Ways to dilute the dried or thickened mascara

Dried mascara often takes us by surprise at the most inopportune moment. This problem is familiar, perhaps, to every woman - just yesterday mascara was applied without problems, and today her condition is no longer criticized. If the term on the bottle says that the tool is still suitable for use, you can try to reanimate the mascara. What can be diluted mascara?

In fact, there are not so many ways to dilute dried mascara that would not harm your health.

Means that can be diluted mascara

The most harmless, and therefore recommended in the first place, the way is warm water. It is enough to put a bottle of mascara into a glass with it and hold it for about 10 minutes. Most often, this method is enough to solve the problem than to dilute mascara. Another way to use water to dilute carcass is to drop 1-2 drops of distilled water.

What can not be diluted dried mascara?

There is still a lot of rather original ways than to dilute the dried mascara, but to call them harmless can be a stretch.

So, Soviet women diluted the mascara ... with ordinary spittle on a brush. On the content in human saliva of microbes and bacteria modestly keep silent.

Other originals add cologne, cognac or perfume to the bottle of mascara, which is completely unacceptable and can cause allergic reactions, irritation and redness of the eyes and eyelid skin.

Another means of domestic craftswomen - diluting the carcass with vegetable oil - is also not without drawbacks and can lead to the fact that the mascara just smears on the eyelids.

And of course, if the reason for the drying of the carcass was the expiration of its shelf life, do not even think about ways to bring it back to life. Just go to the cosmetics shop - and buy yourself a new mascara. Eye health in this matter should come first.

Ways for regular mascara

There are several ways in which you can restore a dried up regular mascara. It is easily washed off with water and means for washing or removing makeup, is not waterproof and does not contain silicone in its composition.

The first and most popular tool is plain water. Water can restore any mascara in a tube as soon as possible. There are several ways to use water for these purposes:

  1. Immerse in a glass with warm water a tube of funds. Leave it for 5-10 minutes. After this means you need to shake a little. It is ready to use.
  2. Add quite a bit of distilled water to the vial. Again shake it a little. After that mascara can be used as usual.

With the help of water, dried mascara can become practically new, return all its original properties. But this tool has always caused a lot of controversy, as it has some serious drawbacks:

  1. Water can be the main cause of pathogenic microflora in the tube. At room temperature, it develops a huge number of microorganisms that can greatly affect the development of eye diseases. Mascara, diluted with water, can lead to conjunctivitis, blurred vision, barley formation, etc. Allergic reactions are also common. That is why before using this method is worth a few times to think.
  2. Often, water can disrupt the normal consistency of the carcass. A small brute force when diluted makes the mascara liquid and unsuitable for use.
  3. The main problem of many girls when using carcasses is the formation of very ugly and unaesthetic lumps. Water can only aggravate the problem.
  4. Water at room temperature evaporates very quickly. The effect of its use does not last long. After evaporation, the consistency of the decorative means becomes even thicker. That is why you can not take water as a panacea for the resuscitation of carcass.

Eye drops

The next remedy is eye drops. They have a large list of benefits and fewer contraindications than water.

Which drops are better to use if your favorite mascara has suddenly dried up? These should be remedies that combat excessive redness of the eyes. Do not use serious medicines that are aimed at improving vision. You can choose to dilute the carcass:

In order to return the original properties of the carcass, you need to add just a few drops in a tube. When performing these actions should be as careful as possible so as not to overdo it with drops and not make the mascara watery. Shake the decorative tool and use as usual.

As mentioned above, eye drops have many advantages. First, they do not cause the occurrence and development of serious allergic reactions. This method can also be used for people with sensitive eyes, which often turn red and watery.

Secondly, the drops do not cause eye diseases. The risk of inflammatory processes is minimal. When using this method, you can be calm for your health and well-being.

Finally, the ink diluted with drops will last much longer than the one that was diluted with water.

But when using eye drops for such purposes it is worth being as careful as possible. Carefully monitor the shelf life of the drug. After its opening, it can significantly decrease. Many open drops should not be stored longer than 2 weeks.

Contact Lens Remedy

The next method is to use contact lenses. For girls who regularly wear contact lenses, this method will work best. The solution, which is used for the sterile storage of contact lenses, in its properties and characteristics is not much different from eye drops. In many cases, these funds are interchangeable.

As with eye drops, this tool is hypoallergenic, does not cause inflammation and irritation of the mucous membranes. It can be safely used by girls with very sensitive eyes. Solutions have a mild composition and do not harm the eyes when used.

The way of use differs nothing from described earlier. Mascara in a bottle must be diluted with a few drops of the solution. Shake the package. After you can start using the tool.

But It is worth noting that this tool, like all the ones described above, will not make an absolutely new one out of the old carcass. Over time, he will still lose its properties. That is why such methods are best used as emergency and do not postpone the purchase of a new mascara.

Tips to help you restore a dried mascara:

For many, this tool is a matter of concern, but strong brewed tea can be used as a means to restore the carcass.

Tea has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. It is often used to eliminate puffiness and tired eyes, giving them a fresh look. That is why tea can be used to restore the carcass for eyelashes. It does not cause allergies, inflammatory reactions. Tea has disinfecting properties, therefore it is able to prevent the formation and development of microorganisms in the tube.

In order to dilute the mascara, you need to brew strong black or green tea. Add some sugar or fructose to it. Mix thoroughly. Next, you need to add a few drops of this solution directly into the vial. Stir the contents to make the mascara smooth.It is better to add a little bit to achieve the perfect consistency means. After apply mascara on the eyelashes.

As you can see, the dilution methods by various means are very similar to each other. With their help, you can make mascara more convenient to use.

Makeup remover

However strange it may sound, the mascara can be diluted with makeup remover. It can be milk, tonic, lotion, etc.

As in all previous cases, it is worth adding a few drops of the product and carefully stir the diluted mascara. Carefully keep proportions. More liquid products can make the mascara strongly watery. It will not give the desired effect, will leave fingerprints for centuries.

Thicker lotions can give the effect of stuck eyelashes, become the main reason for the formation of lumps. Thick mascara badly separate the eyelashes, making them unnatural.

The most important rule when using such agents is that the composition should not contain alcohol and alcohol-containing components. This can adversely affect the state of the eyelashes and mucous membranes of the eyes.

Ways for Silicone Mascara

So, we answered the question of how to dilute the usual mascara, if it thickens. Now it is necessary to proceed to the next problem: what to do if the mascara is dried on a silicone base. Such carcasses appeared on the market relatively recently, but became the real favorites of many girls. Such tools are very durable, keep an eye all day. They calmly withstand the effects of water, do not flow from sweat or sebum. But mascara, which includes silicone, is easily removed from the eyelashes, just sliding off them, under the influence of warm water.

Diluting silicone mascara by any means is strictly prohibited. This can lead to a complete loss of its properties. But you can reanimate such a tool with your own hands. Immerse the mascara in warm water for a few minutes. This method was described above, but it is also ideal for silicone mascara.

But there is one “but”: after using this method, the ink thickens even more. That is why it should be used in extreme cases, when the mascara is very thick, and you need to urgently go somewhere. Do not postpone the purchase of a new mascara for later. These funds are only suitable as a single aid.

After considering the question of how to dissolve mascara, it is worth going to some prohibitions There are those tools that absolutely can not be used for such purposes. They not only will not bring a positive result, but will also become the main cause of some eye diseases. It is worth considering these funds in more detail.

The first remedy is alcohol. It will now be not only about alcoholic beverages, but also means, for example, for removing makeup, which were given above, on an alcohol basis.

With the help of alcohol, you can temporarily return some properties of the carcass. It is strictly prohibited to use it. Why you should not use alcohol to dilute the carcass? There are several main reasons:

  1. Alcohol evaporates quickly. To use this mascara is not possible, as it instantly thickens. Its use is difficult.
  2. Alcohol strongly irritates the mucous membrane of the eye. This can lead to a variety of consequences. The first and most harmless of them - the appearance of a small burning sensation and discomfort in the eyes. But there are more serious consequences. These include the occurrence and rapid development of allergic and inflammatory reactions, severe redness and pain in the eyes. That is why it is necessary to refrain from the use of alcohol-containing means for such purposes.
  3. The deterioration of the eyelashes. Alcohol drains them heavily, can lead to severe precipitation. In this case, you will need a large number of recovery procedures.Use oils, special products, if the condition of your eyelashes has deteriorated greatly after using such a tool.

That is why, when a question arises than to dissolve a mascara that “failed”, it is better to immediately discard the version using alcohol-containing agents.

Many use saliva for cosmetic purposes, considering it the most appropriate and harmless tool. In fact, saliva can be a major cause of serious illness.

Human saliva is an excellent medium for favorable reproduction and development of harmful microorganisms and bacteria. By adding it to the mascara, you make the cosmetic product a real nursery for pathogenic elements. This tool can be the main cause of inflammatory reactions, barley, visual disturbances.

The consequences of the use of saliva for cosmetic purposes are very serious. Their elimination often defies even the most professional and highly qualified specialists. That is why it is worth the most responsible attitude to the use of any means that may have a negative impact on human health and well-being.

