InStyler Tulip: an effective method of curling hair

Wavy hair always looks sensual and seductive. They fit any day or evening look. With such hair, you can do a lot of beautiful hairstyles. Automatic curling iron Instyler Tulip created in order to help lovely women to create beautiful curls on their own, always be stylish and look great.

To get a dream hairstyle, you can visit a hair stylist who creates luxurious curls. And you can make curls at home with the help of special devices for curling hair. Whichever option you choose, all without exception take enough time, a lot of effort and patience. Also, when working independently with curling irons and irons, you need accuracy, otherwise you can burn yourself with unprotected heating elements.

To make the process of hair curling safe, fast and fatiguing, you just need to purchase a novelty - automatic curling Instyler Tulip. This device is great for creating gorgeous curls, both by professional craftsmen and independently at home.

What it is?

Automatic curling iron Instyler Tulip - is an innovative device for fast and safe curling hair of any type and condition. The heating element of the curling iron has a tourmaline coating, which gives a uniform distribution of heat throughout the entire strand. Due to this property, creating a curl takes a few seconds. As a result, they are the same, the correct form and hold on for a long time. The working element is reliably protected and isolated, therefore work with the device is absolutely safe.

Key features and equipment

Automatic curling to create curls "Instyler Tulip" has excellent specifications:

  • The total length of the device is 32 cm, it is enough for curling thick and long hair.
  • The device has a small weight - only 810 grams. Due to the ease of the device, it is convenient and easy for them to work, their hands do not feel tired.
  • The working heating element has a ceramic coating that does not harm the hair and is suitable for everyday use.
  • The power of the device is 33 watts, which is enough to “tame” the longest and most naughty hair.
  • Automatic shutdown function after 45 minutes of continuous operation.

The device is packaged in a box with a brief instruction manual in Russian and a warranty card. Automatic curling iron is equipped with a long rotating cord.

Features and benefits

The automatic Instyler Tulip curling iron is a professional device for curling beautiful curls. It has several advantages over other styling devices:

  • Quickly. This device in the shortest possible time allows you to create beautiful smooth curls all over the head both in front and behind without much difficulty. No need to spend a lot of time laying.
  • Universally. Automatic curling iron is perfect for hair of any length and condition. It is suitable even for damaged tips. The work item will not damage the hair even more, will not have a negative effect on them. Curls will look beautiful and smooth.
  • Safely. The heating element of the curling iron is securely protected, which ensures safe use of the device. Also, the device has an automatic shutdown function 45 minutes after the end of work. Therefore, you can not worry that you forgot to turn off the device.

  • Conveniently. Automatic curling has a small weight, so it is comfortable to hold in your hand. The device is equipped with a cord rotating 360 degrees and has an intuitive control.
  • Neatly. When creating the device used technology "against tangling hair." This makes it possible to curl quickly, but neatly at any length of hair.
  • Economically. Using the automatic curling independently, you save the considerable sum, having refused services of the hairdresser.

How to use?

Using automatic curling Instyler Tulip does not require any special skills. Working with her is quite simple. Settings buttons are on the handle of the device. Curling time curl depends on the desired result, length and condition of the hair. First, select the temperature regime for the type of hair. There are three options for the temperature regime - for normal, dry and damaged hair.

Then set the timer for the time that is needed. If you need to create light and slightly careless romantic curls, then you need to set the timer to the minimum time - 3 seconds. To achieve locks of medium elasticity, the timer must be set to 8 seconds. And the maximum exposure time - 12 seconds, is set to obtain dense curls, which stand before any bad weather.

Additionally, you can set the rotation of the work item in one of three options. Rotation can be right, left and both sides. This is very convenient when it is necessary to frame the face with curls and give the curls the right direction. With universal Instyler Tulip this can be done completely effortlessly. After setting the device, you can start curling. It is necessary to strand the hair, put it in a special hole and press the power button. After a certain time we get a beautiful curl. And so we do with all the hair. After completing the curling, you can put your hair in a beautiful hairstyle or just beat the curls and leave the hair loose.

What curls can I do?

