5 facts about keratin straightening that you need to know

For hair restoration, our readers successfully use Minoxidil. Seeing the popularity of this tool, we decided to offer it to your attention.
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Rebellious curls and thick curly strands do not always delight their owners. Many women dream of their strands becoming smooth and shiny and never again inconvenienced by their “shaggyness”. There are various ways to achieve this effect, one of the most popular today is keratin straightening. About keratin hair straightening reviews can be found in sufficient quantity, but before becoming acquainted with them you should know what is this procedure.

During the treatment of curls keratin molecules enter the structure of the hair, which due to this enriches, becomes strong, shiny and elastic. Keratin allows you to get rid of the porosity inherent in the structure of the hair, so the fluffiness disappears, the curls become obedient. Such a procedure especially attracts people now. Ecology, dietary habits, the impact of other negative factors - all this deprives the hair of vital energy, which is proposed to be restored using keratin straightening. Thus, this procedure has two tasks: to straighten the curls and heal them.

Procedure and means

In order not to cause serious harm to keratin hair straightening, you should go to a proven salon. Straightening begins with the preparation of strands for the procedure: for a start, they are cleaned of excess sebum and dust using special tools. Then from the roots (from a distance of one centimeter) the keratin composition is applied to the curls. After that, dried with a hairdryer and brush. At the last stage, the master smoothes his hair with irons, and the whole action lasts about three hours.

Curls are almost 90% composed of keratin, and the procedure is designed to saturate them with this particularly valuable protein. This is due to the fact that the tissues every year lose the right amount of this substance. Thus, straightening can be compared with the course of intensive treatment. In addition, the resulting keratin performs a protective function, it protects the curls from the negative effects of sunlight, tobacco smoke and other harmful factors.

After the procedure, clients are given special keratin shampoo and mask. You can start using them after three days. The first three days behind the strands require special care. In no case can gum, hairpins and other things that can cause damage be used. After such a straightening, the curls are easier to lay down - reviews often testify to keratin straightening.

However, not everything is so positive in this procedure, as is commonly believed by many. The fact is that the composition of rectifying mixtures often includes a small dose of formaldehyde. However, this problem is gradually being solved. Some companies already offer formulations that do not contain this substance. And although they are more expensive, they are definitely safer and higher quality options.

Keratin straightening result

As a rule, the effect obtained from straightening is fixed for two to four months. The time varies depending on the characteristics of the hair, the type of composition used, the care of curls. If the curls are too thin or discolored, the result may not please. Dye your hair if necessary before the procedure, and after that you have to wait at least two weeks.

In addition, rely on the effect of perfect smoothness, which demonstrates the advertising of such a service, is also not worth it. On keratin hair straightening there are lots of reviews indicating the disappointment of customers. As a rule, those using the service note that such a result can be seen only after the end of the procedure itself. If you wash your head, there can be no trace of the “mirror” surface. In this case, it is impossible to deny the positive effect that gives keratin alignment, because the hair loses excessive fluffiness, gain a healthy shine, become more docile.

Types of keratin straightening and price range

Today, there are two types of keratin straightening: Brazilian - Brazilian Keratine Treatment, and American - Keratin Complex smoothing therapy. The latter is carried out using tools that lack formaldehyde. If the Brazilian straightening on average will cost from six to sixteen thousand rubles, the American will cost a little more - from 7.5 to 18 thousand. The exact price can be found directly in the salons or on their official websites in the sections "keratin hair straightening cost". The figure will vary depending on the length of the client's hair.

The procedure for keratin straightening does not end at the salon, it continues for a long time after. This means that the client must independently care for their hair using special tools. Thus, COCOCHOCO KERATIN TREATMENT products - a set of professional products for keratin straightening - include both tools for working in the salon, and home cosmetics for the care of curls after the procedure. The first are shampoo deep cleaning and working composition. And among home remedies, manufacturers presented regular shampoo, nourishing mask, conditioner and serum for shine.

