Haircuts that slim

We have prepared for you a list of the most popular "magic" hairstyles.

Hairstyle, young! Careless soft curls

This style will not only make you visually younger, but it will look as natural and feminine as possible, emphasizing the merits and hiding the flaws. In addition, soft curls go to different types of faces, and this hairstyle is undemanding to the density and texture of the hair, it is best suited for medium or long haircuts. Take note: the curls should not be small, otherwise the effect will be opposite.

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Straight hair with a volume at the roots

Beautifully "cheat" age can be and with the help of giving volume. Smooth and sleek hair is not the best option if you are not 20 years old. In order not to look too simple, it is enough to add the basal volume to the strands when laying, to make the tips clearer - and the effective image is ready. By the way, you can rely on the cascading, light and slightly playful haircut of Jennifer Aniston - you will definitely not lose, because this is practically a classic.

Asymmetrical hairstyles

Another important rule: strictly balanced proportions of haircuts add age, and careless, asymmetrical styling adds exactly the opposite. They are not only very relevant, but also capable of a few cool things: first, such hairstyles really look young, and second, they give that very individuality and a little rebellious image. In general, decide!


The tail is something that never goes out of fashion. And so that he works for you (and against age), make him not low and not too slick: just run over your hair with a comb, releasing a few strands.

Bob and quads

A great choice for any age is bob and square. For the best effect, give a hairstyle easy negligence or asymmetry. An extended version will make the image fresh, the additional volume will favorably accentuate facial features, and the playful styling will set the right mood. The secret of "rejuvenating" hairstyles revealed!

Hairstyle, slim!

Graduated haircuts

If you are a happy owner of long hair, then pay attention to the graduated or stepped haircuts - they visually make you slimmer. This effect is provided by strands of various lengths that will stretch the face and hide the problem areas. This hairstyle will allow you to do any styling, including fashionable "ponytail", leaving loose strands.

Long bangs

To correct the roundness of the face will help a long oblique fringe below the eyebrows - it will shift the emphasis and give the face a more regular form. Another option - bangs, the length of which is slightly above the chin, divided into oblique parting. Be sure: bangs not only hide flaws, but also emphasize the dignity.

Asymmetrical hairstyles

Asymmetry - the girlfriend of a slim face. Such haircuts will adjust its shape and excessive roundness due to the falling strands and oblique parting. By the way, it is generally better to forget about direct parting in this case.

Textured Car

For lovers of medium and short hairstyles perfect textural square. The length below the chin or shoulder length will bring the shape of the face to oval. Having made such a haircut, you can leave the hair straight, give it volume or curl - the choice is yours!

Light waves

One more friends of a slender face are light large curls. A curling iron or large hair curlers will help you create them. Complete the image, slightly straighten your hair with your fingers - and enjoy the beautiful lines of waves framing your face.

Graduated haircut

If you prefer long hair, while you want to look slimmer, you should pay your attention to the stepped or graduated haircuts. Different lengths of strands will help you to look much slimmer. In this case, the ideal length of such a haircut would be the length to the level of the chest. It should also be remembered that all steps must begin either above the level of the chin, or below it, if you do not want to focus on the lower part of your face. You can also experiment with this haircut and make a variety of styling based on it: from EVEN HAIRS to the horse's tail, leaving strands around your face free.

Long bangs

Such bangs can change your hairstyle beyond recognition. She is able to make her owner more attractive, or vice versa, to expose all the carefully concealed flaws. If you need to adjust the round face, you should think about a long oblique bangs below the eyebrows. It will successfully shift the accents and make your face shape more elongated and correct. For a full face, the length of the bangs should be done above the chin, dividing it with an oblique parting. In this case, the strands should frame the face on both sides, beautifully covering its flaws.

Asymmetrical hairstyles

In order to make the face visually slimmer, you should give preference to asymmetrical hairstyles or haircuts. They will give your face a more elongated and regular shape thanks to the strands on your face and side parting that can hide your too round features. Whatever hairstyle you choose, you should remember that asymmetry is the key to success, and direct parting is contraindicated to you.

Long textural caret

Textured square, the length of which will be either up to the shoulders or below the chin, will be for you an excellent hairstyle that will especially suit chubby or full girls. This haircut as close as possible to the shape of your face to the oval. If you have such a haircut, you can leave your hair straight and give it a little “movement” or volume using hair styling products. You can also curl your hair slightly in order to create light waves framing your face on both sides.

Light waves

Light waves will be an excellent option for those who want to look slimmer, without making any special efforts. In order to do this hairstyle, you should curl your curls with the help of large curlers or curling. You can also straighten your hair with your fingers using styling products. Such waves will create beautiful lines around your face that soften and visually reduce the lateral parts of your face.

What will not suit you?

• Short and smooth bangs can make your face visually wider, and also focus on the bottom of your face, so it will not work for you.

• Long hair looks very beautiful. However, if you have excess weight, then the optimal hair length for you is the length to chest level.

• Smooth haircuts or short hair with horizontal lines are able to focus on the face. They will not be able to hide the flaws, but only emphasize them even more.

• Smooth hairstyles that open up your face completely, such as a bun or a ponytail, further emphasize the roundness of your face.

• Too lush or voluminous hairstyles, as well as curls or curls, are full.

And which haircut suits you best?Share in the comments!

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Wide hips - is it good or bad?