With help InStyler Tulip You can create different curls:

  • light wavy hair or “beach curls” can be created at the lowest temperature conditions - 3 seconds per strand. Hair will gain light waves. A little tousled them, you can create a trendy carelessness.
  • soft curls are obtained with an average temperature from 3 to 8 seconds. It all depends on the length of the hair. The result is beautiful curls that can be combed and fixed or assembled into a fashionable hairstyle.
  • to create cool curls You need to use the maximum temperature for 12 seconds. Curls get dense and will hold for a long time.

Who is suitable?

Anyone who wants to have beautiful curls and loves to change hairstyles, who seeks to create different images and look perfect every day. This device will be a real lifesaver for those who want to create a gorgeous hairstyle in the shortest possible time without adversely affecting the hair and:

  • often curls hair
  • saves time on styling and creating hairstyles,
  • who has problems with hair, and other devices for curling hair only aggravate them.
  • who likes to use safe appliances that will not burn or damage hair.
  • who often travels and there is a need to take a device for waving with them.

How to distinguish the original from a fake?

On the market, unfortunately, there are so many fakes of quality hair products. Under the guise of automatic curling Instyler Tulip Some outlets and websites offer not original devices, but their counterpart.

To protect yourself from buying low-quality goods, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • In original products can not be too low prices. If you offer a device that costs much less than the average market value, refrain from buying it.
  • Be sure to have a warranty period. Any manufacturer assumes responsibility for the quality of products. The guarantee of quality is the presence of a warranty period after the purchase of the device.
  • A distinctive feature is rotating on 360 degree cord. As a rule, fakes are supplied with cheaper option - a usual wire.
  • Enclosed instruction should be in Russian.
  • Carefully inspect the packaging. It should be all information about the manufacturer, barcode. The box should be the correct form and with high-quality printing.

How to use

There are certain rules on the use of the device, which must be observed.

  1. Before you use the device, you should clean the hair from dirt: wash with hair shampoo and dry. Important! It is better to dry the hair in a natural way without using a hair dryer.
  2. After the hair dries, apply an air conditioner or any other means that protects against the thermal effects of the device on each strand. Important! It is imperative that you need to use high-quality professional tools, otherwise there will be no proper effect.
  3. Each curl must be carefully combed.
  4. Hair should be divided into separate strands using special clips.
  5. Then gently thread the curl between the forceps and press the "Start" button, allowing the hair to wind on the cylinder.
  6. After 3 - 8 seconds, you need to sharply release the strand or press the "Stop" button. As a result, the curl quickly twists and takes the shape of a curl. Important! To obtain the effect of hair volume, it is recommended not to make thick strands.
  7. Similarly, the lower and upper strands should be curled.
  8. The resulting curls should be slightly combed, and then be sure to use a styling agent.
  9. The device can only be used on healthy hair!

Also note that:

  • the device should not be heated above 170 degrees Celsius, as this can damage the hair,
  • after each procedure, the device should be cleaned with a cloth.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other device, the Instailer TYLIP has its advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Easy to use. Unlike conventional curling, styler is easy and comfortable to hold. Now you do not need to strain your hand to create a beautiful hairstyle. It is enough to keep her in a relaxed state in an upright position.
  2. Creates three types of hairstyles. Thanks to the rotating cylinder, you can create three types of curls: soft, voluminous and elastic. Also, this device can wind two strands at once, which a regular curling iron cannot do.
  3. Smoothes hair. The device carefully smoothes each hair during twisting, turning it into a beautiful curl.
  4. Prevents tangling and hair damage. This is because the hair is always visible due to the open top hat. Thus, a woman can control the process of curling.
  5. Does not burn hair. The instaler Tulip has a cold safety fence in the area of ​​the heating ceramic cylinder. Therefore, the device can be safely held in hand, applied to the head without fear of burning your hair or hands.
  6. It has several heating modes. 3 heating modes allow you to find a comfortable temperature for each type of hair. The maximum mode is 220 ° C.
  7. Curls curls in different directions. You can curl the hair to the face, and from the face, while not changing the position of the hands.
  8. A little time is spent on the perm. It takes from three to eight seconds to perm “perfect curls”. In contrast to the same standard curling that you have to keep on your hair for a long time to achieve the desired effect.
  9. It has a rotating wire. This is very convenient, since in the process of curling you can not stand in one place.
  10. The automatic timer off. The device is able to turn off spontaneously after 45 minutes. Thus, you can no longer worry if the device is turned off or not.
  11. There are additional tips. Thanks to this, it is possible to create different hairstyles.
  12. It has positive feedback. In the network you can read a lot of positive reviews about this device. Negative reviews are extremely rare and they arise only on the basis of improper use of the device.
  13. Does not take much space. The device is small in size and compact.