About funds for keratin cocochoco hair straightening reviews are not uncommon, which indicates their popularity. These funds can also be divided into two groups depending on the mandatory use of them to achieve a result. The mandatory components of the procedure include shampoo for deep cleaning, the working composition itself, as well as regular shampoo. Other group includes recommended, but not mandatory. This air conditioning, nourishing mask and serum for shine.

Some nuances of the procedure and results

As already noted, the duration of the result is always different. As a rule, this is due to the structure of the hair, but no one is immune from deception, so in a poor salon can make poor-quality procedure, hiding behind the fact that the effect is obtained only because of the structure of the client's hair. That is why you need to pay attention to the choice of place and master. You should not ask a general question whether keratin hair straightening can be harmful. It is necessary to clarify whether the work of an individual master will bring harm, and for this you can always talk with his former clients.

Some take the risk and carry out the procedure at home on their own. It is undesirable to do this, because the wrong actions can lead to very disastrous consequences, the curls can be simply burned. You should pay attention to your hair type, if they are dry by nature, then after straightening you will have to wash them more often. Thin hair can lose volume, which they already lack.

No matter how many minuses we had to call, there are a lot of advantages, meanwhile, this procedure has a lot. Improvement, improvement of the appearance of the hair are worth it to try if you have such a desire, especially if cocochoco reviews about keratin hair straightening suggest this thought. It does not matter if Brazilian or American straightening is chosen, any of them has another indisputable advantage - the accumulability of the result. If you repeat the procedure, the effect will only increase, and the curls will get stronger even more. Probably, there is a sense (and considerable one) to resort to such a procedure, only you have to trust the real professionals.

Keratin hair straightening: to be or not to be?

Not so long ago, hair lamination and its varieties appeared on the market of hairdressing services: screening, biolamination, glazing. Someone still does not see the differences between them and does not understand the features of each of the procedures, and they have already been replaced by a new version that has taken the attention of women - straightening the strands with keratin, which sometimes experts call keratin recovery. Regarding the service has already accumulated a lot of opinions, as well as myths. Who is right and what is this procedure really about?

Why do we need such a procedure

Despite the fact that the full name of the service is Brazilian keratin hair straightening, it has nothing to do with Brazil. The composition was developed in Israel, where they have long been producing effective lines of products for particularly active hair care. Therefore, of course, it could be assumed that the next idea of ​​Israeli scientists will succeed and fly away from the borders of their native country.

The main question that torments most women is whether keratin can really start hair restoration or is it only a cosmetic effect?

First you need to turn to the natural processes occurring in the hair. Due to chemical exposure, carried out not only by persistent dyes, but also by more “weaker” factors - tap water, sunlight and even city air, as well as mechanical and temperature, due to the use of a hair dryer, ironing, comb, etc., the hair loses quite an important internal component. This component is an elastic alpha-fibrillar protein and is known as keratin, whose share in the chemical composition of the hair is 75-90%.

Keratin is present in the horn derivatives of the cutaneous epidermis and is of particular importance not only for hair, but also for skin and nails. It is noteworthy that the pigment is directly related to the share of this protein in the body: blondes are much more likely to experience keratin deficiency and need a more careful attitude to their curls than brunettes.

At the same time, it has high strength, is resistant to most of the mechanical effects and is independently produced in the follicles, but still as a result of long and heavy “blows” the molecular bonds are destroyed. Visually, this manifests itself as dry and brittle hair, a complication of the styling procedure, due to the fact that the hairs cling to each other and get confused. The owners of curly hair initially keratin is very small, which leads to their rigidity.

Due to the fact that keratin is synthesized in the body, with a slight decrease in its share, it is enough to change your diet to include protein foods and nuts, as well as any sources of B vitamins that stimulate the production of this element.

But in a critical situation, such a light natural support is not enough, and women are beginning to turn not only to multivitamin complexes, but also to external methods for producing keratin. Here saloon restoration of the level of this protein comes to the rescue: during this procedure, a special compound is applied to the hair, where the main component is a substance identical to natural keratin, but its molecules are smaller in size, which allows them to quickly and easily achieve the goal.

