How to choose a haircut and hairstyle in the shape of the face

Each new season brings new ideas and styles for everyone to change their image. Fashionable long haircuts have become a real hit thanks to the combination of two lengths in one solution. They liked not only young and daring, but also self-confident lady aged, seeking to express themselves in her hair.

Long haircuts options

The combination of long front and short hair on the top and the back of the head in one haircut caused a real sensation. There is a possibility of new experiments with styles and images. An extended short haircut, a square with elongated frontal strands, various options for bangs in the style of this trend will not leave indifferent modern fashionable women. Original highlighting options further expand the possibilities to try on a new image. Hairstyles on medium and long hair with elongated zones will also allow to try on the trend for those who do not want fundamental changes.

Long caret

Traditionally, this haircut is distinguished by the presence of clear cuts along the edge of the hair. However, the elongated four-seater allows you to make a new decision in style. The hairstyle will suit owners of thick straight and curly hair. The average length at the back of the head and longer frontal strands create the illusion of restrained proportions. The face is visually stretched, hidden by falling hair. The eye area is underlined. Hairstyle is ideal for owners of a round and rectangular face, which with its help can be adapted to the oval. Long haircuts (female) can be made on the basis of smooth transitions and soft layers, as well as with the help of tattered techniques, giving them greater boldness and courage in submitting the entire image.

Short haircut with long strands

The most popular version is a pixie or elf haircut with long strands accented in the bangs and side zones. The hairstyle is characterized by short hair on the back of the head and the top, turning into long strands of bangs. It is ideal for owners of a beautiful neckline, shoulders, even more pulling and emphasizing the silhouette. This hairstyle will require the least effort in styling, because basically it will only be necessary to work out the front and apex zones. Often, long strands are accented only in the area of ​​the bangs. At the same time they are laid on one side. Therefore, it is difficult to draw a parallel between a short haircut with a bang and an elongated haircut. Criterion - accented strands. They create the mood of hair. An extended short haircut is the optimal solution for active young ladies who want to look in the spirit of fashion trends and combine the advantages of practicality and the presence of discreet feminine lines framed in the face.

Short haircut with long bangs

This version of the style from the previous one is distinguished by a clearer transition from a short haircut to a bang. The hair on the back of the head, on the top and on the side zones is short, and the emphasis on the elongated strands is made ahead. In this case, the bangs may be straight, laid on the side, milled, with oblique or straight parting. It all depends on the wishes of the owner. It looks good torn elongated bangs, contrasting with a short haircut. However, it requires more time to care for and maintain the texture. Long haircuts with bangs give more freedom for experiments, as they allow you to often change the design of the front face area.

Extended cascade

Unlike a bob haircut, the cascade has more blurred edges of the hairstyle edge. It is performed with accentuation of layers, which will further emphasize the transition from short to long strands. The hairstyle will look good on medium hair. They will emphasize the difference in length. Basically, the focus is on the front-line zone. For the most daring owners of long hair is the perfect hairstyle. An additional plus is the lightweight care. A car on the back of the head and long frontal strands will attract attention with an unusual solution of proportions. To further emphasize the styling pattern, light strands of a contrasting color or color along a front line will do. Long haircuts based on the cascade look softer and more feminine. They also allow you to experiment with wavy and curly hair textures.

Long haircut for medium hair

This style is limited only by the length of the hair. For those who want to find a practical compromise in the hairstyle for every day, the solution is ready. Long haircuts are optimal for business women seeking to maintain an active lifestyle and not to give up long hair. For the basis of the master take a caret, cascade, ladder or bob sesson, and then complement the accented strands or zones. The underlined length of individual sections of hair and creates the necessary illusion. Often, the transition may be similar to an elongated bang, which allows you to experiment with different options for framing the face.

Coloring effect on long haircuts

The last few years presented fashionable women with incomparable visual effects in the design of hairstyles. One of these is highlighting (coloring) strands. With it, you can create a volume, length, underlined texture, unusual color combinations. Every woman of fashion will find a solution for themselves, or even several at the same time. Long haircuts are a rich base for experimentation. Front strands, painted in complementary or contrasting shades, draw immediate attention to the hairstyle drawing. Hair appears even longer. Strategically located straightened strands give the hair dynamics.

Rules laying long haircuts

A variety of styling products makes life easier for modern fashionistas. You only need to follow a few simple rules in styling elongated haircuts. The first and most important thing is the presence of ironing in the house. Without it, the elongated strands may be lost in the overall hairstyle pattern. For laying on moist clean hair, mousse and / or thermal protection is applied, followed by blow-drying and subsequent ironing. It is very important to walk along the elongated strands of the front area. This is especially true if the basis - torn haircut. Then, if desired, trace individual strands of wax, putting a small amount on the fingertips. Fix styling varnish medium or strong fixation depending on the desired dynamics of hair. Extended haircuts (feminine) allow you to experiment with the orientation of the bangs, the location of the parting, as well as the texture of the elongated strands.

The active lifestyle of a modern woman requires the same dynamic decisions in the hairstyle. Long haircuts, photos and ideas of which are presented in the article, will allow you to think of a new effective and fashionable image based on bright and practical solutions for every day.

How to determine the type of person

It is not easy to assess the proportions of one’s own face: we see ourselves so often in a mirror that the eye becomes blurred, the assessment is biased. Therefore, it is better not to rely on the eye and arm yourself with a ruler.

You can measure a face by looking in the mirror. More accurate results can be obtained by measuring the face in the photo.