  1. The device, heating to the highest possible temperature, can damage the hair. In this case, split ends usually appear, and hair becomes brittle and weak. This can be avoided if you do not allow maximum heating of the device.
  2. You can not use the styler too often, as over time it can lead to hair loss.

Where can one buy?

Finding InStyler Tulip is easy. There are a lot of options where it can be purchased:

  • in the malls of the city,
  • in specialized stores where everything for hair is sold,
  • in separate appliance stores,
  • on the Internet.

Important! It should be remembered that buying a product online, you need to buy it only on the official website of the manufacturer.

Original or fake: how to distinguish?

It often happens that people come across online scams and purchase a fake product instead of the original.

So how can this be avoided?

It is necessary to remember a number of important rules:

  1. Cost InStyler Tulip is expensive - at least five or six thousand rubles. All that is offered for a smaller amount is most likely a fake!
  2. Warranty card. For any product, including this one, they must be given a warranty card for which, in the event of a malfunction of the device, you will be returned money or exchanged goods within a certain period. If it is not, then most likely this device will not last long. And the device itself is fake.
  3. The integrity of the packaging. Packaging must be without any damage. In the event that it is at least slightly confused, the product should not be taken.
  4. Instructions. Inside the device must be instructions for use in multiple languages. In particular, in Russian.
  5. Rotating wire. The original has a rotating wire that can turn up to 360 degrees.

In the event of a violation of at least one of the listed points, in no case should the product be bought!


Instyler tulip hair styler is a product of the French brand Babyliss, which is known for the excellent quality of its goods. This brand has been on the market for over 50 years in 60 countries of the world. Specializes in the manufacture of professional power tools for stylists and hairdressers. It is a market leader in hairdressing tools.

Size - 9 x 12 x 36 cm., Weight - 790 g., Heating temperature - 177 C, 200 C, 220 C. Included are: instruction, strand separator and warranty card.

  • Intuitive controls prevent tangling of hair. The device feels like curls, the shaft weakens during tension.
  • Uniform distribution of heat across the ceramic shaft helps create the perfect curl.

Styler for automatic hair curling will help you create a hairstyle in a very short time. Only 3 - 12 seconds and the perfect curl is ready. In addition, the device allows you to wind the two sections simultaneously.

The device is very easy to use. You can curl hair anywhere on the hair, whether it is in front, side or back, the process does not cause inconvenience. The device has only 4 buttons. It has an ergonomic design: lightweight and the process of curling is as comfortable as possible. During laying the device is held in a vertical position, so that the hand does not get tired at all. The device automatically turns off after 45 minutes of use.

With the help of the styler, each curl is obtained flawless. The device is able to create several types of curls - beach wave, elastic springs, large curls, volumetric curls. You can choose the direction of the curl. Tourmaline coating prevents dry hair, so with instyler tulip they will always look healthy and well-groomed.

Fashionable and unusual hair styler styler - a great gift for sisters, daughters, girlfriends and colleagues.

Where to buy (price, delivery, discount)

Babyliss products are always very popular, and there are always plenty of people willing to cash in on the reputation of a well-known company. Unscrupulous sellers often sell Chinese instiller fakes, posing as the original. To avoid buying low-quality goods, we recommend that you order the device only on the websites of official distributors.

Since our site is dedicated to hair care, and we advise readers to choose gentle devices for styling, we were able to negotiate a significant discount on a limited batch of installers. The price of Babyliss products is always high, but now, with a gift discount from, you can afford the pleasure of purchasing genuine goods with excellent quality.