The use of oils for cosmetic purposes can lead to both positive and negative consequences. Many cosmetic oils in the wrong ratio can cause severe burns.

Vegetable oil is not recommended for similar purposes, as non-able to violate the optimal consistency of the product. Lumps begin to form, the eyelashes stick together and become very sloppy and unnatural.

In addition, the use of vegetable oil in the eye area leads to the appearance of small tumors and edema, the effect of tired eyes.

Contact with mucous membranes can cause inflammatory reactions. As in all previous cases, they can lead to serious visual impairment or even loss of it in case of untimely medical intervention.

At home, the most responsible approach to the use of available tools for cosmetic purposes. Remember that many of them can lead to irreversible consequences. It is better to buy a new mascara than to eliminate eye problems due to the use of products prohibited for cosmetic purposes for a long time.

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How to dilute mascara?

Bear in mind that the recommended carcass life is six months. After this time, the remedy must be replaced to avoid possible infection of the eye.

But, you see, rare mascara lives up to six months - as a rule, it has to be updated after a half to two months.

Fortunately, there are some simple rules, following which you can use mascara much longer.

Why dries mascara?

  • The ink for the volume dries out the fastest - it is also the most dense in texture. The formula of such products contains special waxes that are responsible for the effect of thickening of the eyelashes. The shelf life of other types of carcass is also not so great - it is better to check it, focusing on the packaging. For example, the “6M” badge means that you can use mascara six months after opening the tube. Once the open ink enters the air - and after that it begins to dry out gradually.

To make the mascara dry as slowly as possible, try to repeat the use of professional makeup artists. Having unscrewed a brush from a tube, they cover the last with a finger or a silicone cap. So, while you paint your eyelashes, the air does not get into the tube and, consequently, the ink dries at times slower. By the way, the same rule they apply when using liners - liquid or gel.

  • One of the common causes of premature drying of carcasses, including waterproof ones, is a loose tube.The reason may be the excess funds around the thread, which prevent the mascara from completely closing. Thus, a certain gap is formed between the cap and the tube: due to it air gets inside, and the ink quickly dries out. To avoid this, regularly remove leftovers from the thread. This can even be done with an ordinary cloth moistened with warm water or micellar solution.

How to dilute the dried mascara at home?

Your mascara is dry, but there is no possibility or desire to change it? Fortunately, there are several proven methods that can help correct the situation. You will be able to repeat them at home. What tools will be useful for this?

The easiest way to restore dried mascara is to add eye drops to it. Ten drops of funds will be enough to reanimate the mascara. Close the tube and shake it properly so that the drops mix with the composition. After that, the mascara will be like new!

You will need a means to clean the lenses (just enough five drops). The formula of this tool is safe for the eyes - therefore, you can safely add it to the mascara. The sequence of actions is the same as in the case of eye drops.

It is not recommended to add other solvents to the mascara, such as alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. They are definitely not suitable for the delicate eye area.

How to dilute thickened mascara?

Three ways to help make the composition of the carcass more liquid, but does not affect its properties.

  • Add two drops of pre-heated coconut oil to the mascara: it will make the consistency more plastic.
  • Another trick will help to return the thickened carcass to a normal texture. Pour the hot water into the container, put the tightly closed mascara in it. After ten minutes, you can check the product: the product will heat up and the formula will become softer.
  • Perhaps it only seems to you that the mascara has thickened - and the reason is the brush, on which too much money has accumulated over time. In this case, the brush is better to clean with soap and rinse under running warm water.

Secrets to help extend the shelf life of mascaras

  • Open mascara is better to use every day: so, you use it completely until the moment when the formula starts to dry out or thicken. If you once opened the mascara, it means that air has already got into it, and the drying process has begun. It can not be stopped, even if you close the tool tightly and set it aside. Therefore, it is better to use only one ink at a time - so you can get the most out of your purchase.
  • Examine the carcass storage conditions: they are listed on the package. As a rule, the rules are simple: it is better to keep the mascara in a cool dry place.
  • If you notice that the mascara has changed its smell, this means that the product has been damaged and it is time to change it, even if the period of use was less than what is written on the package.
  • To make your mascara last longer, pick up the tool gently on the brush, do not make it many up and down movements. Each time you drop the brush into the tube, you drive some air inside. And, as you understand, the more air inside, the faster the ink dries.

Home "reanimation": how to dilute mascara if it thickens

Today, you need to look your best! Before the meeting, there was less than an hour. The final touches to make-up: eyelashes and a little shine. Alina took out the mascara and almost burst into tears of annoyance: the girl had completely forgotten that she hadn’t painted her eyelashes for several days, since her favorite mascara had completely dried up ...

We hope that Alina still found a way out. But after all the similar situation happens often. And, sometimes, there is no extra money to buy a new mascara. But even more often - this is when there is absolutely no time to buy, and you need to look great in the near future. Do not rush to spit on the brush, it is - not hygienic. Let's find out how to dilute mascara if it thickens.

All ingenious is simple! Handy "thinners" for carcass

Before we “go to the home workshop,” to find out how to dilute the mascara, if it dries, carefully read its composition.

If you notice the word "paraffin" among the ingredients, then do not rush to use improvised diluents. Put the tube in a cup of hot water (or under a jet).

Literally in five minutes the wax will melt and you just have to shake the bottle well. As time passes, it will most likely dry up again. Then repeat the procedure again.

In the composition of your mascara paraffin is not found? Then act with the help of one of the following tools:

Distilled water will be needed, as raw water may contribute to the development of microbes. Use a few drops of hot water to thoroughly dissolve the cosmetic. Do not overdo it, because, having splashed a lot, such a mascara can already be thrown away (it is best to use a pipette).

Eye drops

The original and very effective method. It will take drops in which there are no hormones and antibiotics. And there are quite a few of them, but in practice “Oftagel” and “Vizin” have proven themselves better than others. It is not necessary to drip directly into the bottle. You can apply a few drops on a brush and then immerse it in a tube. Not a bad way for sensitive eyes.

Eye Makeup Remover

If the lotion does not cause you unpleasant tingling or burning during make-up remover, feel free to use it. But there is a subtlety: if your mascara is classified as waterproof, then the means for removing makeup from the eyes should be similar. Water-based mascara can be diluted with a simple lotion (you can use a facial, but without alcohol in the composition).

Products that are not used for dilution

Now that you know how to dissolve the mascara, if it dried up, you will not be able to get into a hopeless situation. And now you can always give a couple of tips to your girlfriend when she has a similar situation.

And do not forget to tell her that the shots from the old Soviet films, where the heroines spit hard on the Leningradskaya mascara brush to make up the eyelashes - these are just frames.

Saliva can not be added to the cosmetic! And this is not only not hygienic, but also dangerous, since an inflammatory process of the eyes can appear.

In addition, there are several products that are not used to dilute the carcass:

  • Vegetable oil
  • Alcohol and alcohol drinks

Think about it: the oil never thickens. This means that it will not only be felt on the eyelashes, but also, perhaps, flow into the eyes. And this is already - unsafe.

If you are advised to drip a little perfume to dilute the mascara, then you can immediately buy a resuscitating agent for eyelashes. For example - burdock oil. Why? The fact is that under the influence of alcohol eyelashes dry up, lose their thickness and fall out.

We hope that the tips filled up your luggage with "improvised means", but still, you shouldn’t endlessly revive the old mascara. Love yourself and buy yourself fresh cosmetics!

Than to dilute mascara if it thickens

If a tube of your favorite ink quickly dried, do not be upset and immediately spend money on buying a new copy. In this article we will reveal the main tricks that work, than at home you can dilute the mascara if it thickens.

Some of the techniques presented in this material will make the mascara suitable for use in makeup for a long time. Here, of course, you need to select what is more suitable for a particular product, by trial and error. Before we talk about how to dilute mascara, if it thickens, briefly examine the question of why this all happened.

Why is the ink dried?

There are various reasons why this could happen. Most often, the ink dries due to improper use.That is, often women store the wrong tool - left in the sun, not completely twisted. All this leads to the fact that the moisture evaporates quickly. Fashionable makeup for this year.

Also look carefully if the product has not expired. Often shortly before this moment comes the mascara becomes dry. If this happened from old age, then it is better not to try to bring this cosmetic to life again.

Experts note that the mascara can dry out because of a bad neck. In particular, if the tube has too narrow a passage for a brush, then the carcass takes less time to dry out. At this point, you can pay attention even when buying a specific product. On the rules of applying foundation cream on the face.

How to dilute mascara if it thickens: reviews and recommendations

Just add water

This method of carcass recovery is an effective method, but not a one-time method. Before make-up you need to dial a glass of water and dip a vial there for 30 seconds. After that, collect the necessary amount of funds. This method of restoration of ink must be repeated every time before applying makeup.

Important! In no case do not boil the mascara or put it in boiling water, because it will lead to the deformation of the vessel and the final spoilage of cosmetic products.

Eye drops

This method is safe, and you can still be sure that the product does not harm the eyes.

Although, some advise to first test the product, and then apply it directly on the eyelashes.

You should buy drops that artificially moisturize the eyes and inject a few drops of the product directly into the tube. To leave the mascara overnight, and use it in the morning, as if it never dried out.

