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You can talk about beauty forever, right? Especially about fashion trends. After all, you always want to keep up with the times and be the most beautiful and fashionable. Therefore, we continue the topic of permanent makeup and today we will discuss the importance of correction, answer the question: "Is it possible to remove eyebrow tattoo?". This information is worthy of your attention, so join us and enjoy reading!

  • Correction - what is it and why is it needed?
  • Ways to remove permanent makeup

Correction - what is it and why is it needed?

Permanent makeup helps us to save time in the morning, always look well-groomed and stunning. Why all?

Because the correctly chosen shape of eyebrows makes our appearance attractive and gives the image a certain zest. But you need to take care of him, because sometimes we can not achieve the desired effect after the first procedure.

To prolong the excellent effect of permanent makeup and increase its service life, it is necessary to make a correction in a timely manner.

Sometimes, immediately after the procedure, we expect a super-effect. But after a few days the pigment can lose its saturation and brightness.

However, it usually returns after 1 month, then the final result of the procedure is just visible. Also, it can occur at the moment when crusts form, which many begin to remove, thereby removing part of the dye.

Why such a period of 4−5 weeks? And because it is during this time that the skin is completely renewed. Correction eyebrow tattoo process is serious, approach this matter seriously and carefully choose the master!

Let’s deal with you when it is necessary to make a correction:

  1. When it is necessary to add pigment. Make the color more saturated, and contour clear (if necessary). It may also be necessary to align the dye over the entire surface of the eyebrow, as it may be damaged due to improper care.
  2. When it is necessary to correct the bad work of the master.
  3. Also, if you need to finish the tip of the eyebrow, make it wider or even change the color.
  4. After performing tattoo correction is always performed. Usually in a month. It is very rare when there are cases that a woman is satisfied with everything after the first procedure.

As you can see, the correction is necessary! Otherwise, you run the risk of being left with not quite an attractive make-up, which, moreover, will last for a very short time.

After all, after a good correction, the tattoo will last about 3 years. Agree, an additional visit to the master is worth it to forget about the morning painting of eyebrows and always look good?

Correction - is bringing the work to the ideal.

Types of permanent makeup fixes:

Mandatory correction in a month is the procedure that is carried out 4−5 weeks after tattooing eyebrows. Master slightly adjusts the shape and adds pigment.

  • Update - performed several years after the first procedure. There is a drawing of a new dye.
  • Correction - Required after visiting an unqualified master. When the eyebrows are blue, green, blue.

We have talked about the importance of correction, now let's move on to the care after it. Using our tips, you extend the service life of permanent makeup or microblading.

Eyebrow care:

  • Immediately after the procedure itself, you cannot visit the tanning bed, it can cause a burn! It is also not recommended to visit the sauna, swimming pool or bath. This can cause your makeup to “flow.”
  • As often as possible, moisturize the skin in the eyebrow area with special ointments “D-panthenol”, “Rescuer”, “Actovegin”, “Bepanten” or chlorhexidine. This will help the crusts get off much faster, relieve you of feelings of tightness, dryness and possible pain.
  • It is not necessary to use scrubs, lotions, masks, peelings for several days after the procedure, as they can damage the epidermis. This in turn leads to the fact that the pigment begins to go.
  • Do not rub your face with a towel immediately after washing. Better blotted with a paper napkin.

As you can see, eyebrow care tips after the second procedure are similar to those that need to be followed after the first procedure.

Ways to remove permanent makeup

Most women are satisfied with the effect of permanent eyebrow makeup, because it emphasizes her personality and makes the image more attractive.

But also, it is not uncommon that the client remains extremely dissatisfied with the work of the master and refuses correction, demanding immediate removal. No exception are those cases where the master poorly performed his work and the tattoo has acquired a blue, green tint, spread, or what caused swelling, scar or scars.

Previously, removing the pigment from under the skin was something supernatural and only experienced masters took it. The great drawback of the removal was that there were huge scars or scars on the skin that did not adorn the body. Agree, unpleasant?

Now, in the era of modern technology, it will not be difficult to remove the annoying tattoo or permanent makeup. And without a trace! Also, these methods are safe and will not harm your body.