To buy an instaler with a discount, fill out the order form after the article or go to the official supplier’s website and place an order there. After 15 minutes, the consultant will call you back and clarify all the details for the delivery. You can pay for the goods upon receipt.

P.S. Try a new invention for curling curls. After all, you risk nothing. If the device, you do not like it, the seller will return the money! This is a very good offer, therefore, those who want to buy the device every day more and more. We hope that you will have time to use the gift discount before the priceler styler!

We wish you to always attract to yourself the enthusiastic views of others, and be confident in your attractiveness with new hairstyles from the Instailer Tulep.

What is the Instyler Tulip

So, it should be noted that this curling iron is an atypical representative of hair technology. InStylerTulipAutoCurler will allow you to make curls that you have invented (volume curls, small curls, romantic curls) in a small amount of time, without spoiling the hair. It contains many advantages that are worth considering in detail. There are videos that show visually all the advantages of the installer.

Here are the instylertulip differences from the usual curling:

  • In just 5 seconds, the curl will take the form according to your desire,
  • Thanks to the modern design, the device is heated evenly over the entire surface, which allows for a neat hairstyle,
  • New convenient design reduces the chances of getting burned to almost zero,
  • Compact size allows you to store Instyler Tulip in any place convenient for you,
  • You can choose one of three temperature modes,
  • Styler has an excellent technology in which the hair will not be tangled, and, therefore, will look natural. This is due to the fact that the strand that falls into the mechanism of the instaileyulip itself is recognized by the mechanism, and it stops rotating, which allows you to remove this strand without any damage,
  • Ladies always have a lot of worries, and, therefore, there is a chance to forget to turn off the device from the outlet. This was taken care of by Instyler Tulip, which will turn off 45 minutes after starting work on its own,
  • Instyler Tulip is designed specifically for curling curls in the direction that seems better to you,
  • Buy curling iron - means to save yourself forever from the problems associated with hair.

Thus, the advantage of the functions is tülpive with the naked eye. If you want to make sure of all the advantages of the instailerpool yourself, then you can see the video, where this curling is used.

Instyler Tulip Technology

In order to use the installer, you do not need to have any styling skills. To create a charming hairstyle you need to do just two steps:

  • Take a strand of the right size and place it between the forceps, without fear of tangling hair,
  • Select the desired temperature, press the button.

After five seconds of waiting, the curl will be ready. The tourmaline coating provides reliable protection against overheating, and a swivel cord allows the installer to hold in any position. For confidence, you can follow the prompts in various videos. Numerous positive reviews only confirm the quality of babylisspro products.

Instructions for use Instyler Tulip

To buy Instyler Tulip curling iron, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the instructions for its use. It is quite simple and depends on what kind of result you want to get. So, if your goal is:

  • Volumetric soft curls, the instructions for use will look like this:
    • Turn on styler
    • Choose an average heating temperature,
    • Place a strand between the tongs and hold for about 3 seconds. If your hair is long and heavy, you need to withstand about 8 seconds,

    This hairstyle is universal. Appearing in this form at any event - from office parties to evening balls - you will make a delight.

    • Light air waves, the instruction will change slightly:
    • Turn on styler
    • Select the minimum heating temperature,
    • At any length of hair to keep the curl between the forceps need no more than 3 seconds.

    The romantic image that will come out as a result will be able to transform and make beautiful any day.

    • Elastic and curly hair holding for several days, then the following instruction will help to achieve this effect:
    • Turn on styler
    • Set the heating temperature to maximum,
    • Hold the strand in the forceps for up to 12 seconds.

    The resulting curls are perfect for unruly hair. Instylertulip babylisspro will tame your curls in a matter of seconds, after which you can enjoy the effect for several days in a row.

    The video on the site allows you to see all the ways to use instylertulip babylisspro, and the real feedback from different customers is to ensure the quality and benefits of the installer.

    How much is a magical image

    The price of babylisspro products always pays for itself with excellent product quality. Be very careful, because among the products of this company, which on different sites is evaluated differently, there may be fakes. Usually the price of an instailer starts from 5,000 rubles, if you see the price below - beware of a fake.