If your body is different rather massive hips in combination with a narrow chest and a small bust, the stylists recommend to consider the possibility of long haircuts. It is long, and especially wavy, hair will help switch attention from those parts of the body that do not fall under the definition of "slender".

What do girls with short hair, really there is no way out? Of course there is. Try experimenting with hair accessories - barrettes, interestingly knotted scarves.

Graduation, ladder

Do you have long hair that you have been growing for so long? There is an option to visually make the face more elongated without loss of hair length.

For this, graduated haircuts are used. Curls of different lengths hide cheeks and make them less noticeable. The length of the strands to the middle of the chest can be considered an ideal start to create a new image.

Speaking of asymmetry ...

One of the most intriguing haircuts that will help change the image beyond recognition - asymmetric. The side parting will visually change the proportions of the face. But if you are used to direct parting, you will have to relearn, since it is he who emphasizes all the nuances of a full or round face. You don't need this at all, do you?

What not to do

How to avoid common mistakes, advise recommendations stylists. In order not to create a ridiculous or ridiculous image, you should not:

  • curl hair very finely into African spirals,
  • cut hair under a short bob,
  • pony tail combined with a full face
  • short bangs
  • laying in a tight bun at the top,
  • hair smoothly removed from the face (bundled, shell, etc.).

By following these simple and easy-to-follow recommendations, you can not only choose haircuts that are slim, but also add femininity and refinement to the image.

Every woman, at least once in her life, was dissatisfied with her forms, and accordingly with her weight.

Of course, the most effective way to keep yourself in shape is the right healthy diet and exercise. However, it happens that you want to look slimmer right now - at this very moment you want to change something in yourself, but without much effort. What to do?

In this case, will help to properly selected haircut or hairstyle. She helps to hide those extra pounds and make her possessor slimmer and more attractive.

1. Haircuts with long bangs

Sometimes the bangs change the haircut, and accordingly the person beyond recognition. Bangs either make its owner more attractive, hiding some flaws, or, on the contrary, emphasizes inconsistencies and flaws that would need to be made invisible.

If you have a round, plump face, then a long oblique fringe, falling below the eyebrows, is very good for you. Such a bang is able to correct the roundness of the face - it shifts the accents and gives the oval of the face a longer elongated and regular shape.

In addition, for a full and round face, an elongated bang is recommended, which ends just above the chin and is divided into a side parting. In this case, it is necessary that the strands beautifully framed the face on both sides, while covering the roundness and problem areas.

2. Graded haircuts

If you have long hair and you want to look slimmer, try a graduated or stepped haircut. The falling locks of various length will hide problem areas and visually stretch the face. Because of this, it will look thinner. The ideal length of the haircut in this case - to the level of the chest.

However, note that the stepped "drops" ("ladder") should begin below the chin area, so as not to focus attention on the rather rounded lower part of the face.

With such a haircut is very convenient to experiment. You can do a variety of hairstyles and styling - from a simple horse tail to a variety of evening hairstyles. But at the same time the strands of the face should be left free.

3. Asymmetrical hairstyles and haircuts

Asymmetrical haircuts and hairstyles just as well create the illusion of a slim face. They help to hide its rounded features and give a more regular shape, visually pulling it. This is due to the strands that fall on the face and the side parting. Therefore, when choosing an asymmetrical haircut or hairstyle, remember that the parting you will suit well, and the straight part is a taboo for you.

4. Long textural texture

For chubby and plump girls perfect haircut - textural square, the length of which is below the chin or shoulder length. This hairstyle pulls the shape of the face and brings to the oval.

Owners of such a haircut can leave the hair straight, can give it a small amount, can create the effect of “movement” with styling agents, or curl it slightly to make light waves, but at the same time, all curls, when they fall, should frame your face parties.

5. Light waves

Light waves - this is an excellent option for those who want to change the shape of the face, to look slimmer, without changing the haircut and without making much effort.

To get such a hairstyle, the hair must be curled with a curling iron or with the help of large curlers and, using the styling means, slightly straighten it with your fingers.

Such curls in the form of light falling waves soften, visually reducing, cheekbones and lateral parts of the face.

And some tips to chubby ladies:
• Avoid smooth and short bangs - they make the face wider.
• Remember that for you the optimal hair length is up to chest level.
• Short hair with straight haircuts and sharp horizontal lines, as well as smooth hairstyles that completely open the face, only highlight the flaws.
• Lush, voluminous hairstyles and curls put on weight.

Multi-layered cascade

The higher and thinner the bottom of the haircut, the more pronounced the effect of losing weight. Visually, the shape of the face is pulled vertically. The result is especially noticeable from a distance, in conjunction with the wardrobe - it should also be selected taking into account that the clothes are not full.

Torn bangs

Ideal for those who like to wear long hair, but consider your face too round. Objectively speaking, ideally smooth bangs fill the face. The torn (as well as the effect of “feathers” around the face on the front front of long hair) visually reduces the width of the face. Even if you like to collect long hair in a bun on the back of your head or in a lump on the top of your head - a torn bang will also play you a plus, create the illusion of slimness of your face, even with makeup, even without it.

Hair coloring using the balayazh technique

So called technology hair color, in which the roots and the bulk of the hair is dark, blond tips. Naturally, the total hair length should be below the shoulder line. And even better - to the point of the armpits (along the back it is a line of shoulder blades) and below. Short haircuts do not benefit from this method.

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