Now let's go directly to the methods themselves and consider each in more detail. So that you have a clear idea and are not afraid of the pigment information procedure.

There are two ways to delete:

  • Laser

The most effective and popular removal method. What is its advantage, you ask? And the fact that it penetrates into the upper layers of the epidermis by a maximum of 4−6 mm. Removal occurs by thermal reaction - the pigment is heated and then naturally excreted from the body.

Full “washout” of the dye occurs in 2−3 weeks. But you will notice the first effect after the first procedure, the brightness and saturation of the pigment will go away and it will gradually "fade." One of the drawbacks of laser information is its pain.

For the complete removal of the dye, you may need 3-5 sessions, since the depth of the pigment in the eyebrows is large enough and nothing will happen at once.

The duration of the laser information is 10−20 minutes. There may be slight swelling and redness that should not cause you to panic. This is a natural skin reaction to the intervention. Also, a crust is formed, which in no case can not be ripped off!

You can do a repeated permanent make-up after 1-2 months after removing the old one.

  • Using chemical reagents

This can also be attributed to the removal of biotatuage with the help of a special remuver. Permanent makeup is reduced by means of Tattoo Remover.

The composition of this wonderful means includes derived metal oxides, which in their composition and size of the molecules resemble the pigment itself. It is used to conduct a biochemical reaction, due to which the pigment is released using the lymphatic system.

The procedure for removing the dye resembles its application. Since the machine is used, which introduces a special remuver under the skin. Depth of injection depends on the depth of the pigment. After the information session, a crust forms on the skin that cannot be removed. Since then the rest of the paint will come off her.

Advantages of this procedure:

  1. Almost complete removal of the coloring pigment (99.9%).
  2. Low cost and small number of sessions. You can reduce the bored makeup and for 1 session!
  3. Safety, hypoallergenic, simplicity.

The disadvantages usually include:

  1. A very long healing process. This is usually 3-6 months. Agree, a considerable time.
  2. It is impossible to remove makeup in the area of ​​the eyelids, as the agent can get into the eyes and cause severe burning and allergies!
  3. The crust after the procedure will subside in 10−14 days.
  4. The possibility of the appearance of scars and scars on the skin.

But do not be afraid! This happens only if the master decided to remove the dye in one session and too deeply inserted a remuver into the epidermis. It is better to spend time and come a few more times than to risk the beauty of the skin and remove everything at once.

The choice of the method of mixing pigment depends on you. Over, they have cons. But the procedure for applying permanent makeup is not devoid of them.

The skin after the removal of the dye is very sensitive and susceptible to irritation, infection. Some guidelines should be followed to avoid complications.

Recommendations for skin care after removal:

  1. If suddenly you have a swelling or slight swelling, you should take suprastin or tavegil. They struggle with the first symptoms of allergy and edema.
  2. If you have pain, you should take any anesthetic: wear-pas, spasmalgon, etc.
  3. It is not recommended to visit the pool, sauna, solarium until the wound heals completely.
  4. Do not use aggressive cosmetics. Especially peels and scrubs with acids, coarse scrubbing particles.
  5. Do not touch or peel the crust!
  6. Protect your skin from direct sunlight.
  7. Touch your eyebrows with your hands as little as possible and do not rub your face too much after washing with a towel.

Following our recommendations, a few months after the procedure, information of permanent makeup, your skin will look amazing. No one will even notice traces of tattoo.

Today, dear readers, we have learned about how much correction is needed and how it helps to prolong the effect of tattoo. We also learned how to remove permanent makeup.

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Why do I need a correction?

Correction after the tattoo performs two functions:

  • it changes the shape of the eyebrows, gaps in the pigmentation are filled, which during the first procedure could be overlooked due to microranoks,
  • a more saturated pigment is introduced, if after the first time it turned out to be too light - this can be either a mistake or a reinsurance of the master (since it is easier to make a dark tattoo than the other way around) and an individual peculiarity of the skin to pigment perception.

Now I understand why you need to make a correction.