    Remember: it is better to pay the average price once, and then enjoy quality for a long time than in pursuit of savings to change goods at the speed of light, spending huge amounts time after time.

    Reviews real buyers

    To appreciate the full power of Instyler Tulip, we bring to your attention customer reviews who have purchased the original styler t-tulip and have already managed to take advantage of a new product in the hairdresser's art:

    Irina, 33 years old: “My sister inspired me to buy a curling iron. I was skeptical about this venture, because I had already accepted that I could not see beautiful styling. Hair all my life is very naughty and sensitive. But instylertulip surprised me! I watched the video and decided to order. I have been using it for about two months and have never regretted the invested finances. Now I can not worry about the quality of my styling and always look your best. Even self-confidence increased. "

    Alexandra, 22 years old: “I treat my hair very carefully, I care for them. But I have them straight, and I love the waves. I was very afraid of damaging my hair with a curling hair, but the installer solved my problem. I do any hairstyle without any excitement, and my hair remains healthy and beautiful. ”

    Ekaterina, 34 years old: “I decided to buy this product just a week ago, when I saw a video in Russian about it. The price suited me, and after delivery I was surprised at the speed of twisting the strands. In the process of laying most of all I do not like to stand for a long time, trying to give my hair at least some form. The installer is now my favorite styling tool, which also allows you to sleep a little longer before work. ”

    Vladislav, 27 years old: “What struck me most at instylertulip was that the curling irons did not allow my naughty hair to go awry. Hair stopped falling out and split, looking healthier. ”

    Marina, 18 years old: “I ordered a chat on the site. Doubted about the price, because I saw prices on other sites below, just afraid to get to the fake. The site sent a great product. I believe that prices for such quality are surprisingly low. ”

    Elena, 29 years old: “I am grateful to the site where I saw information about instylertulip. After all, there I watched the video, and then decided on such an acquisition. Now everyone is jealous of my hair, and I don’t even put effort into it. ”

    • Tried all means, but nothing works?
    • Fragile and brittle hair does not add confidence.
    • Yes, these loss, dryness and lack of vitamins.
    • And most importantly - if you leave everything as it is, you will soon have to buy a wig.

    But an effective remedy for recovery does exist. Follow the link and find out how Dasha Gubanova cares for hair!

    Device Overview

    In a sense, the model of the Tulip curling installer can be called revolutionary. Babyliss supplied the device with an open drum, which allows it to perform hair operations in just 3 seconds. A feature of the model is the automatic work with curls, thanks to which a woman practically frees her hands and can simply watch the process. The effectiveness and high speed of curling curls due to the fact that Tulip curling iron has a special system of rapid heating. In this case, the temperature range is quite wide, which makes it possible to work with different types of hair. The heating element is securely hidden in the body of the curling iron, which eliminates the risk of getting burned.

    Hair preparation

    To begin work on the perm should only be provided that the hair is thoroughly washed and dried. It is very important that no styling products are applied to them. Further, the curls bloom, the field of which they should be combed. It is necessary to form separate strands in such a way that their thickness varies within 12-15 mm. If you plan to create more rigid and elastic strands, then their thickness should be minimal. In any case, waving too massive curls will not allow to get a good result. By the way, in the formation of strands of optimal size will help a special separator for hair, which is equipped with a curling iron "Tulip". Reviews note that this device is more convenient than any comb - again, in a few seconds the divider will help make the strands of the desired thickness. Then you can start curling, starting with the lower curls. Then gradually move to the upper strands, curling hair in a circle - from the sides of the head to the back of the head. After completing the perm, you should use the styling tool.

    Spiral curling and smoothing

    Creating curled curls provide many curling, but in the device "Tulip" the process of performing this operation is as easy as possible. The user is only required to select a strand of hair using the technique described above and “charge” it into a special cylinder. It is necessary to place the strand so that it doubles and allows the drum to delicately twist the hair onto the cylinder. Then all that remains is to wait until the Tulip automatic curling iron does its work. It takes from 3 to 20 seconds depending on the structure of the hair.

