • period of pregnancy or lactation.

Nuances of the Choco Choco keratin hair straightening procedure

Manufacturers recommend conducting a recovery session in a beauty salon with a certified master who has basic knowledge and has the skills to carry out the procedure. Home-made keratinization is allowed, but the risk of curl damage increases.

The stage of purification is obligatory. It helps clear the path for keratin and beneficial ingredients. If we neglect this point, protein washing off hair will accelerate. Careful drying with a hair dryer will facilitate the application of the composition, which can not be saved. Dry the strands after processing to 100%, moisture with further processing of the iron threatens to damage the structure.

The composition of the tool is selected individually based on the needs of the hair. Cocochoco Original or Gold is suitable for colored, relatively healthy hair with no visible dark color damage. For chemical loosened or bleached strands, choose Cocochoco Pure. It will gently heal the porous hair shaft, will not break the pigmentation.

Recommendations after Cocochoco keratin straightening

After the procedure, manufacturers insist on eliminating contact with water for up to 72 hours. This is based on the action of the ingredients. For three days, keratin and beneficial components penetrate deep into the hair, the structure changes and protein solidification. The application of water disrupts the process, which leads to a lack of effectiveness. If contact with moisture occurs, immediately apply the iron and remove water from the strands.

After the specified time, the care of the curls is resumed as before, except for the detergent composition. Choose a sulphate-free shampoo. Manufacturers have noted the need for drying hair with a hairdryer on a hot mode for another 2 weeks. It is not allowed to dry the strands in a natural way, this will help avoid the appearance of creases.

Adhering to the recommendations, you are guaranteed to increase the effectiveness and security of the effect. Your hair will be restored, will become smooth, silky and full of vital energy.

Cocochoco keratin straightening - reviews after the procedure

Marina, 23 years old

My girlfriend works as a hairdresser, in May of this year she took a refresher course on working with Choco Choco products. I wanted to straighten hair for a year, I asked for a model. The procedure is long, took 5 hours, but the result was worth it. Hair is smooth, shiny, as in advertising! The only thing that embarrassed me was the ban on washing my head for 3 days, I could hardly get out. Already 4 months have passed, and the strands are soft, they do not split, but a wave appeared at the point of pinning the hair. The result is super, I repeat.

Oksana, 30 years old

Hair straightening "sick" 2 years ago. The procedure took place in the salons, until she studied the technology of the manipulation and did not find the place where I buy the Coco Choco composition at a favorable price. Now I have a hair rejuvenation session at home with my sister’s help. We do the alignment once every six months, this is enough to make the hair look well-groomed and smooth. Means Coco Choco like, effective, help restore damaged hair. Thanks to systematic procedures, my hair is in perfect condition.

Arina, 38 years old

I chose Cocochoco to work because of the impact and availability of this brand. For 1.5 years of use on the client, she was convinced that the funds fulfill the declared promises. The inconvenience during the procedure causes only a sharp smell, but the mask makes the process easier. The rest of Coco Choco is a worthy alternative to expensive keratin-containing products. It gives a mirror shine, smoothness for up to 5 months and the recovery of damaged hair.

Cocochoco - Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment: Composition and Price

Cocochoco keratin straightening was developed by Brazilian scientists. This is the most safe composition, with useful components in it (vegetable oils, extracts, components of the Dead Sea). Existing chemicals affect curls gently, they do not violate their structure, preserve the natural beauty and strength. Cocochoco products are based on silk proteins and keratin, which favorably affect the hair and even restore its damaged structure.It fills the space formed between the scales of the damaged hair and protects it from ultraviolet rays and other adverse effects.

The advantage of Brazilian technology keratin straightening curls is:

  • The absence of the means of aggressive chemicals such formaldehyde.
  • This technology is suitable for any type of hair.
  • Effective result. Even girls with African-American curls will get smooth and silky hair as a result of straightening.
  • Fluffy strands after the procedure, their porosity disappears, and they become obedient.
  • They do not negatively affect the structure of the hair, but on the contrary, they restore damaged locks.
  • Laying straightened strands performed in a shorter period.

