Brighten eyebrows at home: 6 popular ways

Some girls never think about lightening eyebrows: their color suits them perfectly. However, there are situations when changing the shade of hairs by several tones is necessary. For what reasons and in what cases it is worth doing, consider in the article.

When is it allowed to lighten your eyebrows?

It is conducted for 2 main reasons:

  • aesthetic reasons
  • by virtue of fashion trends.

In the first case refers to disharmony in appearance, manifested by a combination of, for example, blond curls and too dark eyebrows. It does not matter what the origin implies such a specific image: natural (from birth) or forced (the result of the transformation of a brunette into a blonde, unsuccessful tattooing, hair coloring in the salon).

Lighter to make eyebrows are allowed not only golden and white-headed beauties. This manipulation is recommended, regardless of the color of the hair:

1. owners of coarse, sharp facial features (the method of clarification will contribute to smoothing the corners and creating a more feminine look)

2. for individuals who have not just dark eyebrows, but also excessively thick and hard (after discoloration, the rods will certainly become thinner, softer, more obedient, and, therefore, it will be easier for them to give the desired shape).

At fashion shows and covers of glossy magazines today, the same thing is increasingly “flashing” girls with specially highlighted hairs. Makeup artists resort to a similar method to convey the tenderness, airiness of images. But many women like this in everyday life too: they, like the stars and patterns that set the trend, boldly change the dark colors of the arcs to lighter ones.

How to make your eyebrows lighter than the house itself?

Change the color - does not necessarily mean resorting to the services of the salon master. The same procedure is allowed to be carried out personally at home, using a special pigment (Estel, Nexxt, Concept, RoColor). But, despite the many advantages (a wide palette of colors, quick transformation), this method is not quite perfect. After painting the shade may turn out to be somewhat darker than expected. Let us tell you how to make them brighter with the help of safe home remedies. Here there are recipes for natural hairs, and those that have undergone correction with permanent makeup (tattoo).

1. Lightening after painting.

Coloring in the cabin or at home did not bring the desired result, and the eyebrows turned out too dark? The solution will be one of the ways:

In olive oil, dip a cotton pad to half. Take it out and gently push it down to squeeze out the excess. Now that the absorbed oil does not drain, slide the brow along the brow and let the compound soak in (this will take about 2-3 hours). After the specified time go dry with a fleece. Looking at it, you will be pleasantly surprised: on the surface will certainly remain traces of paint. Do this all day, changing the used tampon to a clean one each time. In the evening, evaluate the result: the color will be noticeably lighter.

  • Lemon juice based mask.

Allows you to lighten after painting hairs are not as fast as the previous method. But performing the procedure every 2 days, after a little more than a week, the desired effect is sure to be achieved. The main thing is not to interrupt the sessions, even if it seems that the actions from them are zero. To prepare a mask that can lighten colored eyebrows at home, you must fill a teaspoon with freshly squeezed lemon juice. There also add 3-4 drops of oil vitamin E (this is necessary so that citrus does not dry out). The finished solution should handle all the rods, "armed" with an ear stick.After 20 minutes, allowed to wash off.

2. Lightening dark, including black eyebrows, which came from nature.

When a brunette tries on blond shades on herself, or the girl is simply dissatisfied with the natural saturated color of her hairs, which contrasts strongly against the skin and curls and even hardens her facial features, you should definitely resort to lightening. You can do it yourself at home:

Get a vaseline in advance, a thin brush, hydrogen peroxide, put a glass of filtered warm water on the table. Before starting the procedure, rinse the skin well with shampoo in order to remove the remnants of skin secretion (fat), dust and makeup from them. Treat the area around the arcs with petroleum jelly, which will help avoid contact of the aggressive pharmacy drug with the dermis that is sensitive in the area and prevent irritation. Next, prepare and immediately use a bleaching solution: dilute half a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide in 200 ml of water. Using a brush, gently apply the brightener, taking care not to touch the skin between the hairs. After a quarter of an hour and wash.

Lighten your eyebrows at home with hydrogen peroxide is the most effective way to quickly produce the desired result.

Suppose that this recipe does not bring an instant bleaching effect, like hydrogen peroxide, but is rightly considered absolutely safe. For the decoction you will need: pour 25 g of chamomile flowers with a glass of water, then everything on the water vapor and put it in a dark place for 30 minutes. After the liquid is filtered through a small strainer. If nature has awarded black eyebrows, then it is worth adding a couple of drops of lemon juice. It is necessary to lubricate the hairs in the morning and in the evening before acquiring the desired color. Cooking a new decoction is recommended at least every 2-3 days.

3. Lightening tattoo.

Permanent make-up specialists do not recommend trying to remove the tattoo at home for 3 reasons:

  • Often this is not necessary - as a rule, within a couple of weeks the tissue of the epidermis is restored and the color becomes somewhat lighter,
  • inefficient - in their opinion, only salon methods will achieve the desired (of course, for money),
  • unsafe - for example, microinjections with hydrogen peroxide, if improperly performed, are fraught with a violation of the integrity of the upper stratum of the skin, inflammation and even infection.

We will not agree with them and as a proof we will present the methods that really allow to lighten the tattoo of eyebrows without harm to the body:

3.1. Flushing with potassium permanganate.

Prepare a weak (slightly pink) solution of potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate or simply potassium permanganate). Wipe them eyebrows every day 5-6 times a day until the planned result is achieved.

3.2. Excretion celandine.

To lighten the tattoo this plant is best purchased at the pharmacy in the form of alcohol tinctures. Before the beginning of the session, the area around the arches should be richly greased with a thick cream to avoid burns. Then, using the ear stick, you should treat the zone of permanent make-up with celandine, hold it for 5-7 minutes for exposure and wash it off with ordinary running water. It is recommended to perform such simple manipulations twice a day.

Applying peeling / scrubs, you will definitely get to lighten your eyebrows after tattooing, but subject to regular procedures. Apply exfoliating agent (store or self-made) should be on the moist, previously cleaned from make-up epidermis. After this, the treatment area is required to be massaged for 10-12 minutes. Wash away the remnants of water, the skin should be soothed nourishing cream.

How to lighten the hairs with cream?

If dark eyebrows need to be lightened immediately, then you should buy and use for its intended purpose a professional cream, for example, Jolen.It is suitable for all cases when you need to hide the excessively saturated color of the arcs, while acting quite softly.

Cream (1/2 teaspoon) should be thoroughly mixed with the enclosed activator powder (1/4 teaspoon), and distribute the final composition on the rods so that it covers them from root to tip. After waiting for the expiration of 8 minutes, everything must be washed off with plenty of water.

What to offer to those who do not like drastic measures?

Eyebrow lightening is a procedure that does not necessarily require the use of bleaching / bleaching agents. Decorative cosmetics are quite suitable for its implementation, which, with any unsatisfactory result, can always be quickly eliminated. The only disadvantage of the method is the short term of preservation of the effect: like regular makeup, make-up on dark or completely black eyebrows lasts for a day, and then it is washed off to allow the skin to relax, and is re-applied as necessary.

If such a temporary clarification suits, the procedure of staining with cosmetics will be carried out in stages:

  • comb the hairs in the direction of their growth,
  • Use solid color pencil to shade the “gaps” between the rods.
  • With barely touching movements, apply beige or any other shadows that are lighter than the eyebrows, or distribute concealer carefully, and then powder everything,
  • make a soft shading.

Who will bleached eyebrows?

Light eyebrows are not suitable for everyone, so do not rush to follow the canons of fashion. Refer to the procedure in those cases if you:

  • dark by nature, but repainted in a blond or, for example, light blond. In this case, black eyebrows will immediately give out your true hair color and generally ruin the image - dark arcs in combination with light-colored hair look very ridiculous,
  • can boast pale or pinkish skin. With lightened eyebrows, your look will become even more airy, feminine and very fragile,
  • have rather sharp features - the procedure will make them softer and more tender. Now you can apply any make-up without fear of looking inadequate.

Tip! To check whether you will suit light eyebrows, carry out a simple test - process them first with a proofreader, and then apply light powder. Evaluate the result - if you liked what you see in the mirror, feel free to proceed to bleaching. If you are unhappy, contact a professional and ask him to find the right shade.


Bleaching eyebrows, like all cosmetic procedures, has several limitations. We can refer to them:

  • Propensity for allergies,
  • Dark and tanned skin (including after tanning beds),
  • The presence in the daily makeup dark concealer, coal-black eyeliner and deep dark shadows.

There are several ways to lighten your eyebrows at home. Consider each one of them.

Hydrogen Peroxide Discoloration

One of the most effective methods of eyebrow brightening is bleaching with hydrogen peroxide.

  • a glass of warm boiled water (it is impossible to use hot!),
  • a bottle of hydrogen peroxide,
  • your regular hair shampoo
  • makeup remover.
Hydrogen peroxide blends eyebrows very effectively

Stages of bleaching hairs:

  1. Clean your face from makeup. Use your usual means: foam, micellar water, gel, etc.
  2. Take shampoo and rinse eyebrows with it to remove excess sebum.
  3. Wait until the eyebrows are completely dry, and proceed to the procedure.
  4. Combine two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide with a glass of water.
  5. Apply the composition to the hairs using a cotton swab or brush.
  6. After 20 minutes, rinse with ordinary shampoo water.
  7. Re-lighten the eyebrows after 14 days.

After the procedure it is necessary to lubricate the hairs with coconut, almond or olive oil daily for a month.

It must be borne in mind that the result does not always meet expectations. After use, the hairs may turn yellow. In this regard, it is necessary to carry out the procedure again, which is unsafe.

With lemon juice

Lemon juice will help gently lighten your eyebrows in several tones.