Strong tea

On various thematic forums you can often find such advice than to dilute mascara if it thickens. You will need to make strong black tea, add sugar to it and mix everything well.

Dip a brush into tea, dry it, and add a few drops of tea to the mascara itself. The bottle should now be closed and allowed to stand for several hours for the remedy to have its effect.

If you add enough tea, then this method will give a positive result.


An excellent remedy that will quickly dissolve dried teas, are not alcohol spirits or toilet water. You just need to inhale a little perfume inside the bottle of mascara. The composition of the eyelashes then apply gently so that it does not exactly hit the eye mucosa.

Castor, burdock oil

Such oils are effective means for breeding carcasses, and they will also take care of the cilia themselves, strengthen them. It will be necessary to pour a little oil in a bottle of ink, close it and set aside for a while. Before applying mascara on the eyelashes, pre-rinse the brush in warm running water.

Makeup remover

If this tool can dissolve makeup, it means that it will also have a beneficial effect on us in order to dilute the mascara. Allergic reactions are excluded when you use a familiar remedy. You just need to smear the neck with a thin layer of the tool, and then turn the brush and try to make the tool fall into a tube in a thin layer. Read about how to visually enlarge eyes with makeup.

In no case should the mascara be diluted if it has dried:

Saliva is often used by women when looking for beauty and in vain. Because, in it there are a lot of bacteria and microbes that can, once in the eye, cause an infection.

Hydrogen peroxide can not be used in any case, so as not to damage the eyes and not be left without eyelashes.

Vegetable, including olive oil. The oil never dries out and the mascara will have exactly the same effect if it is diluted with oil. She will soon flow and spoil all the efforts to restore beauty.

Funds that contain alcohol.They dilute mascara well, but are extremely dangerous for the eyes and eyelashes.

These are basic tips and recommendations that will help in a situation when looking for an option than to dilute mascara if it thickens. We hope that one of the described methods will definitely suit you.

The mascara has dried up, than to dilute

Each of the girls at least once in their life faced the problem of thickening of eye mascara, but not everyone found a solution to this problem and just bought a new one. We propose to teach you how to save on decorative cosmetics and consider how and how to dilute mascara dried or thickened.

Proven methods of carcass dilution

Almost every mother at one time used the mascara "Leningradskaya".

Now it seems altogether incredible, but this mascara was a small briquette with relatively dry content, which had to be “smeared out” each time with a special brush (or brush). This mascara has been used for years, because

there was no chemistry in it, and it was prepared according to a special GOST. Now, on this recipe they make ordinary, but rather expensive carcasses, which, because of their special composition, often dry out. How to dilute them?

Many magazines give advice to use simple warm waterthere are two sides here. From one point of view, it is very cheap and affordable, but on the other, it is relatively hygienic. Advantages and disadvantages:

  • water is the habitat of many microorganisms, which, under the influence of constant room temperature, become the causes of many diseases, ranging from conjunctivitis to barley,
  • difficult to guess the dosage, and sometimes instead of a very thick carcass, we get too liquid not suitable for use,
  • water contributes to the formation of lumps,
  • this liquid evaporates very quickly and after the mascara becomes even thicker.

But, if there is no other way out, we must give such recommendations. Pre-boil water and cool. It is advisable to use a pipette for dilution, it is easier to measure the drops. After this action, the mascara should be stored in the refrigerator (ideally, all cosmetics should be stored there in order for its shelf life to increase).

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Purchased preparations for carcass dilution

As we have said, water is not the only way to thin the mascara, it is better to use eye dropsthat contain soothing and antibiotic supplements. By this we reduce the probability of the formation of any eye disease to a minimum. Most often for such purposes buy "Vizin", "Oftagel" and others.

Not everyone knows that even the most famous companies make-up artists sometimes also sin by diluting the carcass. For this they advise to use simple makeup remover. Of course, you need to give preference to tonics and lotions that do not contain alcohol, but if necessary or hopelessness, you can drop a little alcohol tincture. Why it is not advisable to use alcohol:

  • it evaporates quickly, even faster than water,
  • possible negative reaction of the eyes, redness and itching,
  • often the eyelashes dry up and begin to fall out, and here a serious systematic treatment will help, including not only burdock oil, but also purchased medications for the growth of eyelashes.

The same drugs include gel or solution for cleaning ophthalmic lenses. It would seem, what could be easier? Dilute dry mascara with simple water to wash the lenses, but even here you need to be extremely careful.

First, watch the dosage carefully - a lot - this is also bad. Secondly, if possible, you should consult with your doctor, because often these drugs have side effects, it all depends on the individual reaction of the body. Moreover, check it out, i.e.

To test for allergies in the eyes there is no way.

General recommendations:

  • if the mascara is too thick (but not dry), put one drop of boiled water mixed with Vizin in it and mix it well with a brush,
  • do not dilute the mascara more than once a month, this will increase the guarantee of healthy use of cosmetics, and will also monitor its service life,
  • Before you look for how to dilute the mascara, if it is dried, read its composition. Suppose in Bourgeois or Yves Saint Laurent (ysl) cosmetics contain natural ingredients, so that not used for its breeding - this can cause significant harm to expensive cosmetics.

Video: how to restore dried mascara

Than to dilute resistant mascara

Photo - Vintage Mascara

It is she who is most thickened. What can dilute waterproof mascara? All the same professional preparations. Moreover, for such products, individual solutions are made, for example, they can be seen in the Dior (Dior), Chanel, Meibelin brands (even in the Volum Express series), and many others.

With the same methods, we propose to dilute both casein and silicone mascara. You do not need to look for new solutions if you already have ready ones, because experiments with such cosmetics can result in undesirable consequences.

Having considered the question of how to dilute mascara, it is impossible not to touch on the subject of errors. Than mascara categorically it is forbidden to dilute (makeup artist's advice):

  • saliva. Yes, it comes to this, but you should always remember how many microbes are in our mouth, and that they are not always friendly to other mucous membranes,
  • sometimes they try to freshen dried mascara with oils, say, cosmetic, castor, olive and others. In this case, the roots of the eyelashes become clogged and barley is formed,
  • Before you dilute the ink with cologne or simple perfume, consult a specialist, it is very likely a strong allergic reaction, up to a temporary loss of vision.

According to many professionals in the field of cosmetics, it is best to use eye drops for such an operation - they are as safe and affordable as possible.

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What to dilute the dried mascara: what to do, effective ways and means for breeding

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The normal shelf life of a mascara started is 3 months. Many women safely forget about it and are surprised that after some time it is simply impossible to make up their eyelashes with it. Because of this, there is a need to restore the dried mascara and "bring it to life."

Immediately after purchase, the ink is liquid, but gradually turns into a sticky substance with lumps. It does not matter, used it every day or once a week. Of course, the best way out is to immediately purchase a new bottle, not allowing the repetition of such a situation, but this is not always possible. How to dissolve mascara and how to do it right - read further in the article.

Is this a “correct” mascara?

When buying, it is important to remember some nuances that will help you choose a good product and use it as long as possible:

  1. It is necessary to pay attention to the brand of mascara, its price and shelf life. Fresh cosmetics for eyelashes “works” for only 3 months, and if there is only 1 left, it will not be possible to use it for long, otherwise it can not only spoil the makeup, but also harm the eyes.
  2. In many cosmetic stores carcasses sell sealed in a transparent film, which is a guarantee of their tightness. To try your favorite option, use the tester. In some places, for example, in small shops or in subways, a tube of ink is easily unscrewed, there is no protective film at all. No need to risk buying cosmetics in such places.
  3. Do not think that the cheaper the product, the better and more profitable the purchase.High-quality mascara costs money, and a proven brand is better than an unknown.
  4. You can not buy a bottle of mascara, if not specified expiration date or parse the numbers is very difficult.

Is it possible to prevent drying

The above simple secrets will help the carcass to "live" longer, delighting with its quality. After the purchase is worth to follow some rules on the use of funds:

  • Tube should be tightened tightly. If after a certain amount of time the lumps of the carcass are stuck on the edges and it has dried, you need to remove them, as this becomes an obstacle to hermetic closing. Such deposits are removed with a normal wet cloth, while wiping the bottle itself and the brush. The limiter can be pulled out, cleaned or mixed mascara in a tube.
  • Store mascara, too, must be wisely. Room temperature, lack of sunlight - the optimal conditions for its maintenance and dyeing eyelashes.
  • A lot depends on the brush. Now the producers delight women with the most diverse: from a thick, as a pine branch, to a thin, with almost imperceptible bristles. A lot of mascara often sticks to the first one and, having cleared it, you can “scrape together” a sufficient amount for several uses. These brushes will help distribute the entire product, which is diluted mascara, to make it normal.

If these tips were in vain, the mascara has become dry and does not paint over eyelashes, then you need something more serious.

How to dilute mascara at home

So, dried up ink. Use the most common means to return it to its previous consistency. But before you start the procedure, make sure that the selected substance is hypoallergenic, does not cause irritation of the eyes and the skin itself. These tools are considered the most accessible and simple:

This is the most common option, since no special efforts should be made: just drop a bit in the tube. Bottled or distilled water is best, as tap water can irritate the eyes and even conjunctivitis.