Pregnant and lactating mothers do not need keratin straightening procedure, because The aldehyde component contained in the composition may adversely affect the child and cause an allergic reaction in the future or young mother.

How to do straightening and restoring hair with Cocochoco at home: instructions

Keratin cocochoco hair straightening can be done not only in salons. With a hair dryer, ironing and the composition itself (you need to buy it carefully, now there are a lot of fakes) you can straighten out unruly curls at home. But to get a good result, you must follow the instructions strictly:

  1. Wash and dry thoroughly. You need to use a professional cleansing shampoo, it provides deep cleaning, eliminating dust, dirt, grease. If ordinary shampoo is used, keratin will not be able to penetrate deep into the structure and therefore will be quickly cleaned.
  2. Divide hair into 4 parts.
  3. Starting from the backs, apply a brush with a brush. It is necessary to separate small strands of 1 cm and distribute the composition evenly along the entire length. Thus distribute the tool throughout the head, working through each hair.
  4. Strands to comb and remove the excess composition and soak for 30 minutes. Rinse off is not necessary.
  5. Then dry the curls using a hairdryer with warm air.
  6. Split the hair into fine small strands and smooth them with an ironing (styler) strictly with a plate with a ceramic coating and a width of not more than 2.5 cm. hair and let keratin penetrate their middle.

Cocochoco keratin straightening strands are an excellent alternative to using irons and other products. The resulting effect lasts for 3-6 months, and all this time the hairstyle looks neat and well-groomed.

Rules for the care of straightened hair

To fix the result obtained after keratin straightening it is impossible to wash your hair for the next 3 days. Also, do not braid the curls and use hairpins. It is necessary to avoid the ingress of moisture on straightened strands, but if it still got, then dry them only with a flat iron.

Subsequent hair care for several months should be performed using shampoos, balms and other formulations without sulfate. It is possible to dye hair only 14 days after the keratin straightening procedure is performed with Cocochoco.

An effective tool to help you straighten curls

The professional composition of Cocochoco is able to give a new life even to damaged curls, transforming the appearance and improving their health. Keratin straightening will ensure the hair smoothness, silkiness and protects them from many atmospheric and other factors.

Applicable means

Coco Choco Gold products for straightening are made in Israel, where, as you know, they create a lot of high-quality cosmetics and develop new innovative formulas for cosmetic products (including hair products). In the assortment of this brand there is not one, but several series of products for straightening at once:

    The Cocochoco Keratin professional line is designed for use in beauty salons.. Includes deep cleaning shampoo and keratin for straightening. These products are available in a volume of 1000 ml (cost about 9000-10000 rubles) and 200 ml (about 3000).

This line, according to manufacturers, is suitable for all types of hair. In the composition of the funds there is a large amount of keratin, extracts of medicinal herbs and useful substances extracted from the Dead Sea. However, it is designed, rather, for professional use, rather than for home procedures. Trio Pack trial set is perfect for self-hair straightening. As part of this set of three tools - deep cleaning shampoo, keratin composition and sulfate-free shampoo for subsequent care.

Each of these products is presented in a volume of 200 ml (cost 6000 rubles for a set of three products) and 100 ml (the price is 3000 rubles per set). These products are suitable for home treatments. Designed for any type of hair.

You can purchase these products at professional cosmetics stores for hairdressers or at the Cocochoco official online store.

Making Cocochoco Keratin Straightening

For keratin straightening you need more than one tool, but a whole line of products from this manufacturer. We advise you to buy a ready-made set of Trio Pack, it is perfect for home use. and you do not have to buy each tool separately.

For a single use will be quite enough products in a miniature volume of 100 ml. If your hair is very long, you can buy a set with a volume of 200 ml. We also recommend that you additionally purchase a larger package of a sulphate-free shampoo for subsequent hair washing. Shampoo can be bought separately (250 ml for 1000 rubles).