If after the first procedure, when the crusts descend, spaces and flaws are clearly visible, you should not immediately look for another master: the correction can fix everything. The exception is if the shape of the eyebrows is clearly not the one that was agreed upon, or if one of the eyebrows is very different from the other.

But this is rare, and if, in addition to communicating with a master, his portfolio is also studied, it will be easy to avoid disappointment: you can judge about professionalism from photographs.

But if after the correction the crusts descend, and the areas that are clearly not shaded remain, then it is really worth looking for another specialist.
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When should it be done?

Eyebrow tattoo correction is carried out four to five weeks after the main procedure. Why after so much time? During this period, skin cells in the area where the tattoo was taken, have time to fully recover, and you can continue to work without fear of the formation of scars.

This is important to consider when planning a tattoo. That is why the tattoo itself is recommended to be done in November-December: then the correction will be in January-February, when the sun will also not be very active.

Eyebrow correction lasts much faster than the tattoo itself, and one procedure is usually sufficient. In rare cases, it takes two - then the second is held after another four weeks, when the skin recovers.

How many tattoo correction procedures will be required will be seen in the process. All this time you should avoid the bright sun and wear sunglasses that cover your eyebrows.

To maintain the shape and intensity of the tattoo, it is necessary to repeat the procedure every 6-12 months.

It is better to make a correction on Friday - as after the tattoo, there will be crusts, and this is not the most attractive detail in the image.

In a few days - over the weekend - they will become less noticeable, and on Monday you can go to work without fear for discussing your appearance. After a few days, the eyebrows will be perfect, and after two or three years (4-6 procedures) the tattoo will remain forever.
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Issue price

The cost of eyebrow correction is always cheaper than the price of tattoo, because the amount of work is less. The price can be called immediately after the correction, and can be determined after the fact, depending on the time spent, effort and pigment.

Indeed, it is one thing when you just need to add intensity to the color, and another when you have to bring the hair tattoo to perfection: in this case you should prepare for the fact that the correction will be made for a long time and its price will be quite high.

If the price is assigned for the procedure, it starts from 500 rubles. Correction is always cheaper than the tattoo itself. But this is if you do the first and, if necessary, the second (how much the master will say) - 1-2 months after the main procedure.

Then there is a renewal of the tattoo, it is necessary to do a careful drawing of the eyebrows, and the price of such a service is, in fact, the price of the tattoo from the scratch.

How much it costs depends on the amount of work and on the price policy of the master. But not always expensive - it means good. You can make good eyebrows for 4000 rubles, and you can make unsuccessful for 10,000.

Types of tattoo

The procedure for a classic tattoo is not performed on the face, as it has the following features:

  • the pigment penetrates the deep layers of the skin,
  • the traumatic procedure and hair follicles are damaged,
  • eyebrows unnaturally stand out on face
  • can not stand the shape of the eyebrows, over time it blurs,
  • under the influence of time, the color of the tattoo changes unpredictably.

Microblading - manual tattoo is performed by a special device with microneedles. The blade corresponds to the thickness of a human hair.

  • avoid severe trauma
  • speed up the healing time
  • reduce the duration of the procedure,
  • achieve maximum naturalness.

Hair tattoo and laser correction: Pros and Cons

In fact, this is a handmade job. In microblading pigment is introduced at a shallow depth. This gives a number of advantages:

  • the fineness of the needle allows you to do the job gracefully and naturally,
  • eyebrows seem natural,
  • organic pigment is injected into the skin,
  • The work is performed according to a unique scheme that the specialist selects for your type of person.

Tip! Make sure the master uses tattoo, not tattoo ink. Tattooing - cheaper, but the result is worse.

Reasons for eyebrow correction after tattoo

Word correction is associated with error correction. Tattoo needs correction for other reasons.

Important! If the eyebrow line is asymmetrical, broken or has some other defects, the work is done poorly.

Through how much to do the correction. Duration of the procedure

The cell renewal cycle is 1 month. Natural pigment is engraved within 1–2 months. Therefore, it is necessary to make eyebrow tattoo correction after this period of time. On the timing of the procedure there are recommendations.