  • 4–5 drops of vitamin E,
  • lemon juice
With the help of a lemon you can not only lighten your eyebrows, but also improve their condition.

  1. Wash your eyebrows with any cleansing gel and wait for the hair to dry.
  2. Combine the components and mix them thoroughly.
  3. Apply the mixture to the hairs using a cotton swab or brush.
  4. After 15 minutes, rinse off with water.

For the best effect, it is necessary to lighten eyebrows in this way every two days. In a few weeks the hair color will change. Brows will turn brown, which is what we wanted.

In addition to the brightening effect, lemon juice is also very useful for the health of hairs. Eyebrows become thicker and look more well-groomed.

With brightening cream

To achieve lightening of dark hairs, you can use a special cream, which is sold in cosmetic stores.

  • ordinary shampoo
  • glycerol,
  • lightening cream.
Special cream can be quite lighten your eyebrows, so be careful

  1. Eyebrows should be washed using your regular shampoo.
  2. After the hair has dried, you need to lubricate them with glycerin.
  3. Now you can apply a brightening cream.
  4. After a few minutes, rinse off with clean water. Do not overdo the cream, otherwise strong irritation of the skin can not be avoided.
  5. After the procedure, apply a moisturizer on the skin around the eyebrows.

Lightening cream should not be used more than once a month.

With the help of chamomile decoction

Brightening eyebrows with chamomile extract is absolutely safe for healthy hair. However, do not expect a quick result. Depending on the desired shade, the effect will appear after 1–4 weeks.

  • 30 g dry chamomile flowers,
  • 180 ml of boiling water,
  • a few drops of lemon juice.
Chamomile decoction is absolutely safe for hairs, so it can be used daily.

  1. Fill the flowers with boiling water and leave for 30 minutes.
  2. In the resulting infusion, add lemon juice.
  3. Apply the product to the eyebrows.
  4. After drying, rinse the hair with cool water.
  5. Repeat the procedure daily until you are satisfied with the color of the eyebrows.

Method 1. Hydrogen peroxide

Any one of you can discolor hairs with hydrogen peroxide, since all materials cost mere pennies.

  • Vaseline,
  • Shampoo,
  • Peroxide,
  • The brush is thin,
  • Water,
  • Eyebrow brush (it should have wide teeth).

The process itself is as follows:

1. Wash your eyebrows with shampoo - it will remove the remnants of sebum, dust or makeup from the hairs.

2. Treat the area around the arcs with petroleum jelly - this will prevent peroxide from reaching the skin and mucous membranes, as well as protect them from irritation.

3. Prepare a bleach solution - dilute 0.5 tsp. peroxide in 200 gr. warm filtered water and mix well.

Important! When mixing the composition strictly observe all proportions. Any error can lead to active hair loss.

4. Using a special cosmetic brush, apply a clarifier and gently stretch it along the line of arc growth.

5. Wait 15 minutes.

6. Wash yourself with plenty of running water, ensuring that it does not get into your eyes.

Tip! This method is often used to remove unsuccessful tattoo!

Method 2. Cream

How to lighten your eyebrows at home? You can use a special cream. True, this procedure requires maximum accuracy.

The process itself is as follows:

  1. Put a drop of cream on the beginning of the right arc.
  2. Evenly stretch it along the length of the eyebrow with a thin brush. Be very careful not to get anything in your eyes.
  3. Wait 1 minute and wash the cream with a cotton pad.
  4. Perform the procedure with a minute interval until the hairs get the desired shade.
  5. Repeat all over again, but with the left arc. The main thing is that the number of applications should be the same as in the first case, otherwise the color will be different.

Important! Be sure to conduct a test test - apply a small amount of cream on the skin of the cheekbones and wait a couple of minutes. If you do not have a burning sensation and redness, feel free to continue on.

Method 3. Chamomile decoction

How to make your eyebrows lighter without harming your health? Few people know that herbal decoctions are great for this purpose. The effect of this absolutely harmless component will be no worse than that of chemical agents!

  • Chamomile dry flowers - 25 gr.,
  • Lemon juice - a couple drops,
  • Water - 200 ml.

The process itself looks like this:

  1. Fill the chamomile with water.
  2. Protome liquid on water vapor.
  3. Put in a dark place to infuse.
  4. Filter the broth through a fine sieve.
  5. Liberally grease the hairs with this liquid in the morning and evening. Continue to get the desired result, preparing a new broth every 2 days.

Method 4. Colorless henna

Colorless henna will not only brighten black eyebrows in brown, but make them thicker - it nourishes both the skin and the hair follicle.

  • Colorless henna - 1 tbsp. l.,
  • Water - 2-3 tbsp. l.,
  • Lemon juice or calendula decoction - a few drops.

The process itself looks like this:

  1. Pour boiling water over henna, mix well and let it stand.
  2. Add lemon juice or calendula.
  3. Apply the mixture on the eyebrows.
  4. Wait 15 minutes and wash with warm water.

Tips to help you lighten your eyebrows with special paint “RefectoCil Blonde Brow”:

Method 5. Iodine

Alcohol iodine solution is an excellent tool for removing eyebrow tattoo. Apply it with a cotton swab, without going beyond the line of hairs. Repeat the procedure no more than 3 times a day for about a month. The fact that the process of removing the pigment is in full swing is indicated by a crust that appears on the skin in just a few days.

Method 6. Paint

In order to quickly and drastically change the color of the eyebrows, you need a special paint. With its help you can not only lighten the hair, but also give them the desired tone.

You can buy paint at any cosmetics store or beauty salon. In this case, be sure to pay attention to the appearance of the dye:

  • cream paint - has a soft texture,
  • capsules - distinguished by convenient dosage,
  • gel paint - like jelly,
  • permanent paint - is considered the most resistant, is available in tubes, is widely used by professional craftsmen, is not well suited for home use.

The color palette of eyebrow colors is quite diverse. The most popular brands include:

Important! Each tool is accompanied by its own instructions, which clearly spell out the rules of application, the time of exposure and features of further care.

Using paint is simple. The process itself looks like this:

  1. Prepare the coloring composition - mix 2 ml of paint with 10 drops of oxygen and beat the mixture until foaming.
  2. Perform an allergy test, applying a small amount of ink to the skin behind the ear. If there are no negative reactions, continue painting further.
  3. Apply the clarifier along the entire length of the brow arcs with a special brush. Move from the nose to the temples.
  4. Sustain the required time. Holding the paint for 10 minutes, you lighten the hairs by 2 tones, 5 minutes - by 1 tone.
  5. Remove paint residues by wetting cotton wool in milk or warm water.

Important! For the next 3 days after dyeing, do not use any eyebrow cosmetics, avoid exposure to direct sunlight and brush the hair several times a week with castor oil or olive oil.

Method 7. Lemon juice

Lemon juice is considered one of the safest ways to lighten the brows.Of course, it does not give the same quick results as hydrogen peroxide, but the hairs after such exposure only get better.

  • Lemon juice - 1 tsp,
  • Oily vitamin E - 5 drops.

The process itself looks like this:

  1. Mix lemon juice with oily vitamin.
  2. Using a cotton swab, apply the mixture on clean hairs.
  3. Wait about 20 minutes.
  4. Repeat the procedure every 2-3 days. The first results will be noticeable after a couple of weeks.

Masking - an alternative to clarification

To make your dark eyebrows very quickly lighter, try using masking tools. Make them not so noticeable on the dark skin can beige shadows. For girls with fair skin, it is better to take shades of ivory.

The disguise process looks like this:

  1. Clean the eyebrow area with milk or water.
  2. Comb them with a special brush - hair should lie flat.
  3. Dip a thin cosmetic brush in the shade and run it along the tip of your eyebrow. Movement should be very light and soft.
  4. Well shade masking to make it less noticeable.

Tip! Shadows can be replaced with powder (compact or matting), gel or pencil. They will make brow color less saturated. And yet - when you disguise you need to do a full makeup. Only in this case, all your tricks will remain invisible to outsiders.

General recommendations

In order for a brow lightening session to pass without harm to health and complications, follow these guidelines:

  • Eyebrow paint and cream is diluted only in a plastic or glass bowl,
  • Remember, thick black hairs require more prolonged exposure to brightening agents,
  • When buying drugs, be sure to check their expiration date and package integrity,
  • Store the cream and eyebrow in a dry and cool closet, otherwise they will lose their properties ahead of time,
  • Do not buy cosmetics in illegal points and transitions - in this case, no one is responsible for its quality and safety,

  • Apply coloring agents evenly and do not overdo it with their number,
  • After discoloration, lubricate eyebrows with a cream that has a calming effect. It will prevent the appearance of irritation and redness,
  • Regularly make nourishing masks, cooked with your own hands - they will make your skin healthy and beautiful. Nettle, breadcrumb, eggs, dairy products,
  • An ideal way to care for bleached hairs are vegetable oils mixed with liquid vitamins E, B and A,
  • If your eyebrows are too light, draw them with a pencil.

Now you know how to lighten your eyebrows at home. But remember another very important point - focus not only on fashion, but also on the features of their appearance.

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Any woman dreams of a perfect face. Properly chosen make-up and hairstyle can work wonders with each, but the correct application of makeup consists of various parts, and sometimes it would seem that the slightest mistake can negate all efforts. It is not a secret for anybody that for the last few years the main fashionable trend has been the presence of a girl’s beautiful and clearly defined eyebrows. If the eyebrows are not well-groomed, have an irregular shape, or are very different in color from the hair on the head, a strange impression will appear about their owner.

Usually ladies have to darken their eyebrows in order to give a face more expressive features and emphasize their eyes - the choice of means for this is quite large, here there are shades of various shades, and various waxes, and blackout creams. And what to do when you need a completely opposite result and eyebrows should be brighter? How to lighten your eyebrows at home? With this question we will understand this article.