Choose a photo where you keep your head straight and look into the lens. Selfies do not work: they are usually taken at an angle, so the measurements will be erroneous.

What to measure?

The height of the face - from the highest to the lowest point.

The width of the face is from the leftmost to the rightmost point.

Oval face

Such a person has a length more than 1.5 times the width, the chin line is rounded, the forehead is slightly wider than the chin. Owners of oval faces can afford any experiments with haircuts. This form is neutral and does not impose restrictions on the choice of hairstyles.

  • Your successful haircuts: chin-length bob, long waves and quads with protruding locks.
  • Unsuccessful haircuts for you does not exist!

Round face

Plump cheeks, about the same width as the width, rounded and full chin - all this is characteristic of a round face.

  • Try a medium-length haircut with a side parting, long wavy hair, gathered in a tail at the side, and elongated haircuts in a cascade.
  • Obviously not yours: haircut bob with straight bangs, smooth hairstyle pixie or loose curls of medium length.

Square face

With a square face, the length and width are about the same, the distance between the extreme points of the jaw corresponds to the width of the forehead, and the chin is square.

  • Your friends": elongated cascade with oblique bangs, long wavy hair, hair cut bob chin-length.
  • Insidious "enemies": haircut pixie with straight bangs, smooth hair, gathered in a ponytail, haircut bob up to the jaw line.

Long face

Sarah Jessica Parker

Such a face looks thin and narrow, its length clearly exceeds the width.

  • Successfully Voluminous wavy hair with an arched bang line, medium-sized curls with a smooth bang, or a hairstyle laid out with curls will look great.
  • be careful with long straight hair and oblique bangs, voluminous bunches at the crown and bouffant.

Who is elongated haircut?

Long haircuts are universal, as well as those that are asymmetrical. Such an interesting image can fit almost any type of appearance. To whom do hair stylists recommend these haircuts?

  • girls with thick hair
  • for the shape of a face is square, circle or oval,
  • for those with large and expressive features,
  • for owners of high forehead.

What to do to those who can not boast of sufficient thickness of hair? They, too, can approach an elongated haircut, but without the use of abundant thinning. A skillful master will be able to cut it in such a way that the hair would appear more, and the styling would not be very difficult.

Note! An extended haircut is an average option between short and shoulder-length hair.

Long cascade - common

This haircut is one of the most popular and versatile. She can do and very young girls and ladies aged. In addition, the hairstyle is suitable for different types of hair and different thicknesses.

The multi-layer hairstyle is the ability to create a voluminous hairstyle. Long strands, depending on your desire, can be both near the face and behind. Moreover, the lengthening of the rear strands visually makes the neck slimmer, and the elongation of the front strands can smooth out the shape of the cheekbones and hide the heavy chin.

The cascade is combined with a variety of bangs. Not only even but also oblique long bangs will look good.

Tip! A cascade with lengthening will suit both straight and curly hair.

Extra long bob

Such a haircut will look spectacular in an asymmetrical version, when the strands on one side of the face are much longer than on the other. This option can be worn even without complicated styling, especially for bold and fashionable girls.

Externally, this haircut is characterized by elongated strands located closer to the face. At the same time, the rest of the hair is trimmed in accordance with the classical canons.

If the elongated bob is supplemented with asymmetric bangs, then the look will create an extravagant hairstyle. The bangs are cut in such a way as to gently pass into a long strand near the face. On the other side of the face is recommended to leave a long narrow strand. This is desirable to do so that the overall image is balanced.

Face "heart"

The length of such a person is greater than its width, the distance between the extreme points of the jaw is less than the width of the forehead, the cheekbones are wide, the chin is small.

  • You will go long curly hair with oblique bangs, medium-length haircut with an emphasis on the strands, curls, collected in the tail at the side.
  • Better not: Pixie volume haircut, straight bangs and low tail, short and fluffy bob haircut.

Diamond face

Such a person has a narrow hairline, wide cheekbones, narrow jaw and a sharp chin.

  • Created as if specially for you: cascade of medium length, pixie with torn strands, elongated bean.
  • Forget: Pixie hairstyle, raised and combed hair, curvaceous short haircuts with straight bangs.

So, you know your type of face and haircuts that suit you. Does this mean that now you have to walk in the same image for years? Of course no. On the basis of your haircut, a master professional can create fashionable and relevant options for each season - using hairstyles, dyes, ombre and other techniques.

Create a fresh look with the new haircut in the beauty salons of Larisa Kazmina or Jean Vallon in St. Petersburg. Professional stylists will choose a hairstyle that will be in harmony with your facial features.

Long, ragged haircut

This option is in the top for girls with straight hair. This approach will also help those with thin hair, as the torn shape creates the effect of volume. But laying in this case will need to perform more carefully.

Tip! Best of all, a ragged haircut will suit young ladies, especially in combination with a bright shade of hair.

Long haircuts: do you need bangs?

If you doubt whether to leave you a bang or not, then pay attention to the advice of stylists:

  • if your face is round, then slanting elongated bangs will help visually stretch the shape of the face and add harmony to the features,
  • bangs are required when you need to hide some features of the exterior.

Long haircuts are popular and comfortable. Properly chosen styling will rejuvenate and refresh the image.

How is a bob able to correct flaws?

The accurate and graphic hairstyle allows to visually make heavier hair and to make them more dense.

An elongated bob with asymmetrical bangs is suitable for those with large facial features. With a square face shape, an elongated bob should have a long bang. It is better to choose a graduated or asymmetrical bob.

The elongated bean is ideal for those with a round face. In this case, the front strands reach the chin line, pulling proportions.