What is required?

To perform straightening yourself at home, you will need to perform a series of simple preparations.

For the procedure you will need:

  • directly cosmetic products themselves,
  • bowl and measuring cup for dilution of the drug,
  • hair straightener
  • massage brush,
  • a comb with rare teeth for dividing the hair into strands,
  • protective devices (gloves, cape, etc.),
  • wide silicone brush for applying tools, hair clips.

Step-by-step instruction

When you have completed all the necessary preparations, you can proceed to the procedure. It is carried out in several stages.:

  1. To begin with, you should wash your hair with shampoo for deep cleaning. This stage must be repeated two or three times.
  2. After that, the hair is divided into sections (as a rule, there are three or four zones). Small strands about 1 cm thick are separated from the prepared sections and the prepared keratin composition is applied on them. It is important not to apply the agent to the roots, it is necessary to retreat from them at least an inch.
  3. After that, the hair is allowed to dry for about half an hour, and then finally dry it with a hairdryer at a low temperature.
  4. Separating one by one, hair straightened ironing, heated to 230 degrees. Each strand must be walked 5 times. This should be done fairly quickly.

If you consistently and carefully complete all these steps, you will surely get excellent results.

Care after the procedure

To the effect of keratin straightening pleased you as long as possible, it is necessary to provide their hair especially careful care.

After this period, the hair can be wetted and laid without fear. If you plan to change the color of the hair, it can be done not earlier than a week after straightening. Particular attention should be paid to the selection of shampoo and other care products.

All of them should not contain sulphates. Look for special sulfate-free shampoos, masks and conditioners in professional hair salons or among pharmaceutical cosmetics.


As we have already noted, keratin straightening cocococco is a safe procedure. However, it still has some contraindications. The use of this composition is not recommended at the age of 16 years.

It is forbidden to carry out this procedure if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of the product.. In addition, it is better to abandon the keratin straightening for pregnant women and young mothers. Everyone else can use this cosmetics without restrictions.

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Is it possible to carry out the procedure of brazilian hair straightening independently, at home? We read the topic

Keratin Treatment Cocochoco technology
COLORING! You can dye your hair 3 days BEFORE the procedure or 2 weeks AFTER it.
The procedure for keratin treatment and hair restoration should be carried out in a well-ventilated area, preferably using an extract over the chair. The master is recommended to work in a respirator.
Carefully wash your hair with shampoo for deep cleaning Cocochoco Pre Shampoo (Tehshampun). Approximate consumption:
• short hair - 10ml
• medium hair - 15ml
• long hair - 20ml

Blow-dry hair (at medium temperature), comb.
Divide hair into several sections (3 or 4). You will work with each section in more detail, dividing them into several more strands.
Shake the contents of the bottle before applying the substance.
Apply the COCOCHOCO product to the hair, leaving one centimeter from the hair roots and evenly distributing the product with a comb over the entire length of the hair.
Apply to the area near the roots and then distribute the comb, paying attention to the tips of the hair were carefully treated with keratin but do not leave excess. Approximate consumption:
• short hair - 30-40ml
• medium hair - 40-60ml
• long hair - 60-80ml

To sustain a keratin on hair within 30 40 minutes. Let your hair dry.
Completely dry, comb and divide hair into 3 or 4 sections.

Pull the iron, passing each strand several times. The number of cycles of the ironing is determined on the basis of a preliminary diagnosis of the condition of the client's hair. For thin, bleached or highlighted, very porous hair, 2-3 cycles of passage are sufficient. For thick, natural or heavily curled hair, the number of repetitions can be increased to 5-7. It is recommended to go through the strands quickly - more preferably the number of repetitions than delaying the iron on the strands. Temperature 220С.

Watch the video: How to apply COCOCHOCO Keratin Treatment Brazilian Blowout (April 2020).