Who is the trend setter?

It’s hard to say who and when ever came up with this idea for the first time, because almost every woman will surely find what she would like to change in herself. It is precisely known that our distant ancestors from different times experimented with the color of this part of the face. But it is believed that the idea came from the beauty and actress Brigitte Bardot, when she, having made hair highlights, was forced to lighten her eyebrows. For many years, the novelty was overboard in the fashion industry, but somewhere after 2010 it was remembered and began to actively use.

Who needs clarification?

The lightening procedure is an extremely fashionable trend, but you should keep in mind your style and consult with a specialist about the need for this action.

In need of clarification need:

  1. Ladies who have decided to radically change the appearance by abruptly changing color, repainted blonde or adding red to their image. If the girl was originally:
    • Redhead
    • Brunette
    • Brown-haired
    • Dark blond
    • Had a rich chestnut or bluish-black hue.

Important! In all these cases, it is unambiguous when repainting to light tones it is necessary to observe harmony and to lighten eyebrows.

  1. The fair sex with blond hair, but with a very light or pinkish skin tone. In this case, whitened eyebrows will create a more ephemeral and airy image, as well as allow the use of brighter images in makeup.

Who is eyebrow lightening contraindicated

Changing hair color anywhere on the body leads to disruption of their vital processes. This is especially true of dyeing in light shades. Therefore, this procedure may be prohibited from several points of view:

  1. Medical. The skin is painful or has pronounced allergic reactions. If you decide to lighten your eyebrows at home, it is worth remembering that the pigment will be chemically etched out of the hair. And in inflammatory reactions it is better to refrain from such actions in order to avoid unpleasant and even critical consequences.
  2. Casual makeup is quite rich, bright, includes a rather dark tonal base, black shadows and rich arrows.
  3. Tanned, tanned skin or a girl is a frequent visitor to tanning beds.

Important! In the latter two cases, the rejection of the dark color of the eyebrows will lead to the fact that the face loses its shape as such, and in bright light will seem to be a shapeless spot.

Home lighting: how is this done?

As with any cosmetic effect, eyebrow dyeing (in particular, lightening) can occur within the walls of a beauty salon or at home, depending on the ladies own desire. The procedure seems simple, so many will wonder how to lighten their eyebrows at home quickly.

Possible ways

First you need to choose the way the procedure will be performed. There are several basic methods for experiments outside the cabin:

  • Hydrogen peroxide,
  • Decoctions of herbs and tinctures,
  • Cream and makeup.

Each of the options has its positive aspects and its shortcomings, so more about each further.

Brighten the eyebrows at home: rules and precautions

In fact, the precautions are simple. Every woman who has ever gone through the procedure of dyeing her hair knows them, but repetition will not be superfluous:

  • To familiarize with contraindications to the chosen remedy.
  • The skin should be healthy and without allergies. If in doubt, it is better to try in advance on another skin or wait to hold this event.
  • Keep the active substance itself away from the eyes, carefully monitor the process of staining.
  • Do not repeat more than once every 3 days.
  • Not sure - do not start! If there is any slightest doubt about the necessity and correctness of their actions, then it is better to contact the master.
  • If you have the slightest discomfort or burning sensation, immediately rinse with running water and consult a doctor.

Important! It should be remembered that any mistake can cost you a lost sight!

Use of hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide or hydroponic, or perhydrol, has long been known to women of fashion as a means to give hair a blond shade.

Important! Even the world-famous Marilyn Monroe achieved her beautiful color with the help of this simple substance.

The option is convenient because it (peroxide):

  • available anywhere in the world
  • is cheap enough in production and, accordingly, for the implementation of the substance
  • over-the-counter at any pharmacy,
  • it whitens very, very well, as it “kills” the natural dye in the hair.

If this method is chosen, then it is necessary to prepare everything for coloring:

  • 3% hydrogen peroxide solution%
  • Your regular shampoo
  • Brush or special comb for eyebrows with wide and rare teeth,
  • Vaseline or fat cream,
  • Any convenient makeup brush,
  • Capacity with warm water.

Important! It is necessary to begin the coloring procedure with the fact that all cosmetics should be carefully removed from the face, eyebrows washed with soap or shampoo from possible dirt and sweat, as well as skin fat. Then it is necessary to wipe off the remnants of moisture well and apply petroleum jelly or any oily cream along the contour of the eyebrow - this will avoid spreading and possible irritation.

Actually, then you can start the process itself:

  1. In a glass of warm filtered water, add half a teaspoon of the substance and mix well.
  2. Apply this mixture and distribute it in an arc.
  3. Hold for about 15 minutes, but no more, then rinse thoroughly.
  4. If necessary, you can repeat, but not earlier than in three days, but it is better to wait a week.

Important! A greater amount of peroxide or a longer aging time can lead to partial baldness or injury. Therefore, you must take precautions and keep track of time.

Lightening herbs and tinctures

The most famous ways, if you need to lighten your eyebrows at home:

  • decoction of chamomile or calendula,
  • lemon juice.

Important! The result will have to wait a long time, but these funds have practically no contraindications and will make the hairs stronger and more alive.

  1. 20-25 g (two tablespoons) of herbs pour a glass of boiling water.
  2. Leave it for 30 minutes - if you wish, you can add a couple of drops of lemon juice.
  3. Then apply the composition to the prepared cleansed skin and wait for the effect.

Important! This option, how to lighten your eyebrows at home, as with the use of peroxide, is simple and straightforward.

Whitening creams and makeup

For girls with radically black hair or the so-called “Asian” gene, the gentle action of the two previous methods may not be enough. But what to do if the choice in favor of the blonde is made and requires the same fundamental change in the color of the eyebrows?

In this case, the output is only two:

  • The use of special whitening creams,
  • Applying makeup to mask black hairs.

Important! For example, a cream for lightening so-called “antennae” may be useful for eyebrows. Do not neglect reading the instructions for use!

  1. Cleanse the skin of possible impurities with tonic, soap and clean water.
  2. Apply the cream around the eyes.
  3. Apply the paint for 1-2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water.

For make-up masking, you need to buy a special color gel and tonal foundation or concealer.

Important! The tonal basis and concealer is in any cosmetic bag, but the gel will have to be selected by sample. The recipe is simple - to apply the selected funds to the desired state, if desired, to emphasize the shape with shadows or a pencil of the desired color.

Natural Dyes

It is also possible to use natural dyes - colorless henna. It not only gives the desired shade, but also heal and strengthen your hairs.

Important! The only problem if you want to lighten your eyebrows at home quickly using henna may be that you can not buy it everywhere. More precisely - you can buy something, but at the expense of the quality of the proposed cosmetics will have to be puzzled: it does not always meet expectations.

Should I lighten your eyebrows?

Is it possible and necessary to do eyebrow coloring at home? Is it safe? - These are the questions that a girl should ask before beginning this process. Here it is necessary to consider the following nuances:

  • Lightening, like any coloring, involves a chemical change in the structure of the hair, which means it cannot be completely safe in principle. Therefore, if there is the slightest doubt about the correctness of their actions, it is better to turn to professionals or refuse at all.
  • If you nevertheless decided on this action, then it should be remembered that it is impossible to subject your brows to “execution” more than twice a month. For them, as for any colored hair need special care.

Lightened eyebrows care

After the clarification process, careful care is necessary, as their condition deteriorates significantly. It can be provided in the following ways:

  • Use oils with vitamins A, B, E (in the liquid state).
  • Not every tool will fit you, so you need to use it carefully, little by little.

It is important to focus on your appearance, if in doubt - go to the salon.

  • If eyebrows brighten more than necessary - tint them. Only it is better not to use chemical paint for this right away, because a double load on the hair can cause their total loss. As a result, the lack of eyebrows on the face will not be enough to decorate it.
  • It is better to buy paint in the checked places, not to use expired products, to part in special ware.

Important! After changing the image, you may have to change not only the color, but also the shape of the eyebrows, which is suitable for the new look.

Video footage

As you have seen, lightening eyebrows at home can quickly turn out if certain rules and instructions are followed, and if the “native” hair color is sufficiently light. And in terms of the use of special tools and make-up - you can “draw” any desired option. It means that you always have room for fantasy and transformation of your appearance under a particular mood, event, situation. Always be careful with your appearance, and then look irresistible for you will be easy and simple!

By default, ladies want to darken the eyebrows, thereby emphasizing the color of the eyes and face sculpture. However, podium models walking in expensive couturier outfits have contributed to the beauty industry. Rapid turnovers are gaining bright eyebrows, as a result of which beauty salons have even added a similar service to the price list. But it is not cheap, so we will analyze in order how to lighten the eyebrows at home.

Who is suitable for bright eyebrows

The first category includes dark-haired beauties. If your native color is dark blonde, chestnut, chocolate or black, and you decide to change the image and dye your hair blonde, you definitely need to lighten the edges. Traditionally, eyebrows are matched to the hair color, otherwise the face will look inharmonious.

The second category includes girls with a pinkish tinge. This also includes pale-skinned ladies and those who are contraindicated to sunbathe in the sun. Lightening eyebrows even for 1 tone, you will turn into an airy beauty, which is suitable for absolutely any makeup. You will be able to apply bright shadows, lipstick and at the same time look not defiant.

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Brow Lightening with Hydrogen Peroxide

Observe precautions, do not allow the solution to drain into the eyes and do not increase the exposure time.

  • 3% peroxide solution,
  • washing gel or shampoo
  • double-sided eyebrow comb with sparse teeth on one side and natural bristles on the other,
  • fat cream or petrolatum,
  • Makeup Brush,
  • 150 ml. boiled water.