With thin hair, an elongated bob with a bang is also possible, however, more textured, which will give more volume to the hair.

Haircut Bob is also able to soften the sharp and overly sharp facial features.

You can make a bob on an elongated face, but in this case, in order not to pull it out additionally, you will have to make either a straight or slanting long bang, which will give the correct proportions to the face. Straight hair bobs look perfect with a smooth texture without a bang. Hair will look healthy and docile.

An elongated bean that has oblique strands has a rejuvenating effect. If you decide to make a bang, remember that straight lines are good for a drawn face, oblique ones for a round one, and torn bangs are suitable for everyone.

Determine your face type, and choose a hairstyle according to your type. So, to hide all the flaws of appearance and emphasize the dignity.

See even more photos of elongated bob in our magazine.

1. "Bob" to the shoulder

This haircut - almost the main trend of the next summer. After all, it will easily add to the hair the missing volume, create a sense of dynamics and movement, and at the same time simply save time for washing your hair.

How to make styling? Apply mousse to wet hair, and then use a cone of small diameter. Screw only the "top" layer of hair (from ear to crown).

Who is best for you? Stylists call this option universal.But, nevertheless, they recognize that the best hairstyle of such length, combined with dynamic styling, will suit women with a face like “heart” or “triangle”.

2. Elongated and careless "bean"

Ideal for those who want to preserve the length of the hair, but it does not boil under the summer sun.

How to make styling? Also with the help of mousse and curling. Only this time wind the strands wider for larger waves. After let your hair cool for a couple of minutes and deliberately casually lay them with your fingers, as in the photo. Walk along the top fluid gloss for Hollywood-type hair.

Who is suitable? To all, and especially to owners of delicious round cheeks. After all, this length will allow you to visually slightly lengthen the face and “align” the chin.

3. Volumetric Pixie Haircut

Favorite by many from the middle of the two thousandth "pixie" triumphantly returns! And not herself, but taking with him a slanting bang.

How to make styling? Do not forget to thoroughly comb during blow-drying. For greater sharpness of bangs or individual strands, you can walk on them "ironing".

Who is suitable? Anyone who is tired of messing with long hair and who wants to cut five years in one visit to a hairdresser.

4. Hair to chest with strands of different levels.

Ideal for those who want to change, but do not want to leave the long-haired ranks.

How to make styling? Keywords - negligence and volume. While hair is wet, stylists are advised to put on the roots a little spray for volume, head down and beat the hair with your fingers. And strands of different levels can be accentuated with wax.

Who is suitable? Most compliments will collect girls with pronounced cheekbones and jaw - the so-called "square" or "rectangular" type of person. Long hair and highlighted strands soften features and make the image even more feminine.

5. Long hair with a light "cascade"

Even more femininity, even more summer in the image, but also more trouble.

How to make styling? For a relaxed “beach” look-a, even in combination with an office suit you cannot do without a texturizing spray with sea salt. Spray liberally onto even slightly damp hair and dry them using a brush with natural bristles. For an even more holiday effect, strand individual strands onto the curling iron in random order.

Who is suitable? Anyone who dreams of summer right now. But keep in mind that the combination of "cascade + length" require good hair density.

6. Large curls in combination with the "bean" and sparse bang

Summer hello next fall. In which, if you believe the shows of top designers, you should expect the return of a bright 80s.

How to make styling? Stock up on a good texturing cream for elastic curls.

Who is suitable? Of course, the owners of the nature of curly or wavy hair. Or those brave ladies who have long dreamed of trying one of the types of permanent waving. And as for the shape of the face, then most of all such a “moderate disco” will suit beauties with a face-oval, a rectangle or a “diamond” (rhombus).

7. Even shorter

Short straight haircut with side “combed” parting is a new choice of many actresses and models. Simple, always elegant and very stylish.

How to make styling? As you may have guessed, you cannot do without a thin comb and hair gel. And the main rule is only one thing: do not overdo it with the laying agent.

Who is suitable? This hairstyle emphasizes the grace of girls with a small face. And straight hair by nature is required if you do not want to spend an hour on styling.

8. Long bangs framing face

To the best of modest and very feminine option, which will give the face expressiveness. And at the same time will not force the forehead to sweat in the summer heat.

How to make styling? Get your big round brush out of the bins and blow dust off it.

Who is suitable? Everyone and everyone.

9. Straight geometric caret with side parting.

Simple, stylish, young. What else do you need?

How to make styling? Stylists recommend to buy funds, straightening and slightly fixing the hair, as well as not to neglect the "ironing".

Who is suitable? For girls with long face or "heart". And also, preferably, straight from nature hair. After all, this hairstyle requires clarity, order and the absence of spontaneous curls.

10. Long hair with thinned tips.

A new version of popular hairstyles for years, "like Rachel from the" Friends ".

How to make styling? Take care, as you used to take care of your long hair. Just do not forget about oil for a neat look of tips. And, of course, about the parting strictly in the center.

Who is suitable? Anyone who still believes that Ros and Rachel are the perfect match for all times.

And in anticipation of the summer heat, we advise you to find out how to get the desired volume of hair without suffering and threads.

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Oval face shape

The elongated bob is literally created for girls with this type of appearance. But if your hair is curled, it is desirable to align them with styling.