    It has its own features and smoothing curls. To perform this operation, you must bring the strand to the side of the cylinder, and then press the hair tightly. Further movements are made by a heated cylinder along the entire length of the hair up and down. Gradually, even elastic strands will begin to take a direct form. It is worth noting that the developers made sure that the Tulip styling instiller had a thermal effect only on the hair and in an acceptable temperature range.

    What kind of hair can not work curling?

    Despite the fact that the curling iron is quite versatile and copes with different types of hair, there are significant limitations on its use with hair extensions of artificial origin. You can use the device only with natural hair, which, however, can also be extended. In this case, much depends on the method of expansion. If the sewing method was used, the “Tulip” curling iron can be used as a tool for curling along the entire length up to the roots. If the extension was done by gluing, then the perm can only be done to a level where foreign strands are fixed to the natural curls.

    Safety Instructions

    One of the main advantages of this curling is the thought-over safety. Nevertheless, much in this respect still depends on the user himself. First of all, it is necessary to protect the scope of application of the device from such places as bath, shower, sinks and various containers with water. Also curling-installer "Tulip" is not designed for use by children. At least, children under 8 years old should limit access to the device. In fact, storage in a safe and secure place and the complete exclusion of contact with water are the basic requirements that should be followed in the operation of the curling. The rest of the requirements for it are similar to the recommendations of manufacturers of other electrical appliances.

    Cost of curling

    On average, ironing curls designed for curling and straightening hair are estimated at 1,500-2,000 rubles. Much of the price depends on the configuration, manufacturer, technical parameters and functionality. Against this background, the “Tulip” curling iron, the price of which varies from 3,000 to 3,500 rubles, stands out due to many characteristics. The relatively high cost of this model is fully justified by the quality of operations, their speed, ergonomics and safety.

    Also on the market you can turn to the segment of used devices, where prices are much lower. It’s difficult to judge the quality of the device itself after the initial operation, but, given the manufacturer’s solid approach to the development of this device, there is reason to expect the preservation of performance that the second-hand Tulip curling iron will still have. The price in this case may be 2 000 - 2 500 rubles.

    Model Reviews

    Positive statements about the performance properties of this curling iron leave the most demanding women of fashion. Especially women are captivated by the ease of the device and the convenience of handling it. In terms of functionality and performance, the model has no competitors, so there is nothing to compare it with. But the obvious critical responses are almost absent, which once again confirms the high level of quality with which the Tulep curling iron is made. Reviews separately compliment perm accessories. In particular, the separator is a seemingly elementary attribute, but only a product with an elaborate design and design can provide the same convenience in the process of forming strands.


    The peculiarity of Babyliss curling iron is the organic combination of professional characteristics and ergonomics inherent in home appliances. The technological complexity with which the device is made is unnoticeable to users. Girls and women deal with the simplest controls with which the Tulip curling iron is equipped. Reviews not for nothing emphasize the ease of management, which in this case does not limit the optional device. In the model, every little thing is really thought out, because its working elements deal with the most delicate organs of the body. Moreover, the manufacturer allows the use of the device by older girls, which indicates the developers' full confidence in the reliability of the curling. And there are grounds for that - in any case, there are practically no negative responses regarding the safety of the device.

    How to quickly change the style and image?

    Many women of fashion refuse magnificent images and hairstyles from curls, because each one has tried to twist them on curlers or curlers. In this process of processing the strands took several hours.Screw hair back - hard work, which is accompanied by burns.

    Now everything has changed! InStyler Tulip hair styler is a unique and modern device for creating unique images. The work process will be simple and pleasant, and most importantly take a little time.

    Professional curling iron will be indispensable for fashionistas with different hair lengths.

    strands. Styler Tulip provides new opportunities for creating ideal images, allows you to make different types of curls (soft curls, elastic curls or body waves) easily, quickly and without problems. One click on the button and three seconds is enough to form a delightfully beautiful curl of strands.