Remove all makeup from face with cleansing milk or tonic. Apply to eyebrows gel for washing, wipe them well with a brush to remove secretions of subcutaneous fat, dirt, dust. Soak the product on the hairs for about 2 minutes, then wash with warm water and blot your face with a towel.

Apply a thick cream or petroleum jelly on the area around the eyebrows to eliminate possible peroxide irritation. Dilute 15 ml. solution in 150 ml. water, apply the makeup with a brush for makeup and leave for a quarter of an hour.

Dark-haired girls may not be enough to lighten the procedure. If the result was incomplete, repeat the manipulations again in 3-5 days. Do not achieve the effect by increasing the exposure time, you risk to burn the skin and damage the hairs, due to which the eyebrows will start to fall out.

how to pluck eyebrows

Eyebrow Cosmetic Gel

The product is sold in a professional cosmetics store for makeup artists or hairdressers. Prepare the edge for the procedure by removing dust and dirt from them with a foam. Also, as with peroxide bleaching, apply a nourishing cream or petroleum jelly on the area around the eyebrows. After that, coat the hairs with a brightening gel with a brush and leave for 3 minutes.

In this case, it is especially important to observe the exposure time, since the burn can be obtained in an extra 15 seconds of overexposure. At the end of the procedure, spread the eyebrows with a mixture of vegetable, corn and olive oils in the same proportions. Keep the composition for 20 minutes, remove the excess with a cotton swab.

Medicinal plants for bleaching

This method of bleaching is considered the most gentle and harmless, it was used by our grandmothers. The method does not suit girls who naturally have black eyebrows, because their herbs will not brighten even one tone. Choose for yourself a more effective method. Ladies with blond hair will have to apply the composition at least 4 times a day and repeat the procedure for 5 days.

  • calendula solution - 10 g.
  • Chamomile flowers - 10 gr.
  • yarrow - 15 gr.
  • linden - 5 gr.
  • lemon juice - 15 ml.
  • ginseng ether - 4 drops

Pour over 50 ml plants. boiling water, cover and insist day. After the time, strain, drip ethers and lemon juice, mix. Apply the composition to the hairs, after covering the skin around the eyebrows with petroleum jelly. Wait 1.5-2 hours, then rinse with cool water.

how to remove eyebrow tattoo at home

Decorative cosmetics

For ladies who do not want to lighten their eyebrows for a long time, masking dark hairs with decorative cosmetics will do. Clean your face with a lotion or tonic, do not apply greasy cream, use a moisturizer (it absorbs faster). Next, comb the hairs and apply a special gel to fix the eyebrows.

If you wear natural makeup, do not use blush, concealer and bright lipstick, take beige shadows and cover them with eyebrows. Try not to fall on the eyebrow area, otherwise your secret will immediately reveal. Brush first from the outer edge of the eyebrow to the inner, then vice versa. Continue to paint the hairs until you achieve the desired result. The method looks particularly impressive when used with evening makeup, it helps to make the face more harmonious.

In addition to the shadows, you can use a compact or crumbly powder, special eyebrow shades for several shades lighter, blusher of ivory and even creamy foundation. It is only important to properly shade so that traces of cosmetics are not visible.

Eyebrow dye

Get in the store eyebrow dye 3 shades lighter than your hair.Be sure to check the expiration date, manufacturer and availability instructions. Do not buy funds of dubious brands, refuse to buy paint in street tents, transitions, markets.

Apply the composition to the eyebrows, read the recommended recommended exposure time in the instructions. At the time of the first procedure, shorten the interval by a few minutes so as not to overdo it. In cases where you have heavily brightened the hairs, use henna for the eyebrows to correct the color to the desired intensity. Again, buy the product only in professional cosmetics stores.

How to wash eyebrow dye from skin

How to lighten colored eyebrows

The most common problem of returning to the starting point is to lighten colored brows. As a rule, this need arises when ladies repaint from light to dark. After washing the paint from the hair, they do not know what to do with the eyebrows.

It is important to understand that coloring pigments for hair do not fit eyebrows. The hairs grow back, so they need to be re-stained, but often this can not be done. For such situations there is a popular way of clarification, it is not fast, but effective.

Take 20 ml. castor, 15 ml. olive and 15 ml. camphor oils. Heat the composition in the microwave, moisten a cosmetic tampon and wipe it with eyebrows. Wait 5-6 hours, then remove the excess with a dry cotton pad. You may have to repeat the procedure more than once, but the oil draws the paint perfectly, so problems should not arise.

We decided to lighten your eyebrows? To get started, conduct a simple test, dyed hair with powder or shadows. Decide on a shade, then proceed to the procedure. The most effective and fastest way is considered to be 3% peroxide solution, special paint or eyebrow gel. If you are a supporter of folk remedies, give preference to medicinal plants in combination with ethers. In cases where your brows are already painted, use camphor, olive and castor oil.

Video: eyebrow tinting

In creating make-up every detail is of great importance, so many women decide to change eyebrow tint. But if earlier they were made more expressive, now they are clarifying. The procedure can be performed both in professional conditions and at home. How to lighten your eyebrows? This will help simple instruction. Only it is necessary to take into account that getting dark eyebrows back will be more difficult.

Where did this mod come from?

For the first time the fashion to lighten up the eyebrows appeared after the actress Brigitte Bordeaux changed their color after highlighting. For some time this novelty was not used, but in 2010 at the fashion show stylists brightened their eyebrows with models. But not so long ago another innovation was relevant - their selection with the help of a black pencil.

Now lightening is done in different ways. And it is not necessary to carry out the procedure in the cabin, as this can be done at home. It is enough to follow all the rules, and you get a great result.

Who is suitable for clarification?

Even if this procedure has become fashionable, you need to take into account your style, since such changes are not suitable for everyone. Is it possible to lighten your eyebrows, prompts the specialist. The procedure can be performed:

  • brunettes who have dark blond or brown hair, recoloured into blonde,
  • Blondes with a light or pale skin tone.

Only in these cases, clarification will make the face harmonious, and also allow you to hide flaws.

Use of herbs

This method is simple and safe, and the downside is slow action. How to lighten eyebrows with herbs? First you need to make a decoction: chamomile flowers (1 tbsp. L.) Brewed in boiling water (1 cup). Components need to be boiled in a water bath. The tool must be infused hour

When the solution is cold, add calendula and lemon juice (a few drops). Means can be applied no more than 2 times a day.The results will be noticeable only after a few weeks, so this method is not suitable for owners of rich black eyebrows.

Whitening cream

The stores sell special creams that perform high-quality lightening of dark hairs on the face. After the purchase of such funds you need to familiarize yourself with the composition and instructions.

How to lighten eyebrows with this cream? This procedure is simple. It is enough to clean the skin, and then you can apply the cream for 2 minutes. You should not overdo it, because it is dangerous to get a burn. Such agents have a drying effect, so after that the skin is treated with a moisturizing cream. If the eyebrows are dark, repeat procedures will be required.

Paint application

For these purposes there is a brightening eyebrow dye. A simple instruction will help you to carry out the procedure at home. First you need to adjust the shape of the eyebrows. It is important to find out if there is an allergy to the remedy. To do this, dilute the mixture and then anoint it behind the ear. If during the day there were no negative reactions, then you can get to work.

To prepare the coloring composition, it is necessary to mix 10 drops of oxygen with 2 ml of the product. This proportion is generally accepted, but a specific recipe can be found in the instructions. The composition must be whipped to get foam. A greasy cream is applied to the skin.

How to lighten eyebrow tattoo? Paint is applied with a special brush, starting from the bridge of the nose, moving to the place of the temple. Movement should be done again. If there are empty places, then they should be painted over. As a rule, the paint affects about 10 minutes. After this, a wash is required: the cotton wool is moistened in warm milk or water, and then treated with eyebrows.

For 3 days after the procedure, do not need to use eyebrow cosmetics. Should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Eyebrows are smeared with olive or castor oil several times a week. Special care products are used to improve the condition of the skin.

Types of paints

When buying, you need to pay attention to the type of eyebrow dye, because it affects the comfort and quality of the procedure. The consistency of funds are the following types:

  • cream paint: it has a soft texture
  • henna capsules: the agent is conveniently dosed,
  • gel paint: has a jelly-like consistency,
  • permanent paint: used in salons.

Among this range there is surely something suitable. The most resistant is permanent paint. You should not use it at home, because you may get an undesirable result, and bring the color is not so simple.

What color is better to choose paint, because it has a variety of shades? Coloring compositions can be brown, black, light. Each color has tones. It is necessary to pick up a shade to the appearance.

Estel, Concept, RoColor, Machaon, Elitan are among the best paints of Russian manufacturers. If we consider foreign products, then Elan, Color, Londa, Nexxt, Favorit should be preferred. Each tool has its own instruction, which specifies the time of exposure, the rules of application and features of care.

Elimination of defects

Many women often change the image by coloring the curls. But if it is not so difficult to turn from a brunette into a blonde, then everything is not so simple with eyebrows. Often there are situations when even the coloring did not help or the result did not like. But the constant color change is very harmful. How to lighten black eyebrows? In this case, will help castor or olive oil.

First, the oil must be heated, moisten a cotton pad in it and process eyebrows. Absorption takes several hours, after which the product is removed with a clean cotton swab. It should be borne in mind that immediately light brows may not work.

Lightening eyebrows is not considered a complicated procedure, because in the salon and at home they cope with it easily.If you do not want to get very blond hair, then you need to keep the composition less. You must select the appropriate tool, read the instructions and carefully perform the staining. Observing these rules, it will be possible to change the color of the eyebrows very quickly.