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100-year-old haircut

Exactly! Hair, so famously included in the trend of the latest shows of ready-to-wear, in fact, is not the know-how of modernity. Haircut bob square with lengthening - this is just a variation of the classic square, but, nevertheless, the popularity of such styling is incredible. This is explained by:

  • Owners of any type of face will be able to choose “their own” bean,
  • even women who have shoulder-length hair have the opportunity to give a fashionable form,
  • a different type of lengthening (smooth or abrupt transition of lengths) creates a different effect, so that you can play with the image,
  • to create additional volume bob with elongation on fine hair may be asymmetric,
  • This hairstyle looks original and neat and with bangs (including with a scythe), and without it,
  • bob square with lengthening to the face of the ladies of any age.

Indications and Contraindications

As already mentioned, your elongated hairstyle can be chosen by any woman. But for owners of a wide line of cheekbones and puffy cheeks, this version of the bob quack is the ideal option - to slightly correct the massiveness of the lines. It is impossible not to note the positive influence of the haircut on the image of girls with a triangular face: an elongated haircut perfectly balances this shape. If you have an oval narrow face, then you should not get too carried away with lengthening, since the volume at the top of the head will pull the shape even more. In the case when “you are not worth it, but you really want it,” a narrow oval can be slightly diluted with a thick bang.

As for the type of hair, of course, straight thick hair is considered to be the ideal “bridgehead”. But, if you have them wavy or even slightly curled, this is not a reason to abandon the bob square with lengthening. Just have to lay each time the hair, and then the rear view and the front will be like in the photo.

Another way to give volume to a hairstyle is to make a graduation. Curls of different lengths, but kept a common line, will give the effect of additional volume. Chubby girls, on the contrary, it is better to refuse graduation of a bean, otherwise the crown will become too big.

But the "contraindication" for the elongated version of the car is only one thing - tight curls. On such hair, the bob will not only be not noticeable, it will also create the impression of scattered tow instead of strands.

To be or not to be a bang?

Strands falling on the forehead are a great way to correct the shape of the face. Since the elongated bob of the square care "perfectly gets on" with this element, let us examine the types of bangs that fit the different ovals of the face:

  • for narrow and long bangs should be asymmetric, thick and reach the line of the eyebrows,
  • triangular asymmetric lines on the forehead are contraindicated. So it is better to stay on the classic straight and necessarily thick bangs,
  • for a chubby young lady, the straight line at the level of the forehead should be asymmetric, and it is quite possible that one temple will be extremely short,
  • owners of a square face should choose a bang with special care not to make the chin heavier. So the best option is a bang with long tips bent inwards.

5 options for laying elongated bob square

The main advantage of the haircut is that it practically does not need to be laid - it is enough to dry the hair with a hair dryer. But, as you know, there is no limit to perfection, therefore we offer several ways to make curls more diverse and interesting.

There are several ways to achieve beautiful curls. The first - the easiest and proven - winding strands on curlers. The second - doll curls. To do this, wind the hair from the middle of the head on the curling. But leave the bang straight.

In this way our mothers and grandmothers laid their hair - they did a pile at the top of their head. However, today, stylists offer to wind the back of the hair on the curling. And if the length does not allow, you can dry a hairdryer with a diffuser.

Morning effect

Disheveled strands of which year is still in fashion. You can freshen this styling with a side parting, as well as the study of the strands with gel or wax. But on not too long hair styling can quickly disperse, so you should fix it with varnish.

Little pigtails, tails - all this is very familiar to busy women, especially on maternity leave. But if you connect the fantasy, you can make a French braid from ear to ear - then the new image just will not go unnoticed.

Smart glamor

Well without him! To create an image of impregnable beauty, hair must be straightened. For these purposes, they use a destructive but healthy functional iron. To protect a little hair from exposure to high temperatures, it is necessary to use thermal protection.

Styling tricks

Not many women can boast heavy straight hair that looks great in the described haircut. Basically you have to fight with disobedient whirlwinds, and those struggling to break the general line of hairstyle. Therefore, hairdressers advise:

  • send side curls from the face to give styling playfulness (to enhance the effect, you can sharpen the ends with wax for hair),
  • The ends turned inward look very elegant. But for this styling caps, scarves are contraindicated, so it is better to save this hairstyle for spring and summer,
  • Seekers who decide to make adventurous experiments with their hair will be interested in the structuring of the occipital strands with wax or gel and the chaotic scatter of side curls.

Young girls absolutely not in vain choose this particular hairstyle! Fashionable bob haircut with a lengthening of the face can achieve a stunning effect: feminine open neck and beautiful long strands.

The end result of the hairstyle depends not only on the type of hair and the skill of the specialist, but also on the angle at which the front strands are extended. The sharper it is, the more graphical and crisp is the bob car. Ideally, the cut angle should frame the face and repeat its outlines. But there are options when the front strands fall below the shoulders.

Technique perform haircut

Many novice hairdressers may be interested in the issue of haircut. And, really, how to cut bob quads? Technology hairstyle depends on the features of the selected model. It is always performed only on clean and moisturized hair. Here are a few of the main stages of the classic haircut technique.

  1. We divide the hair into partings: the anterior parietal part - into the U-shaped, occipital - into the vertical. We twist each part into separate bundles and we pin it with pins.
  2. We begin to cut the bottom of the neck. To do this, select the horizontal row and make it edging. The height of the row depends on the desired length. As a rule, it is 1.5 -2 cm.
  3. Now select the first strand, reject it and cut it at an angle of 45 degrees. This is a control strand.
  4. By the same principle, we stretch the remaining vertical sections and mow strand by strand. Cut at an angle, without touching the edging, otherwise the haircut may lose its shape.
  5. Now we cut the corner, emphasizing the line of the cheekbones. The length of the front strands is not limited, the cut angle - at the request of the client.