    The unusual design and shape of the device makes it possible to observe the process of work. No need to worry that the strands will get tangled or stuck - this is excluded. Even a girl with long and thick hair quickly and effectively create a beautiful hairstyle.

    Benefits of the InStyler Tulip Auto Styler

    • Design of the device: it is light in weight with a comfortable handle, limiters around the heating element eliminate the appearance of burns or damage to the hair, there are no restrictions in operation (the thickness and length of the hair can be different).

    • The heating plate is made of ceramic. Heat is evenly distributed over its surface (gently twirling hair).

    • It has a special technology that does not tangle hair.

    • The device is protected from overheating (turns off after 45 minutes of continuous operation).

    • Easy to use (easy to turn on and stop, the purpose of the buttons is clear, the strands are screwed onto the drum with an instrument).

    • Three levels of heating (different temperature conditions) and three timer positions (3, 8 and 12 seconds) are designed for different types of hair and the final result (light curling, elegant curls or curls for several days), in order to control the curling process of curls.

    • Three curling modes curls (right, left, automatic rotation change of the drum).

    • Damage to the cable is excluded due to its durability and protection against bending.

    Functions and features of the device make the process of creating attractive images easy, fun and fast.

    What is Instyler Tulip and what are its features ↑

    Those who see this device for the first time, mark its futuristic appearance. Indeed, this curling iron more likely resembles a fantastic spacecraft of the future, rather than a thermal device for curling.

    In fact, this view is due to the design features of the curling iron, and was also specifically designed to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

    Customer reviews of this curling very often mark just this feature of Instyler Tulip. At the end of the curlers, the hand does not get tired at all, and there are no discomfort in it that accompanies the creation of the curler with a classic curling iron.

    On a convenient handle several switches are located, it is: temperature mode, holding time for which a curl will be formed and rotation modes. Also here there is a button that allows you to change the direction of rotation of the heating element.

    The curling part itself is an open drum, inside of which there is a heating element. It is made of ceramics, which, when heated, does not adversely affect the hair. On the contrary, the ceramic coating gently smoothes the scales, so the curling of whorls occurs as safely as possible for the health of the hair.

    Separately, it should be noted innovative open drum, which has already been mentioned above. The manufacturer positions it as absolutely safe, since it contains special sensors that do not allow the strand to become entangled during winding on the heating surface. In the case of "chewing" the cylinder stops and allows you to easily and painlessly release the strand.

    The last thing to mention is the cord. Quite often, curling irons have a fixed wire. In the process of curling, we have to constantly rotate the device and twist it in different directions.

    Although the curling of wavy hair with the help of Instyler Tulip is somewhat different from the wrapping of a standard curling iron, however, the manufacturer has provided for this. The cord of this device has a length of about three meters, and is also able to rotate around its axis, which means the impossibility of its twisting and deformation.

    Advantages of curling styler when curling curls ↑

    Usually, when some new model comes to the styling devices market, it has one specific innovation, which distinguishes it from past models. In the case of Instyler Tulip such features are whole mass, so let's take a closer look at them in more detail.

    • First, this curling styler is suitable for any length and for any hair type. Fine-tuning allows you to choose for yourself the appropriate version of the wave, which is guaranteed to surprise you with its quality and incredible speed. Even if your hair is naturally thick and long at the same time, Instyler Tulip will cope with it and wind the bouquets that will be difficult to distinguish from those made in the beauty salon.
    • The small weight of the curling iron allows you to avoid any discomfort in the process of curling. Quite often women of fashion complain that by the end of the procedure, if it is done on their own, their hands literally fall off. With such a curling styler, there are simply no such problems. In addition, it is very convenient to work with strands in the occipital region - the most problematic areas for self-perm.
    • A ceramic cylinder located in the center of an open drum can rotate both to the left and to the right. This feature means that you do not need to somehow get out of the situation outside the box to wind the curls in a certain direction, all this is thought out and already embedded in this device, which makes the curling process as convenient as possible.
    • The same open drum is also a kind of protective casing. In addition, the heating ceramic cylinder is specially recessed down a little, which makes it almost impossible to get burned on its surface. We all know that one of the disadvantages of hot curling is precisely the danger of getting burns. Thanks to this innovation, such a styling styler can be used even for older children, who are quite difficult to make not move.