You should not add much, as the tool will lose its former consistency, it will become liquid and unsuitable for use.

Minus dilution of the carcass with water is the fact that the moisture will evaporate quickly, cosmetics will again become dried and stop painting as it should.

To carry out the procedure, use the pipette: so do not drop more than you need and get where you want. After that, it is better to store brasmatic in the refrigerator.

Modern mascaras contain paraffin, so “bringing them back to life” is simple: put them in warm water for 10 minutes, shake them well, and they will paint their eyelashes again. It is impossible to call such a method for a long time, because after a certain time the mascara thickens again.

Additional tips

Very often hot water is salvation: hold the tube in it for several minutes and shake it.

After this procedure, the bottle will definitely be enough for several times, but do not think that this is a universal remedy, it is better to buy a new cosmetics.

Mascara can be different: waterproof, silicone or casein. Waterproof can be diluted with special tools to remove meykapa.

It is worth remembering that in any case, when adding foreign liquids to the mascara tube, the initial composition of the product changes and there is no guarantee that even safe products will not harm the eyes, eyelashes and skin.

Forbidden means or how not to harm yourself

Many people think that diluting dried mascara is a simple matter, you can use anything you want, as long as it is liquid. This opinion is erroneous and stupid. There are tools that are absolutely unsuitable for this, and applying them is really dangerous for health.

The most common of these is normal saliva.Everyone remembers the Soviet mascara, in which, in order to bring it into action, it was necessary to spit, as the heroine of the film “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes the Profession” did. However, saliva contains a huge number of bacteria that can cause irritation, barley or cause allergic reactions.

Hydrogen peroxide

The second most popular tool can be called hydrogen peroxide. It is in every home, used to treat the skin, therefore it is considered "safe." But the eyes are not at all the same as knocked down a knee or a wound on a finger, therefore this method is unsafe: peroxide causes mucosal burns and other serious injuries.

Some people advise you to pour lotion into a tube of mascara, spray it with perfume or use any alcohol-containing remedy.

The advantage will only be that the thick consistency will again become liquid. But you should not paint eyelashes with such mascara: the risk of irritation or allergy is quite large.

It is possible to refer any alcoholic beverages to such products, they are also unsuitable for diluting carcasses: like hydrogen peroxide, they corrode the skin and can cause burns.

Many will say that you only need to wait for the alcohol to evaporate, but after a certain time it is not recommended to dye your eyes with this ink.

What to do?

There are several proven and safe ways to reanimate. Before throwing, you should try to dilute the dried mascara.

1. You can do it with water. If there is paraffin in the composition, lower the tube for a few minutes in hot water, and then shake well. Dilute the product without this ingredient really with a few drops of the same liquid added inside. It is important to observe two conditions: first, it is imperative to use distilled water in order not to promote the development of bacteria, and secondly, not to overdo it with volume. Use the pipette to measure the exact number of drops (no more than 2-3). Simple boiled water will not work, because it is not sterile.

2. Medical drops to moisturize the eye mucosa. The most common and effective ones are Vizin, there are others, the range in pharmacies is quite wide. Drops are good because they prevent the spread of harmful organisms in a tube. Another advantage - to dissolve waterproof mascara using this medication at home is quite possible. Before diluting the contents of the tube, read the instructions and make sure that there are no contraindications for you.

3. Suitable and storage solution for contact lenses. It is a hypoallergenic agent, similar in composition to eye drops, necessarily sterile, but not very cheap. They can be diluted with waterproof mascara. The lens solution requires careful and accurate storage conditions. When applying the diluted mixture, which was contained in the heat and in the light, you can harm the mucous membrane of the eyes and the inner part of the eyelid.

4. Another proven popular option - strong black leaf tea. Fresh brewing should be sweetened well and using a pipette to dissolve the dried mascara, adding 3-4 drops to the brasmatic. You can dip the brush in the tea, twist it several times and unscrew it, shake the container, wait a bit. In no case should hot tea be used.

5. Makeup remover lotion is a great option to dilute the mass that has thickened. The only condition is the choice of means without alcohol, because it will irritate and even be able to burn the mucous. Diluting a waterproof mascara, it is desirable to add more lotion to one drop, but it is important not to overdo it, otherwise the substance will lose the necessary structure and it will be impossible to make eyelashes.

6. Natural base oils. Applied in cosmetology extracts of jojoba, sweet almond, apricot or grape seed will not only help if the mascara for eyelashes has thickened, but also serves as an additional source of nutrition for the structure of the hair. These oils almost never cause allergies, but you need to carefully read the label when buying to ensure that the shelf life is in compliance with all standards.

7. If the ink is dried, it is advised to dilute it fresh. To do this, you can use an ordinary medical syringe.Manufacturers install a ring-shaped restrictor on the neck of the brass-maker, removing excess paint matter from the brush. It is easy to clean at home, to mix well the mixture, and then return to the place. Manufacturers of new and old tools must match.

How to dilute waterproof mascara?

If the above options do not work, experts recommend the following methods:

  • waterproof makeup remover,
  • dip for 30-40 seconds in boiling water.

Any makeup for eyelashes after dilution requires some time for the reaction to take place. Therefore, to dilute mascara, which thickened at the last moment before leaving, is inconvenient. It is better to do this in advance, trying to make up and seeing how well the remedy lays and whether there is a negative reaction of the mucous eyes and eyelids.

Diluting mascara is easy and practical, but it is worth protecting it from bacteria. Before proceeding to the procedure, wash your hands, use a syringe or pipette, which are well washed and subjected to boiling water. Do not forget about the expiration date and rules of storage, because we are talking not only about beauty, but also about the health of the organ of vision.

What is dangerous to use?

  • Own saliva. Spitting on the brush just unhygienic. Bacteria that penetrate into brasmatic will make makeup unsuitable.
  • Answering the question, what can be diluted mascara, many girls mentioned perfume. This is unsafe, because the alcohol and essential oils contained in the composition can injure the eye mucosa or cause allergies.
  • Cognac, vodka or other alcoholic beverages are dangerous for the same reason.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. Having spread her mascara, if it thickens, you can get a burn or be left without eyelashes at all. It does not just irritate the mucous: use is fraught with loss of vision.
  • Sunflower or olive oil, which differ in consistency from the base, finally spoil the product. If after such a "resuscitation" try to make up, the makeup will be smeared on the eyelashes, not holding on to them.

Essential oils

There is a dual opinion about the use of essential oils..

Some advise to pour 2-3 drops into the bottle and return the former moisture to the product. Others believe that the oil may restore the consistency of the mascara, but painted eyelashes will not be as attractive as before.

Oils can clog the eyelashes at the roots, causing barley or irritation, so you should not risk it, it is better to choose a more suitable means.

Do not use as a solvent for dried carcass vegetable oil. It does not harm the skin, but cosmetics with it will definitely become unsuitable: it will turn into lumps and make up something impossible with it.

Remember that if after the unpacking of the carcass more than 90 days have passed, you should not reanimate this cosmetic product, nothing will help it.

The eyes are, as they say, the mirror of the soul. If you keep the mascara more than the prescribed time and use for its restoration than horrible, you can spoil the appearance and impair vision easily and simply. Do not allow such negligence in relation to their health.

In time, check the shelf life and the condition in which the cosmetics is located, without regret, get rid of the old and lost look. Take care of your health and be beautiful!

Mascara thickened: how to dilute?

Depending on the composition of the ink, you can try several options:

  1. If the mascara is based on wax, dip the closed bottle in hot water for a few minutes, then shake well. If the mascara is water-based, you can add a few drops of warm boiled water, but in this case, the mascara will quickly crumble from the cilia, besides, water is a good medium for the development of pathogenic flora, and therefore can trigger allergic reactions.
  2. In case of drying the mascara, makeup remover is quite effective: add two or three drops to the mascara, shake the bottle.
  3. Liquid for contact lenses is a safe means by which you can give a second life to a dried mascara. Another advantage of lens fluid is that it prevents the growth of germs.
  4. Sweet warm tea is also able to reanimate the thickened mascara: add a few drops of freshly prepared tea to the mascara, and soak the washed brush in it, shake the bottle well.

What can dilute waterproof mascara?

If the waterproof mascara has thickened and dried, the following methods will help you:

  1. Liquid for removing waterproof makeup.
  2. If you have time to wait, you can find a special tool in the cosmetics stores to dilute waterproof mascara.
  3. Eye drops can also be an assistant when you need to dilute a dried waterproof mascara. It is important not to overdo it so that your experiments do not cause redness of the skin around the eyes.
  4. Waterproof mascara based silicone will come back to life, if you dip it in boiling water for a few minutes.

Before you dilute the dried mascara, think about the safety of the skin around the eyes. One of the methods presented above can be used once, when there is no time and opportunity to look for mascara, but it is better to buy a new bottle at the first opportunity.

Extend the life of carcasses. What to dissolve mascara, if it dried up

During the audit, the tender half of humanity often has a problem in its own cosmetic bag - mascara has suddenly dried up. What to dissolve? It becomes relevant to extend its life. But first you need to figure out, and what mascara has a guaranteed usage period?