After penetration, it is “locked up” in the hair with the help of high temperature, thereby gluing together all the damaged zones, and the hair becomes smooth, and also becomes visually and tactilely more dense, heavy. However, if everything was so beautiful, there would hardly have been a fierce debate around the procedure.

What is the danger of keratin composition

Why even appear negative reviews of the procedure, even from some hairdressers? The composition of the funds applied to the hair for straightening is not so useful if we consider it from the first to the last letter.

Aldehyde is the main problem of most products, on the basis of which “recovery” is carried out. In particular, this is characteristic of the CocoChoco brand, one of the first keratin-containing salon drugs in the niche.

It is not for nothing that the word “restoration” is quoted and fully emphasized: in the case of aldehyde and its representatives, among which formaldehyde is the most widely known, it is impossible to speak of a beneficial effect on the hair and on the organism as a whole. Of course, the masters working with drugs suffer the most, since the negative element after heat treatment releases dangerous fumes, due to which the procedure is carried out in a special mask in order to reduce the likelihood of their absorption. However, the client also receives his “dose” for several days, which he is unable to wash his hair.

There are drugs labeled "Formaldehyde free", which theoretically should speak about the absence of a dangerous element. However, if there is no formaldehyde in its pure form, there are acids with the presence of other aldehydes, which, after heating, are also converted to pure formaldehyde.

It is noteworthy that drugs appear on the market of beauty, in the composition of which there really is not a hint of this element, but they do not give a special effect if they are not combined with the most dangerous aldehyde. In the end, it turns out the same scheme as with hair dye: the most resistant and effective dye has a high content of a far from harmless substance, and there’s no way to go.

In addition to the fact that aldehydes damage the nervous and endocrine systems during long-term penetration through the respiratory tract, they also have a negative effect on the structure of the hair. Reviews of professionals about the means of this type are categorically negative color - it is only to complete a systematic course of straightening, as the hair loses its luster and returns to a state even worse than they were. Such a process is clearly not similar to restoration.

True, the problem in this case becomes not only the aldehyde (and any of its derivatives), but also the dimethicones, the accumulation of which leads to the fact that the hair is simply “clogged”, becomes heavy and breaks. Although outwardly, it really remains smooth, brilliant, as if in advertising. The negative impact of Dimethicon can be seen not only in this procedure, but also when using some of the care products, so the professionals advise to be attentive to the composition of each of them.

Should I resort to keratin

From the above, we can conclude that the procedure should be feared as a fire, which in some ways is not without meaning, but nevertheless the professionals of hairdressing and people who are closely familiar with biochemistry do not say the categorical "no" to the service itself.

Today, when Brazilian keratin hair straightening has been around for 6 years, many new brands and drugs have appeared, the formulations have changed, so you can find a relatively safe or at least benign option.

But it depends on how successful this search is, the condition of your hair depends. And also from the right task to the master.

  • Today, you can do exactly keratin-based restoration, which will not give such an obvious smoothing effect, but it will return the life to your locks and smooth out the open cuticle scales. As part of such a product, aldehyde as a class may indeed be absent, therefore there are no contraindications for it - this is a completely medical procedure, only much more often it is called prosthetics.
  • The bulk of keratin formulations is focused on straightening curls, and if the manufacturer promises to deal with even the toughest African curls, you can be sure that there are more than enough aldehydes among the components.

If we talk directly about the indications for going to the salon on keratin straightening, then it is usually recommended only if you want to visually change the condition of damaged, brittle, porous hair, as well as get rid of annoying waves and fluffiness. No doctor will advise a patient who has complained about the deterioration of his hair to try keratin, because the procedure does not carry the therapeutic meaning.