The procedure has some peculiarities, taking into account which it will be possible to carry out clarification correctly. When performing the procedure you need to consider a few simple tips:

  • after lightening, hair care is necessary because their condition deteriorates significantly: it uses vegetable oils with vitamins A, B, E (in the liquid state),
  • It should be borne in mind that not all procedures are successful, therefore you should choose the appropriate means: apply it evenly and not overdo it,
  • It is important to focus not only on fashion, but also on your appearance, because many women do not need to perform lighting,
  • in case of doubt, it is better to consult a specialist,
  • if the eyebrows are very light, you can tint them with a pencil,
  • paint for procedures must be diluted in a glass or plastic container,
  • do not use expired products,
  • stored means for painting in a dark dry place,
  • it is necessary to choose the shape of the eyebrows that fits the appearance

Given these simple rules, it will be possible to perform the clarification carefully. You just need to make sure that the chosen method is suitable so as not to get a negative result. Such eyebrows will be perfectly combined with natural makeup.

Video: Methods of lightening tattoo

Eyebrow bleaching at home

Lightening eyebrows will help to radically change the appearance of a woman, so before you decide on such a step, you must think everything over well. Discolour the eyebrows at home in several ways:

  • using hydrogen peroxide. For the procedure, it is worth buying a 3% peroxide solution at any pharmacy kiosk. In addition to a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, you will need the following: a brush with rare teeth, a little shampoo, a brush for applying makeup, petroleum jelly and water. How to lighten eyebrows peroxide? First, you should thoroughly wash your eyebrows from cosmetics and sebum, for this purpose it is best to use shampoo. After excess moisture is removed with a towel, apply petroleum jelly. Cosmetic petroleum jelly should be applied along the contour of the eyebrows; this procedure will help protect the skin from the negative effects of the peroxide solution. ½ tsp peroxide diluted in 200 ml of warm water and mix the resulting solution thoroughly. Apply the prepared solution to the hairs should be using a brush for makeup. After all the hair is moistened, it is necessary to brush the brows so that the solution is evenly distributed. After applying the solution on the eyebrows, you need to wait about 15 minutes, and then rinse the mixture thoroughly under running water. Repeat the procedure until the desired shade,
  • with the help of herbs. For cooking you will need: 25 g of pharmaceutical chamomile, 200 ml of water, 2 - 3 drops of lemon juice. Inflorescence fill with water and boil in a water bath for 1 to 2 minutes. Then the broth must be cooled for 60 minutes, after which it should be drained and filtered. To the resulting decoction of chamomile add juice. Apply this tool to the hairs should be 2 times a day, until you acquire the desired shade,
  • whitening cream. Such a tool will help lighten both dark and light eyebrows. Cosmetic cream should be applied on previously cleaned hairs, the duration of the procedure should not exceed 2 minutes, otherwise you can damage the skin. After the time, the whitening agent should be washed off and apply a moisturizer for the skin.

Make eyebrows much lighter is not so difficult, the main thing is not to overdo it and not to harm your health.

Video: Brighten eyebrows by yourself

Lightening eyebrows, at first glance it may seem strange and unmotivated idea.However, she is well understood by naturally dark-haired girls who have repainted in light shades or women who want to give their brows a more natural look. We will talk about how to lighten your brows at home quickly and without errors.

Brighten eyebrows at home can, most importantly, follow the instructions.

Ways to lighten eyebrows

If you decide that light and neat hairs - the limit of your dreams, it's time to choose a way to achieve the desired result. Before you lighten the black eyebrows, decide how you want to do it. You can contact a specialist in a beauty salon and complete the procedure in half an hour, or you can try to do it at home on your own.

Improper combination of black eyebrows and blond hair after dyeing is one of the reasons for lightening

With the first option, everything is very clear, let's talk about the methods of clarification at home.

There are four options:

  • peroxide,
  • cream,
  • brightening paint
  • herbal decoction.

We will talk about them below.

Before carrying out the procedure, prepare everything you need for it.

Peroxide can give the opportunity to get beautiful and natural eyebrows as in the photo

  • shampoo,
  • petroleum jelly,
  • hydrogen peroxide,
  • special eyebrow brush with wide teeth,
  • makeup brush
  • cream,
  • warm water.

Lightening eyebrows with hydrogen peroxide should start with washing hair with shampoo. This will help remove dust or sebum from the surface. Lubricate the area around the eyebrows with a cream to prevent peroxide from getting on the skin and its further irritation.

Hydrogen peroxide - one of the most popular and affordable tools for lightening eyebrows at home

The next step is to prepare the solution. Dilute half a teaspoon of peroxide in a glass of warm filtered water. Mix everything well.

It is important to know! Strictly observe all proportions, otherwise you risk provoking active hair loss.

Apply a homemade eyebrow clarifier to the hairs using a brush, then gently brush it over the growth of eyebrows with a brush. Wait fifteen minutes and wash with plenty of warm water.

With the help of peroxide, you can lighten up bad makeup

It is worth noting that this method is one of the ways how to lighten the tattoo of eyebrows at home.

While you are waiting for the eyebrow tattoo to brighten, you can get a special bleaching paint. With its help, you can not only lighten the eyebrows after the procedure, but also paint them in the desired shade. Just apply a little on the hairs, wait for the time specified in the instructions and wash off the paint.

Lightening eyebrows at home with a special cream is one of those procedures that require maximum concentration and accuracy. Carefully follow all recommendations, the only way you can expect to get the desired result.

The instructions included with the cream will tell you in detail how to prepare it properly for clarification.

Do not overdo it with the time keeping the cream on the eyebrows

For starters, it is best to conduct a trial procedure. Apply a small part of the cream on a small area of ​​skin (line of cheekbones) and wait a couple of minutes. If after this you do not have irritation - the tool is suitable.

  • put literally a drop of the cream on the tip of the eyebrow and wait a minute. If after this you do not feel a burning sensation, the hairs will not start to fall out or the allergic reaction will not appear - feel free to start bleaching,

It is important to know! It is necessary to use means with the maximum care, avoiding its hit in eyes.

It is not recommended to apply the cream on two eyebrows at once - it is better to carry out the procedure alternately

  • it is not recommended to apply the cream on two eyebrows at once. For starters, it is best to apply the mixture with a brush on one eyebrow and, after waiting a minute, wash it off with a cotton pad.Repeat the procedure at a specified interval until the hairs have the desired shade,
  • remember how many times you applied the cream, repeat the same number of manipulations with the second eyebrow.

For those who do not want to resort to chemical means, suitable natural and most harmless components. Perhaps you doubt and think about whether it is possible to lighten your eyebrows with the help of some herbs? We hasten to assure you that you can - and the effect will be no worse than from the purchased funds.

Chamomile decoction will not only lighten the eyebrows, but also strengthen the hairs

Take 25 grams of chamomile flowers, cover them with a glass of water. On a water bath, boil the liquid, then let it stand in a dark, cool place. Strain the broth and add a few drops of lemon juice.

Apply the liquid prepared at home on your eyebrows in the morning and evening until you get the desired result. The period of storage broth - 2 days, after you better prepare a new one.

It is important to know! It is not recommended to use chamomile infusion on the black eyebrows. No matter how surprising it may be, but natural ingredients do not have the best effect on such hairs.

Another beautiful folk remedy is colorless henna. This natural color to lighten the eyebrows not only helps to make them a few shades lighter, but also perfectly nourishes the skin and hair follicles. To enhance the effect, you can add calendula or lemon juice.

Colorless henna nourishes the skin and brightens hairs

General tips and tricks

To make the clarification procedure without complications, follow a few simple recommendations that will increase the chances of its successful outcome:

  1. Brightening eyebrow paint, like cream should be diluted in a glass or plastic container.

Lightening eyebrows, do not forget about the general recommendations to the procedure

  1. Do not forget that some hairs take longer to lighten.
  2. Holding the bleaching paint on the hairs for 5 minutes, you lighten them in tone, 10 minutes will make the hairs two shades lighter.
  3. Always check the expiration date of the drugs used.
  4. Hand made nourishing eyebrow masks will help to keep your skin beautiful and healthy. They can be made from vegetable oils, eggs, nettle, dairy products or even bread.
  5. After lightening, do not forget to rub your eyebrows with a cream with a soothing effect. This will prevent redness and irritation of the skin.
  6. To make the eyebrows lighter for a short time, you can apply a transparent gel, powder or pencil. It is also recommended to use shades of light tones to slightly refresh the makeup.


As you can see, it’s not at all necessary to rush to a beauty salon to make your eyebrows more natural. The price of home-made products is significantly lower than the cost of the procedure itself, and their effect is almost indistinguishable from the work of a beautician. The main thing is to carefully follow the instructions and the above tips.

Bright eyebrows add to the image of tenderness and naturalness

To get the maximum amount of useful information, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the video in this article. If you have questions about how to lighten your eyebrows with hydrogen peroxide, cream, paint or folk remedies, ask them in the comments.

Since ancient times, women are trying to use every opportunity to look even more beautiful. Hair style and hair color are of great importance in the overall appearance of the lady, but imagine a girl with magnificent hair and without eyebrows, or with “shaggy” eyebrows, black as coal, against the background of a blond hairstyle.

Handsomely? Of course not! Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the eyebrows are the perfect complement to the charming female face, especially when you want to prepare your face skin for spring. Let's talk today about how you can make the eyebrow brightening at home, who is recommended this procedure, and who should not worry about it.

Who needs eyebrow lightening?

An ignorant person, having heard of the need to lighten his eyebrows, will be surprised. Usually try to make them darker, because everyone knows the expression: "Black-browed beauty."