Ways of styling haircuts with extra long strands

Quick styling bob bob haircut with lengthening is easy to perform with a hair dryer and brushing, twisting the strands down. During the installation you can use all means, be it mousse, gel or varnish. For those who do not wish to expose their hair to hot air once again, we recommend styling using velcro curlers - they are wound on short hair very quickly.

The bob-kare hairstyle has been very popular over the years. Mass distribution among thanks to the image of Cleopatra performed by the legendary Elizabeth Taylor, recreated by Hollywood directors in a 1963 film. Today, Hollywood stars, famous top models, singers and other celebrities wear bob car.

Bob-car with lengthening worn by many stars

Features technology haircuts

Haircut bob with elongated front strands combines some elements of the classic square and bob. A distinctive feature of the classic version of hairstyles are long hair in front and short, opening the neck, at the back of the head. At the same time, hair is cut off at the back of the head by a ladder, in a cascade or even strands are dropped, falling on the upper part of the neck.

Bob-car is more feminine compared to the classic bean and provides the ability to create more voluminous hairstyles compared to the classic car.

The transition from short hairs on the back of the head to long strands framing the face is carried out at an angle, therefore the length of the hair directly depends on the angle of transition chosen together with the master.

Haircut is perfect for those who want to change their appearance and create a more practical hairstyle, while maintaining long strands. In this case, choose a sharp angle of elongation, which allows you to save the length or slightly below. The smaller the angle, the greater the similarity with the classic square. In the best option, which is often recommended by professional hairdressers, the angle of inclination follows the line of the cheekbones.

How does bob look with lengthening

The same haircut looks different depending on the method of installation:

  1. For walking and weekdays. Hair stacked on a straight, oblique or zigzag parting, the tips can be straight or curled in the inner side. In sports, long strands are fixed with hairpins.
  2. For special occasions. Depending on the chosen style and dress, curls curl, and the hair give extra volume.
  3. "Creative chaos". Curls are placed in a deliberately random order and fix their position by applying a small amount of varnish in the area of ​​the roots.
The creative mess has seats in the female hairstyle

Long haircut options: do you need bangs

A professional hairdresser can offer several haircuts with elongated front strands:

  • . The form of bangs, straight, oblique or elongated, is selected taking into account individual characteristics and shape of the face. So, for a round or square shape, oblique bangs are suitable, which can visually narrow and lengthen the face.
  • On the "leg". In this case, the hair is cut short, completely baring the neck and "raising" the back of the head.
  • Graduated. Hair cut "ladder", with the result that the hairstyle becomes deliberately careless disheveled.This haircut gives the image some romance, and also smoothes the sharp features.
  • With asymmetry. Helps to create an extravagant, shocking image.
  • A-bob. The length of the bangs is equal to the length of the front strands. A bang falls obliquely on the face and may hide excessively wide or sharp cheekbones.

Hairstyle benefits

The popularity of haircuts due to several advantages:

  • Practicality. The hairstyle executed by the professional hairdresser does not demand special leaving and laying further.
  • Versatility. Bob-caret is suitable for hair of different colors, thickness or stiffness and harmonizes with almost all types of face and head shapes. Such a haircut will be equally appropriate in the daily working and solemn atmosphere.
  • Diversity. There are many variants of execution, there are no hard restrictions regarding the length of the bang, symmetry and other details.
  • Convenience. During the day, the hairstyle retains its original appearance and does not hinder freedom of movement.
  • Corrective function. Able to emphasize the benefits and hide some flaws in appearance.
  • Individuality. Many options for styling, the ability to collect hair in a bun, make a perm or add extra volume.
  • Relevance. Bob-car does not lose popularity for decades and does not go out of fashion. Hairstyle is always relevant and does not look outdated or bored.
The famous bob-caret haircut

Selection of options for round and other face types

In combination with the different shape of the face, the bob-caret with lengthening looks different, in addition, with the help of this hairstyle, you can hide some flaws. Depending on the shape of the face, select the length of the hair, the shape of the bangs and adjust the other elements of the haircut:

  • The classic oval face shape in most cases has no pronounced flaws and provides complete freedom of choice of options.
  • A feature of square-shaped faces is often a high forehead or massive jaw. Both straight and oblique bangs allow you to visually reduce the height of the forehead, and long hair can hide the excessive massiveness of the jaw and the width of the cheekbones.
  • Round face. A long fringe thrown on one side visually lengthens the face, and overly wide cheekbones are hidden by the front strands.

The short bob with elongated strands is an almost universal hairstyle, suitable for most forms of the face and hair of any hardness or color. At the same time, this hairstyle is contraindicated in some cases.

  1. If the oval of the face is excessively extended, the falling strands can visually “stretch” it even more.
  2. With a short, strong neck - in this case, it will be completely open to outsiders.
  3. With very curly or curly hair.

By haircuts that give a woman refinement and charm, you can rightly include bob-caret with lengthening. The stylish Victoria Beckham has introduced him into wide fashion. Other celebrities (singer Paris Hilton and Rihanna, actress Nicole Ricci) also often turn to this model.

Model variations

The advantages of an extended bob cut hairstyle is that it has many variations. You can ask the master to make both a sharp and a smooth transition from short hair at the back of the head to long hair at the sides of the head.

The result depends on the angle at which the front strands are sheared. The greater the angle, the more graphical the haircut is.

In this case, the hair of the greatest length can reach the shoulders. Cutting the strands at a small angle gives a haircut, approaching the classic square. However, stylists recommend cutting hair at an angle that corresponds with the line of the cheekbones.