Shelf life

According to the sticker on the body of the carcass, there are two types of such terms. If the mascara is in the packaging of the manufacturer and has never been opened at all, then the guaranteed use period varies from one and a half to three years depending on the manufacturer.

An image of an open lid with the number 3 or 6 indicates the valid period of use.

The second type of shelf life is counted from the moment of unpacking and opening of mascara. This shelf life is much less than the previous one. It must be indicated in the stickers on the external bottom of the mascara case.

Having carefully considered the sticker, you can find an image of an open lid indicating the number three or six. That's just one of these numerical values ​​and indicates the maximum allowable use of unpacked mascara for three or six months, respectively, so as not to think about what the mascara to dissolve when it dries.

Forms of release

Carcass production is carried out in three main forms, convenient for use: liquid, dry and creamy. The most popular form of mascara is a tube with a brush applicator attached to a cap.

Mascara comes in various forms of releases.

Brushes are straight or curved for certain purposes using eye makeup. With their help, you can perform procedures such as curling, thickening and lengthening the eyelashes.

Why mascara becomes thick?

Another common mascara problem: its texture becomes thick. If this is your case, try using a mascara based on oils, not water. The oils do not evaporate with time - and this ensures that the mascara does not change its texture.

Causes of drying mascara

Sealed mascara has a shelf life of one year. So much it is stored in the store, without use. On cosmetics can be specified expiration date instead of production date.
Since the lid has been unscrewed, its shelf life is three months, as confirmed by numerous studies.Manufacturers' recommendations - to use cosmetics no more than 1.5 months. It is dangerous to neglect it.

The composition of dry solid carcass includes artificial waxes, mineral oil, petrolatum (a mixture of soft paraffin with petroleum oil), isopropyl myristate (a colorless oil), dyes and pigments. This mascara with impeccable reputation, now it is rarely found on sale. Originally produced in a dry form and for use it must be dissolved with water.

  • Loosely screwed tube
  • Pouring lumps of ink on the thread of the tube, which again leads to loose screwing,
  • Rare use of brasmatic
  • Wrong storage in the store
  • Poor quality cosmetics

The main reason for drying of ink in a tube is the ingress of large amounts of air into it. Do not try to shake up the mascara with a brush!


The brush should enter the inside of the tube with smooth circular motions to prevent the ingress of large amounts of air.

Top 5 ways to restore dried carcass

To understand how to dilute mascara, it is desirable to know the causes of its drying and composition. Different manufacturers have different carcass structure. Usually it consists of 50% purified water, oils, wax, dyes and fragrances. When it dries, the water often disappears. Sometimes wax or oil dries. Based on the composition of the carcass, you can understand what it is best to dilute.

Dilute the dried mascara can be different, even spitting. But will it be right? There are five basic ways to safely restore a carcass.

Distilled or mineral water

A few drops of warm purified water are suitable for softening dried, water-based cosmetics. In case of emergency, boiled or distilled water can be used.

Do not use tap water. Chlorine is used to disinfect water, which is very irritating to the eyes. After dilution with water, store the tube in the refrigerator.

Means for storing contact lenses on a water-salt basis

Similar in composition to the tear fluid. In addition to water, the product contains disinfectors that destroy microorganisms and hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for moistening the lenses. But it contains substances like soap that clean the lens of dirt. Therefore, a few drops of this tool - an emergency, but the best dilution option.

Cosmetic Duralayn

Recently, a new cosmetic product from INGLOT, Duraline, has appeared on the market. It is an anhydrous transparent liquid containing silicone polymer. Means is intended for cultivation and fixing of dry shadows, blush, dry pigments, eyeliners and ink.

Despite the fact that all means for breeding dried carcasses are harmless, their interaction with the components of cosmetics is unknown. Therefore, it is necessary to apply the restored mascara carefully. At the first sign of skin or eye irritation, use should be discontinued.


Dried mascara is unlikely to be of the same quality, but you can use it for a while.

How to dilute waterproof mascara?

The composition of waterproof cosmetics is dominated by waxes, which dissolve with the help of water will not work. Most cosmetic manufacturers produce special thinners, similar to the carcass in composition and perfectly restore it. At home, you can try two ways.

  1. Warming in hot water. Put tightly closed tube in hot water for 2-3 minutes. Paraffin or wax, which is part of the cosmetics, heated under the action of high temperature.
  2. Makeup remover. Specially designed products for removing resistant brands of mascara without alcohol or oils in the composition will help dissolve the thick structure.


Poor cosmetics can be found on several grounds:

  • Heterogeneous composition
  • Unpleasant smell
  • Skin imbalance
  • Changed texture

Mascara is stored at room temperature, away from the rays of the hot sun or the moist air of the bathroom. If the ink of a certain brand always dries before the expiration of the shelf life, this indicates a poor product quality.

Do not dilute cosmetics by the following means.

  • Hydrogen peroxide which can cause eye burn
  • Alcohol-containing substances, they strongly irritate the mucous membrane of the eye
  • Vegetable oils, mascara stick together and becomes unsuitable for application.

It is better to use cheap but fresh cosmetics than expensive, but already expired. No one will eat missing food or wear faded clothes. Cosmetics do not change the appearance after the expiration date. But she changes her composition, she ceases to be safe. Manufacturers care about their customers, specifying the terms of use. It remains to take care of themselves and use high-quality and safe cosmetics.

Every woman can face a similar problem. Cosmetics, even the highest quality and expensive, can spend their characteristics long before the expiration date of use. But in many cases, favorite cosmetics can be helped.

Our article will tell you what to do if mascara has dried. There are many ways, but which of them are effective and which are dangerous? Let's look at everything in order.

Why is the ink dried up?

Let's try to look at the problem from the inside. What is drying? The process is nothing but a loss of moisture. So, when searching for answers to the question of what to do if mascara has dried, you need to understand this. Our task is to fill this lost moisture.

Why can this happen? The most common reason is the forgetfulness of beauties. If after using you once forget to close your favorite mascara and screw the cap all the way down, it is unlikely to deteriorate. But if the improper storage of funds becomes systematic, you should not wait for miracles.

Many people notice that cosmetics feel bad in extreme heat. Keep a cosmetic bag in a cool place, do not leave in direct sunlight. Do not throw it near heat sources. But artificially cool the contents of cosmetics is not worth it. In the refrigerator carcasses are not the place.

First Aid - Warming

From this step you need to start anyway. Many women of fashion, who do not even know exactly what to do if the mascara has dried, intuitively understand that the bottle should be warmed.

This method is especially effective for products based on paraffin and wax. Rub the bottle between your palms, making dynamic movements.

Even faster, you can reanimate mascara with hot water. Dial a glass of boiling water and immerse in it a tightly closed bottle of mascara for a few minutes.

Water rescue

This tool is one of the most common and affordable. Many women prefer not to hesitate for a long time than to dilute the mascara if it has dried, and to drop a couple of water droplets on the brush.

This method quickly brings results. But he has his drawbacks. It's easy to “overshoot” by adding too much water. Mascara may be too liquid and will drain. Water can provoke damage to the product, because it is the living environment for many microorganisms. Therefore, you need to use clean, not tap. An excellent solution can be sterile water for injection, which is sold in a pharmacy.

It is also worth remembering that this method is not suitable for resuscitation of waterproof cosmetics.

Eye drops will help

The answer to the question of how to dilute the mascara, if it has dried, can be found in the pharmacy. Everyone knows that the eyes are very sensitive, many drugs can cause irritation. But you really shouldn't be afraid of special eye drops!

Preparations intended to moisturize the mucous membranes, get rid of redness, protect the eyes, and are well suited for resuscitation of dry carcass. Pour a couple of Vizin droplets or a similar drug into the vial, shake the mascara well, and mix with a brush.

Resuscitation of mascara with the help of cosmetic products

It so happens that an unexpected situation happened far from home, for example during a trip. Imagine that you have to reanimate your favorite remedy in an unusual environment, when there is no pharmacy nearby, and the quality of water leaves much to be desired. What to do if mascara dried up?

Surely in your cosmetic bag there are not only decorative tools, but also special liquids for removing makeup. Any tonic that does not contain alcohol is suitable. The scheme of action is the same: a couple of droplets in a bottle, mixing with a brush, vigorous shaking.

Natural remedies

There is a widespread belief that the best way to save the carcass is tea. This is partly true, but it is worth remembering some of the recommendations.

What to do if mascara withered, and there is not a single special tool at hand? It makes sense to look for salvation in the kitchen.

Tea can be used to resuscitate cosmetics only if the tea leaves are natural, of good quality and do not contain any flavoring agents. Both chemical and natural components of tea can cause irritation and redness of the eyes. Rosehip can lead to even more unpleasant consequences. Sugar when brewing put in no way worth it, because its solution is a favorite medium for many microorganisms.

Experts recommend using black varieties of tea. Green tea, hibiscus decoction, oolong tea and pu-erh are not suitable for our purposes.

How to save waterproof mascara

The trouble can happen with those products that contain components that do not dissolve in water. The owners of waterproof cosmetics, too, are faced with the question of how to dilute the mascara, if it dried up.

Reviews eloquently say that only a special tool for removing waterproof makeup can help here. It is desirable that it was produced by the same company as the mascara. Other methods are powerless here.