But clarification in some cases, after all, is necessary:

1. If a girl from birth is dark-haired, but she decided to change the color of her curls to a lighter one, or even repainted to a blonde. In this case, dark eyebrows will immediately give her natural color, and the combination is, to put it mildly, not quite beautiful. It is recommended that with the help of lightening eyebrows to achieve that their color fully corresponds to the shade of the hair, 2. If the skin of the face is pale and pinkish, it is recommended to lighten the eyebrows if they too stand out on the face with their dark shade.

Lightening eyebrows at home: methods, tips, contraindications

Since ancient times, women are trying to use every opportunity to look even more beautiful. Hair style and hair color are of great importance in the overall appearance of the lady, but imagine a girl with magnificent hair and without eyebrows, or with “shaggy” eyebrows, black as coal, against the background of a blond hairstyle.

Handsomely? Of course not! Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the eyebrows are the perfect complement to the charming female face, especially when you want to prepare your face skin for spring. Let's talk today about how you can make the eyebrow brightening at home, who is recommended this procedure, and who should not worry about it.

Who is contraindicated to lighten the eyebrows?

You can not blindly follow fashion, changing its appearance just because many do. Indeed, unlike others, you risk looking with bright eyebrows just ridiculous.

If you really want to try on a new image, do it, but not in such a radical way.

The method of lightening eyebrows at home is simple and quite affordable, so it is not necessary to go to the salon.

But, nevertheless, for some girls such a procedure is completely contraindicated:

• Tanned, • With a southern type of appearance, • Lovers to visit a tanning salon and dark tonal foundations, • Girls who prefer makeup with dark shadows and arrows on their eyes.

Lightening eyebrows at home: 4 ways

To lighten eyebrows at home, you should use a special paint that guarantees lightening effect.

If the decision is made to change the appearance, but there is no desire or opportunity to see a specialist, you can find a simple solution - to do everything yourself.

You just need to learn how to lighten your brows at home.

4 simple ways to help cope with this task:
1. Hair dye. When dyeing hair with a small brush, apply residual dye to the eyebrows. This rather simple method allows you to achieve the perfect combination of shades of curls and eyebrows,
2. Special color gel. Get colored gel with a lightening effect and a brush, apply a cosmetic on the eyebrows in 1-2 layers. You can use this gel every day, achieving the desired result,
3. Paint application. Lightening eyebrows at home really do at a professional level, for this you should use a special paint that guarantees lightening effect. Using a flat synthetic brush should be applied to the eyebrows. Ideal - the first time to use the services of a specialist, and the next time it will be easy to do on their own,
4. Concealer - The usual means of correction, which can be found in any female cosmetic bag, can turn into a tool for lightening eyebrows. To do this, brush, with a concealer on it, you need to comb through the hairs. After waiting a couple of minutes, fix concealer crumbly transparent powder.

Folk method of lightening eyebrows

To lighten the brows, you need to take calendula and chamomile, pour a glass of water, bring to a boil.When the decoction has cooled, add a few drops of lemon juice.

With the help of modern cosmetics can achieve a lot. How did our great-grandmothers cope with such a task as lightening eyebrows at home?

To say that simply and quickly, of course, is impossible. But the ancient method of clarification with the help of herbs exists. The advantage of this method is safety and harmlessness, a minus - you have to wait a long time for the result.

For those who want to support folk methods, here are a few recipes using herbal decoction for clarification:

Chamomile and Calendula
Take in equal parts inflorescences of calendula and chamomile (only 20g.), Pour a glass of water, bring to a boil. Leave the broth to infuse for about 20 minutes. When it has cooled, add a few drops of lemon juice. Apply the prepared tool 2 times a day. Some will be enough for 2-3 days, and someone will have to wait for the result of 7-9 days.

Lemon juice and chamomile decoction
In order to lighten your eyebrows in the most natural way, you should take 2 tsp. fresh lemon juice and mix it with a decoction of medicinal chamomile in equal proportions. The composition is applied to the eyebrows, pre-cleared of makeup.

To sustain a mixture of 20-30 minutes, then you need to wash with warm water. If your eyebrows are very dark, then the procedure should be repeated several times to get the desired color.

Frequently asked Questions

Alina, 25 years old:
- How effective is the use of concealer to lighten eyebrows?

Expert commentary:
- Due to the powder, the effect of bleached eyebrows lasts throughout the day. Just before applying it, you need to wait until the concealer dries on the hairs.

Elena, 29 years old:
- Is the decoction of herbs really so safe when brightening?

Expert commentary:
- Before use, you must check whether there are allergic reactions to components of herbal broth. Otherwise, it is safe.

Traditionally, beauties seek to transform their eyebrows, making them tone (and even somewhat) darker, thereby giving the face brightness and expressiveness. But lately, more and more women are trying to achieve the opposite effect - lightening eyebrows. The fact is that such clarification is considered a fashion trend. And many ladies who are following the changes in the fashion industry, with their appearance decided not to give in to models on the catwalks. Thanks to such events, many beauty salons have a new service - eyebrow lightening. However, you can cope with the task at home. How to lighten your eyebrows? This will be discussed.

How to avoid becoming a victim of fashion: who will lighten eyebrows?

Fashion and style are not the same. Don't forget: your style is based on your individuality. Do not rush to discolorate the eyebrows, trying to keep up with the new fashion trends. This lady is very inconsistent. The fact is that fashion, by dictating new rules, today may recognize luminous eyebrows as ultrafashionable, and tomorrow - thick and dark.

Therefore, before you change anything in your appearance, think not so much about fashion, but about your style. Think about whether the change will go to you, whether it will fit into your image.

Notice in which cases the eyebrow lightening will really suit you.

You are the owner of hair, the natural color of which is black, chestnut or dark blonde. You have repainted in a blonde, and your whole seemingly perfect image spoils your dark eyebrows. They give out the true color of your hair, and you look somewhat ridiculous.

You have delicate pale skin or pinkish skin. Bleaching your eyebrows, you convert your image into a more fragile, airy. Lightening will turn sharp facial features more tender. Now you can do any makeup (even very catchy) and you will not look vulgar at the same time.

If you are unsure of the need for a procedure, you can check whether the new brow color is right for you, as follows.Apply a corrector on the brow arch, then powder them and look in the mirror. If you like the result, feel free to start bleaching. If you are unhappy, try to find the right shade with a professional.

How to lighten your eyebrows at home?

Home eyebrow brightening can be done using the following tools:

Hydrogen peroxide is the most economical option.

Herbal decoctions (chamomile, calendula, lemon juice) - the slowest, but also the safest method.

Whitening cream - the fastest way.

Decorative cosmetics. This is a disguise of eyebrows. This method allows you to do without radical changes in appearance.

Brow Lightening with Hydrogen Peroxide

How to lighten your eyebrows with hydrogen peroxide? This will be discussed now. This method of lightening eyebrows has several advantages:

The method is convenient in terms of finance, since hydrogen peroxide is a fairly cheap means.

Brightening (or rather bleaching) the eyebrows with peroxide is a very effective way.

There is no difficulty in acquiring the main ingredient, because peroxide is sold in any pharmacy. Moreover, the substance is released without a prescription.

Due to the effect of hydrogen peroxide on the hairs of the brow arcs, the production of melanin stops in them. In other words, the natural coloring pigment ceases to be produced. That is why the need to constantly tint eyebrows disappears.

How to lighten eyebrows peroxide? When applying it, be careful and careful to avoid eye irritation and other, more serious consequences.

For the procedure you will need:

Hydrogen peroxide (3%).

Eyebrow brush with wide and rare teeth.

The brush that you usually use to apply makeup.

A glass of warm water.

Lightening eyebrows with hydrogen peroxide includes the procedure:

Gently wash all cosmetics with water or facial milk.

Carefully wash eyebrow hairs with shampoo in order to wash off sebum, dust.

Dry towel dry residues of moisture.

Then smear petroleum jelly or bold nourishing cream line contour. This is necessary to exclude further skin irritation.

Mix half a spoon (tea) peroxide with water.

Apply the resulting solution with a brush on dry hairs and distribute it with a brush.

Hold for 10-15 minutes (no more) and rinse.

The procedure is over. However, if the natural color of your eyebrows is very dark, one time you may not be enough. In this case, repeat the bleaching procedure, but not earlier than in three days. If the eyebrows again are not as bright as you would like, wait five days and do everything again.

Lighten eyebrows with herbs

How to lighten your eyebrows with herbs? This is the safest option of home eyebrow lightening, which was used in ancient times. A large spoonful of chamomile flowers is poured with water (200 ml) and brought to a boil in a water bath. Then insist hour, add in the resulting solution of lemon juice and calendula. The tool can be applied to the hairs of the eyebrows twice a day (not more).

This method is effective. However, have patience. In order for natural herbs to take effect, it will take several weeks. So, if you are the owner of dark eyebrows and want to lighten them at a time, the use of herbs does not suit you.

Brow Masking

Lighten eyebrows can, to avoid radical measures. Ordinary cosmetics can play the role of a masking agent. Hide eyebrows can be shadows. If you have dark skin, choose a shade of beige. For light skin is better to choose the shade of ivory.

How to lighten dark eyebrows with makeup? First you need to bring eyebrows in order. Then blot the brush in the shadows and run it on the brow. The final stage: the shadows need to be carefully shaded.

Regular compact powder can be used instead of shadows, if you are going to make a complete makeup. Otherwise, the disguise will be evident.

What is it for?

Before you lighten your eyebrows, you should find out who this procedure is for and who should not. Many girls are sure that black eyebrows give a certain severity, and lighter shades give romance and true lightness to the image.

Real blondes, owners of light brown and reddish shoals of hair do not always go too dark and strict eyebrows. Therefore, they should think about how to lighten their brows and thereby emphasize individuality and beauty.

If you are the owner of light skin with a slight shade of pink, then you should also think about this procedure. Lightening eyebrows in this case will not only emphasize the individuality of the image and the eyes, but also give you affection and romance.