An extended bob cut hairstyle can be performed with or without a bang (the traditional version). If you prefer to wear bangs (or the type of your face makes it necessary to complement the haircut in this way), the master will surely offer you a choice between several types of it (slanting, even, torn). Parting with an extended shearing bob-car is usually made oblique.

What girls is elongated bob-caret?

Due to the elongated front strands, the bob car makes it possible to hide wide cheekbones. Such cheekbones are found in girls with triangular or square face types.

Bob-car is especially impressive and magnificently looks on thick straight hair. It is desirable that the hair was docile and easy to style. At the same time, the cascading structure of the haircut on the back of the head makes bob-caret with lengthening indispensable for owners of fine hair.

Technology haircuts

So that you understand how a hairdresser works with your hair and does not fear its manipulations, get acquainted with the technology of performing an extended bob car before a visit to the salon.

  1. The hair is first divided into four zones, the central parting and the divisions intersecting it in an arc. Then the master makes two temporal partings and one more separates the lower occipital part.
  2. Haircut begins at the bottom of the head. In this case, you will have to tilt your head and wait patiently for the master to cut all the strands, pulling them off at an angle of 15 degrees, to the length you have previously chosen. The accuracy of the angle of inclination should not make you smile: it must be observed so that the upper strands are longer than the lower ones.
  3. Then the hair of the temporal zones is processed. The barber chooses and delays in the direction of the central part of the strand, cutting them along the length specified on the back of the head.
  4. The lower hairline almost always needs to be adjusted, but as a result it should be completely flat.
  5. At the final stage, the symmetry of the haircut is checked (if necessary, the tips are cut from one side or the other).

Haircut can be supplemented with oblique bangs, but this should be discussed with the master in advance. The video at the end of the article will help you to see the details of the work on the elongated bob car, and the photo of the models should inspire you to change your image.

Styling secrets

Perhaps the only drawback of female bob-cut haircut with lengthening is the need to lay it daily. Although you can meet lucky women who do not need this procedure in the morning: their hair perfectly keeps its shape and does not wrinkle overnight.

For styling an elongated bob-caret, you will need a foam, an iron and a comb. When using a hair dryer, always lift the hair at the roots with a round brush of a suitable diameter. After straightening, the ends of the front strands slightly wrap towards the face. Parting can be done both straight and oblique.

For a festive evening, you can make light waves on your hair. However, remember: the key word here is "light." Carefully curled strands are contraindicated for elongated bob car.

The choice in favor of bob-kare with lengthening is made not only by young, but also by quite mature women. This medium-length haircut can be called truly universal, since the femininity and elegance that it imparts are not limited.

There are many ways to emphasize your femininity and sexuality. One of them - the choice of a spectacular haircut. To achieve the desired and to be in trend, stylists advise women to pay attention to the different variations of the cult side bob haircut. This hairstyle for many years does not lose its relevance, constantly changing, acquiring new features and character. And in the new year, she also becomes unpretentious and easy to care for.

Trendy options for bob bob haircut in 2017

The fashion season of 2017 showed that women's bob bob haircut is still in the top of the most popular hairstyles. However, it has ceased to be the prerogative of the owners of short or medium strands. The new bob car is a variety of lengths, clipping and styling.

In 2017, the careless and rebellious style of dressing rejected any stereotypes, pretentiousness and brilliance. Therefore, it is not by chance that the ragged and asymmetrical bob of the middle or elongated bob occupies the leading positions. It is simple to pack, keeps the desired shape for a long time and clearly adheres to the main line of the 2017 style.

Meanwhile, the classic, smooth performance of a bob square cut with an even cut also remained in the trend. This form is one of the universal, which will look particularly impressive on business women, aged women or girls who prefer a discreet and thoughtful image.

But the bob square with shaved temples and patterns, insanely popular in the new season, is more suitable for young girls with an active lifestyle and progressive views, even though many of the older older business people often recently appear on TV screens such haircuts. In real life, in a strictly office style in clothes, it is better for adult women to stick to the golden mean and to restrict themselves to calm variations of asymmetrical or careless bob square.

Asymmetrical bob cut, side bob with hanging locks or shaved temple are considered the most stylish haircuts of the new season. At the same time, the classic straight or elongated bob caret still holds the position of the most popular and popular hairstyles for most women.

Simple bob car

A short simple haircut is created up to the length of the earlobe, sometimes going slightly behind it. It acquires a smooth, soft silhouette and a strict cut of the lines. The hair gets a slight filigree on the tips, a weak graduation is present only on the back of the head. Some stylists still draw a parallel between a simple bob of a bob and a bob on a leg, recognizing them to be the same haircuts. These haircuts open to the gaze a beautiful neck and form on the back of the head a leg of short-cropped strands. However, in the case of a simple short bob cut, transitions in length are made smoother, with no contrast in the layers. The hair in the lateral zone is gradually extended. Looks good short simple bob square without bangs. It is replaced by elongated strands of the face. If the bang still appears in this haircut, then more often it acquires an elongated or beveled shape with a soft cut, without a ragged effect.

Torn bob square

Ragged short bob squares can make a haircut especially interesting and piquant. This hairstyle is created according to the classical scheme, the features appear only when making the tips of the strands. The cut of the hair is beveled and torn, so that the curls freely and slightly randomly fit on the head. A torn effect can be expressed in enhanced filigree, when sharp feathers appear, or in a stupid hair treatment method, by creating chopped off tips. Perfectly can complement the specified haircut fringe. Its shape depends on the proportions of the face and the volume of the hair. Stylists prefer to cut out with such a haircut middle bangs to the eyebrows, elongated or beveled variations. The formation of strands in bangs can be carried out by creating a straight, arcuate, pointed or torn section of the hair.