How to reanimate eyebrow products

There are many varieties of decorative cosmetics for the eyebrows: tint, fudge, eye shadow, mascara, pencils. What to do if the mascara for eyebrows dried up?

It is worth noting the following. Eyebrow products are usually available in small bottles. Therefore, it is possible to spend the eyebrow mascara quickly, the risk of drying is not that great. The composition of such products is similar to the composition of mascara, and therefore, you can act according to the same scheme.

How to do it?

If you find that your favorite mascara has changed its texture, it has become more difficult to apply and crumble faster, first of all, pay attention to the shelf life. If it expired, no regrets, send the bottle in the trash. You should not save expired cosmetics, it only hurts health and beauty.

What to do if dried mascara, the shelf life of which is not critical? Use proven safe means. It is worth remembering and the list of what can not be applied.

Do not try to correct the situation with saliva. This biological fluid is simply replete with microorganisms. Pathogenic flora, mascara, settled and turns the product into a real poison.

Do not use products containing alcohol. Cosmetologists recommend also to abandon experiments with hydrogen peroxide and "chlorhexidine".

Never try to help your favorite cosmetics by diluting with drinks or food. If mascara has dried up, what to do - you do not know, then give preference to pharmacy water. One ampoule is enough.There is no doubt about the quality, and the price of this tool is just a penny.

Another little trick

What to do if the mascara dried in a bottle? This method of resuscitation cosmetics is known to many. As soon as you notice that your favorite tool is not beginning to change for the better, try using the following method.

Open the lid, carefully inspect the neck. Most of the tools are equipped with a special restrictive ring, which saves the brush from excess mascara. Pry off its edge with a sharp metal object, it will be removed from the neck. You will only need to mix the mascara thoroughly, and after that decide on the appropriateness of diluting.

Girls know that mascara is an important component of eye makeup, helping to give them volume and expressiveness. But, unfortunately, this cosmetic product has an unpleasant property to dry at the most inappropriate moment, and this can happen long before the expiration date. Is it worth, faced with such a problem, to run to the store for a new mascara, or can you still save a dried old one, for example, dilute? In this article we will talk about possible ways of breeding carcass and what exactly you can not do.

Is it even possible to breed mascara

As a rule, it is possible to return the dried mascara to its former state, however, before rushing to check in practice the methods proposed below, you should familiarize yourself with the warnings. In some cases, to breed mascara completely inappropriate.

For example, if thickening occurred as a result of expiration of the shelf life and, in addition, the carcass has changed its smell, then it is still worth throwing it out without regret. It is dangerous to use expired cosmetics, especially if it is eye makeup. The consequences can be very sad: conjunctivitis, redness, itching, tearing and even blurred vision.

Also, you must first examine the composition. Dear brands often contain natural ingredients, and no matter how you try to return them to a normal consistency, it will only harm cosmetics.

Remember that no matter what you diluted mascara, it will in any case change its original composition. As a result, its properties may change. For this reason, do not put "experiments" on the same bottle, do not combine different methods. And do not get carried away with too frequent breeding - if you do it more than once a month, the mascara will quickly become unusable.

It is important to understand that even if you do everything as carefully as possible, the risk of allergies is still present.

Mascara is an integral part of female cosmetics.

Other means and methods

In order to dilute cosmetics for eyelashes, apply the following chemical compositions:

1. Various lotions and tonics for removing makeup from eyelids, not containing alcohol. Such tools do an excellent job with dried mascara. It is enough to add a couple of drops of makeup remover to the tube before use.

2. Eye drops, such as Oftagel or Vizin, will help to dilute the dried cosmetics for eyelashes at home. A couple of drops are poured into the tube and thoroughly shaken. The main advantages of this method of breeding carcass, which dried up, is to prevent the occurrence of inflammation and irritation of the eyelids and eye mucosa. If microbes get infrequently in water, it is impossible in eye drops.

3. Liquid for storing contact lenses. This method reduces the risk of allergic reactions to a minimum. This is due to the fact that the agent for the lenses is almost identical in chemical composition to human tears. After breeding in this way will not develop microbes.

4. Prepare a herbal decoction of calendula and chamomile. Cool to a comfortable temperature and dip a brush from the mascara into it, and then quickly lower it into the bottle. Repeat a couple of times in a row.In addition, each time you need to intensively move the brush inside the tube to scrape off the remnants of the walls. The bottle tightly closed and placed in the freezer for an hour. After the procedure it will be possible to use mascara for some time. Remember that adding a herbal decoction to cosmetics does not guarantee protection against germs.

Before you begin to experiment on mascara at home, it is recommended to study its composition. If it contains paraffin, then the problem can be easily solved by simply lowering the closed tube into hot water for 3-4 minutes. After that the bottle is shaken.

How to dilute a water resistant agent?

Waterproof mascara can also thicken due to contact with air. It is better to breed it with special formulations. And pour water is contraindicated, since it will destroy all the useful properties.

The best ways to dilute waterproof mascara:

  • Add into the vial a couple of drops of liquid to remove waterproof makeup.
  • Water-repellent, similarly to the usual, can be diluted with Vizin or another eye preparation. Pour in a couple of drops in a tube and shake it.
  • Waterproof mascara with silicone should not be diluted. The bottle is tightly closed and placed for several minutes in hot water.
  • Use a special thinner, which is purchased in cosmetic stores. It allows you to extend the shelf life of waterproof cosmetics for another month.

Waterproof mascara should be handled more carefully than normal.

Recommendations and cautions

In order to extend the life of any carcass at home, it is recommended to adhere to these rules:

1. Over time, a layer of paint accumulates on the packing neck. Remove it with a cotton swab. After use of ink it is necessary to tightly close the tube. Otherwise, the air will get inside. And once, having opened a bottle, the woman will find out that ink has dried up.

2. When opening the package, make twisting movements. The lid can not pull. Similarly, you need to close the tube twisting movements.

3. When storing it is necessary to observe the temperature regime in the range of 5 to 25 degrees. You should not carry a cosmetic in the cold. From this ink dries.

4. Periodically clean the brush from dried particles of carcass and dust. Do it better under running water.

5. In order not to dry the mascara, it should be protected from direct sunlight.

6. Do not try to breed mascara, if it has expired.

7. Gathering the composition on the brush, you can not blab it in a bottle, so as not to saturate the ink with excess air.

Before trying to dilute the dried mascara with improvised means, you need to make sure that they are safe. Many substances can provoke allergic reactions on the skin around the eyes and irritate the mucous membranes.

In no case should not dilute one mascara with another. The mixture of two compounds can provoke a negative reaction with redness of the eyelids and eye mucosa. Any of the above methods is recommended to use only in emergency situations when there is no opportunity to buy a new mascara.

What can not be diluted dried cosmetics

Now let's discuss the techniques that definitely cannot be used to “revitalize” thickened cosmetics! Although the methods given below were widely spread among the people, they are extremely destructive for the health and quality of the product:

  • Known since the Soviet time, the method of "spit on the brush" does not hold water. In the saliva there is always a large number of bacteria that can lead to allergies and eye diseases.
  • Perfumes, colognes and other alcohol-containing products, including alcohol, are not suitable for breeding carcasses. To restore the consistency, they will not help, but they will cause burns and inflammation of the mucous membranes. Also because of the alcohol structure of the eyelashes deteriorates, they dry out and lose their thickness.
  • Vegetable oil is also not the best way to restore the properties of the carcass. Firstly, it is unsterile and can harm the health of the eye, and secondly, it still does not give the desired result - excessive fat content provokes the rolling of the carcass and the formation of lumps.
  • Never use hydrogen peroxide! This can lead to severe damage to the mucous membranes and impaired vision.

Thus, there are many ways to restore the dried mascara to the former state, however, none of them can be called ideal with certainty. So resort to such a "revitalization" of cosmetics only in case of emergency. If the mascara has thickened, better buy a new one!

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Sometimes it happens that if not properly stored, the old mascara thickens or dries. This can happen not only with cheap, but also with expensive items. What to do in this case?

If mascara has dried up, than to dilute it, it is necessary to search in the composition indicated on the tube. And if paraffin is prescribed there, then you can rub your hands with satisfaction. Because in this case, you just need to hold the tube in hot water for three or four minutes, shake it, and you can continue to use the restored specimen for your cilia.

What to do with thickened mascara without paraffin?

To dilute it, you can use:

  • distilled water
  • eye lens fluid,
  • Milk Makeup Remover
  • alcohol-free lotion
  • tea
  • eye drops.

To dilute the dried mascara with distilled water, it is necessary with a pipette to put a few drops on a brush, stick it into a tube and shake it well. So you can dilute any kind of carcass, except alcohol. But the water evaporates quickly, so after a while the procedure will have to be repeated. Store mascara diluted with water, preferably in the refrigerator.

Thinning Mascara Lotion

The solution for the processing and storage of ophthalmic lenses, due to its soft composition and antibacterial properties, is ideal for diluting. True, such a liquid is not in every home.

A pair of drops of makeup remover milk is perfect as a thinner carcass thinner. True, if it contains alcohol, you can not use it. Judging by the user reviews, it is better when they take makeup remover and mascara from one manufacturer. Lotions are also suitable if they do not contain alcohol. Otherwise, such mascara may cause allergies or reddening of the eyes.