Even if you are not naturally blond, but periodically lighten your hair and like lighter shades, it is worth a little to lighten and eyebrows. But girls with dark or strongly tanned skin, as well as Asian appearance, should not resort to this procedure. Bright eyebrows will look unnatural and give a dull look to your face.

There are two sure ways to make your edges more light. The first is to go to the procedure in the salon, where the master of his craft quickly and easily cope with the task. The second is to conduct the procedure at home.

If you still decide to go to a beauty salon, then remember that everything will be quickly and efficiently. As a rule, a professional can cope with a similar task in half an hour, sometimes less. It all depends on what tool the master will use, and whether it will be necessary to carry out such preparatory work as eyebrow correction.

At home, it is also quite possible to lighten your eyebrows, and for this there are several proven methods, which we describe below.

Perhaps the most popular and affordable method is the clarification with hydrogen peroxide. Before you begin the procedure, prepare everything you need. You will need peroxide itself, a special eyebrow brush, a brush with which you apply makeup, shampoo, cream and a glass of warm water.

Before starting the procedure, it is imperative to thoroughly clean the face from dust, sebum and makeup. Next you need to wash your eyebrows. To do this, take a small amount of shampoo, it is better to give preference to children, as it is safe for contact with eyes. Foam a small amount of shampoo in your hands, apply to eyebrows, gently massage and rinse with warm water.

Next, around the eyebrows, namely: along the hair - you need to apply a greasy cream. Try to apply the product in such a way that the cream particles do not fall on the eyebrows. The cream will serve you as a kind of protection, protecting your skin from accidental ingress of peroxide. Then in a plastic container you need to mix a glass of warm water with half a teaspoon of peroxide, mix everything thoroughly.

We recommend that you comply with all the proportions without fail, otherwise the tool may ruin the eyebrows and the hairs will begin to fall out.

Apply the resulting solution gently with a makeup brush, then spread evenly with a brush. Ten minutes later, the hairs will light up a bit. Rinse all you need with warm water after exactly fifteen minutes after applying the mixture on the eyebrows.

But it is also quite possible to choose a simpler version of clarification, using a special cream for this. Pre-clean and prepare your face to start the procedure, we have described all the details above. Apply the purchased clarifier gently to one eyebrow and wash it off after exactly one minute. Then repeat the procedure with the second eyebrow. Remember that if you overdo it on the eyebrows for more than a minute, the consequences can be dire.After a special product has been washed off from both eyebrows, it is recommended to apply a cream with a nourishing effect on the face.

Another proven and completely safe method is lightening with a specially prepared decoction of chamomile and calendula herbs. In order to prepare the infusion, you need to pour two tablespoons of the above herbs with a glass of hot water, bring to a boil and remove from heat. Then insist broth exactly twenty minutes, after we filter and add half a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. The tool should be applied to the cleaned eyebrows twice a day, it is not necessary to wash off. Gradually, after a few days, it will be possible to notice how black or brown hair becomes lighter. The procedure must be repeated until you achieve the desired result.

It is recommended to prepare a fresh infusion every three days. However, for very dark and too thick black eyebrows, this method is not suitable.

Another popular method of lightening eyebrows - with the help of lemon juice. Everyone knows that the acid of this sunny citrus fruit can have a lightening effect. Unlike most other methods, this method can be called very safe. To carry out the procedure you need to take one small capsule with vitamin E of beauty. It will take only five - six drops of vitamin and one teaspoon of juice. The mixture is applied to the cleaned hairs with the most ordinary cotton swab and washed off after twenty minutes. The procedure is recommended to repeat every other day for one to two weeks, until the desired result is achieved.

Using colorless henna is also quite possible to carry out a similar procedure at home. Such a tool can slightly brighten very black eyebrows, giving them a brownish tint. One tablespoon of this tool should be diluted in three spoons of water. Water should be hot. Mix everything thoroughly until smooth and add a couple of drops of fresh lemon. As soon as the mixture is infused, you can apply it on the prepared eyebrows. We are waiting for exactly fifteen minutes and wash off with warm water.

Which method is better?

Every girl who dreams of beautiful and bright eyebrows, thinks about which of these methods is better. An unequivocal answer to this question is impossible. In the event that you turn to a professional with many years of experience, the result will indeed be perfect. But if you decide to carry out the procedure at home, and do it for the first time, then you should pay attention to more benign and safe methods.

Lightening with lemon juice or herbal decoction does not require any special skills, and they are completely safe. For starters, you can apply these methods. True, in this case you will have to wait a long time for the result.

If you want to get the result immediately on the same day, you should pay attention to special creams. Using such tools, be sure to check the expiration date and strictly follow the instructions, without violating proportions. In addition, you should not trust funds from unknown and unverified manufacturers.

Remember that traditional methods without the use of various chemical agents are suitable for everyone, even those who have sensitive skin, prone to allergic reactions.

Discoloration after tattoo

Having decided on such a procedure as tattooing eyebrows, many girls soon think about how to lighten the result a little. Here you can come to the aid of the most common iodine, which is in every home first-aid kit. The tool should be very carefully applied to the eyebrows with a cotton swab. The procedure should be repeated regularly, two to three times a day for one month. After a few days, a barely noticeable crust will appear on the eyebrows, which indicates that the process of pigment removal has begun correctly.

Regular oil can also help make brows lighter.Above steam boiling water should heat one teaspoon of olive or almond oil. Next, gently apply the oil on the eyebrows, repeating the procedure every other day. In the end, after a few weeks the eyebrows will become a little lighter.

Tips and tricks

Sometimes after lightening dark eyebrows become an unpleasant yellowish shade. Not all representatives of the beautiful half of humanity like this effect.

There are some tips that will help you achieve the perfect result, and the beauty of your eyebrows will delight you and everyone around you.

  • At home, it is possible to use special paints that will help lighten your eyebrows and create a gentle image of your dreams. These colors are needed if the hair after the procedure became yellowish. Be sure to choose the tools that do not contain ammonia. Before coloring it is recommended to apply fat cream around eyebrows.
  • Before you decide on a cardinal lightening eyebrow hairs, it is worth conducting a small test at home. Apply the corrector on the eyebrows, and on top of the light powder. If you like the result, then you can safely decide on an experiment.
  • It is not recommended to carry out this procedure for those who have a tendency to allergies.

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Any woman dreams of a perfect face. Properly chosen make-up and hairstyle can work wonders with each, but the correct application of makeup consists of various parts, and sometimes it would seem that the slightest mistake can negate all efforts. It is not a secret for anybody that for the last few years the main fashionable trend has been the presence of a girl’s beautiful and clearly defined eyebrows. If the eyebrows are not well-groomed, have an irregular shape, or are very different in color from the hair on the head, a strange impression will appear about their owner.

Usually ladies have to darken their eyebrows in order to give a face more expressive features and emphasize their eyes - the choice of means for this is quite large, here there are shades of various shades, and various waxes, and blackout creams. And what to do when you need a completely opposite result and eyebrows should be brighter? How to lighten your eyebrows at home? With this question we will understand this article.

How to lighten or discolor the eyebrows at home quickly, the ways with which you can make dark colored ones

Sometimes after coloring or by nature, eyebrows look too bright. In this case, you can resort to lightening hairs. You do not need to visit the salon, you can perform the procedure at home. The main thing is to study all the nuances of lightening and not harm the eyebrows.

There are several ways to make your eyebrows lighter at home. The choice is yours. One is more convenient to do this with makeup, while others want to completely discolor hairs.

Lightening eyebrows with makeup

Makeup is the easiest way to lighten eyebrows at home.

Required materials and tools:

  • special eyebrow brush
  • light shades (ivory / ashen).

  1. Take a brush and put on it a little shade of the desired shade.
  2. Gently fill eyebrows with shadows.
  3. Remove excess with a cotton swab.
  4. In the evening, wash off the makeup in the usual way (micellar water, gel, etc.).

When applying pastel eyebrows on the hairs will look lighter

The hairs are easily discolored with hydrogen peroxide. With the help of lemon, hairs can be lightened noticeably. With the help of chamomile tea, you can lighten black eyebrows to brown color.

There are several ways to lighten your brows at home. All options are good in their own way. Choose the one that suits you and proceed to the procedure.

How to make eyebrows brighter at home and salon?

The modern world is very dynamic, replaced by some standards of beauty come to others.At the moment, the fashion for clear and expressive eyebrows is growing every day. However, experiments on their staining are not always successful.

In some cases, you want to lighten your brows in several tones. In this article we will talk about how this can be done at home, we give the most popular and effective methods.

In addition, we will acquaint readers with modern ways of solving this problem in the conditions of a beauty salon.

Laser technology

This option will cost much more than any other procedure, but the effect will please you. The procedure is performed using infrared radiation. The beam penetrates deep into the epidermis in order to destroy the dark pigment, which after the procedure leaves the body along with the blood stream. Eyebrows in this way can be made brighter at once by several tones.

Hardware method

Another rather expensive way to get rid of a dark tone. For this purpose, a special apparatus is used, with which a means for dissolving paint will be injected under the skin. To lighten the hairs on one tone will be enough of one procedure. If not - the salon will have to visit several times.

In this article, we talked about how to change the color of eyebrows at home, brought useful recipes and tips on lightening hairs. Remember that staining, as well as lightening eyebrows, must be approached wisely. Do not forget to carefully examine all aspects of the issue before experimenting with your appearance.

Is it possible to lighten your eyebrows at home

If the eyes are considered the mirror of the soul, then eyebrows are none other than their design. And our task is to add light mystery and originality to your face with the help of eyebrows. It is worth caring for them, if only because they definitely play a fairly significant role in our facial expressions. So, attract attention.