Graduated bob car

Graduated bob car makes a short haircut more volume, creates dynamics and texture. Layers appear not only in the back, but also in the side zone of the hair. The back of the head is created short, fluffy with an even or torn cut of the tips of the hair. Curls are lengthened to the face, the graduation is made uneven. Sides are processed separately: they are created with a light, medium or increased multi-layer effect. The tips of the hair are sharp or even. The strong graduation of the facial strands visually shortens the haircut, but allows you to create a beautiful frame of hair. The average and easy graduation of the facial curls are created closer to the ends of the hair, so they do not significantly adjust the length of the hairstyle. Mostly formed graduated bob square with bangs. It has a light form, sharp tips, beveled silhouette. Heavy, thick bangs in graded short haircuts are quite rare.

When shaping a short bob cut, the master should pay special attention to the volume at the crown, processing of the facial strands, bangs or parting. This will help the most harmonious and correct the proportions of appearance and create the necessary accents in the hair.

Classic Bob Caret

The classic bob fours up to the chin has been in trend for many years. The hairstyle is created smooth, smooth, with a straight and smooth cut of the strands. This allows you to gently lay curls in her hair, create a graceful and elegant silhouette. The back of the classic bob haircut opens up a beautiful female neck, but does not create a short-strand leg on the back of the head. Hair smoothly lengthened on the sides. Facial strands can have easy layering. This haircut feels great with both bangs and without it. If the bang is present, it is usually flat or arcuate, of medium length or beveled. In the absence of bangs, the emphasis is on the parting. It can be central, side or zigzag. The position of the parting depends on the shape of the face and the desired volume at the crown. Side and zigzag partings help to slightly raise the top of the hair and adjust the shape of the face.

Graduated bob square

Such average haircuts differ from a short graded bob cut with a substantial finite length, various methods of graduation and a large selection of bangs. In a medium haircut, the stylist can afford more fantasy and creativity. The total length of the strands slightly leaves the chin. Layers of hair are particularly pronounced in the crown and neck. On the sides, a stepped effect is formed depending on the shape of the girl's face: enhanced graduation will create pomp and widen the face, easy graduation will help to lengthen the silhouette and will additionally form a volume in the strands. The most popular when creating a graduated haircut enjoys a ragged effect. Concisely, it can be supplemented with a straight, sloping, elongated or featherlike fringe. The lack of bangs in the graduated haircut can be compensated by creating a side or side parting on the crown.

Bob square with ladder elements

Very effectively, the middle bob of a square with the elements of a ladder looks on a classic or ragged variety of bob of a square with sharp tips of the strands. The ladder is created in a complex with bangs, which progressively merges into the total mass of facial curls. The bang has sharp tips, thinning, beveled or arcuate cut. The steps of the facial strands appear in the cheekbones, framing the face with sharp tips. The final length of the side strands can reach the middle of the neck. The tips of the hair around the perimeter have a fragmentary cut, the back of the head is formed with a slight graduation. The whole haircut is pretty neat and smooth. The focus is on the facial strands and sharp ends of the hair at the bottom of the haircut. The elements of a ladder in a bob-cut hairstyle make it easier to decorate the face area, simulate an oval, complicate a restrained variation of a classic or torn hairstyle.

Medium bob cut haircuts are considered the most versatile and easy to care for. With them you can come up with different interesting hairstyles, curls, as well as complement them with all sorts of accessories in the form of hairpins and headbands.

Simple elongated bob square

Belongs to the category of universal, basic haircuts. Fits almost everything and is easy to lay. The length of the strands in an elongated variation reaches the line of the shoulders: the back of the head is shorter than the sides, but the transitions in length are not sharp and smooth. The general idea of ​​a hairstyle is formed on the basis of the method of processing curls: the presence of an even cut, ragged effect or graduation. The even elongated bob square looks great without a bang with a central part. It is better to do the graduated variation of a hairstyle with an uneven effect, paying special attention to the facial strands.Torn or graded elongated bob carriages are created with bangs: straight, ragged, beveled or elongated. The shape and type of bangs depend on the idea of ​​the stylist, the width of the forehead and the final length of the hair.

Bob square with extended front strands

The main feature of the bob caret performance with elongated front strands is the contrast of lengths on the sides and at the back of the head. Unlike a simple elongated bob of a bob, this haircut has a sharp and significant leap in length in the area of ​​the face curls. The execution of this haircut is very different: depending on the cut of the hair, the difference in the length of the neck and sides, on the type of bangs. The stylist can cut only the facial locks with long, bringing them almost to shoulder level, then make a break and arrange the rest of the hair mass according to the classical scheme of a simple medium bob of a square. A haircut will look a little different; its neck is very short, with a leg, and its sides are sharply cut to the face and reach to the shoulders. In such a variation of the bob cut, the back view is volumetric, multi-layered and smooth. In this case, the side curls can get a ragged effect, graduation and thinning. The bang is made medium, elongated, beveled or completely absent in the haircut.