Makeup Remover Milk

Universal home remedy - tea. If you need to dilute the thickened mascara, brew tea, add a little sugar there, mix. After pipetting a couple of drops on a clean brush and the same in a tube.

And finally, eye drops. According to reviews of specialists in the field of ophthalmology, they are the best means from the point of view of eye safety. Using eye drops as a means of dilution, you can be sure that your eyes will not become inflamed and be attacked by germs. For this, any antibacterial drops are suitable. But since they are a medicinal product with certain storage conditions, before adding them, do not forget to check how many days ago this bottle was opened and whether its usage period did not pass.

Adding Eye Drops

For all of these methods, there are three general rules:

  • Add no more than four drops of the substance.
  • Do not take mascara with expired shelf life.
  • If you diluted one of the possible ways, then in the future do not change it to another for this particular tube.

How to extend the life of mascara

What rules must be followed in order to prevent the mascara from drying out? There is no secret here.Everything is obvious and simple:

  1. Tightly close the tube after use. If bloom appears on the carving of the tube from particles of ink, be sure to remove it to avoid air getting inside the tube.
  2. You should not unscrew the mascara brush from the tube, but pull it out, and then, on the contrary, twist it.
  3. Do not allow the tube to be stored in full sun, the temperature should be not less than 5 and not more than 25 degrees.
  4. Periodically wash the brush from dust particles.

The most important thing - try to use a printed tube of mascara for three months, and then you will not have to think about thickening mascara and what to dilute.

Any cosmetics have an expiration date, and it needs to be followed. But sometimes it happens that this or that tube fails much earlier, the same happens with mascara. Sometimes it dries just at the moment of need urgently make up or when the tube is half full. You can dilute the coloring substance, in this situation it will last for some time. You should carefully familiarize yourself with all acceptable ways to avoid harming yourself and not spoiling the product completely.

  1. Why do cosmetics dry up?
  2. How to dilute?
  3. Resuscitation waterproof mascara
  4. What not to do?

  • Shelf life, approaching its end. Such a product has lost its qualities from old age and is no longer suitable for use. It is not worth it to reanimate.
  • Dried mascara is a natural result if you forget to close it, leave it in the sun or near the battery.
  • Brasmatic brush should be twisted and twisted with soft movements. If it is sharply pulled out and inserted, air enters inside the bottle, contributing to a change in consistency.
  • The narrower the hole in the tube, the slower the composition dries. This must be considered before purchasing.

Safety requirements

In order not to quickly dry mascara, and not have to think about how to dilute this cosmetic, it is necessary to follow the basic requirements of its operation.

Store cosmetics should be in a special closed locker

In cases when a mascara with a weak stopper and therefore excess paint accumulates on the brush, it is impossible to wipe it on the inner edges of the body of the carcass, otherwise the paint that has dried on the edges of the tube will not allow hermetically to close the bottle.

box type = "warning" Important to remember!

Mascara should not be exposed to direct sunlight, heat or cold. / box

Ink should not be exposed to direct sunlightheat or cold. This cosmetic is the most perishable.

It is advisable to store decorative cosmetics in a special closed cabinet in the room, but in no case in the bathroom, in order to exclude high humidity and sudden temperature changes.

During use Do not make sharp repetitive piston movements of the brush inside the body. Such incorrect actions will lead to the fact that additional air gets into the tube, and, as a result, to rapid drying and changes in the cosmetic composition.

Operating rules

The mascara must be opened with soft twisting circular motions, as if scraping the components of the cosmetic from the inner walls of the tube.

Open mascara must be a soft twisting movements.

The same scrolling movements should also close the mascara, and tightly, without leaving air access inside the tube, so that it does not dry out. What is to dissolve the contents of the tube with a paint for eyelashes, if it still happened?

Possible recovery options for carcasses

  • Before each use, it is necessary to warm up the carcass case in a glass of hot water for five minutes.
  • You can add a few drops of hot boiled water directly into the body of the carcass.
  • You can soften the paint in a tube with a few drops of the solution used to store contact lenses.

  • Put a few drops of any makeup remover into a tube of ink.
  • Dilute mascara with eye drops, for example, is better than Vizin than Taufon and wait a day until the paint that has dried has completely dissolved.
  • Use a tonic to care for your face, dropping two drops inside the body of the carcass.
  • You can drip inside the tuba brewed strong sweet tea.

  • Cognac or strong brewed coffee will easily “revive” even the most dried-up fastidious brand paint for eyelashes.
  • Apply purified water for injection as a solvent for decorative eye paint.
  • Dilute mascara can be a drop of brewed strong sweet tea

    In no case you can not use a nourishing cream to soften the mascara.

    This leads to almost instantaneous deterioration of the decorative cosmetic product.

    Let us consider in more detail the proposed methods of resuscitation in cases where mascara has dried. How to dilute the dried decorative paint will tell each of them.

    "Sauna" for decorative cosmetics

    You can put a bottle of mascara for a few minutes in hot water before use so that the paint gets a more liquid consistency. If the mascara is wax based, you can add some base oil to the paint tube, for example, two drops of castor oil.

    Before use, you can put a bottle of mascara for a few minutes in hot water.

    In this case, well scroll the brush inside the housing to obtain a homogeneous mass. It must be remembered that this method is not suitable for waterproof carcass.

    Hot water rescues mascara

    It must be remembered that when using the rescue mascara with the addition of a few drops of hot boiled water directly into the tube with a decorative paint for the eyelashes, there is a risk of allergies in the eyes.

    Inside you can drop a few drops of hot water.

    Hot liquid contributes to the activation of pathogenic microflora, causing irritation of the mucous membranes. As a result, mascara soon deteriorates and becomes unsuitable for further use. After that, it remains only to throw away spoiled decorative cosmetics.

    Besides this method is only suitable for mascara, which includes paraffin. The composition is easy to check on the label pasted on the mascara case.

    box type = "warning" Important to remember!

    During use, do not make sharp repetitive piston movements of the brush inside the body./ box

    Following this version of resuscitating mascara, you can add after a hot water and a drop of eyelash oil, such as burdock oil.

    At the same time, drip the oil directly onto the brush, and not inside the tube. Then cap the tube and shake well. The result is not just a softened dye for eyelashes, but also a caring component for the eyes.

    Mascara has dried up than to dissolve

    To reanimate mascara when it dried, can be used tonic. Dilute them with ink in a small amount, literally two drops, because the thicker the paint, the better.

    For resuscitation suitable tonic for the face

    It is advisable to use a tonic not for combination and not for oily skin, as it may contain alcohol-containing substances or components with salicylic acid. Then leave the ink for a day, and the next day you can already use it.

    The biochemical composition of the carcass is changing, but it does not affect the coloring properties of decorative cosmetics for the eyes. There are other ways to quickly restore the carcass's coloring properties.

    Liquid used when storing contact lenses

    Absolutely safe for the eyes the use of the solution used in the storage of contact lenses. It contains moisturizing agents that will easily “revive” dried up decorative cosmetics.

    In the tube you can add a few drops of solution for storing contact lenses.

    In addition, the addition of a few drops in a tube prevents the development of microflora inside the case. However, the use of this method can provoke a strong allergic reaction in sensitive eyes.

    Mascara restores purified water for injection

    The usual solvent preparation of dosage forms for injection can be used to dilute the dried makeup for the eyes.

    Purified water for injection can be used to dilute carcass

    Having opened the ampoule with the solvent, it is necessary to take one milliliter of this purified sterile water with a syringe and inject it into the ink tube. Then stir well with a diluted paint brush inside the tube. This method does not harm makeup and eyes.

    Black tea, cognac or coffee "revive" decorative paint for eyelashes

    To quickly "revive" makeup for the eyes, when it is out of place dried up, you can dilute with a few drops brewed strong black sweet tea or coffee in a tube with decorative paint, and the same drink rinse the brush for eyelashes.

    You can make mascara with a few drops of coffee.

    Then dip the brush in a container with tea or coffee for a few minutes. Later close the tube with a brush-applicator cap and gently shake the mascara case. Even faster just drip inside the tubes with mascara three drops of strong brandy.

    Removing makeup cosmetics from an unpleasant smell

    How to dissolve mascara, if over time it is not only withered, but also has acquired an unpleasant smell? Just need add some color to your eye makeup.

    A little alcohol will relieve cosmetics from unpleasant smell.

    Then shake the body with mascara, and leave the tube open for several hours. The next day, adding a little liquid to the tube, but not alcohol, shake the case carefully.

    After a little more time, the mascara will become like a new one, and again it will be good to paint the cilia, giving them a beautiful length and volume.

    Little tricks of applying reanimated mascara

    To give your eyes expressiveness and volume you need apply reconstituted mascara on the eyelashes to the nose and not to the temple. When painting the eyelashes with mascara in the direction of the temple, the eyes get a slanting effect.

    Apply thin mascara to the temple.

    And if you apply paint for the eyes in the direction of the nose, then the effect of a large "open" eyes.

    To give the eyelashes even greater volume and luxurious length, the following technique is commonly used: apply the first layer of resuscitated mascara on eyes, then thickly powder painted eyelashes with loose powder, then paint the mascara again with mascara.