  • Those who have clearly defined the need for keratin straightening need to remember that curls treated with a similar composition cannot be washed with SLS and ALES shampoos - these substances destroy the film created around the hair, which makes it necessary to visit the master much earlier than expected.
  • For 72 hours after straightening has been done, the hair cannot be wetted, and this applies not only to the shower, but also visits to the pool, sauna, water park. Exposure to high temperatures (hair dryer, curling iron) and the deformation of curls with rubber bands and hairpins are also prohibited.

The result of the use of such funds is kept no more than 120 days, after which the procedure will have to be repeated.

Can you make a keratin straightening yourself

The bulk of the funds for this procedure is designed only for sale to existing craftsmen, as a result of which the simple consumer is not available. The same products that are presented in stores and are labeled as “keratin straightening” are often not related to it, but are an ordinary cosmetic treatment that includes hydrolyzed keratin. However, if somehow you managed to purchase a complete set of products for this procedure, you can try to do it yourself.

To do this, you need an iron, which can heat up to 230 degrees, as well as a brush (as for applying paint), gloves, a comb with frequent teeth, a bowl and clips.

  • Rinse hair well using shampoo deep cleaning: they must “squeak”, especially at the roots - the composition of the shampoo opens the cuticle, so the strands will be confused. Dry gently with a hair dryer, constantly disassembling them with your fingers, and then (in a dry state) comb.
  • Split the whole head into 4 zones - the center should be on the crown. 3 of them, grab the clips, the last start to treat keratin composition, acting strand by strand and distributing the drug with a comb. Use caution with the root zone: the drug should not fall on the scalp.
  • Leave the product on the hair for 30 minutes. (time is usually specified by the manufacturer in the instructions), dry the hair with a hair dryer at low power, and then stretch each strand with an iron at a temperature of 210-230 degrees (depending on the thickness of the hair), sealing the cuticle until it is completely dry.
  • Do not forget that at least 30 ml of the product is consumed for short hair, 50 ml for medium ones and 90 ml for long ones.

And in order to more accurately understand the principle of applying the product to the hair, familiarize yourself with the training videos from the professionals.

Consumer feedback on the salon procedure

A very important point, which is relevant not only for the home procedure, but also for the salon, is the dosage of the keratin composition: here the rule “it’s better not to over-salt than oversalt” does not work - it’s all exactly the opposite.

If you are not able to measure the exact amount, take a little more: it will take longer to dry the strands, but you will not burn them out during heat treatment.

Negative consumer reviews that mention hair breaking in mid-length are for the most part determined by the fact that the master “regretted” the means, or spread it with water (for the same reasons of economy), and then burned it with a high temperature of hair that was not enough protection. But not only this makes "measure out 7 times," before deciding on the procedure.

For hair restoration, our readers successfully use Minoxidil. Seeing the popularity of this tool, we decided to offer it to your attention.
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As for hair loss, then keratin wine is passive: it is not a harm to the composition, but an individual feature of the scalp, which responds in a similar way to the severity.

Trichologists explain that the weight of dense, hair-clothed hair increases, which can lead to loss of weakened bulbs, no matter what keratin is chosen. More interesting and valuable facts not only about straightening, but also about recovery can be found in the video.

Summarizing the above, you should once again draw your attention to the difference between hair restoration and straightening with the help of keratin composition: the latter procedure has a purely cosmetic effect and does not solve the hair problem in any way, and the first one does not turn elastic curls into a perfectly smooth canvas. Therefore, before deciding to go to the salon, evaluate the pros and cons and decide what you want to receive from the service.

6 advantages of keratin straightening, which you should be aware of

Keratin hair straightening is a service that helps not only to get rid of curly hair, but also nourishes it with useful substances. Hair after keratin becomes shiny and healthy looking.

Straight and shiny hair is the pride of a woman

  • Indications and Contraindications
  • Keratin straightening: the pros and cons
  • Before and after pictures
  • Sequence of procedure
  • Hair care after keratin straightening procedure: products, shampoos, cocochoco and methods

The principle of the procedure is as follows: a composition containing the content of Aleggida is applied to the head At a certain temperature ironing he begins to perform effective straightening.