  • It is better to plan microblading performance at the end of autumn, the beginning of winter. At this time there is no bright sun and severe frosts, anything that can irritate the skin.
  • Correction in this case is necessary in January or February.
  • A year later, perhaps a little later or earlier, it is necessary to perform an update, as the brightness of the natural pigment decreases.

What to do if the skin does not heal a month after the correction

The procedure of manual tattooing of eyebrows takes about three hours and is divided into several stages:

  • selection of the desired shape
  • approval of color and tone by the client,
  • anesthesia and time to its full onset,
  • microblading itself.

The duration of the correction depends on the result of the first procedure. If everything went well and you need to change the details, it will take up to 30 minutes. If there are a lot of errors, and there is a need to correct the color tone, it will take more time.

Important! Do not rush to the choice of the cabin. Carefully study the market offers and stop the selection on a qualified master. It will save your money and help keep you in a good mood.

Correction price

It is necessary to immediately put emphasis on pricing and understand how it is formed. What influences the price:

  • classroom hairdresser or salon, in which the procedure takes place,
  • qualification and authority of the master,
  • quality of equipment, pigment,
  • cost of anesthetic, consumables.

To undergo the microblading procedure, taking into account the listed factors, the price will vary from 40 to 100 dollars.

Correction, on condition of small intervention, will cost from 7 to 15 dollars.

The update will cost, as the first procedure of applying tattoo. The master will have to re-work the eyebrows completely.

If you want to know more about the procedure, watch the video.

Why do I need to make correction eyebrow tattoo

Correction of the tattoo is a necessary procedure, which is performed a month after the injection of the pigment with a needle, that is, immediately, as soon as the skin recovered, when the brow shade became slightly lighter. Do not miss the clarification period. Otherwise, it is necessary to carry out again the procedure of full-fledged tattoo, and not its correction. With the help of correction, the master brings the work to the ideal state:

  • fills in the dye gaps, which appeared for one reason or another,
  • adjusts the hue that was not achieved after the first session,
  • changes the contour and size of the tattoo, for example, makes the tips of the eyebrows clearer.

Fashion for tattooing appeared at the end of the twentieth century, and the first to use permanent makeup were the stars. His homeland is Taiwan. It was here that paints and devices for their application appeared.

It should be noted that the correction of eyebrow tattoo is required! When the skin has healed, the crusts will disappear, places where the color has lain unevenly will be visible, and some areas are colored differently. And the master will fix all these shortcomings.

With the help of the correction the master brings the tattoo to perfection

The client must take into account that the selected tone will be different when the coloring matter is injected into the skin. This is easily explained by the properties of the skin, food, cosmetics and soap that you use. Even the way of life affects the color of eyebrows.

Eyebrow color correction

A month after healing, most often the hue of the coloring pigment is not saturated and does not meet your expectations. Sometimes a completely different color appears - unnatural, for example, purple, gray, orange or green. The dye can change its shade gradually, so black can turn gray and brown turn to pink.

The behavior of the pigment depends on the color type of the skin, the individual reaction of the body and the quality of the coloring matter. Most often, such transformations occur with pigments that are designed for tattoos, so for tattooing eyebrows you need to use only a special dye. By the way, it is not recommended to use black color, as it fades to blue after healing. Experienced professionals will never use it when working with eyebrows.

It is not recommended to use black pigment for tattooing eyebrows, as it eventually fades to blue

Remove unnatural make-up shades with a laser. Depending on the color saturation will depend on the number of procedures. Pigments of cold colors, located in the upper skin tissues, are erased most quickly. But the warm shades, which are located deeper, correct much more difficult and longer. The visible result is obtained after the very first procedures of using a laser, when the color of the pigment is still bright and intensively absorbs the quanta of the light beam.

There is another way to remove unwanted pigment from the skin - it is to use a remuver (this is a special substance that aggressively neutralizes the dye from the skin). He has a big drawback. When interacting with the skin, this drug damages it, and scars may remain. Therefore, this option is better not to use, despite the fact that it gives a quick effect.