    Is it worth reanimation mascara

    There are many medical indications against adding various dissolving substances to the dried eye makeup products, starting with human saliva and ending with alcohol.

    Reanimation of cosmetics using vitamin drops for the eyes is not desirable

    It is no secret that many users of the mascara, in a hurry for some urgent business, prefer to just spit on the brush for the eyelashes to dissolve the mascara for speed.

    But exactly in the oral cavity from the whole human body is the most microbes and rapidly breeding microorganisms. Getting into the eyes with saliva and mascara causes conjunctivitis and other eye diseases.

    The same thing happens if you add vitamin drops to eye makeup, as this creates a very favorable flora for microorganisms.

    box type = ”success” To give your eyelashes even greater volume and luxurious length, you usually use this technique: apply the first layer of reanimated mascara to your eyes, then thickly powder your painted eyelashes with loose powder, then paint the eyelashes again with mascara.

    In the case of thermal stimulation of mascara for eyelashes with heating in hot water, the texture of the mascara, the property of wax and other components of eye makeup, change again. In addition, such a warm environment becomes the impetus for the active growth of microflora.

    The use of tonic should also be taken very carefully.After all, its composition is intended for application to the skin surface, and not to fall into the mucous membrane of the eyes.

    So, if mascara has dried up, than to dissolve it, it is even better not to think, but to strictly adhere to the warranty period of operation of this cosmetic product, and periodically every six months to replace the new mascara with the old one.

    A simple economic calculation shows that using a not very expensive ordinary mascara for half a year corresponds to cash costs of about fifty kopecks per day.

    So is it worth reanimated mascara for three penny days, then to treat possible eye diseases obtained with expensive drugs.

    Unfortunately, not all users financially can afford to regularly update eye make-up, therefore, the above-mentioned methods of rescuing the injected carcass, which are simple and low-budget, remain relevant.

    However, it must be remembered that better time to dissolve brand boutique mascara, without waiting for it to completely dry, than to look for more effective and expensive ways of its revival.

    Dear readers, let your cosmetics will always be in good condition!

    Dilution of ink

    There is a large number of microorganisms in the water. Under the influence of temperature in a tube of mascara, they begin to actively develop. If microbes get into the eyes, conjunctivitis may develop or barley may appear. Therefore, it is possible to dilute mascara with water only once.

    Water is not suitable for liquefying waterproof cosmetics. Diluting the contents of the tube is difficult, as often there are lumps.

    • How to breed mascara water:
    1. It is necessary to boil water, let it cool to a warm state.
    2. Pipette a few drops of water and add a little to the tube, gently stirring with a brush.
    3. Next, you need to test it for thickness, if necessary, repeat.

    Diluted mascara is stored in the refrigerator. Such a mascara will crumble from your eyelashes in time. It is better to use distilled water or mineral water without gas. This method is not recommended in the presence of allergic reactions and eye diseases.

    • More harmless way - breeding on the steam bath. It is suitable for cosmetics, which includes paraffin.
    1. The water in the tank is heated to a hot state and a tightly closed tube of mascara is dipped into it.
    2. After 2-3 minutes, the package is taken out of the water, the contents are stirred.
    3. In order not to thicken the mascara, you should not stir the contents of the tube up and down with a brush. The brush is inserted into the container and rotated back and forth in a circle.

    The method is not recommended for too frequent use.

    Breeding eye care products

    • Mascara can be diluted with ophthalmic drops, for example, "Vizin" or "Oftagel". You can dilute it directly on the brush, dropping there 2-3 drops of the drug, or in the tube itself. This dilution additionally neutralizes the microbes that have penetrated the package. Eyes will no longer be inflamed and irritated by the use of cosmetics.

    This method is suitable for sensitive eyes.

    • Remove the lumps in the dried mascara can be a means to care for contact lenses. The composition of the liquid is very close to the composition of the tears, so the drug will not cause irritation and allergic reactions. In addition, it does not affect the composition of cosmetics. Cosmetics with lens care products are diluted in the same way as eye drops.

    Waterproof mascara is easily diluted with special thinners. They are produced by prestigious cosmetic companies.Thinner is identical with the ink composition, and therefore does not affect its structure and quality. It is suitable for silicone and casein mascara.

    • Dry mascara can be diluted with eye makeup remover. Moreover, standard means are suitable for water-based carcasses, and specialized means for waterproof ones.

    You can not use tonics and other means to remove makeup on alcohol. Alcohol-free lotions will solve the problem with lumps.

    Folk remedies

    • Diluting mascara is easy with strong black tea.
    1. Sugar is dissolved in brewed tea.
    2. Use this "solvent" for breeding carcass directly in the tube. In a tube with a pipette add a few drops of sweet tea and test for density.
    3. It is necessary to add repeatedly one drop at a time so as not to overdo it, otherwise the diluted cosmetics will turn out to be very liquid and will become unsuitable. The brush can also be washed in sweet tea to remove dried lumps.

    How to revive a dried mascara - tips in the video:

    • If the consistency of the carcass is fine, but a large number of lumps have accumulated under the rim, it is necessary to clean the tube from the dried carcass.

    Inside the tube is installed restrictive tube. Often under the limiter is going to the fourth part of the ink of the volume of the tube. It must be removed and remove all dried clumps. To remove the limiter, you need to pry it with nail scissors. After cleaning the limiter is installed in place. Hygienic procedure is carried out as needed, it does not affect the quality of the carcass.

    What means for breeding carcasses can not be used?

    Women always invent various ways to “revitalize” cosmetics.

    • At the time of using the Leningradskaya mascara, cosmetics were diluted with saliva, which is extremely not recommended. Saliva contains a huge number of pathogens. They quickly multiply in modern cosmetics, as the composition of such funds is optimal for their comfortable living. As a result, inflammatory eye diseases will be provided.
    • It is forbidden to add cologne, alcohol, brandy and perfume to the mascara. Such agents cause a strong allergic reaction even in healthy eyes. For sensitive eyes, this use will lead to severe swelling, redness and itching. To cure allergic manifestations, it will take a long time.
    • It is prohibited to use hydrogen peroxide to “revitalize” cosmetics. This drug is not cosmetic and is very dangerous. Its use causes severe eye burns, which is fraught with loss of vision.
    • It is not recommended to dilute the ink with vegetable, burdock, castor and other oils. The oily base on the warm skin spreads, stains appear, and particles of carcass along with oil fall on the mucous membrane of the eye. There is redness and strong tearing. Oily drops form a film on the mucous membrane of the eye, which is difficult to remove.

    Ways to "revitalize" the carcass must be used deliberately and carefully, only as a last resort as a one-time procedure. In this case, you must follow the rule: eye health should be in the first place.

    It is strictly not recommended to dilute dried expired mascara or cosmetics, whose shelf life is already exhausted. In this case, it is better to purchase a new package.

    How to extend the use of mascara?

    • To extend the period of use of ink, it is necessary to periodically clean the tube from the dried layers. A tube of makeup should always be tightly closed, and when you open-close the lid does not need to pull the cap. Simply scroll.
    • When using cosmetics, a brush is dipped into the tool by rotating the brush clockwise and counterclockwise. You can not stir the contents with a brush, moving up and down. Air will get into the tube, and the tool dries very quickly.

    With strong heat, cosmetics should be stored in the refrigerator, because at temperatures above +25 ° C, the product dries quickly. The tube should be protected from direct sunlight, and not worn in a frost bag. The composition and consistency of the carcass may be disturbed at temperatures below +5 ° C.

    • The brush should be periodically washed with warm water or cleaned with a makeup remover, removing dried lumps.

    How to choose a good mascara - video with expertise:

    • It is not recommended to use mascara more than three months after opening. With proper storage and use of high-quality decor quickly thickens.

    Each of the girls at least once in their life faced the problem of thickening of eye mascara, but not everyone found a solution to this problem and just bought a new one. We propose to teach you how to save on decorative cosmetics and consider how and how to dilute mascara dried or thickened.

    Than you can not dilute the dried or thickened mascara

    And I want to tell you what you can not dilute mascara. So that you do not have unnecessary temptations, and your eyes and cilia remain not only beautiful but also healthy.

    Do not dilute mascara with saliva. But this is almost the first reaction - to spit properly on the brush. No and no again! First, saliva as a solvent for carcasses is completely ineffective. And secondly, saliva is a wonderful environment for microbes that have no place in the carcasses and on your cilia.

    Do not dilute the ink with alcohol, perfume, cologne. These fluids cause eye irritation and do not dilute the dried mascara poorly.

    Sunflower oil. In addition to greasy eyelashes and black stains under the eyes, nothing good came of it. Oil in the carcass makes it extremely unstable and smearing at the slightest touch.

    We hope that simple tips than to dilute mascara will help you. And what do you dilute the dried mascara? Share the secrets in the comments, we are very interested!

    And of course, a beautiful video about a good mascara, which has not yet had time to dry, because it is completely new 🙂 Be beautiful and see you soon! Your Pretty.

    Watch the video: How To Fix Dry Mascara Instantly. Three ways to fix dried mascaras (April 2020).