And today we will talk about how to lighten your eyebrows. And at this moment, some girls thought, and why, in general, to lighten them? Well, if you have never dyed your hair, then you will not understand the motivation for such clarification. But if the cardinal change of image is to your liking and you often practice it, then the question of painting eyebrows for you should be very painful.

It is not recommended to use usual hair-dye in this case, since if it gets into your eyes, then irritation cannot be avoided. So it remains to look for some alternative methods of hair coloring.

If you decide to become a brunette, the situation is a little easier. You can just go to the salon and ask the experts to paint your edge in the desired color. What to do if you, a natural brunette, suddenly decided to become a blonde.

Repainting dark hair in white is at least silly. As soon as the hairs begin to grow, dark roots will stand out perfectly. And constantly it is not necessary to tint the roots, since the skin also will not tolerate such a relationship for a long time.

There is only one way out: turn to the recipes of traditional medicine. It is through some means you can lighten your eyebrows at home without any extra work.

But before you begin to list all the ways to lighten the eyebrows, let's think about whom they are ideal. First of all, it is necessary to repaint or lighten the eyebrow arches for those who changed their image.

Especially it is worth paying attention to this for those who have natural hair color black, dark blonde or chestnut. In the case of reincarnation in a blonde, too dark eyebrows will look ridiculous, and with the usual coloring paint, the roots will give out your little secret with your head.

Also those who have delicate pinkish skin can lighten their brows to tone. Thus, you will give your image vulnerability and fragility. What else is characteristic of lightened brows is a significant softening of the hairs. This means that it will become much easier to give the desired shape to the brow ridges.

But do not chase fashion, forgetting about your own individuality. Remember that the color of the eyebrows must either completely match the color of the hair, or be one tone lighter. Otherwise, your face will look unnatural. And now we look at several ways to clarify.

This method can be safely ranked as one of the most inexpensive and effective. The advantage is also the fact that you will not need to run around the city in search of expensive ingredients for the procedure. You can buy peroxide at any pharmacy without a prescription.

The mechanism of lightening hairs with hydrogen peroxide is quite simple: due to its properties, it suspends the production of melanin in each hair. Accordingly, since the natural coloring pigment ceases to be produced, the hair no longer darkens, and you no longer need to constantly tint eyebrows.

Lighten the hairs in a similar way is quite simple: you just need to dip the sponge or cotton swab in a 3% peroxide solution and thoroughly wipe each curl with it. You can repeat this procedure once a day.

Attention! Do not think that rubbing the hairs with this solution a hundred times a day, you will achieve results faster. All that you can get in this case is overdried skin and, as a result, severe irritation, which will be very difficult to get rid of.

So do not abuse even such a simple and seemingly harmless way to lighten the hairs.

Brighten black eyebrows a little more difficult. The problem here is that light clarification after peroxide is insufficient. And with a cardinal change of image - it will be necessary to lighten the hairs quite significantly.

And there are two options:

  • Special makeup application. That is, you simply disguise black hairs under a huge amount of foundation and eyebrow pencil,
  • Applying special whitening creams, applying which two or three times, you will see absolutely stunning results.

As you can see, even black eyebrows can be lightened. But it will have to spend much more time and effort. But, in principle, everything is in your hands, so try and you will succeed!

Another problem is the return to the old image. Imagine for a moment the situation: you were a blonde, then repainted a brunette, and now decided to return to the original image.

Dyeing hair back is not a problem, but what to do with eyebrows. Wait until the painting itself olezet illogical. What if you still walk with colored eyebrows for a long time. The view will be the same!

So, you need to look for a way to clarify, after which the painting will disappear very quickly. Here we can also turn to folk remedies. Ideal for this purpose is castor or olive oil.

For this procedure, you need to allocate a whole day. You need to do the following: moisten the sponge in a small amount of oil and carefully wipe the eyebrows. After that, wait a few hours so that the oil is absorbed into all the hairs, and then periodically wipe them with a clean piece of cotton wool.

The result will stun you: a small amount of paint will remain on the fleece each time. And in the end, by the end of the day from the painting will not remain a trace!

To begin, let's find out what eyebrow tattooing is. Today, this is a fairly popular procedure, the main purpose of which is to adjust the shape of the eyebrows by introducing a special pigment syringe.

Why brighten it? Well, again, the clarification is necessary and with a radical change of image, and with unsuccessful contour.

We have already spoken about changing the image, but the lack of professionalism of a tattoo artist can also play a bad joke with you. For example, he may draw an uneven contour. And if you do not deduce the paint, then your appearance will be substantially damaged.

This problem can be solved in the cabin.There you can offer to correct an uneven line with a special laser. But even if such a device does not inspire confidence in you, then you should not try to remove the tattoo by resorting to deep peeling or clogging of paint with milk or peroxide.

The danger of deep peeling is that you must scrub all layers of skin before the paint. And this will inevitably be the cause of inflammation. The same applies to the injection of milk or peroxide under the skin.

Doctors have long proved that foreign fluids in our body can lead to anything, up to a lethal outcome. So do not experiment with your own health. Better pay for the laser correction - it is faster and safer.

As you can see, you can lighten your eyebrows at home. But in some cases, in order to avoid all sorts of complications, it is worthwhile to rely on professionals.

And remember that a face is not the best place to experiment. And if you are not sure about the safety of the proposed method of clarification, then it is better not to tempt fate!

How to lighten your eyebrows at home?

Traditionally, beauties seek to turn their eyebrows, making them tone (and even somewhat) darker, thereby giving the face brightness and expressiveness. But lately, more and more women are trying to achieve the opposite effect - lighting the eyebrows.

The fact is that such lighting is considered a fashion trend. And many women who follow the changes in the fashion industry, their appearance decided not to give in to models on the catwalks. Thanks to such events, many beauty salons have a new service - eyebrow lighting. However, you can cope with the task at home.

How to lighten your eyebrows? This will be discussed.

How to lighten colored eyebrows?

The return of the painted eyebrows to the original appearance is another problem of the fair sex. Many girls, being blondes, repainted in brunettes, and then they want to return to the starting point. Only here with the eyebrows is a bit more complicated than with the hair.

How to lighten the black eyebrows, which, among other things, also painted? The paint, applicable to the hair, is not suitable for eyebrows, as the roots grow and give their natural color. A permanent repainting hair brows will not stand. But walking with hair and eyebrows of different colors is not the best choice. In this situation, you will help folk remedies - olive and castor oil.

The procedure for lightening stained eyebrows is as follows:

Cotton pad, moistened with a small amount of warm oil, carefully wipe the eyebrows.

Wait a few hours until the oil is absorbed into the hairs of the eyebrows.

After rubbing the eyebrows with clean cotton swabs.

Keep in mind, this process is not ten minutes. It may take you a whole day to bleach.

In modern life, lighting the eyebrows is not something unattainable. Turn eyebrows easy and simple. One has only to want! You can contact the experts. You can make your own eyebrows.

And not one way of home lighting is known. Weigh the pros and cons, making the decision to light up your eyebrows.

Choose the most suitable option for you, follow a simple procedure and you will be one step closer to perfection.

Using hydrogen peroxide

The easiest and most affordable way is to use hydrogen peroxide. Note that after the procedure, eyebrows may become almost white, so carefully follow the speed of clarification.

  • You will need hydrogen peroxide, shampoo, eyebrow brush, makeup brush, cream, a glass of warm water.
  • Cleanse your face to remove dirt, sebum and cosmetics.
  • Wash your eyebrows by foaming a small amount of soft shampoo in your palms (it is best to use baby cleansing shampoo, not irritating the eyes).
  • Gently apply greasy cream around the hair arch. This is necessary to exclude penetration of peroxide solution on the skin, which can lead to the appearance of white spots or irritation.
  • To prepare the mixture, take a non-metallic container, add a glass of warm boiled water and 0.5 tsp of hydrogen peroxide, mix well. Keep the proportions, otherwise you risk hair loss.
  • Apply the solution to the eyebrows with a brush, and then distribute with a brush.
  • After 15 minutes, rinse the face well with plenty of warm water.
  • Prepare the face and eyebrow area exactly as described above.
  • Apply the cream first on one eyebrow, wash it off after 1 minute, then on the other eyebrow. This approach is recommended to determine the exact exposure time. A longer exposure time can cause burns and hair loss.
  • After the procedure, apply on the face a nourishing cream to moisturize dried skin.

This method is the safest to conduct at home, but will require a longer time and will not work for lightening black eyebrows.

  • To prepare the decoction, take 2 tbsp. spoon dry herbs - chamomile or calendula, pour a glass of boiling water, bring to a boil in a water bath and leave for 15-20 minutes to infuse.
  • Strain and add to infusion 5-6 drops of lemon juice.
  • Apply the product to the cleaned eyebrow area 2 times a day until you get the desired result. Depending on the initial color and structure of the hairs, you may need from 2 to 3 days to several weeks.
  • For better impact, it is recommended to cook fresh broth daily.

Use of eyebrow colors

After lightening, eyebrows often acquire a yellowish unnatural hue, so further staining is necessary.

There is a wide variety of special professional dyes on the market of cosmetic products that can be used at home.

  • When choosing a staining agent, it is necessary to proceed from the purpose of this procedure. If you are planning a regular brightening, give preference to resistant non-ammonia paints. If you want to temporarily change the image, choose from soft toning agents with a hypoallergenic formula.
  • Before staining, apply a rich cream around the eyes, and after lightening, apply soft care products to the eyebrows.
  • In preparing the composition, carefully read the instructions from the manufacturer and strictly observe the mixing proportions and the exposure time of the product.
  • For eye diseases, do not use products containing ammonia.
  • Before using any dye for the first time, test for an allergic reaction.

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