It is important not only to know how to carry out the procedures, but also how to restore the hair after keratin straightening.

Indications and Contraindications

  1. Keratin hair care is often used for curly, thick manes, which are poorly straightened with conventional styling methods.
  2. Any hair, for better alignment.

  1. Skin diseases (to carry out the procedure or not - a specialist decides),
  2. Violations of the skin on the head,
  3. Precancerous conditions
  4. Cannot be performed by pregnant and lactating mothers,

Possible, but not recommended:

  1. On the head of hair with often falling hair (from this they can start to fall out even stronger),
  2. Allergy sufferers, people with asthma.

Keratin straightening: the pros and cons

  1. Makes the hair more obedient. Created hairstyles last longer, not so much susceptible to moisture, various atmospheric phenomena, such as wind. The appearance of the hair becomes more attractive.
  2. A static charge ceases to form on the head. Hair becomes more well-groomed in appearance, because there are no separately protruding tips.
  3. After the procedure, the hair is enriched with protein, keratin.
  4. Unlike chemical processing, keratin reconstitution does not destroy the structure. On the contrary, it is a useful cosmetic procedure, especially if you apply the right care after the procedure of keratin hair straightening.
  5. After curling using a chemical method, the procedure can be carried out in 10-15 days.
  6. The effect lasts for 2-6 months. Then do not need any recovery procedures.

  1. For 2-3 days after visiting a specialist, it is advised not to wash your hair. And in general, care and restoration of hair after keratin straightening is required, although it is not so complicated.
  2. There is a formaldehyde substance in the keratin treatment agent - sometimes it causes mucous membrane allergies, not only for the client, but also for the specialist who performs the treatment. The room must be well ventilated.
  3. Sitting at the hairdresser can take 4 hours or more. It depends on the length of the hair and the qualifications of the specialist.
  4. Alignment - this can be said to be the antithesis of pomp, since after it the surface becomes smooth.
  5. Alignment is better kept on a thin head of hair, worse - on hard and thick hair. Curly manes are not so wavy, but not quite straight (although it all depends on the degree of curliness).
  6. Long-lasting effect is possible only with the use of special cosmetic preparations for hair care.

If you want to do hair coloring after keratin straightening, it is better to do it with a hairdresser.

Sequence of procedure

  1. Thoroughly cleaning the head of hair from any contamination. A special shampoo is used, the head is washed to complete purity.
  2. Apply ointment saturated with keratin, minerals, oils. The composition is distributed over the entire length, at a distance of about 2 cm from the scalp, from the roots to the tips. When applying some products, a cap is used to prevent the substance from getting on the skin. Then the hair is dried with a hair dryer, while the ointment is not removed. When using the product, a specialist puts on gloves and a respirator.
  3. Small strands are formed, they are straightened using a flat iron under a temperature of 230 degrees. If the shoal has been painted many times or the structure is damaged, under a temperature of 200 degrees. Each order iron 10-15 times, until they become smooth and shiny.
  4. The head is washed without shampoo, processed with a special moisturizing composition (for 60 seconds).
  5. The hair is dried, styling is done.

Sometimes, after keratin straightening, hair curls. This means that either the procedure was of poor quality or the hair simply does not take keratin.

Hair care after keratin straightening procedure: products, shampoos, cocochoco and methods

Hair care after keratin straightening is an important component of the duration of the effect.

After keratin straightening for three days:

  • do not wash your hair, do not go to the bath or sauna,
  • hair dryer and iron are excluded,
  • A special cap is worn in the pool (professionals advise doing this in the bath).

Throughout keratin straightening:

  • With the daily pointing of beauty, it is advisable not to use pins, hairpins, etc. From this hair, on the contrary, will become wavy,
  • Wash your hair after keratin straightening, preferably with shampoos and other cosmetics without sulfates, sodium chlorides,
  • When bathing in air without a cap, the surface of the head is treated with a protective agent,
  • A keratin mask is regularly made (it can be purchased at a cosmetic store).

In general, caring for keratin hair is not so difficult.