Some experts correct the tattoo of the eyebrows by overlapping the black pigment with a layer of white or beige color, that is, on top of a dark shade they drive in a light one. This method of eyebrow repair is undesirable. It gives a temporary effect, since the light dye very quickly acquires a yellowish tint, and it is impossible to remove such a color even with the help of a laser method.

In rare cases, the body is extremely negative reaction to the introduction of paint under the skin. Because of this, hair may fall out. Therefore, you should take various special preparations to stimulate growth.

Restoration of flatness

As you know, in different parts of the eyebrow, the skin has an unequal density, so after the crust disappears, unpainted parts may form. Eyebrows look inaccurate, as the coating is uneven. And the correction helps to smooth all defects. The procedure for restoring a uniform coating is the introduction of the dye on the unstained areas. Correction will help to smooth all defects. Moreover, the master already knows how the skin will react, and will turn on the paint to the desired depth.

Eyebrow shape change

Unfortunately, the shape of the eyebrows can be corrected only by the magnification method. Since it is easier to make a narrow eyebrow wide, and not vice versa. Therefore, if you need to make the eyebrow longer and wider, then the master will not be difficult. During the procedure, he will apply the pigment to the missing areas. And also easy asymmetry is easily corrected. But if you want to reduce the eyebrow, you will have to either wait until full fading, or remove the tattoo by the laser method. A clear contour of the eyebrows can be corrected with the help of feathering, this will result in a more natural shape, while the contour will remain unchanged.

A laser method is also used to remove partial pigment. Usually for small adjustments to the shape of the eyebrow one procedure is enough.

Lowering eyebrow tattoo with facial tissue

Strange as it may sound, but sometimes permanent makeup lasts for ten years. Accordingly, with age, skin tissues descend, wrinkles appear. And together with the skin, tattooing is also lowered, thereby focusing attention on age-related changes. This problem can also be solved with the help of a laser, entrusting this work to a qualified master.

Eyebrow healing after correction

Most often, eyebrows after correction heal in two weeks, but it depends on the individual characteristics of the skin and care. On the first day it may seem that the eyebrows look awkward. But do not be upset. After piercing with a needle, the skin swells. You will feel pain, but this is normal, as the skin tissue has undergone mechanical intervention. After a couple of days, swelling and pain will pass, and a slightly noticeable crust will appear. On the first day you need to constantly moisten eyebrows with a napkin soaked in chlorhexidine. On the fourth or fifth day the crust will become pronounced.

On the seventh day, the crusts will gradually begin to fall off. It is important in no case to tear them off, because you can cause even more damage to the skin.

After a week, the crust formed in small particles gradually disappears.

After a couple of days, the particles themselves will completely disappear. And the appearance of the eyebrows will improve. For fast healing you need to treat your eyebrows with oil every day.

If the master correctly performed the correction of the tattoo, then after healing the eyebrows will look natural and neat.

After complete healing, eyebrows do not require special care. It will be necessary to refrain from:

  • visiting baths, saunas and swimming pools,
  • long stay in the sun
  • frequent face scrubbing.

Further update of the eyebrow tattoo should be done in two or three years.

Contraindications to the tattoo

Before the procedure of permanent makeup, you should go for a consultation with a doctor, as the tattoo of the eyebrows has contraindications for:

  • severe form of diabetes,
  • the presence of diseases leading to reduced blood clotting,
  • susceptibility to the development of keloid scars that may occur on damaged skin,
  • oncological diseases
  • AIDS and hepatitis,
  • pregnancy and lactation.

The choice of a specialist in tattoo correction

Approach to the choice of a specialist in tattoo should be carefully, reading customer reviews, inquiring experience. Since only an experienced master will do a quality job, taking into account the characteristics and desires of a woman.

Eyebrow tattoo is better to do with an experienced master to avoid negative consequences.

The first memories of the procedure of tattoo can be found in the ancient Egyptian reference books. Cleopatra herself was permanently applied with special sticks and natural dyes.

The procedures of the original tattoo and its correction are best done by the same master, since he will already be familiar with the features of the skin and its reactions to the coloring matter. In addition, many experts do not charge for correction.