Bob car on curly hair

The elongated shape of the bob square is an excellent alternative for forming a medium hairstyle on curly curls. Curly strands look very interesting and impressive with uneven hair length. The back of the head, however, should not be cut out too short so that the effect of excessive pomp and carelessness of the strands does not appear. It is better to choose as a basis a simple elongated bob of a caret, complemented by a ragged cut of hair, selective graduation, and light shading. In order to curls beautifully around the face and not to stick in different directions, it is necessary to do a graduation only in the lower part of the hairstyle. Bangs may be present in a curly bob cut only in an elongated variation. If the curl springs are tight and hard, it is better to give up the bangs altogether, and instead of it, make a side parting and throw some of the strands on the other side of the face.

An elongated bob square looks great on curly hair. Complemented by graduation and a sharp cut of the strands, curls are able to create a neat shape and beautifully fit the hairstyle.

Bob square with asymmetrical facial strands

The principle of the haircut is reduced to the creation by the stylist of different lengths and design of curls in the front area. There are the following ways to design a haircut: one side has the shape of a short carcass on the leg, and the other side is cut with lengthening strands to the face or one side has a short length of strands, and the second side length reaches almost shoulder level. The first variation on one side (where the bob is cut) is created with an even cut and gradually, when moving to the other side, acquires a ragged, pointed effect. The sharp feathers of the other side at the same time can reach up to neck level or even descend below. The second variation of asymmetric facial strands is created by a uniformly shaped cut of the hair around the entire circumference, but at different lengths. Strands can have a ragged effect, sharp feathers or be smooth, straight, with rounded tips. If the bang appears in a haircut, it is cut off with thinned, beveled, with feathers and sharp ends.

Bob bob with asymmetrical bangs

Spectacular bob cut with bright, catchy accents can be created with the help of asymmetrical bangs. She is cut off on both short and medium haircuts. Asymmetry can be easy and unobtrusive when the bang is not strongly out of the general idea of ​​a hairstyle, for example, it concisely draws a torn or graduated haircut with different lengths of feathers. The opposite situation is bangs, creating a contrast, emphasizing the views, breaking the form and the main style of haircuts. This situation includes bangs with a steep structure, beveled ends, blunt cuts, made on a straight, smooth bob cut or asymmetrical elongated bangs, contrasting with a short length of haircut.

Bob square with shaved temple

The shaving of the temples is in trend, so it has not bypassed the side and bob cut. The hairstyle is formed on any variation of the performance of the bob square. Feature haircut - open gaze side with a very short hair length. Shaving can be weak when only part of the temple opens, or large-scale when almost the entire side is shortened. The complexity of the haircut is to smoothly pull the strands from one shaved side to the other, which preserves the length of the hair. The longer the strands of the opposite side, the more difficult the haircut in execution. On the shaved nape you can create patterns, lines, geometric designs and even tattoos. Most often, the bangs in this haircut is missing or acquires a thinned, beveled shape.

At shaved temple, you can create interesting lines and patterns. But this is no longer as important as a one-sided, four-shaved bob at the bob, complete with a bright tattoo. The image is shocking, catchy and very stylish.

Coloring bob bob haircut

Competently chosen coloring for a bob cut can finally make a haircut, make the appearance more attractive and spectacular, and also emphasize the main idea of ​​the hairstyle.

For straight, even bob cut hairstyles, you can choose a single color. In the trend - natural shades, but with a rich, deep color: blond, chestnut, chocolate, etc.

Asymmetrical, torn, graded haircuts may require several shades to be painted. Bob quads with ombre or balajazh allow you to create bulk and texture in the locks. Curls and a multi-layered effect in the hair look with such coloring more attractive and lively. California highlighting and shatush technique on a bob car make it possible to give the hair a natural shade of burnt strands. Such coloring will look great not only on torn and graded haircuts, but also on the classic straight bob square.

Multicolor coloring, where bright colors and contrasting shades alternate, is more common on asymmetrical haircuts. Meanwhile, using this method of hair coloring, you can also diversify absolutely any, calmer bob bob haircut. The output will be a completely new hairstyle, brighter, more creative, hooligan and stylish.

The most fashionable trend of coloring bob kare is monotonous natural saturated colors or the effect of faded strands on the crown. Ombre, balayazh, blondirovanie and coloring, as before, relevant, but slightly lost their positions technique shatush and California highlighting.

Bob bob haircut technique

Technology bob bob haircut depends on what form of hairstyle was conceived by the stylist and whether it implies bangs. Short hairstyles are created with a short-cut leg on the back of the head, asymmetrical haircuts have different lengths on the sides, some types of bob cut with bangs have their own clipping features, etc. All this should take into account the master, starting to work.

Meanwhile, there is a general scheme of bob cut hairstyle, which should be guided when creating a variation of hair, and it looks like this:

  1. The hair is divided into zones: parietal, temporal, lower and upper occipital zones are distinguished.
  2. The haircut begins with the upper central strand in the lower occipital region. This strand is cut to the desired length and becomes the control. The remaining curls are cut from top to bottom with a radial parting with a 45 degree tilt. The master moves from the center to the sides.
  3. Next, the upper zone of the head is formed. Strands start to cut from the middle, focusing on the control first strand of the lower zone of the neck, the angle of inclination is 45 degrees. All other segments are clipped upwards in a similar manner, moving from the center to the sides.
  4. The sides and temples are mowed down gradually, by pulling the hair to the back of the head. The final length of the front strands depends on the angle of the pull. The area around the ears is clipped with minimal delay.
  5. The parietal zone is formed by pulling back curls with a diagonal parting. Strands mow gradually, one after another.
  6. Further, the haircut is checked along the lines, corrected, creates smooth transitions between areas.
  7. The bangs are formed, the tips are processed, the edging is created, interesting ideas of the master are realized. At the last stage is styling.

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