Take care of your hair and they will be beautiful

Negative manifestations that may occur during or after straightening:

  • Allergy,
  • Dermatitis,
  • Irritation of mucous membranes.

If the master uses products with a small amount of aldehydes, the effect of the procedure may not be so long, even if proper care is applied after keratin hair straightening.

Keratin does not straighten hair

“Keratin treatment” imperceptibly turned into “keratin straightening”, and we did not attach any importance to this. Well, that works! Indeed, procedures of this type can cope even with extremely naughty curls, except that it is not keratin, as is commonly believed. “It's just a fashion marketing word, but it doesn’t do anything to smooth out hair,” says cosmetic cosmetic chemist Randy Schuller, Allure.

May contain carcinogens

“And who then makes the curls mirror-smooth, if not keratin?”, You ask. Immediately warn - you may not like the answer. Ammonium thioglycolate and sodium hydroxide break the bonds inside the hair, transforming their structure as a result of “Japanese straightening” (another popular version of keratin straightening). The effect here will persist until the curls grow, but there is evidence that the use of such components can seriously harm health in general.

Similarly, doctors advise to stay away from the formaldehyde solution, which is part of a lot of products for keratin straightening with the effect from 2 to 6 months. Scientists suspect him of carcinogen-like action and recommend choosing more benign formulations.

If formaldehyde is not specified, it does not mean that it is not there

Just because a hairdresser or a brand manufacturer claims that there is no formaldehyde for keratin straightening, this does not mean that he is really not there. Besides, formally they do not even lie. To begin with, no cosmetic product can contain formaldehyde in its pure form, since it is a gas. But products may contain methylene glycol, formalin, methane and methanediol - ingredients that release formaldehyde when heated or mixed with water, so it is important to be more careful.

There is an alternative to formaldehyde.

According to Allure.com experts, several new hair smoothing treatments, including Goldwell Kerasilk, Supersilk Smoothing System, and Cezanne Perfect Finish, use glyoxylic acid (or its derivative) instead of keratin to lock the hair in a straight position. And this, of course, is good news, because over time there will be more and more options.

But the bad news: glyoxylic acid formulations are not as effective as those with potentially toxic substances, and this cannot be denied. The result usually lasts no longer than 2–3 months, plus, such treatment methods do not significantly change the structure of the hair, so curls — if we are talking about them — may not be completely smoothed out, as is the case with formaldehyde.

This is the best procedure before a short haircut.

If you are one of the lucky owners of perky curls, light curls, or just naughty, flaying or too tight curls, then you are sure that a short haircut like a pixie or a graphic four of a kind is not your option. Guess what? And you are completely wrong, because with one of these haircuts you will look great. Unless, of course, before you make a keratin straightening, which will allow the slice to become as smooth as possible, and the hair as a whole - obedient and well-groomed.

By the way, today in stores (especially online) you can find a lot of products for keratin (and other things) straightening at home. We shine, for example, to pay attention to the Acid Color hair mask from OG NAPLA, the Vakos Professional keratin resin and Estel keratin water. Yes, the result here will last 10-15 days, but the composition of such funds is as easy as possible, so you can repeat the procedure as needed and without fear.

The benefits of keratin straightening

This procedure will greatly please those who have always dreamed of even, elastic, silky hair. And especially those who seriously approach the issue of keratin treatment and hair care after it.

Our hair is 88% keratin. The molecules of this substance are able to penetrate deeply into the structure of the hair, providing a beautiful appearance and protection from negative effects (stresses, ultraviolet rays, cigarette smoke, etc.). The effect of the procedure lasts from 2 to 6 months and directly depends on the initial state of the hair, the components of the preparation, and most importantly, on proper care of the hair after keratin straightening.

Keratin procedure will not require special hair preparation. The main task at the initial stage is to choose a salon in which there is external ventilation and a powerful exhaust hood.