No need to abandon the correction of eyebrows, even if you are satisfied with the work, because, firstly, it will improve their appearance, and secondly, slow down the fading of the paint. A beautiful and competent permanent makeup will allow you to be attractive at any time.

! Added by 11/24/15! Eyebrows after correction! tattoo 2 years ago and my new brendi) or as ALL depends on the master! + care note

I never liked my eyebrows. Light, rare, ugly forms.

It was necessary to tint with shadows, pencils, tints. All that comes to hand.

It turned out of course not bad, but it bothered) and who wouldn’t want anything - washed and already pretty)) and then there was something to draw. In my case for quite a while (hands from the wrong place grow)

Art results - On 1 photo in pencil, on 2 shadows.

The mistake was that she had no examples of work and it did not bother me.

Master - a woman of 50 years, doing at home and proud of his 20 years of experience.

I asked to do a hair tattoo, I wanted less noticeable and more natural. Then they began to convince me that this method is not for me, that my eyebrows are terrible / rare, and hairs are made on thick eyebrows in order to emphasize them a little. In my case, she decided to completely clog the brow by changing the shape. They began to draw with a pencil. To my eyes, something there was glowing, like strings. I was not satisfied, I began to ask to make eyebrows a little wider. And again the conviction followed - it turns out that with wide eyebrows the girls look like witches, there is no need to do such things.

They began to pluck their eyebrows. I feel that something extra is pulled) It turned out that you need to completely pull out your eyebrows before a tattoo! It did not suit me, insisted on her to leave. Began to scare the type because of the hairs will not all evenly. Smeared me anesthetized, sat for about 10 minutes and we started. It feels as if with a needle slightly scratching the skin, then on the scratched place more and more scratching. not nice but tolerable.

Everything about everything took a little more than an hour.

I look in the mirror, I do not recognize myself. I don't like it, but I thought I'd get used to it. After all, an aunt with experience will not advise the bad.

photo immediately after tattooing

Eyebrows are advised to rinse with boiled water 3-5 times a day and apply hydrocortisone ointment.

I did everything according to the instructions, after 5 days the crusts began to fall off and bald brows looked through.

After 10 days, all the crusts are gone. After 1.5 months made a correction. Scored bald spots, and nothing else has changed)

I was not used to the form. And in addition to everything, my eyebrows were different! (

1 photo - after 3 months

2 photos - in half a year

3 photos - a little over a year has passed

An interesting moment - after some time I talked to another 2 girls who made eyebrows with this master. In general, we were all with the same eyebrows. And both girls said that this form was imposed on them too.

And so, after about 1.5 years, it became noticeable that the eyebrows faded, and one was stronger than the other. And the color became reddish.

Patience broke and I began to draw on top of the tattoo that form that suited me and with the color that suited me.

After the summer, the eyebrows faded even more. I took up the search for the master. This time she approached with responsibility. Rummaged through the Internet surveyed friends. For the girl I wanted to go to, write for the months ahead

This day came after 1.5 months. Today, I redid the eyebrows!))))

I came then to her, I started to talk about what I want and about the unpleasant experience with the tattoo.

Asked about the full plucking of the eyebrows. Instead of answering, she got a laugh and a sympathetic look)

Started drawing. At about two o'clock my eyebrows were drawn along the ruler Listened to my every desire, redrawn. and returned to the previous versions)))

Smeared with anesthesia, sat with her for about 15 minutes. Began to score. Feels like it hurt more than last time. And longer (just over an hour).

That's what happened

immediately after the tattoo

Eyebrows of my dreams)

12 hours have passed since the appearance of new eyebrows on my face. There are no redness, swelling and discomfort either. Only if you actively move your brows a little sad.

It's been almost 2 months :) I'm ready to update the review))

Eyebrows healed without problems. Somewhere after 7 days, the film began to fall off. And after 2 weeks everything was completely healed. I was not very pleased with the result. Pigment took bad.

In the photo, my eyebrows before correction.

I went to correction in 1.5 months

She told the master all her wishes and complaints. She decided to hammer her eyebrows with some other technique and change the care after tattooing. The correction was much more painful, but tolerable.