    • The ceramic cylinder has a very small length, it ensures its very rapid heating, so that you do not lose too much time at the preparatory stage.
    • The long cord is not twisted, because it has a hinged mechanism and rotates easily in the body of the curling.
    • Quite often it happens that being late, we forget to turn off this or that device. In the case of a curling iron, this is not at all safe, so another advantage of the Instyler Tulip is the shutdown function in the event of prolonged downtime. At the same time, the convenient design, endowed with four legs, allows the device to be fixed on a flat surface so that it does not touch any other objects. Consequently, you can not be afraid for the forgotten house included curling.
    • A truly innovative technology of anti-tangle strands makes this styler styling very convenient. You no longer need to fear that if you do something wrong, you risk losing the strand. The device will automatically fix the wrong position of the hair and stop working, and also help to release hair quickly and safely.

    The disadvantages of curling styler ↑

    Despite such a rich list of advantages, this device has some disadvantages.

    • Since here, as in any other hot curl, high temperatures are used, this has a negative effect on the hair. Curling irons in any form, especially metal, drain the hair, make it thin and brittle. Instyler Tulip is no exception, although the manufacturer claims the opposite. Therefore, before use, you should apply a protective agent that will protect the health of your hair.
    • Also, the network has a fairly large number of negative reviews about this product. Complaints are mainly related to the fact that the device does not curl the hair in principle. Those who are satisfied with the curling-styler, refer to the fact that at the moment there are a large number of fakes of this device. For this reason, you should purchase this styler only in trusted stores.

    What is the principle of the curling styler ↑

    Now let's look at how this actually works. In fact, the process of curling with the help of this device is as simple and intuitive as possible.

    First of all, the device must be heated, it is done fairly quickly, and that the curling iron is ready for use, Instyler Tulip will inform you on its own. Typically, the process of heating to your chosen temperature occurs within a minute.

    After that, the strand is passed through a special hole, and then automatically wound. A few seconds pass and a signal is given

    How to make large curls using Instyler Tulip

    Elegant women of fashion who use perms in order to make styling for the evening, very highly appreciate this kind of curls. It is the large curls emphasize femininity and make you so refined.

    However, in order to produce such a perm a lot of effort should be made; with Instyler Tulip, it is much easier to do this, and most importantly - faster.

    1. Hair should be clean and dry. If desired, apply a high temperature protection agent on their surface, as well as a styling mousse.
    2. Turn on the device and set the average temperature.
    3. Now we separate one strand of medium size and place it in the device. If your hair is quite docile, then choose a three-second perm, but if it is thick, then 8 seconds.
    4. We do the same with all the other strands.
    5. Spray varnish if your hair is heavy. Thin and obedient hair can be left like this.

    How to curl wavy hair curling-styler

    If you have very little time, and you just need curly hair, we recommend that you follow this instruction. As a result, you will get a hairstyle that looks incredibly natural from the outside and at the same time has a significant amount.

    1. Apply styling product to dry hair.
    2. Turn on the device.
    3. Choose the minimum heat.
    4. Timer mode is set to three seconds. This parameter is the same for any type and any hair length.
    5. We separate the large strand and put it in the drum of the device, after which we wait for a sound signal.
    6. We perform the same actions with all the other strands.
    7. When all the strands are curled, we bow our heads forward and slightly beat the styling with our hands.
    8. Fix the result with varnish.

    How to get romantic curls with Instyler Tulip

    1. Wash out the head, dry thoroughly and be sure to apply a thermal protective agent on them.
    2. Turn on the device.
    3. The temperature should choose the maximum
    4. The timer is set to 12 seconds.
    5. Bring a medium sized strand into the instrument drum.
    6. Repeat for all other strands.
    7. Hands form the hairstyle that we need.

    In the same way, a curling styler for creating curls can be used for curling very thick and heavy hair. On the obedient head of hair a similar styling will be kept for a couple of days.

    Watch the video: InStyler Hair Tips with Samantha Busch - Curling (April 2020).