It is very important to find an experienced master who will apply the drug evenly and in sufficient quantity. Otherwise - the hair will quickly begin to break and lose shine. Another important factor is a good composition. It is better not to regret the funds for the purchase of a quality drug to reduce the negative impact on the hair.And cons, as in any other tool that affects the hair, there are. The main drawback of a cheap keratin complex is the presence of formaldehydes in the composition, which, as is known, cannot be beneficial. Choosing a drug, carefully read the instructions, consult a professional to minimize all risks.

The price of the issue is quite high. Owners of long hair will have to lay out at least 16 thousand rubles, the average - about 13,000, and short - up to 10 thousand rubles.

Important: during pregnancy it is better to refuse the procedure. Although this nuance is not fully understood, however, in this case, the risk is not at all justified.

Care in the first days after the procedure

so, keratin straightening already done. How to care for hair after the procedure in the first three days?

  1. During these days it is important that the hair remains dry. They can not be washed and subjected to even the slightest effect of water. Wet weather can also worsen the effect, so that in rain or fog it is better not to go outside. Water and moisture can partially wash away the protein coating, leaving spots on the hair.
  2. It is forbidden these days to use any styling products: hair dryer, curling iron, hair straightener, varnish, etc.
  3. It is important to maintain the free state of the hair: do not bend them behind the ears, do not braid, not pinch, do not collect with a rubber band or a hoop, do not do hairstyles. Keratin for this short period has not yet been firmly fixed on the hair, and with the slightest pressure on them, notches can form. Suffer these three days, do not touch your hair.

Delicate, gentle treatment of hair is the basis of keratin care.

How do we behave further?

To keep the effect as long as possible, it is necessary to continue to follow the basic rules of care.

  • The key point: when washing hair, we use shampoos and conditioners that do not contain sulfates and sodium chloride. These active substances are able to gradually wash off the natural keratin coating from the hair, which will significantly shorten its duration.
  • After washing, be sure to dry the hair with a hair dryer. Do not be afraid of him: keratin protein reliably protects hair from burning. If you start to do this immediately after washing, then dry them almost to dryness, and then blow-dry with brushing. Another option is natural drying at 70-80%, and then - hairdryer.
  • After keratin straightening, you do not need special sprays and mousses to add volume at the roots, as well as for hair styling. Keratin hair care in itself provides styling without any additional funds. Going too far with the means is the same as taking a double or triple dose of medication. After such a blow, your hair will respond to you that they will become dull and dirty, will begin to break and fall out. For styling, use only a hair dryer, curling iron or iron.
  • Before bathing in rivers or lakes, be sure to apply an indelible balsam on your hair. After - wash them with clean fresh water. It is not recommended to bathe in the sea or the pool with chlorinated water: salt and chlorine will quickly remove keratin from the hair. In extreme cases, put a rubber cap on your head, gently tucking the hair under it. After - wash your hair with fresh water. Also not the best solution - a trip to the bath or sauna. Moist hot air has a destructive effect on keratin.
  • It is necessary to dye hair or perform highlighting a week before keratin straightening or only 14 days later. It is important to select for this means, not containing sulfates. This will keep the hair color longer.
  • Do not do too tight hairstyles. Light elastic bands, silk scarves will not destroy the keratin sheath and will not even leave a trace on the hair, but regular tugging with hard strands can minimize the effect of the protein substance.
  • Sleep better on a silk pillow: cotton pillowcases will create friction in the hair, which will have a bad effect on the effect of straightening, especially in the first days. Smooth and soft silk will reduce friction and prolong the positive effect of the procedure.

It is important to understand that without keratin straightening it is impossible at home to achieve such brilliance as after the procedure. But it should also be learned that keratin straightening is not a magical miracle remedy. Even the most competent master and the best keratin preparations do not guarantee that your hair will look gorgeous without your own efforts.

Comprehensive hair care after keratin straightening is the main task after the procedure. Love your hair, take care of them, take care of them, following the rules presented in the article. Only then can you maintain a beautiful effect for a maximum period.

Watch the video: 5 Things to Know About Keratin Treatments (April 2020).