Here's what happened:

Regarding the care: they said for the first 5 days to blot chlorhexidine 5-6 times a day, then 2-3 times a day to also soak and panthenol until bedtime until it is completely healed. Soak and steam can not be a week.

I also said that if something does not suit, then in a month you can come and correct it completely free of charge.

This time, exactly one week later, my eyebrows have already dropped the film)) now they look like this:

I can clearly see small flaws, so in a few weeks I am going to visit the master again.

Do I need a correction after eyebrow tattoo

The process of tattooing is associated with damage to the skin, so it is important to know what to do so that the eyebrows heal quickly and without problems.

At this time, various creams and ointments are used, which have disinfecting properties and help the skin to quickly recover and get a healthy look.This process takes several days, usually no more than five.

The first 2 days, 3-4 times a day, you should apply eyebrows with a tattoo with a cotton swab moistened with chlorhexidine, after five minutes you can apply a wound-healing cream, which the master will advise you, for example, Bepanten plus.

At this time, you can not wash, the skin is cleaned with wet wipes, avoiding the eyebrows.

What is forbidden after permanent eyebrow makeup

  1. swimming is not recommended
  2. visit the bath or sauna, as well as carry out the facial steaming,
  3. sunbathing in the sun or in a solarium,
  4. skin crust can not be torn off by yourself, be sure to wait until they disappear by themselves.
  5. a week after applying the tattoo is prohibited the use of cosmetics.

It may take up to 3-4 weeks for the skin to fully recover. As a rule, the result from the first time does not turn out to be ideal, you have to make corrections.

Understand that the correction carried out tattooing is necessary, you can on the following grounds:

  • in the resulting shape eyebrows showed inaccuracies or gaps,
  • not satisfied with the color of the eyebrows, or want a brighter shade,
  • the pigment is unevenly distributed over the area of ​​the eyebrow,

All these shortcomings can be observed even after the work of an experienced master: somewhere the skin has perceived the pigment worse, or it takes several more finishing touches to get the perfect picture.

A good master himself warns of the need for subsequent correction.


How many do eyebrow correction after tattoo?

Depending on the regenerative abilities of your skin, it takes 3 to 4 weeks to completely heal the tattoo. At the end of the healing, all the deficiencies of the first procedure appear clearly and do you need eyebrow correction.

There is another type of correction - “refresh”: the tattoo is updated and again becomes bright and expressive, while the specified shape of the eyebrow does not change.

This procedure is carried out in the period from three months to two years at the request of the client.

Eyebrow tattoo correction

Correct tattoo can be in two ways - to remove the extra colored places and paint new ones.

  1. If we are talking about the revision of the newly completed tattoo, the master simply adds a dye to those places of the eyebrow that turned out to be less colored.
  2. If the client is not satisfied with the resulting shape of the eyebrow, we must remember that the dye injected under the skin can be removed.

For this procedure, laser correction technology is used, in which the laser beam “burns out” the pigment, bringing it out, discoloration of the skin in this place.

This process allows you to "erase" is not satisfied with the outlines of the eyebrows and then apply a new tattoo in accordance with the intended form.

It is always possible to change the color of the eyebrows, using the pigment of a different color.

It is worth noting that the permanent makeup of the eyebrows, as well as its correction, are undesirable in some cases:

  • with severe diabetes,
  • in the presence of diseases leading to a decrease in blood clotting,
  • a tendency to develop keloid scars that may occur on damaged skin,
  • oncological diseases,
  • AIDS or hepatitis
  • period of pregnancy and lactation.

Be sure to consult your doctor before deciding to carry out the procedure.


Where to make eyebrow tattoo correction and what is the price

Usually, correct tattoo the patient comes to the specialist who did it. Often the masters believe that the adjustment is the final stage of the work to correct the shape of the eyebrows and do not take a separate surcharge for it.

If the patient did not like the work of the master and he turns to another cosmetology room for the purpose of correction, this will already be considered as a separate procedure.

Its cost can start from 2000 rubles, but the exact price can be found only after clarifying all the nuances that will be implemented.

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